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Roger ROCHE 1981 by Jack Brown aka Willy Lee
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Frame made with fillet brazed Reynolds 753 tubeset. Special seat tube and very short chain stays: 38.5 cm. All internal brake and gear cables. 8.36 kg as on the picture.

Meeting on the Train (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Can you do one where y/n is on a bus and she is alone and Joe asks if he can sit next to her. It’s not much but yeah

can u do one where he meets y/n on the tube or something like that please x


You sat down on a free seat in the tube and took out your laptop. You were on your way home from college in London and to your home in Brighton. Even though you were 23 years old, you still lived at home, which were nice but quite inconvenient as you were studying in London. Getting an affordable flat in London was absolutely impossible so for now you were living with your parents in Brighton. You opened up your homework and started writing on your computer, totally disappearing into your own little world.

“Can I sit here?” a voice suddenly asked and you looked up from your computer and to the person asking. A slim guy with blonde fluffy hair and light blue eyes stood in front of you with a cute smile. He looked around the same age as you and he looked really polite.

“Of course,” you answered, which made the guy smile even more before he placed himself on the seat in front of you. You looked back on your computer but you had a hard time concentrating because you could feel the blonde guy’s eyes on you. You decided to look back at him and your eyes met, which made both of you smile.

“I’m Joe by the way,” the guy then said and you smiled at him before taking the hand he had put out in front of him.

“I’m Y/N,” you answered as you shook hands. As you had guessed, he was really polite.

“Where are you heading? If you don’t mind me asking,” Joe then asked and you smiled at him once again.

“I’m just going home to Brighton. I’m studying in London so I’m taking this train every day,” you said with a little laugh and Joe nodded impressed.

“So you’re in college?” He asked interested and you nodded.

“Yep, english and psychology,” you said and Joe looked impressed at you with a smile.

“That sounds really interesting!” Joe said and you nodded with a grin.

“It is. Are you studying or working or…?” you asked as you were beginning to get quite interested in this sweet guy in front of you. He looked pretty fit as well.

“No, I used to be a roof thatcher but then I started making videos on youtube,” Joe said, and now it was your turn to nod impressed.

“I’ve heard about the whole youtube community, that’s really cool!” you answered and you could see Joe got flattered.

“I’m not one of the cool ones though,” Joe said with a fake pout, which made you laugh.

“I can tell you are,” you said and you were surprised at how flirty you sounded.

“Oh stop it,” Joe said and his face expression made you laugh again. You were really starting to like this guy.

“So where are you going? If you dont mind me asking,” you asked with a cheeky smile, which made Joe chuckle.

“To Brighton too actually. And dont worry. I’m not a creepy stalker or anything. I’m visiting my sister and her boyfriend,” Joe said with a smile and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh really? I would’ve guessed stalker,” you said sarcastically, which made Joe laugh.

“You’re quite a funny girl, “Y/N” Joe said and you could feel yourself blush as you smiled.

For the rest of the train journey you kept chatting and laughing, and you really liked him. He was so charismatic and funny, and you had gotten to know each other really well during the train ride. You had gotten to know more about the whole youtube thing and his family, and he had gotten to know about your family as well, your studies and just your daily life in general. When the next stop was announced and the train lady said Brighton you almost felt disappointed that you had to leave.

“That was the quickest this journey has ever been,” you said with a smile and Joe nodded in agreement.

“Time flies when you’re in good company,” Joe said in a flirty tone and you blushed again.

“It certainly does,” you answered as you put your laptop down in your bag again.

“I’m sorry if I distracted you from school work or anything,” Joe suddenly said with a worrying look and you shook your head with a smile.

“Dont worry. I wouldn’t have been productive anyways. The laptop is only there to make me look like I’m actually cool and doing something with my life,” you said, which made Joe laugh.

“I’m totally the same,” Joe said with a laugh, which made you laugh as well.

The train arrived at Brighton station and you both gathered your things and got up from your seats. You walked towards the doors together and when the train stopped you exited the train.

“So will I ever see you again?” Joe asked, which made you turn around and look at him.

“I hope so,” you answered with red cheeks and a smile.

“I’m gonna ask really awkward for your number and hope you won’t give me a fake one,” Joe then said and you stopped to look at him with a laugh.

“Why would I give you a fake one?” you asked with a laugh and Joe looked you in the eyes as he gave you his phone.

“You’re way more cooler than me,” Joe said and his words made your belly tickle and you laughed out loud.

“I’m not too sure about that. I’m not the one who is famous on youtube,” you said with a cheeky smile, which made Joe laugh again. You put your number in his phone before giving it back to him.

“There you go,” you said with a smile, and Joe smiled as well.

“As mentioned I’m not very cool so you will probably get a text from me later today,” Joe said and once again he made you laugh.

“Playing hard to get is boring anyways, right?” you answered with a smile and Joe smiled at you with admiration.

“I like your thinking,” Joe said with flirty eyes and for a second you disappeared into them. They were absolutely beautiful.

“My mom is picking me up, so I have to leave,” you said as you realized what time it was.

“Sure. It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m definitely going to see you again,” Joe said as he took my hand and kissed it like in the old movies. You blushed and laughed at his actions.

“I can’t wait,” you said before you started to walk away still with your eyes locked with Joe’s. Eventually you turned around with a smile and walked towards the exit. You could feel Joe’s eyes on you, which made you smile to yourself. You couldn’t wait for him to text you because you knew you had to see this guy again.      

“Where the fuck did I put my sunglasses?” Freya muttered to herself. She felt around the surface of the table she was sitting at, as if her sunglasses were invisible and she would have to find them by touch. When she didn’t find them, she plunged a hand into the bag that was hanging from her shoulder, pulling open the sides of the bag to attempt to peek into it at the same time. After only a few seconds of attempting this maneuver, Freya let out an exasperated sigh and stood up, the chair screeching hard against the floor. The blonde turned her Louis Vuitton bag upside down, beginning to shake the contents of her purse onto the small table she had just been seated at. Various tubes of lipstick began to roll onto the floor but Freya paid no attention as she searched for her sunglasses amid the mess.  



SIZE : 520mm (C-C)
Head Parts: Campagnolo /   Record
F&R Derailleur : Campagnolo / Nuovo Recoed
W lever : Campagnolo
Seat tube : Campagnolo / Nuovo Recoed
Handle : 3ttt
Stem : 3ttt(刻印入)
Sadle :3ttt
F&R Brake : campagnolo
Crank : OMAS
Hub : Campagnolo / Record


PATELLI  ~1980-90~

SIZE 535mm(C-C)

Head Parts: Campagnolo /  Record
F&R Derailleur : Campagnolo / Super Recoed
W lever : Campagnolo
Seat tube : Campagnolo
Handle : 3ttt
Stem : 3ttt (刻印入り)
F&R Brake : campagnolo/Super Record
Crank : Campagnolo /Super Record
Hub : Campagnolo / Record
Rim(F&R):FIR EL20

David Cameron, 2nd September 2015.

David Cameron, 3rd September 2015.

Previously, this was his response to the crisis;

“Of the 4 million Syrians who have fled their country since the war began, including hundreds of thousands who have poured into Europe, the number who have been resettled in Britain could fit on a single London Underground train — with plenty of seats to spare.Just 216 Syrian refugees have qualified for the government’s official relocation program, according to data released last week. (Tube trains seat about 300.) British Prime Minister David Cameron has reassured his anxious public that the total number won’t rise above 1,000.

As Germany prepares for an expected onslaught of 800,000 asylum applications just this year, the contrast between the two biggest powers in Europe couldn’t be sharper. On a continent that is supposed to be bound together by a common set of rules and values, the impact of this summer’s migrant crisis is being felt disproportionately by a handful of countries while others, such as Britain, have resisted efforts to more equitably share the burden.

The more miserly policy reflects the political atmosphere in a country where the tabloid press routinely characterizes refugees as an invading army attempting to storm the Cliffs of Dover; the Daily Mail recently wondered why the government could stop Hitler but not “a few thousand exhausted migrants.”

Britain’s leaders have contributed to the mood, with Cameron referring to the migrants as “a swarm” and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warning of “marauding” Africans who threaten Europe’s “standard of living.”

And let’s put this into context compared with the rest of Europe and surrounding areas;


So shameful.