seataoaifalenaoti shyon

/present Voice: Seataoaifalenaoti "Seata" Shyon

 Every month, we feature a different member of our blog team as a /present Voice to formally recognize the value of his/her voice and their commitment to the blog.

This January, we are pleased to announce Seataoaifalenaoti “Seata” Shyon is our /present Voice of the Month! With each blog post Seata has written, her commitment to service and community outreach are deep-rooted.  Her participation has made her an integral part of the re/present blog team, and we encourage to read her previous posts. But first, read a bit bout Seata from her interview below -

Tell us about yourself.
I am the eldest daughter of Vitolia Ufau and Dung Vu. I have three younger siblings - an 11-year-old sister, a 5-year-old brother, and 3-year-old brother. I reflect on how my academic and professional experiences can benefit my family and community, and what this means to me. My success is not only measured by how much I gain and achieve for myself, but the value I offer to those who support, guide and encourage me.

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