Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Otherside

I’ve been a fan of Macklemore ever since he released his mixtape The Unplanned Mixtape back in 2009. He’s a king of Seattle hip-hop, which is saying a lot since Seattle has an AMAZING hip-hop scene. If you’ve never heard of him until now…well your welcome.

He has a very straightforward style and a blunt flow. His lyrics are also consistently vivid and overall great. Meaningful stuff that makes you think. He’s gone through a lot of shit in life, and he’s not afraid to share his less than colorful past. Otherside is definitely my favorite song by him. It’s unarguably a timeless hip-hop classic. 


My Song Rating: 10 out of 10

  • Melancholia
  • Sadistik
  • Flowers for my Father

Show me what I hide beneath my grin, under my deceitful skin’s
Another guy I’d like to meet, I wonder why he seems so grim

Every piece of him they subdivide to equal bits
To pitch into the ocean told ‘em love is blind so sink or swim
And so I oblige breast stroking side to side
Till the stroke inside my breast gets hold and I abide
And so by and by I try to fight a tide that’s tidal sized
Until my vital signs subside and I write my goodbyes


Macklemore talks about his classic song Otherside, Lil Wayne, music that he grew up to, substance abuse, the outstanding Seattle hip-hop scene, and more.

Dyme Def - Let It Be

Dyme Def is an exceptionally solid group hailing from Seattle, Washington.  From what my Seattle friends tell me, Dyme Def still hand sells their albums at the end of other hip-hop artists’ Seattle concerts.  Honestly, with skill like this these guys definitely deserve a larger following. This is my favorite song off of their way above average album Space MusicLet It Be is a true hip-hop classic in my book.  It has an amazing beat, outstanding production, and profound lyrics that are heavily laced with emotion.

“See, I got two jobs and I’m still broke
See, I got bad asthma and I still smoke
The doctor tellin’ me that my breathing’s getting worse
And soon I won’t be able to spit a verse, now I’m feeling cursed
No turning to my dad ‘cause he’s too far to look for
So instead I look forward, but I don’t look forward to seeing him
At nights I still have bad dreams of being him
People say, 'You look just like your dad
You got his laugh, you got his walk, you got his talk.’
But, I don’t got his heart”


My Song Rating: 10 out of 10

rolexwatchesandcolorfulswatches  asked:

do you actually rate Macklemore? i've not given him a chance if i'm honest, he just looks like a hipster rapper

I’ve been a fan of his for years, so it’s actually still hard for me to get my head around how ridiculously famous he suddenly got. He’s been in hip-hop for over a decade, and until Trift Shop came along he was never seen as a “hipster rapper”. I always just knew him as one of the low-key kings of the Seattle’s outstanding hip-hop scene. The links below are my favorite songs by Macklemore I’ve already rated.

Church (ft. Geologic)


Thrift Shop (ft. Wanz)



Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)

The Club


check out the video i shot the other day. hip hop every day

THE OTHERSIDE, a documentary produced in part by JR Celski, along with his good friend Vinny Dom, will be streaming live during the Olympics! If you haven’t watched it already, I strongly suggest that you do! It talks all about the Seattle hip hop scene, something very important to JR.

Start watching it HERE!