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Thousands across the USA protest Trump victory

Protesters took to the streets Wednesday in at least 10 cities to march against president-elect Donald Trump - and numerous college students and faculty leaders took to social media to announce support groups and even postponed exams.

Protests were underway in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn. and several other cities. An estimated 2,000 protesters shouted angrily in downtown Seattle, expressing their frustration at the Trump victory over Democrat and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who won 228 electoral votes to Trump’s 279.

Police in riot gear struggled to hold back scores of protesters in some of the cities as protesters chanted “Not My President” and “No Racist USA.” The protests were mostly peaceful. Seattle police said they were investigating a report of a shooting near the site of the protest in that city, but it may not have involved protesters.

In Los Angeles, protesters poured into the streets near City Hall and torched a giant Trump effigy, the Los Angeles Times reported. Later in the night, hundreds marched onto the busy 101 Freeway which brought the highway to a complete standstill. The California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department —who urged protesters to remain lawful and peaceful — responded and were seen leading demonstrators away from the busy highway.  At least 13 people were later arrested, LAPD Officer Tony Im told the Los Angeles Times.

(Photo credit: Tim Durkan, Your Take; Alba Vigaray, EPA; John Roark, Athens Banner-Herald via AP; Nick Oza, The Arizona Republic; Paul Chinn, San Francisco Chronicle via AP; Karen Ducey, Getty Images) 

Seattle May Day Riots

Read this and just think about it for a second

Every year, Seattle hosts the only scheduled riot in America.

Every year, the people of Seattle, Anarchist groups from all over the country, BLM members and anyone who just wants to destroy something, can come to Seattle on May 1st and destroy businesses, set fires, assault and kill citizens and throw Molotov cocktails at cops. Free of charge, both monetary and legal.

Every year, the police department is told to stand down and allow this riot to take place. They are only to intervene if they see someone’s life in danger. This doesn’t mean simple assaults, or the cops themselves getting hit with bricks and Molotov cocktails. It means the cops literally have to see someone being killed, to intervene. Tough to see at the perimeter.

Every year, millions of dollars in damage to public and private property is passed on to the tax payer and insurance companies of these properties. This means, not only are these UNconstitutional riots allowed and promoted, but they are also funded.

THIS YEAR, Kshama Sawant, an openly socialist and Leftist extremist city council member for Seattle, in regards to this years May Day, stated “If we want to build a resistance to Trump and the Billionaire Class, we need mass peaceful civil disobedience that shuts down highways, airports and other key infrastructure” and we all know what she means by “peaceful disobedience” in the midst of a scheduled riot…
Sawant also agreed, last year, during a council meeting, that the new police station being built in Seattle is “literally an act of war against minorities” and that the new police station “is actually a bunker for white supremacists”…. Also, while virtually touring the new station, her staffer asked a police officer “so this is where you’ll change your clothes when you go out to kill black and brown people?” Ya…..

THIS YEAR, Schools in the area are being shut down because “the city cannot guarantee the safety of the children” LET THAT SINK IN…… The riots are not only being allowed, funded, promoted and directed, but the police are also given orders to stand down.. and the city cancels SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN, because they “CANNOT guarantee the safety of the children”… Sorry Seattle, but you misspoke.. what you meant to say is “”“We WILL NOT guarantee the SAFETY and EDUCATION of YOUR CHILDREN, because pushing extreme Leftism, fascism and hate, is far more important than the SAFETY AND EDUCATION OF YOUR CHILDREN”“”… Absolutely disgusting..

THIS YEAR, will be far worse than any other May Day in Seattle. We now have Soros funded protester and hate groups like BLM and Antifa. Anarchists willing to travel any distance to riot, along with every nut job Leftist anit Trumper in Washington. Sprinkle on all the gang bangers that come over the hill to “party” and there you go.. Seattle lets them know there will be no consequences and you’ve got yourself a ticking time bomb. Not to mention, it’s just a matter of time before an Islamic extremist drives a box van through them or blows himself up…. This is the environment they support and perpetuate.

Seattle is lost. It’s gone. Seattle is destroying itself day by day and instead of correcting the course, they double down. They have deteriorated to the point, that they’ve invited anyone willing to come and burn the city to the ground, assault or kill their citizens, destroy businesses, block freeways and Airports and injure or murder members of its own police force…. This is the face of hive mind, socialism, Leftism, Social justice and fascism, all bottled up, lit and thrown down the Street of Seattle.

My hat is off and my prayers are with any pro freedom fighter heading down to Seattle to face these TRUE fascists. Fighting for Free Speech, Religion, Conservatism and standing up to Anarchy and Fascism is a truly just venture. However I’d advise against doing it at this time and at this venue, unless you have an overwhelming number of people walking with you… This May Day will be the most destructive and largest one yet, so please be safe, God Bless.

“I was actually in a store buying some beer when some guys came in and started looting the place. I also got stuck in traffic and saw people pulling other people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them. That was some pretty scary shit to have to go through, and it definitely affected the overall feel of the album.” - Jerry Cantrell (Speaking on time in California recording “Dirt” during the L.A. Riots)