seatbelt laws

The philosophy behind the [laws about] seat belts and the airbags and the helmets that people are required to wear on bicycles and motorcycles; it’s all of a piece philosophically. If you accept that idea that the government has a legitimate right to forcibly control you, not because of anything you’ve done to anybody else, but to keep you safe, to keep you healthy, than there is no end to the micromanagement that we might be subject to.
—  Eric Peters

I like how Milo tackles a cursed existence with the winning combination of “I have stocked a backpack with every possible item I could need and perfected a wide variety of survival skills” and “what the heck, I’m going to get hurt no matter what I do so I might as well just get around by cartwheeling.”

Ok I’m new to polyamory but what if a trio is driving somewhere does one person have to sit in the back and be sad??

This is without a doubt my favorite question that I’ve ever received on this blog.

Sadly, the New To Poly Welcome Packet doesn’t include one of those old-style pickup trucks with the bench seat so that everyone can sit up front - so yes, if a triad or any other poly configuration of more than two people is driving somewhere, in the interest of safety and seatbelt laws, someone’s got to sit in the back. The last thing we need as an already underserved, misunderstood minority is a reputation for unsafe and illegal road practices!

But the poly person relegated to the backseat doesn’t have to be sad! Sitting in the back means more room to sprawl out, ability to tickle the person in the passenger seat with no (immediate) repercussions (nicer people opt for shoulder massages), and an unobstructed view of the weirdos in the car behind you through the backseat window (making up funny dialogue for them is optional). I actually prefer the backseat to the shotgun seat for long drives.

Poly folk on road trips who are worried about third-wheeling the backseat rider can swap spots frequently, play car games that involve everyone, give the backseat rider DJ privileges, and keep the AC/heater on low so the person can hear the conversations up front. If someone’s feelings are really hurt about having to ride in the back, your triad might not be ready for a long road trip together.

Enjoy your poly road trip! And make sure everyone gets plenty of snuggles when you finally make it to the hotel/campsite.

It’s not your business to protect everybody. Leave people the hell alone, all right? I’m just telling y'all. Leave everyone alone and let them do their thing. If people wanna be stupid, let them be stupid! They’ll hopefully take themselves out of the gene pool and life will go on. Darwin wrote about this decades ago. You hope they do this before they reproduce; that’s the only thing you have to worry about.
—  Physical geography professor, on a rant about seatbelt laws

police strictly enforce the seatbelt law not because of safety reasons, but because seatbelts are the only way cars can hug us and they dont want them to be lonely


Sept. 4, 2014 traffic stop by Trooper Sean Groubert of a motorist for a seat belt violation. The motorist was shot during the traffic stop.

This would not happen in New Hampshire. Know why? NO mandatory seatbelt laws. The fewer reasons there are for interactions between you and the state, the better.

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its not about being anti-pro life , its about being pro-choice, which means having the ability to make one's OWN choices. What you did was your choice, you made the choice to keep your children. What other's want is the chance to get rid of the fetus's inside of them if they don't want it. It's everyone's own choice what to do with their body, & no one has a say in that except for the person whose body is being affected. You want to have a child, great but don't take away from someone who doesnt

Its everyone’s “choice” to abort their children in the womb.

Please remind me why self harm, self prostitution, suicide, partaking in harmful/illegal drugs or not wearing a seatbelt are against the law, but killing your own children before you ever see their face - that’s “choice”.