What if angler-fish seatrolls?

This thing apparently?

In my headcanon (likely Jossed multiple times) There are trolls in between Feferi and Aradia with magenta blood who live way deep in the ocean. The reason Feferi is seen as the highest a troll can go is because deep sea trolls are so violent and feral, they aren’t even considered trolls. (Fridge horror when you realize how violent trolls are) Seatrolls would kill them on sight, but the water pressure where they lived made genocide impossible. As troll technology evolved, the only thing keeping them alive was the fact they were thought to be a myth over the years, and is now a bed time story lusii tell their trolls so they don’t swim too far down.

Another Homestuck DualSign Idea

Karkat has been told the story of the Signless and his proud, hopeless rebellion. 

The first time they *meet* in the dreambubbles, he’s nearly bowled over by his snickering Ancestor as the older mutant waves Dualscar’s cape tauntingly, running full-tilt away from the seatroll chasing after him and screaming curses at the top of his lungs.


Horrible case of flu

Another doodly Illustration for awesome Homestuck fanfiction- Wanted Extremely Pricy Troll (s) written by ceruleancynic

I`m just very fond of suffering Dave, what can I do :)  Scene with sleeping sick Dave and his seatroll hugging him to cool him down is one of my personal favourites :)

my other illustrations to UFUT here click

*wolf returns to her bushes happy because fluff is good for your pelt*

The Agitator, Kankri's Ansestor, Pre-Scratch Karkat

The First Beforus Headcanon post. Although this one focuses on The Agitator (AKA Pre-Scratch Karkat) and his companions.

The Agitator, as we all know, was born a mutant, with bright red blood. As you can probably guess, he was culled. His culler was a violet blooded seatroll called The Defender. He was known for culling mutantbloods and only mutantbloods.

At a very young age, The Agitator thought that culling was wrong. He thought it took away the chance of greatness from lower trolls and turned them into decorations or statements. So as you can guess he began planning his escape.

While planning his escape, The Agitator met The Unseeing, a female teal-blooded troll who was culled for being blind. The two decided to escape together, making a pact to end all culling for it was unjust and cruel.

The Agitator and The Unseeing escaped their culler and hide in the Beforanian forests so they wouldn’t get culled again.

After their escape, The Agitator and The Unseeing decided to stick together and end culling. It was a daring plan and together they made it work.


The Agitator and The Unseeing began protests made up of degenerates and mutants, protesting cullings and attacking Culleries. The protests started out relatively peaceful but got more and more violent as they progressed. Eventually leading to assassinations and even a world-wide bombing of over a million Culleries.

After a while they attracted the attention of The Condescension. the Condesce truly had good intentions, but she did not understand why these protests were happening, so she met force with love.

The Grand Culling. An event where millions of Highbloods came together and Forcibly Culled as many mutants as they could. It crippled the rebellion and left The Agitator and The Unseeing with a small militia instead of an army.

So a new plan for formed.

“Save the Children” it was called, and save the children they did. The Agitator, The Unseeing and as many trolls as they could band together began stealing culled children and grubs from the Culleries and cullers’ hives. This went on for four sweeps before the Condesce was fed up.

She was going to cull The Agitator and end this whole rebellion if it was the last thing she did. So the search began, she had highbloods looking for him for nights on end, but the Agitator was smart. He knew Beforus’s lands like the back of his hand. He and The Unseeing hid for many sweeps until they became careless. The Unseeing was captured and Forcibly Culled. It was said that when the Agitator found out his friend had been culled, he let out a screech of anger that made trolls within a 100 mile radius run out of fear.

The Agitator devised a plan to save his friend. He was going to attack and save the culled trolls that the Condesce had. The mission was told to only a few other trolls, and was to be operated during the day, then it was least expected.

Unfortunately there was a mole. The Perjurer, a Cerulean blooded troll who was a spy for the Condesce betrayed the Agitator and was the entire reason that the plan failed.

The Agitator was Forcibly Culled, along with the trolls who tried to help the Agitator.

After he was culled, The Agitator never saw The Unseeing or the light of night even again. He died in the Hive of the one he despised the most.

Imagine everyone expecting Signless to be the romantic one in the relationship, but Dualscar turns out to be the one who knows how to sweep him off his feet. The seatroll isn’t the best at long term relationships so he goes over the top, taking Signless to dinner and showing him incredible things like tide pools and the way the lights dance in the north.

Signless loves it and in return he shows Dualscar how easy it is to be happy. Sometimes all it takes is a private space and a warm body sleeping next to you.

eryone dedd

A young seatroll dashes around a lively coral reef, not too far from her hive, snatching fish from the water and stashing them in a sack to feed her lusus later. Then, mid-snatch, a thought occurs to her. 

This was Alternia.

Magnia blinks as she realized it. 

Should this not be Alternia?

She looks down at herself. She’s still a child of five sweeps. Of course this is Alternia. There’s no reason why she wouldn’t be on Alternia. Right?

What a strange train of thought to have. 

The sack was mostly full. She should go home. That’s what she was supposed to do, right?