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A/N; So this idea was originally coined by a lovely anon sent to @rongasm without her headcanons and inspiration this fic would not exist. Also shoutout to @mystic-biscuit  for helping me develop the idea! And the beautiful @dumbass-stilinski for proofing for me. AND MY HOES. Thank you all so much  xo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Request: No

Warnings: NSFW. 

Word count: 4.567

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anonymous asked:

what are some lesser known things about bundy? something few people know about in your opinion

I dont know if these count as “lesser known” but heres a few neat facts about Bundy:

He was born Theodore Cowell and never found out who his true birth father was

He once murdered a police chief’s daughter

He assisted the Seattle police in finding the Green River Killer

He voted Republican and even won an award for most ‘Up And Coming’ Republican

He once got a police recommendation for saving a woman from a mugger

He loved new clothes and was particularly in love with buying socks

He found his first porno in a dumpster when he was 13

He was said to be a very good skier

He was apparently quite good with kids

He once stole a palm tree from a garden centre

His mother said he couldnt stand rock n roll music


The Nona Tapes

Release date: December 12th, 1995.

Recorded: 1995.

Length: 25 minutes and 03 seconds.

Label: Columbia Records.

Produced by: Toby “Flobee” Wright and Alice in Chains.

The Nona Tapes is a mockumentary by Alice in Chains. It is no longer for sale so it’s considered a rarity. There’s parts of it all over youtube in case you want to watch it. According to Jerry, it was Layne who came up with the idea of making it happen.

The context follows aspiring journalist Nona Weisbaum (which is played by Jerry Cantrell) on her quest to find some “Seattle rock stars” for a breakthrough story. Throughout the video, Weisbaum scours the streets of Seattle and eventually finds & interviews the members of Alice in Chains (besides Jerry Cantrell’s because of obvious reasons). Entwined between Nona’s segments are interviews revealing the lives of the band members, and interview of footage regarding the self-titled album.

The video is really odd/strange but still funny. Nona approaches with Sean Kinney, whom in his spare time spends it working as a clown, Mike Inez, saying that he attends a Hot-Dogs stand called “Hot Dogs” and Layne Staley who ends up smoking on a pile of garbage bags and drinking juice. Everything completely ironic. 

With all of this; it shows a little not so known for everyone. Their sense bizarre and acid sense of humor.

It also includes the videoclip for “Grind” and and outtake footage overdubbed with “Heaven Beside You”


Stuck in an artistic rut and prodded by his agent, Brooklyn born-and-bred photographer Steve Rogers temporarily relocates West to Seattle in hopes to find any sort of spark again. Whether it’s being surrounded by nature or the natural pull he’s experiencing towards local bake shoppe owner Darcy Lewis, Steve’s muse returns stronger than it has since he first started, and he’s dreading the day he has to choose between going back to New York, or staying with her. 

Dear, Rumbellers…

Sometimes we didn’t always get along, I’ve had some nasty words with some of your fandom in the past and fell into that hellish hole of RB fandom vs CS fandom that had many of us blocking each other, of which I regret because I do have some in this fandom who I’m still on very good terms with… 

But I do really hope you all get a happy ending on Friday. I hope everything is okay between Rumple and Belle—Belle is my second fave character and I want her to just get the ending she deserves. And that they are happy with Gideon. And that if this is the REAL Rumple in Seattle—that he finds his way back home. At this point, I’m over fandom drama and I just want everyone on the show to end on a good note and as many fans as possible to be happy by the end of the series. Because at the end of the day, i did at one point love this ship, and fighting is pointless and people should wish happiness on others over anything else—esp with how ugly the real world has gotten lately.

So, good luck on Friday Rumbellers. I’ll be rooting for you.

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