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I was cutting some stuff today, then came up with these. I haven’t done any of these design things in awhile, but I wanted to try with these from my recent trips. What do you think of them?

For those of you who loved my Inaugural Orlando Pride Gameday Poster (which you can still get btw), I actually had created another poster for when the Pride played Seattle, but never finished in time to pitch it in for it to be used at the game (Finals and this past semester beat me pretty good lol). My original plan for these posters was to create a “Head-to-Head” home game series, I’m kinda sad I never got around making more (I needed a creative break), but I’m hoping to continue it sometime again for my own personal want. Thanks again for everyone who bought the first poster! Hope you guys enjoy this one just as much :)

P.S. You might recognize the Ashlyn part of the drawing from this tweet ;)

(Please don’t steal or repost anywhere without my permission)


Our friends at the futbolartistnetwork created these beautiful digital match posters for Heineken Rivalry Week. More info below on each piece:

Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders FC
Artist: John Zylstra
Description: We wanted to capture the larger than life culture of this rivalry but also include the landscape which plays such an important role to the two clubs’ heritage. You can read the image with the sky, mountains and trees as the Cascadia Flag.

San Jose Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy
Artist: wellsillustrates
Description: We used one of California’s most well known films, Michael Mann’s film “Heat” to tell a story about two elder statesmen, league icons and a longstanding & illustrious rivalry. 

Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact
Artist: oliverbarrett
Description: Toronto and Montreal are two cities rooted in English and French traditions, respectively, yet are uniquely united. Two parts of a whole. The proximity of Michael Bradley and Ignacio Piatti’s faces suggest a third, central face and the central split is an allusion to the highway connecting both cities.

FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo
Artist: nosmallvictories
Description: Like the Spaghetti Western was a novel kind of Western, the Texas Derby also introduces fans to a new kind of derby between the state’s two best teams battling for the El Capitán cannon. The poster frames the three major components of the derby in classic widescreen cinematic panels.

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