Royal Museums Greenwich will be exhibiting Turner at the Sea at the National Maritime Museum beginning 22 November!!

Throw yourself into Turner’s dramatic depictions of sunsets, storms and shipwrecks, which revolutionized maritime art and have since become some of Britain’s best-loved paintings.

This landmark exhibition celebrates his lifelong fascination with the sea, bringing together an outstanding collection of masterpieces from around the world includingThe Fighting Temeraire, voted ‘Britain’s favourite painting’, andWreck of a Transport Ship, not seen in the UK for nearly 40 years.

Explore Turner’s pioneering and often controversial approach in capturing the beauty and power of seascapes, alongside iconic works by other great artists including van de Velde, Vernet, Constable and Gainsborough. 

Take in his experimental style in depicting the sea’s many moods and dramas with extraordinary effects of light and colour, conveying atmosphere and feeling as much as physical form.

You know, just in case you needed another reason to visit the NMM in case the new Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery was not enough! 

I was having a fairly bad day today.
  • Had to attend a workshop on how to keep a job (obvious, I know)
  • The place I needed to go to ask something was closed :/
  • My headphones broke.
  • I almost missed the bus…

Then just as I ran onto the bus, I walked up to sit down thinking how bored I would be on the journey home with no headphones. But then I saw Chloe.

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seaturner replied to your post: to anyone who’s traveled abroad before: I’m going…

I lived in France and everything in their bakeries is fatal so you’ll probably spend half of that on patisseries alone :p maybe bring a little more, but you should be fine. That’s €45 a day to spend after all…

I’m sure I’ll be spending tons of money on sweets because omg nsdakjfan but yeah I actually have like 630 or so but I suppose I should try to bring $650 to $675. thanks :3