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Seattle Sounders (Grunge Singers)

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam
Mark Arm, Mudhoney
Courtney Love, Hole
Layne Staley, Alice in Chains
Chris Cornell, Soundgarden
Kurt Cobain, Nirvana
Andrew Wood, Mother Love Bone
Mark Lanegan, Screaming Trees
Ben McMillan, Skin Yard


Jay ( Best friend ✌) reaction when you decide to cancel the Burger King “date” with him to go to the cinema with the boy he hates most in the world : Jay - What the fuck ? (**gif) Are you fucking kidding with me ? Please, tell me it’s a joke , an actually joke. You can’t do this shit to me, it’s been months that i saved my money for this Burger King, for you and me. My mom actually beat my ass cause i wore the same socks that smell like camembert, just because i wouldn’t spend my money for you ! You - Jay ! Jay - There is no Jay , i can’t believe you want to go to the cinema with this deadass of Cole. You know that i hate him and i thought you thought the same thing as me. You are not a real friend !!! You - Jay, it was a joke, it’s not true ! Jay - (sigh) You broke my heart (y/n) !

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