“Stay together sailing into the night
For you, who made the deep darkness in all the sea
Turn pink
again and again and again
I won’t falter even when life passes us by
I won’t stop like the radiant girl that summer
I won’t change like the unchanging wish every summer
Promise me”

SNSD through the eras in sailing  ♡
#9YearsWithSNSD #소녀시대오9오9 #소녀시대9주년 #그여름0805  #다시만난세계는너야 

I was having a fairly bad day today.
  • Had to attend a workshop on how to keep a job (obvious, I know)
  • The place I needed to go to ask something was closed :/
  • My headphones broke.
  • I almost missed the bus…

Then just as I ran onto the bus, I walked up to sit down thinking how bored I would be on the journey home with no headphones. But then I saw Chloe.

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tryingmylife-deactivated2013091  asked:

five, eight, anddddddddddddddddd...

5) Mmm this should be fun! Gasptambourines, Mailordermind, Seaturner, myheadisweak, and…I dunno maybe bee-lane or -undertow

And yes they’re all very attractive women, go figure ;P

8) Uhh…cereal, chicken and fries, gonna have some more food soon

14) Let’s see…on no please don’t make me :(
I was dating Jennifer and mourning Marielle’s death. The happiest and saddest month of my life T_T