seattle soul

movies for the signs to watch

aries: fight club, heathers, night of the living dead, unfriended, spud, superbad, the blair witch project, corpse bride, palo alto, 101 dalmatians

taurus: howl’s moving castle, juno, nick and norah’s infinite playlist, the den, friday the 13th, sleepy hollow, annabelle, titanic, deadpool, dirty grandpa

gemini: the fault in our stars, the wind rises, scott pilgrim vs. the world, sleepless in seattle, carnival of souls, leprechaun, mermaids, tallulah, adult world

cancer: pulp fiction, spirited away, the shining, the wolf man, grease, alice in wonderland, kick-ass, american beauty, 10 things i hate about you

leo: ghostbusters, i know what you did last summer, kiki’s delivery service, the gallows, baby doll, oculus, mean girls, lucas, suicide squad, yoga hosers

virgo: my neighbor totoro, zoolander, the virgin suicides, cruel intentions, joe versus the volcano, fright night, edward scissorhands, fargo, scream

libra: girls just wanna have fun, the slumber party massacre, the black cat, welcome to the dollhouse, cactus flower, house on haunted hill, nerve

scorpio: back to the future, jagged edge, princess mononoke, the perks of being a wallflower, prom night, the nightmare before christmas, ouija

sagittarius: cujo, lucky numbers, varsity blues, plan 9 from outer space, the girl with the dragon tattoo, black christmas, paranormal activity, foxfire

capricorn: akira, the breakfast club, ponyo, the godfather, romancing the stone, american psycho, office space, showgirls, kubo and the two strings

aquarius: paper towns, footloose, the book of life, jawbreaker, friends with benefits, clueless, american graffiti, psycho, cyberbully, mallrats, snowden

pisces: final destination, sixteen candles, the green mile, castle in the sky, black swan, hairspray, house of wax, just go with it, the karate kid, the jungle book

Scythe in Seattle

SoMA “Sleepless in Seattle” AU. Some dialogue is ripped from the movie because the film is perfect and cannot be improved upon. Enjoy.

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As of tonight, Maka Albarn’s life was entirely planned out from the day she walked down the aisle with Hiro to the day she retired. She considered herself lucky. Most people didn’t know what their lives held in store for them. To those people, the future was always a surprise. What a foolish way to live.

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