seattle dank


Cherry Sherbert grown by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Indica Dominant Hybrid, harvested 2.11.16

26.0% THC, 0.1% CBD

These darker dense buds weren’t as strong hitting as expected, but still provided a nice heavy stoned feeling throughout the body. Definitely a hybrid with sativa effects, although it was described to us as heavier on the indica side. I wouldn’t choose to smoke this if you’re looking for a strain to put you asleep, but great for watching movies. We smoked it using a little glass piece we purchased last week, and the smoke was smooth and sweet. I wouldn’t pay top dollar for this strain at this point (my tolerance may be too high to experience the full effects) but worth the deal we got on it.

i got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in it goes

huckleberry, dutch treat, nypd, ace of spades, blue vegas, lemon og, pineapple express, lvpk, cinex, afgoo, black 84 and then it’s me.

Seattle • Hempfest 2014 • Washington • Plumpmed