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sydneyonearth  asked:

Hello! I am going to Seattle for two days (a tuesday and a wednesday) next month, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for gothicly inclined places to go or things to do? Any recommendations for shopping or eating would be lovely. Thank you in advance :)

For shopping:

- Belfry Oddities! belfryoddities

- Gargoyles Statuary! 

- Nevertold Casket!

- Mishu Boutique

… and of course, the Pike Place Market is FULL of odd little nooks & crannies, weird shops, rummage sales, spice and tea stores, used book shops, and other fun things. It’s not just a tourist trap!

Also, I’ve been told that thrifting in Seattle is better than some other places. 

For food:

- Dilettante Chocolates!

 … drat, I can’t really think of other “OMG MUST GO THERE” food places without more details about what neighborhood you might be in, and if you’re over 21. If you are, and you will be in the Ballard area, check out Ocho, or any of the little craft cocktails and nibbly food places around Market Street.

A Calzona Meet Cute

Author’s Note: A short AU story that’s nothing but fluff. I was inspired after reading an insanely sappy post on Facebook which actually had me asking, “this actually happens?! And why doesn’t this happen to me?”

I’m hoping this will kick start my interest in writing again but in all honesty, my muse comes and goes so suddenly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last thing I write for months.

In the meantime, enjoy! Also, I apologize if this doesn’t show up properly on mobile and comes out as an insanely long post, instead of having a “read more” cut.

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