Maas University: Part One

Students littered across the campus of Maas University. Cassian had to slow to a stop twelve times before getting to his parking space. Peering out the windshield, Cassian gazed at the set of brick buildings. Memories of the best kind poured into him: meeting Nesta, his friends, his family. People he hadn’t seen in years.

He squeezed his wife’s hand before he turned the ignition off and peered over the seat at his children. Aysel still slept, her military jacket thrown over her, covering her ripped jeans and Halestorm band tee, her headphones still in her ears. Bay too had headphones in, his eyes trained on the book resting in his lap. “We’re here guys.”

Looking up from his book, Bay pulled down his headphones and looked out the window, his hazel green eyes filled with a quiet nervousness as he watched the students. He turned to shake Aysel awake. “Ays.”

Kohl lined blue-grey eyes fluttering open, Aysel pulled her headphones from her ears, music still blasting from them and looked out the window. Face lighting up, she shoved off her jacket and barreled out of the car, shouting, “I have arrived, bitches!”

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underneath the little black dress

Warnings: Smut!

Note; This is my first smut ever and my second piece I’ve ever written. I’ve worked on this a while. So I hope you will enjoy it. :’) based of the gifs of harry at the graham norton show. (the drinking water, and this could be fun).

Harry seeing you without underwear at a dinner party.

 It was a Saturday evening when you and Harry were at a dinner party hosted by James. James asked you if a surprise dinner party would be fun to celebrate the number 1 spot, and you agreed on this idea.  Secrets were more your thing, you knew harry could keep small ones but he had so much trouble keeping surprise parties a surprise. All you said to harry was you made reservations at his favourite restaurant in L.A. You dressed nice for the occasion, in a boutique nearby you found this perfect little black dress. To spice up the evening you decided to leave your panties at home. You knew all too well that wearing no panties in a public place would get his cock hard and ready for you. This wasn’t the first time you went to a public place without panties. Harry would usually start thinking about rubbing your clit, eating you out in the bathroom or just a quick fuck. And well… you sure as hell wouldn’t mind it.

“Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the restaurant…” He was wondering where the two of you were going. “Oh yeah… We must go to James first. He had something for you there. I got a text like a few minutes ago. A small detour. Don’t worry ”you said to harry.  When you and Harry arrived at James’ his house, you wiggled yourself out of the car trying not to ruin the no panties surprise. That completely failed…. When you put your legs out of the car harry turned around to check if you needed help. That’s when you saw that his mouth turned in to a big O and then a big smirk came across his face, and he moved closer to your ear and whispered “is it going to be like a few weeks ago? Are you going to tease me? Didn’t I teach you the hard way that teasing me isn’t nice, or did you like that?’’ you looked at Harry and tried to look as innocent as you could. ‘’ I don’t know what you’re talking about’’ You adjusted your dress and walked in front of harry, swaying your hips a little bit more then you usually do. Before the door opened you turned around to look at harry and gave him a little smirk.  When the both of you came inside the house, everybody was cheering and yelling SURPRISEEEE”. You could tell harry was completely shocked by what was going on. Why…why? Why are you guys doing this?” Harry asked. Well mate. it’s because 1. You did amazing on the show and 2 your album just took the number 1 spot. And we wanted to celebrate that!”James said to harry. After James gave that little speech everyone took their seats at the table. At the end of the table you sat next to Harry. The evening was going fast and almost everyone was either tipsy or drunk. At one moment, you took Harry’s hand and slipped it under your dress. Harry was surprised by your sudden confidence to do that. He started to cough and choke a little bit on the water still in his mouth. Harry then looked at you with the eyes that were so familiar to you, so dark and full of lust. He mumbled to you “ well, this could be fun.”  and he took another sip of his water.

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Castles, Cliffs, and Natural Eliminations

My trip to Dover today:

I didn’t miss my first train. (Came pretty close though. I went to the wrong station orignally.)

I didn’t miss my connecting train. (Not close at all, but given what happened when I went to Windsor I thought this was a significant improvement.)

A woman on the second train completely flipped her lid. This is not an exaggeration. She forgot her rail card and had to pay for a ticket when the train person who checks tickets (the train employee probably has a title, but I don’t know what it is) came around. So the woman proceeded to empty her three bags and purse across four seats and one table to try and find her rail card. No luck. Then she called everyone she knew to tell them she was ‘pissed’, ‘fucked’ and ‘fucking pissed’. Loudly. The entire carriage could hear her. The carriages on either side might have been able to hear. She also missed her stop. So she had to pay for an additional ticket. The phone calls were repeated.

I went off map to get to the castle. Pretty sure Google was going to have me walk along a busy roadway. It would have been less steep, but not nearly as picturesque as the lovely path I took. I saw all sorts of nature. Including a woman urinating. Awkward.

The castle was just lovely. I enjoyed it much more than the one at Windsor. The view of the Strait of Dover was amazing. And the White Cliffs! Gorgeous. Unfortunately, the Urinating Woman was also at the castle and despite the size of the grounds, we kept seeing each other. More awkwardness. Then I saw her exiting a loo. Awkwardly hilarious.

Walking the battlements was my exercise for the week. Hills and stairs everywhere. One set of stairs was particularly steep and almost required a leap instead of a step down. The couple in front of me were not happy. I’m pretty sure they were Irish. As they were doing their best to negotiate the stairs with a two toddlers and a baby in a buggy, the man said, ‘Only the fucking English would build stairs this stupid’.

After the castle, I walked through Dover. As I came to the square (it wasn’t really square) a man with a leer called out, ‘hey there lovely’. I replied, ‘désolé, no compredre-vous’. Which is not at all correct, but I had to think fast and as the point was to confuse the man, it worked. He looked suitably befuddled enough to leave me alone.

All in all, it was a good day.

hello everyone! its lily here! me and @enchantinghosts are starting this car seat headrest network for minors! if you are 18 and under and really like car seat headrest, then this one’s for you!!

what does this network entail?

basically, it’s to make friends with common interests! we made it because there’s a surprising lack of actual teens who like car seat headrest, and we want to make sure that kids who do like it get support from other kids!!

what are the requirements to follow?

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  • you can’t be a terf, racist, ect (we dont want icky people to join lmao)

Ahna and I will pick members on june 15! you’ll get a follow back and we’ll message you that you’re in the network .

thanks i love you <3

Ichigo is in the process of teaching Rukia how to drive. Rukia being short means she needs a bit of a boost. Her solution is just to use a pillow. When Yoruichi learns of this she decides she needs to help and has Urahara order something special. The time comes and ahe gifts Rukia a pillow with Ichigos face on it. Yoruichi says it’s so she feels comfortable, something Rukia is familiar with, sitting on Ichigos face.