seattle reign vs washington spirit

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2015 NWSL National Television Schedule on FSGO and FS1:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Portland Thorns FC v Boston Breakers10:00 PM

Friday, August 7, 2015 Houston Dash vs Sky Blue FC8:30 PM

Sunday, August 9, 2015 Portland Thorns FC vs Chicago Red Stars9:30 PM

Friday, August 21, 2015 Houston Dash vs Seattle Reign FC8:00 PM

Sunday, August 30, 2015 Portland Thorns FC vs Washington Spirit9:30 PM



So let me just tell y'all a story. So today is betos-thighs13 birthday, she old now but she still cool af, anywho she flew me up to see her so we could go see the Washington spirit vs. Seattle reign game. So today we went and brought her emotional support dog Nova. It was like a 3 hour drive so we jammed to some really good music and talked about how amazing it would be to meet some of the players and have them pet Nova. So we get there and we are in line and there is this mom with 3 little girls with her who were all gushing over Nova plus these two super chill chicks in front of us that we just chilled with for like an hour. So we finally get into the field and immediately go over to the soccer girl probs table and legit just chill with them we talked to the brunette and she pet nova, then we went to find out seats. Well since we have Nova they ended up putting us up top behind our actual section, which just happened to be right where the motherfucking locker rooms were. So we get settled and Ariana is checking on Nova since there were a lot of people around and I notice people coming out of the locker rooms, and who other than ASHLYN HARRIS walks right by us and makes eye contact with me after seeing Ariana and Nova and gives me a smirk that made my heart fucking melt, it’s been like 8 hours and I’m still not over it. So all of the players start walking out and a lot of them looked at nova but they were also all getting in their zone, so no real interaction…yet. So the game started and we all got into it and watched as Seattle put back two goals and sweet cinnamon roll D-Math put back that pk in the second half. So the game ends and sadly Washington lost and let me tell you Ashlyn was PISSED you can hear her yelling and her team trying to direct them. I mean she was screaming for people to tackle and go up front and shit and God was it sexy. So comes the end of the game and all the players start coming back to the locker rooms and at this point me, Ariana, and Nova are all in a sectioned off area right by the fence to try and keep Nova away from the crazy crowd that came after the game. So players start walking by and see Nova and players were like omg she’s so cute so Ariana starts asking if they want to pet her and we got Kendall Fletcher, Diana Mattheson, Jonanna Lohman, Amanda DaCosta, Victoria Huster to all pet Nova. Now DaCosta was fucking hilarious because Ariana asked if she wanted to pet Nova and she was like “DO I EVER!!” Lohman even asked to sign Nova. So then we are looking for more players and up walks Alexandra Blaire Krieger. Ariana was like “hey Ali you wanna pet my puppy” and she fucking walked over! She walked over and was not even a foot away from us. Ariana legit talked to her for like 15 mins, and I also made sure to get a few words in about how Nova was barking every time Washington got near the goal. So we talked to her for a while and then she goes to go to the locker room and people start calling her name and she goes off and gives the sweetest fucking speech ever about how the fans are the ones that they play for and how much we inspire her and how much she appreciates us and that she couldn’t do autographs because she had to go to the locker room, yet still went to go do some autographs. So we pretty much died right there, but then we see some platinum blonde hair walking up so we said hey Ashlyn and she looked at us, smiled, and waved and then went to the locker room. We may not have talked to her, but I still died. Then we waited until Raso came up since it was her birthday and made sure to tell her happy birthday before we left. But we ended up actually chilling with soccer girl probs as they took down there shop for a while as they all loved on nova and we ended up getting a pic with them. Everyone that we talked to was so fucking chill and let me just tell yall that pictures on the internet don’t do any of them justice. They are way more adorable/hot in person. And also hope was good after her injury but when asked to sign shit and she said her right arm like wasn’t working so yeah. The we fan girled so fucking hard when we got to the car, but we’re perfectly calm around the players. It was the best night ever and I’m still not over that smirk. So happy birthday to Ariana, who also got ice cream bought for her from the people in front of us because I made a sign for her birthday. Needless to say we are still not over anything that happened tonight. Sorry not sorry for the long fucking rant.

NWSL Week 2

Saturday, April 23 : 

Chicago Red Stars vs Western New York Flash, 7PM

Orlando Pride vs Houston Dash, 7:30PM 

FC Kansas City vs Portland Thorns FC, 8:30PM

Sunday, April 24 : 

Sky Blue FC vs Washington Spirit, 6PM

Boston Breakers vs Seattle Reign FC 6:30PM

(all times are in ET)


Highlights: Seattle Reign FC vs Washington Spirit - September 14, 2015

Washington Spirit vs. Seattle Reign

I’ve seen a lot of people make posts about the game and I thought that I’d share my thoughts… I find it ridiculous that Seattle Reign was willing to put other players at risk when they had nothing to do with the mis-numbering of Hope Solo. If you want something to change you don’t do it by playing dirty. If they had problem with it they should have taken it up with spirit after the game. I’ve seen many people call Ella a dirty player, but she has something that most of the Seattle Reign don’t have which is sportsmanship. Instead of causing a bunch of problems on the field when Houston played Seattle Ella pointed everything out once the game was finished like a professional should do… Now moving on to Hope Solo praising and thanking her teams for yelling at a hurt player on the ground is really disgusting, I have a feeling if it were reversed that she wouldn’t feel the same the way. All that being said I really hope the Spirit kicks Reign’s ass in the semi finals.