seattle boys

  • me: *puts pretty. odd. in shuffle*
  • me: *shuffle plays northern downpour*
  • me: hey moon, what the fuck

Some recent updates from Fuchino Yuuto (Noya).  

He spent about half of his most recent blog post complaining about the upcoming rainy season (he apparently really really really hates it) and is spending his off-day playing games and playing games and playing games.  

There’s nothing but a distant paper moon.
Shaping us individually in our blooded doom.
Don’t fold the corners of your piercing heart.
Write your heartfelt story for a stronger start.

Let’s not cover our eyes with the lost dampened pages.
You know your surreal vision will go through blank phases.
And if the realistic words cut you with too many reminders. 
It’s only a darkening exhibit of art that shows you’re all fighters.

Stick your wounded strength back together with a grieving bit of glue. Throwing away shredded pieces won’t remove the love of what you do. Blend your souls together as one eternal instrumental that is due to mend. You can soothe the world with a song of tears so you don’t have to pretend.

With a canvas sky of those we miss, perhaps we can paint a better chapter. One where all of our special notes intertwine with bitter-sweet laughter. A journey of decomposing pain that transforms into a blessed composition. They’re going to last no matter how long the time for that’s the ultimate mission.


Seattle Paper Moon / Liliana Torre

(Dedicated to Seattle’s Musicians)

Cheer Up Post #4847

For the anon who would like youtubers Dan & Phil, the Seattle skyline, and the Emo Trinity (Panic!, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy). Enjoy!

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