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Awesome shot of my Symmetra cosplay by TRANIMAGING !!

On my way to the En Masse meetup in Seattle!! Dunno how much I’ll get to actually play the console version of Tera but I’ll make a post with as much info as I can get while I’m here!!

Gonna meet Spacememes and transcend the astral plane, probably


Jim’s Steak House - Seattle, Washington

Telephone EM 2-2690
12322 Bothell Way Lake City, Seattle
Entertainment Nightly in “The Stirrup Room” with Jan White at the Organ. The Friendliest Place in Town famous for Western Style Charcoal Broiled Dinners. “Home of the Sizzling Rib”. Model at Organ Jan White Walt Scarff Photography & Publication Seattle San Francisco Hollywood.

An Open Letter to King County Metro

To Whom it may concern,

I have sent many emails to Metro and been met with the thanks for your input canned responses.

So publicly.

If Metro makes their proposed changes, I (and a lot of people I ride the bus with regularly) will have no ability to get home after 10 PM when leaving downtown Seattle.

Already, two of the three buses to my area do not intersect after downtown and are not currently served by other routes at all.

The suggestion on the metro page was the 120. 

The 120 does not serve from Duwamish through South Park, the area around Highland etc.

How are we supposed to get home?

Why is there a seemingly systemic move to make Seattle city proper a Sundown city? If people who live in the South end cannot get home at night, how can we come into Seattle city proper for entertainment, sports games etc?

I have noticed that more affluent areas where, let’s face it people don’t absolutely rely on bus service to live their lives seems pretty unaffected.


How can metro say out of one side of their mouths that ridership is up and whatnot, and yet cut off an entire community?

I actually ride a lot of the routes that are on the chopping block and a good percentage of the time the bus is full enough that most seats are taken.

What are those of us who already have lost bus service nights and weekends right in our neighborhoods, supposed to do?

What are those of us who live in South Park or live in the area of First avenue south between 116th and 146th do?

It is too far to walk for most people. Especially at night.

Cabs are expensive.

Why is Metro further marginalizing people?

Is this a move to further the agenda of keeping “undesirables” (see the end of the free ride zone) off of the buses with the “better” people who don’t need to get south after 10 pm or midnight?

What are people who work in bars, restaurants, security jobs supposed to do?

Second shifts that end past midnight?

I am appalled and very angry.

If metro makes this change, this will likely force my partner and I into moving because I cannot afford to take cabs home every night (30$+ per ride), there is no direct access at night from the Tukwila station anywhere near my house.

This could impact my life in a hugely negative way. Push my partner and I further into poverty.

So again, Metro’s statement from their customer service page:

“Service, above all else” describes how Metro works to assist customers before, during and after their ride.

seem to only apply if you live in a good neighborhood.

Let me also say this. If you are thinking about moving to the Seattle area and don’t or can’t drive this is something to consider. 

Public transportation in King County is a joke.

I would like to see the people who proposed these quotes walk from the 124 line up into Southpark at 11 at night. Try walking from the Tukwila station back into Burien.

Try to get home after midnight without the 120.

Do these things after working all day at a job that is probably not as nice as the one they have now, walk with hurting feet, carrying groceries, in the pitch black dark. Be a woman alone.

I have no faith this will turn out well for us.


The time she was the only one who could get Marshawn Lynch to talk! #GoMichelle #JustHereSoIWontGetFined 

Justin Bieber Trapped In A Glass Case (Of Emotion) As He Kicks Off Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber kicked off his highly anticipated Purpose World Tour at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday night.

During his first performance the Canadian singer found himself trapped in a glass case (of emotion).

If you find yourself asking: “What do you mean?” Well, let us explain…

Copyright [Getty Images/Mat Hayward/Stringer]

One of the highlights of the show being the moment that the 22-year-old singer found himself stuck inside a transparent cube.

The box was elevated off the ground while he performed one of his hit tracks, which was more than likely ‘Mark My Words’ as he wrote the title of the song alongside a heart on the glass with a marker.

We won’t judge if you decide to Photoshop your name into that heart – because, same.

Copyright [Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/Contributor]

The Sorry singer performed several tracks from his latest album Purpose, which was released last year.

Justin kept it cas’ and rocked his signature style, comprising of a long grey coat over a plaid shirt and baggy white t-shirt combined with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and Adidas Ultra Boost trainers.

Copyright [Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/Contributor]

Damn Justin, back at it again with the white Adidas!

Later on in the show, the packed house of Beliebers couldn’t contain themselves when things turned wet and wild.

In music-video style he stood beneath a downpour of water, before removing his shirt to reveal his extensive tattoo collection.

Copyright [Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/Contributor]

(You’re welcome)

After the show the artist took to Twitter to thank his fans for their attendance, love and support. In the accompanying photo members of the crowd held up signs that read ‘We Never Left.’

Copyright [Twitter/@justinbieber]

Following a quick stop for a show in Vancouver on Friday, Bieber will be hosting a total of 114 dates in two legs through North America and Europe.

The global event will culminate with two dates in London’s The O2 Arena on November 28th and 29th. 

No pressure…

Actor Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in “Close Encounters,” remembers sitting at a restaurant with director George Lucas, who glumly said he’d “made a kid’s film. And, he had wanted to make an adult film … And we commiserated with the billionaire-to-be.”

That film was “Star Wars.”