With the past couple paintings, I’ve really tried to mimic the heavy brushstroke use of Van Gogh and Cezanne. My previous study of Kanye on wood was an attempt at Van Gogh, while my painting of Frank Ocean being a take at Cezanne. Back to Van Gogh on Cudi, this flurry of strokes really brings this sense of uneasiness and chaos; like something’s really eating at him. I truly believe madness is beautiful, especially when spun into a creative manner. In my opinion, Cudi is the Van Gogh of Hip Hop.

Released December 13, 2013

All songs mixed by Justo and Vitamin D
Album Mastered by Jarred Hirshman
All songs recorded by Justo at Purple Door Studios, The Physics-Blue Scholars Studio, Ok Hotel, The Pharmacy, Seattle, WA and Auntie Maria’s Beach House, Whidbey Island, WA.

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# 1,289

Ice Cube “It Was A Good Day” (1992)

The world of gangsta rap mostly is about negative statements about shootings, gangs, and on-going police brutality.  “It Was A Good Day” instead becomes a day in the life of Ice Cube, consisting of nothing but victories and no losses. No shots fired, no gang-related deaths, no pull-overs, no conflict. The victories occurring on Cube’s good day were plenty, ranging from the literal (winning dice rolls, triple-doubles, dominoes, “the Lakers beat the Supersonics”) to the personal (“pulled out the jammy and killed the punani” and eating Fatburger). Yes, at a time when life is so dangerous in South Central Los Angeles where gang warfare and death rates are very high, Cube’s hit single brings an unusual run of personal positivity that’s too good to be true in a world of real-life violence: “It Was A Good Day” ends with Ice Cube snapping out of it before heading over to the next track on The Predator (1992).

“It Was A Good Day” was created during a hotel stay at the time when Ice Cube reached the top of the game and thought of a way to bring some light to his theme of gangsta rap. With the Isley Brother’s “Footsteps In The Dark” (1971) sample used continuously, this would be Ice Cube’s most recognizable and popular hit, so popular that comedian Donovan Strain actually calculated the exact date of Cube’s “good day”. With the exception of Ice Cube’s future wife Kim who was already eight months pregnant with his first child, Strain pinpointed the common denominator between Los Angeles’ no-smog day, his beep from Kim, Yo! MTV Raps!, no events attended, and when the Lakers did beat the Supersonics: January 20, 1992 was really Cube’s “good day”. Very shortly, superfans of his proposed a $25,000 charity towards A Place Called Home if Goodyear fulfilled the Cube lyric “Ice Cube’s A Pimp”. With the o.k. from the gangsta rapper and Jimmy Fallon, Goodyear quickly agreed and made it happen: with the politically-correct message “Today Was A Good Day” instead.