seattle poster

For those of you who loved my Inaugural Orlando Pride Gameday Poster (which you can still get btw), I actually had created another poster for when the Pride played Seattle, but never finished in time to pitch it in for it to be used at the game (Finals and this past semester beat me pretty good lol). My original plan for these posters was to create a “Head-to-Head” home game series, I’m kinda sad I never got around making more (I needed a creative break), but I’m hoping to continue it sometime again for my own personal want. Thanks again for everyone who bought the first poster! Hope you guys enjoy this one just as much :)

P.S. You might recognize the Ashlyn part of the drawing from this tweet ;)

(Please don’t steal or repost anywhere without my permission)

Retro-style Seattle travel poster commission. This city is looking so photogenic now that spring is here!

A few people asked if I would upload a layered .PSD for educational purposes, and I thought “why not” so here ya go. I apologize for the ridiculous file size and overuse of clipping masks:

layered photoshop file (.PSD)  |  my custom brushes (.TPL)

“Time, distance….nothing could separate them because they knew. It was right. It was real.”

Pretty sure this has been done before.  Based on the Sleepless in Seattle poster, I traced the figures for size and position from the poster then drew in the lines and painted the rest in Sai.