I tried to make it look like the SeaWing’s stripes were glowing, but I don’t think it worked XD

The SeaWing tribe is probably my second or third favourite tribe (IceWings are first obviously XD) because they’re so unique, and them having their own underwater language was really creative. I like how, even though they don’t have any breath weapons or any special powers (like mind-reading), they’re still really powerful, and stayed in the war without an alliance with any other tribe (unless you count that MudWing-SeaWing-Blister alliance that they had in Deathbringer’s story but let’s not count that XD).

I said, ‘What are you doing all the way out here?’ and you said- You said, 'Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your nose was a herring so I could eat it, and also your wings sound like sharks snoring.’
—  Riptide, describing what Tsunami said to him before she knew Aquatic in what is possibly the funniest sentence in the Wings of Fire series

Speed Draw:

I finished reading Wings of Fire Legends: Darkstalker about two months ago, and wow, I really enjoyed it. I loved it from start to finish. So I promised myself I would draw at least one of the main characters, if not all of them. So here’s Fathom, Prince of the SeaWings. Please read this series. It’s so good.

Why Wings of Fire is the most beautiful book series you will ever read

Wings of Fire is a book series with dragons as the main species. Yes, that’s right. Dragons. There are seven dragon tribes: SandWings, MudWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, IceWings, RainWings, and NightWings- each with different appearances and abilities.

Prior to the beginning of the series, the SandWing queen and leader of the tribe, Queen Oasis, is killed by a ‘scavenger,’ or a human. However, the next queen is usually decided when either the current queen’s sister, niece, or daughter challenges her for the throne. They fight to the death, and whoever survives is the next queen.

But wait! Queen Oasis had three daughters. Their names are Burn, Blister, and Blaze. Since there’s no way for them to decide who should be the next queen, the three sisters enter a war. Burn allies with the MudWings and SkyWings, Blister with the SeaWings, and Blaze with the IceWings. The NightWings remain secretive, not allied with any of the sisters. The RainWings stay out of the war.

The NightWings, who have mind reading powers and future vision, spread a prophecy telling of five dragonets who will be born on ‘brightest night,’ the night when all three moons (there are, indeed, three moons) are full. The dragonets will be of all different tribes- a MudWing, SeaWing, SkyWing, SandWing, and NightWing. ‘When the war has lasted twenty years,’ the prophecy claims, ‘the dragonets will come.’ Every dragon in the land of Pyrrhia clings to the hope that comes with the prophecy.

And this is where the series starts.

Read Wings of Fire.

(spoilers under the cut)

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Idiots |dragon drabbles|

“You idiot.” Twilight curled his talons around the ruined scroll. “Look at it. It looks like you gave it anxiety. Look what you’ve done.” He thrusted the parchment, now riddled with holes from various clawmarks, in front of Luminescence’s snout.
“Excuse me, hothead, I’m not sure what you’re jabbering about but I did not do that.” She picked at her claws with a bored expression etched onto her face. “And no, don’t even think about trying to set my bed on fire. For the moon’s sake, it’s at the bottom of the riverbed.”
Twilight breathed a large amount of air out of his nose, sending spirals of smoke twisting and turning in the pewter mist. “Ha, like I’m gonna believe you. One of these days, I’ll eventually find out who it was. You’ll see.” He ungracefully stood up, knocking over a few more scrolls neatly stacked in the corner of the room. “I don’t need dumb mind reading in order to figure it out. I’ll simply just have a vision.” He tilted his head haughtily, and almost walked face first into the doorway.
Luminescence nearly busted a lung laughing.
‘I’ll show her,’ Twilight thought. ‘It doesn’t take super cool powers such as hers to figure out the culprit of this crime.’
He spread his huge wings and soared down to a lower balcony bathed in moonlight. Landing with a louder thump than he would have liked, he carefully unfurled the ripped paper and held it close. 'Typically, I get visions whenever I’m close to the object that I’m trying to see into the future of.’ However, after ten more minutes looking like an idiot cuddling with a worthless scrap, Twilight decided to try a different solution. One that was sure to spark some kind of reaction. Spreading his large wings wide once more, he soared higher and higher until his scales were illuminated by the silver light of the three moons, and turned in the direction of the SkyWing kingdom.

///heck it’s my first time posting one of my drabbles anywhere oh lordy help me

anonymous asked:

(Pls dont answer) Hey unless youre psychotic you can't be kin with Anemone or any animus dragons

I know you asked me to not answer. But you’re wrong?

Losing your soul as an animus dragon is NOTHING like psychosis. Losing your soul means you turn flat out evil with no empathy and like many dragons, start killing everything. Do you think psychosis equals that? Do you really think that psychosis means that? If anything you sound hella fucking rude. Don’t demonize psychosis like that.

I’m Anemone, princess of the Seawings. Don’t go off your speculations, please. Unless Tui herself tells everyone that Anemone or Turtle have psychosis, maybe then I’ll drop them as a kintype. But for now? You have nothing to back up your argument.

Have a spectacular day.

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This isn't lgbtq ship based so I hope it's still okay to send in, but what if a hybrid Nightwing/Seawing dragon could light up the scales under their wings like light up stars in the night?

no its fine! this blog is a headcanon blog so we love these

and YES!!! that’s so cool i love it

- 🌺

Okay so the main kids for this stupid fic (set before during and after the scorching) are;

Flame; skywing son of sky / animus / desperate / someone save him

Scald; seawing/rainwing  / too kind / drools acidic scalding water / help her

Skywalker; nightwing / born under three moons / just wants to help mostly fails

Adder; sandwing / granddaughter of sand / screaming continuously / animus

Blizzard; icewing / nephew of ice / kind and pure / @ god stop / animus

Oyster; seawing / daughter of sea / a royal clusterfuck / fightfightfight / animus

Poppy; mudwing / niece of mud / soft gay / deserves nothing that happens

the working title for this rn is ‘the bourgeoisie are at it again’