seattle buses

taz modern college au headcanons where also they all live in seattle

(aka my extremely niche au that only appeals to me)

  • The Plot Here: the IPRE crew is a ragtag group of friends at college (probably UW? definitely UW)
  • John is an RA who’s trying to End All Campus Parties
  • The IPRE crew is constantly trying to throw epic parties and have a good time at them before John comes and shuts them down
  • The Light of Creation is one of these things
  • The crew and John are locked in a constant battle where John crashes their parties and steals it if they don’t hide it fast enough and then they have to sneak into his dorm to steal it back
  • Ango is also there he’s like a high schooler who got early acceptance into college
  • The crew adopts him accidentally
  • IPRE Robes = matching red snuggies that Barry made for the final project in that sewing class he took as an elective one year
  • garfield is a really weird weed dealer. what is he even majoring in?? does he even go here?? nobody knows but he has a weird little shop set up in a closet nobody uses anymore

more headcanons about everyone:

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Seattle Dog Figures Out Buses, Starts Riding Solo To The Dog Park

Seattle’s public transit system has had a ruff go of things lately, and that has riders smiling.

You see, of the 120 million riders who used the system last year, one of them is actually a dog. Seattle’s KOMO-TV reports the 2-year-old black Labrador mix, named Eclipse, has become a regular fixture on the city’s D-Line after she figured out how to ride the bus alone to the dog park.

Find out how this pup learned how to ride the bus by herself here. 

If I was walking through a sad art gallery and you were driving through the night…

hi aagu,

i live and work in seattle in a predominantly white neighborhood. i’m sick of the casual racism i encounter almost daily at work and among my friends and acquaintances. i kind of hate this city but i’m waiting for my partner to finish grad school. i’m sick of not being able to say what i’m really thinking without alienating everyone i interact with.

some fuck you’s i never got to say:

- fuck you, friend of a friend who claimed that the reason prop 1 (which would’ve funded seattle buses) failed was because of the “rich asians in the university district” (i.e. international students)–never mind that they can’t even vote.

- fuck you, my friend who said she doesn’t like chinese food b/c it’s “greasy and bland” (i.e. she’s only had chinese food in Buffalo)

- fuck you, old white customer who spent 20 minutes trying to explain to me why asian art is inferior to european art

- fuck you, 99% of the people i know, who are white, who don’t give a crap about politics or social justice (and therefore don’t give a crap about me), who just talk about boring bullshit all fucking day, who think i’m oversensitive/self-righteous for not laughing at racist jokes

- fuck you, girl i just met two seconds ago who said that i really remind her of someone else she knows. LET ME GUESS, IS SHE ASIAN? actually, fuck every white person who’s ever told me that i remind them of their asian friend within five minutes of meeting me. i know we all look the same to you, but come the fuck on.

- fuck you, white female colleague of my white male partner who insinuated that he would have a successful academic career because he has the support of an asian (and therefore domestic, subservient) girlfriend. 

the list actually goes on, but i’ll spare you.

fuck north seattle.