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It’s no coincidence that every action hero from James Bond to Generic Murder Dude #367 in the beginning of Assassin’s Creed: American Boogaloo has found themselves sneaking around theaters and operas. They are creepy places even when the actors are on stage and the seats are packed with condescending tuxedo-wearing fuckers.

Where it gets really disturbing, however, is when the seats are empty and the doors are locked. That’s when villains like the Phantom of the Opera or Sander Cohen from BioShock crawl out of the woodwork. Villains, that is, who are precisely like you. Unfortunately, it’s not like abandoned horror movie theaters are just hanging around, ready for the taking, except, that is, for the Orpheum Theatre in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

“Man, I don’t know,” I hear you saying. “It certainly looks adequately scary, and I could definitely see myself settling down in the place and wandering its corridors wearing a mask and holding a giant mallet that makes sparks as I drag it across the floor. But I just stole all these orangutans from the zoo, and I’ve been meaning to teach them to use the miniguns I’ve had laying around since the Lyon heist. They’d wreck the interior within minutes.” To which I say: Don’t worry, the Orpheum has it all. Turns out the official name of the place is “La Salle Francs Tireurs,” or “French Sharpshooters Hall.” It combines the European tradition of enjoying the fine arts with the American tradition of shooting the shit out of everything, by which I mean that it’s a theater that also has a gun range.

5 Creepy Abandoned Places That’d Make Perfect Villain Lairs

Left For Dead (Part 3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Summary: You’re dating Theo and Stiles can’t stand it. When he finds you next to his injured dad, he assumes you and Theo were in it together and leaves you in the tunnels, not knowing it may be the last time he sees you.

A/N: Here’s Part 3! Part 4 will be up after this weeks episode!
Let me know how you’re liking it so far and if you’d like a sad or happy ending! xx

“In here!” Kira calls as she hears Scott arrive at her place. Scott raises an eyebrow as he spots the entire pack seated in Kira’s living room.

“I thought tonight was date night,” he chuckles, disappointed, wiggling around a bag of groceries he had picked up to make dinner.

“Well, that’s still good, I’m starving, make us a snack will you?” Liam laughs and Scott gives him a side eye.

“And by you I mean myself,” he mumbles, taking the bag from Scott and heading to the kitchen.

“So what exactly are we all doing here, together…. On date night?” Scott asks before he notices Stiles pacing agitatedly.


“Yes, uhhhhh, we can’t find y/n,” he says and Scott laughs, “Well, obviously you can’t, she’s been avoiding you like the plague,” he replies before immediately regretting it, causing Stiles to stop pacing.

“No. None of us can find her. Kira stopped by the hospital but the nurses say she was discharged.”

“Did you check her house?”

Kira sighs, “Yeah, her parents said they thought she was staying with me since she was discharged. They kind of freaked out so I covered and said that I just came to pick up some stuff for her. It’s been a week since then and we’ve looked everywhere.”

“Which was stupid! They should’ve called the cops… WE SHOULD CALL THE COPS!” Stiles says, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Maybe, maybe she’s with Theo,” Scott suggests and Stiles rolls his eyes at him,

“We thought of that too Sherlock, I’ve thought of everything, literally, my mind is like empty because I’ve looked everywhere and thought of everything.”

“So you checked with Theo?”

“Liam asked Hayden and-“

“And she said that she hadn’t seen her with Theo at all; and Hayden had been around Theo a lot,” Liam finishes, sounding incredibly displeased.

“So maybe she’s having a spa day,” Liam suggests only to receive a collective glare from the pack, “What? It’s been a rough few weeks for her, she almost died.”

“First Lydia, now y/n, we’re losing too many people,” Scott sighs and Stiles stares at him, “Lydia isn’t lost and maybe y/n isn’t either, maybe she just wanted to get away from me and Theo and all of this.”

“Even so, she would’ve told someone before she left, did you check with her friends?” Scott asks, and Liam stares at him surprised, “She has friends that aren’t us?”

Kira ignores him, “We checked with a few of them but no one has heard from her.”

“Actually, I know where she is,” says a voice in the doorway.

Mason throws his jacket over the sofa and plops down, “Why would she tell you?” Liam asks, staring at him in disbelief.

“Well, because - maybe because I could keep it a secret but also tell you guys if she was away too long and thought something had happened to her…” he explains and everyone nods collectively, “Also, I saw her leaving so I asked her and she said she guessed there was no harm in telling me,” he confesses.

“So where is she?” Stiles asks, rolling his eyes as he stands over Mason.

“No, no. I can’t tell you that.”

“Why did you say it like that?” Stiles growls.“You know why. At this point, telling you would be like telling Theo.”

“Telling me what?” Theo asks as walks into the lounge, examining the room, “Nice place Kira.”

“Seriously Mason, lock the door when you come in,” she sighs.

Stiles goes for him and Scott pulls him back, “What are you doing here?”

“Like I said, there are no sides anymore, and definitely not if we’re trying to find y/n,” he replies, looking bored as he runs his finger along the top of the coffee table, “Needs some dusting.”

“If you think we’re going to let you anywhere near her, you’re deluded,” Scott replies, still holding Stiles back.

“Funny thing. I have a few things to say to her, so either I say them when you find her, or I make the process quicker by helping you find her, which I’m sure you want to.”

“What could you possibly have to say to her?” Stiles spits and Theo smiles, “Something along the lines of what you have to say,” Theo replies and Stiles slumps a little.

“He’s right. We need his help to find her fast,” Stiles sighs and Scott looks at him surprised, “We are not trusting him again Stiles!”

“I’m not saying trust him, I’m saying we can bring the dickhead along if it’ll help find her faster.”

“So where are we headed?” Theo asks and everyone turns to Mason who shakes his head and purses his lips together, making a zipping motion and then throwing away the key.Liam sits next to him, “We need to find her Mason, she could be in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble could she be in staying at a motel, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and eating cheese pizza,” he laughs and then his eyes widen, “No. NO! That’s all you get.”

“It’s the motel near her old house before she moved to Beacon Hills, I remember her telling me she stayed there when her house was under renovation and she loved it because there was this huge chandelier in the lobby and it-“ Stiles explains and then pauses, “Anyways, it’s back where she used to live, isn’t it?”

Mason sighs, “You better not say I told you, because I didn’t!”

“How far is that from here?” Liam asks, “Few hours if I remember correctly, we stayed there once last year-“ Scott states before noticing Stiles, Kira and Theo glaring at him and Liam looking very amused.

“No. She was just having a bad day and then I asked her what cheers her up and she said this lookout point near her old house and so I drove her there and then it was late so we just stayed at the Motel,” Scott explains.

“And then?” Liam laughs, egging him on.

“Nothing. I slept on the couch,” he says, “I SLEPT ON THE COUCH” he repeats slower and louder until  finally everyone nods and looks away.

“Alright, then you can drive Scott, and I guess we won’t be needing you Theo.”

“I’m going to be there anyways. What do you say you help me save on gas and give me a ride?” he laughs and Stiles frowns, “Get fucked.”

Theo shrugs before leaving, “Lock the door this time!” he calls before slamming it behind himself.

“I think we can make it back before it gets dark if we leave now,” Scott suggests and Stiles picks up the keys to his jeep, “We can’t take the jeep, what if it breaks down again,” Scott says, stopping in the doorway.

“Well, how else do we get there?”

“Well, we can take… the bus,” Scott mumbles, sighing as he continues outside.

“We can take my dad’s car,” Liam says, appearing behind them, “Well, it’s my car too…” he brags, “Which is not important. We can take it if you let me come.”

“Alright, let’s go then,” Stiles mutters. 

“This is the place?” Liam asks as they get out of the car, staring up at the large building in front of him, admiring the exterior, “I totally thought it would look all haunted and spooky, but it’s pretty,” he comments receiving amused looks from both boys.

“Whatever,” he grumbles and makes his way towards the glass doors, both boys following behind.Scott makes his way to the concierge and smiles awkwardly, “We’re looking for someone who is staying here.”

The man at the counter looks up, “Sure, what’s their name?”

“Y/N  Y/L/N”

“I think she’s in room 23,” Scott comments, “58 actually” the man replies and Scott smiles, “Right.”

“She’s not picking up her phone, she may be out. Would you like to wait for her in the lobby?” he asks, putting the phone down.

“Can’t we just wait for her in her room?” Stiles says over Scott’s shoulder and the man furrows his brow, “I’m afraid that’s against policy.”

Stiles moves forward and Scott steps in front of him, “Sure. We can wait, but is there a bathroom down here? It was a long drive.”

The man signals left, “Next to the elevators on the left.”

“Thank you,” Scott replies, pulling Stiles with him.

“We’re not seriously waiting down here,” Stiles whines and Scott smiles, “Of course not,” he replies, making his way towards the maids trolley parked beside the bathroom.

Scott peered into the bathroom before sifting through the items in the trolley, “Seriously Scott, not the time to stock up on travel sized toiletries,” Stiles whisper yells, “You should’ve seen this one time on a school trip when the bus broke down and we stayed at a motel and despite all this crazy shit going down, he still manages to grab all the-“ Stiles blabs to Liam before Scott interrupts.

“Got it,” he says, holding up a staff tag, “Quickly, get in the elevator,” he mumbles, pushing the boys in and checking to see if the man at the concierge desk had noticed.

“What level?” Liam asks, and Scott shrugs, “Maybe 4?”

“Nice work Scott,” Stiles laughs as he sees the number ‘50’ on the door as they get out.

“Here,” Liam says at the opposite end of the hall and Scott and Stiles follow.

Scott swipes the card and slowly pushes the door open, only for Stiles to push right past him and thunder in.

He stops and the boys pile up behind him, “Thank god she’s okay” he sighs, spotting you asleep on the bed, and becoming embarrassed as he notices you’re in your underwear.

“And drunk,” Liam laughs softly, pointing to the bottle in your hand and the boys looks around at the scattered bottles on the floor and clothes strewn about, “If this is her room after one week, I don’t even want to see what her actual room looks like.”

Stiles moves to the other side of the bed, moving the bottle out of your hand before he notices your knuckles are bloody and his eyes travel to your face.

“Shit,” he says, moving hair away to reveal a bloody lip and scratched up face.Scott and Liam walk towards you, “Whoa, should we call an ambulance?” Liam asks, pulling his phone out.

Stiles begins to shake you softly, “Y/N” he says repeatedly and you stir in your sleep, slowly opening your eyes.

Once you recognize Stiles’ face you pull away, almost falling off the bed.“I got you,” Stiles says, steadying you as you stand up.“Get off,” you mumble, pulling back and staring at the boys.

“How the hell did you get in here?” you say shocked, “How did you even know I was here?” you ask before your eyes fall on Liam, “Mason,” you mumble.

“Actually, Mason didn’t tell us anything,” Liam says as though reading a script and Scott rolls his eyes before turning to you.

“Are you okay?” he asks stepping forward, “I’m fine.”

“What happened to your face?” Stiles asks, moving his hand towards it and you shift.Stiles looks hurt, “I’m not leaving until you tell me,” he states and sits on the bed.

“Some guy was bugging me at the bar,” you say, crossing your arms over your chest.

“And he did this to you?” Stiles stands up again, looking furious.

“It’s just a little scratch I got after what I did to him actually,” you state, noticing Liam staring at you.

Scott slaps him out of it and you pull a t-shirt and shorts on, “Now can you get out?” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair.

“This isn’t you y/n. Bar fights? Drinking up an entire liquor store?” Stiles says softly, nodding towards all the bottles on the floor.You look from them to him, “I’ve always been like this,” you state, recounting the many times Stiles had seen you drunk.

 “Okay, but we were always with you,” Scott sighs “You can’t just hang out here alone getting drunk what with everything that’s going on.”

“Look, are you guys going to leave, or should I?” The three of them stare at you in silence.

“Fine,” you mumble, grabbing a jacket and your bag and storming out, jumping into the elevator and hitting the close button before they can follow.

Exam Week

(Taehyung drabble #1)

“Caramel Latte for Jaewon,” the new part-time barista called out to the packed coffee shop, after placing the freshly brewed cup of coffee on the counter.  He then pointed out to the side of the counter where liquid sugar, cream and all needed utensils are placed, when the previously called customer came to retrieve his order.

You were standing behind the counter as well, taking order from the last customer on the queue. Finally, when it wasn’t more than 20 minutes ago when the queue of customers were lining so far to the back almost reaching the entrance door, before you took over the cashier from another part-timer who was overwhelmed with the long line of orders. You scribbled the customer’s name on a piece of plastic cup along with the order before handing them to the barista waiting next to you.

You took a deep breath when it was done, breathing in the scent of coffee while looking around at the packed seating area. A sight that only happened on exam weeks, college students from different classes and years, each holding either thick books or printed notes, some reading them privately and others were chatting with each other in heated discussions. No matter what state they were in, there would always be some similarities appearing from their physical traits, whether it was the disheveled hairs, or the visible eye bags, or the blank looking faces, or it could also be the heavy unbalanced footsteps - zombie state, as they called it - anything that would indicate the lack of sleeps as they prepare for the long awaited exam week.

You have only opened this small coffee shop for not more than two years which located within the campus vicinity. But having encountered so many students and long semesters you have gotten used to seeing these events happening.

You were gazing at one corner of the shop where some students were currently bickering at each other, and quickly distracted by the view of someone passing by, riding on a bicycle which you could see clearly moving from the other side of the glass windows. Your gaze followed the figure through the windows until he stopped and parked his bicycle at the front of the shop. You were still looking at him when he came down from it, walking hurriedly towards the glass door, his eyes - oh dear, look at those eye bags vividly showing - looking anywhere else but to his front as his concentration were distracted by the passing students and the earphone attached on his ears.

He was walking so fast that you didn’t have the chance to react or shout for a warning, until - BAM!! The loud noise came from him walking right into the closed glass door disrupted all activities going on in the coffee shop, though some students were quick to return back to their study. While you, on the other hand, started to burst in laughter out of shock at seeing what just happened.

Perhaps you didn’t realize how tensed you were from hours of serving the customers since early in the morning that you just erupted and lost control of your laughter once you saw him hitting the door. You tried your best to tone down the laughter when you saw him walking closer to the counter, with his signature boxy grin and his eyes staring with amazed look at your expression, while he rubs his pulsing forehead with his hand before messing up his already disheveled blond hair.

“Did I manage to entertain you with my little faux pas back there?” he asked of you in a teasing tone, lifting his eyebrow.

You tried to stop the laughter quickly by clearing your throat before you were able to answer him, “Oh I am so sorry. I was so shocked, I don’t know why I just started laughing.” A giggle managed to escape in the end.

“Well, I was totally embarrassed but as long as I can hear that beautiful sound of laughter of yours that I love so much, it kind of makes me happy,” he retorted, still in his teasing voice.

“Oh, shut up you,” you said, frowning your eyebrows despite the grin that was still showing on your face. “So what would you like to have for today?”

“You know my usual. I’ll just have that, thanks.”

“Okay then. Hang on a second,” you typed down his order on the cashier register and grabbed a regular size plastic cup to scribble the order and name. Ice Americano, tall - Taehyung.

You were so immersed on processing the payment on the cashier that you hadn’t notice he still had his eyes locked towards you, stealing glances and averting them away once in awhile when he felt like you might caught him staring.

“You know, I’m supposed to be upset that you laughed at me earlier.”

You looked up to him once you heard what he just said, and immediately he formed his lips to pout as if he was hurt.

“Oh, dear God,” you gasped, playing along with his little act. “I am so sorry, Tae. Alright then, I shall make it up to you. Want me to add you for an extra discount?” You winked, this time it was you who was using the teasing act at him.

“I have a better idea. There is a way that you can actually make me feel better.”

“Oh, really? And may I know what that is?”

“How about you let me pick you up after you finish work today, so you can accompany me for a nice dinner?”

You smiled at him, “I’ll be off work at 7 pm. Is that okay?”

“7 pm it is,” he said, wide boxy grin showing on his face. “You don’t mind if we ride that lousy little bicycle, do you?”

“How can I say no to that?”

Signs on a school bus
  • Aries: Yells to their friends sitting on the other side of the bus
  • Taurus: Gets stuck sitting next to someone they don't know and has to awkwardly sit there
  • Gemini: Standing up and moving seats to talk to people
  • Cancer: Quietly in the front on their phone
  • Leo: Taking up an entire seat with their back pack
  • Virgo: Studying for a test/quiz
  • Libra: Texting on their phone
  • Scorpio: Sits in the back of the bus and starts a fight that results in throwing paper airplanes or some other shit
  • Sagittarius: Doing their homework or sticking their head out the window
  • Capricorn: always talks to the bus driver, knows them really well
  • Aquarius: Just observing all the chaos happening
  • Pisces: Sleeping
Don't enjoy me sitting next to you? OK, I'll give the seat to someone else.

I work a standard 9-5 office job and have to take a packed train to and from work every day between two main train stations. On this particular day I really didn’t feel like standing as I was pretty drowsy and it was a pretty hot day, so I attempted to do the near impossible and find a free seat on the always packed trains.

As luck would have it, this day I managed found a free seat in the carriage next to a younger looking bloke (I’m Guessing a Uni student). His bag was on the aisle seat next to him, so I politely asked him to remove it.

His response, verbatim, “Really? C'mon buddy its not so hard to stand.”

I’m pretty flabbergasted by this, but I insist I would rather sit down and he grudgingly moved his bag under the seat, allowing me to sidle into the seat next to him, me in the aisle, him at the window.

Now on this particular train there is no arm rest between us, and this guy was clearly a little bit annoyed that I would choose to take his bag’s special seat, so he proceeded to sprawl himself across his seats, clearly over the sacred seat divide.

This started a bit of a passive aggressive war between us, where he would do something annoying (Tapping his leg, coughing without covering mouth etc.) and I gave it back to him (Digging my elbows outwards, turning my music up loudly etc.)

This (thankfully) only went on for about 3-4 minutes before we arrived at the next station, and another huge bunch of people came onto the train, and walked through the middle of the aisle between the seats. One of the commuters stopped quite close to the seat battleground, and no disrespect to this lady commuter, but she was significantly obese, sweaty and struggling in the heat.

So I thought this was a good opportunity for me to be both a gentleman, and get revenge at the same time.

I offered the larger commuter my seat, and she gracefully accepted, sliding into the seat and pinning the poor bloke up against the window.

I then enjoyed the rest of the 20 minute trip home from the (relative) comfort of the aisle, watching him having to sit half underneath blubber on a hot and sweaty train.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit


Cale normally doesn’t carry his guitar to class, only when he plans on playing around campus in between class. Sometimes, he draws a small crowd, feeling like he’s helping them take some sort of stress away from them for that moment, and that’s exactly what he wanted to do. He knew college can be a stressing time and, to some, music can help ease the stress away.

He wasn’t planning on playing on campus today, mainly because he was swamped with his studies but he did promise Aaron to play him a song or two since he never witnessed him play, which was a bit odd. Once class wrapped up, he stood in his seat, slowly packing up his belongings and waited until the classroom was cleared before walking up to his desk, with guitar case in hand.

“I know you wanted to hear me play some time so I brought my guitar if you have spare time to listen.”

Guns of Brixton ||| notasoldierseverin

The party was already kicking off, even though it was only half past nine. Usually it would be fairly dead until around midnight, depending on how many people showed up. Tonight, however, Ian’s flat was filled to the brim, and had been for several hours. Hamish was sure that Ian knew less that half of them, no matter how many times he insisted they were all his friends.

And so, when a stranger sat down next him on the sofa, the only free seat left in the packed, darkened flat, Hamish couldn’t help his curiosity (and desire to prove that Ian was full of it).

“Hey,” he said, shifting slightly to make more room for the other on the already crammed sofa. Offering his hand, he raised his voice so he could be heard over the loud music and noise from people around them. “I’m Hamish, friend of Ian’s. Don’t remember seeing you here before, did you come with someone?”

Black Ink - Part Four (Tattoo Artist!5SOS Series)

A/N: Hereโ€™s part four! Sorry for the wait, I got super busy with Christmas and things! I hope you enjoy! :)

2k+ words

Part One x
Part Two x
Part Three x

To say that your date with Calum was a disaster was an understatement, for sure. The restaurant that heโ€™d wanted to take you to was packed, no seats available unless you had a reservation, and then he tried to take you to a different place across town when you got a call from your roommate who was in absolute hysterics. He took you back home, the only good part of the night was when he pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead after heโ€™d walked you to the front door.

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CAROL drives, looking out on the increasingly frozen landscape. THERESE is grabbing a sandwich from a basket on the back seat. CAROL’S packed suitcase rests beside it. THERESE settles back into her seat.

Do you feel safe? With me, I mean?

(laughs) You’re full of surprises.

THERESE continues thinking, eating her sandwich.

But - Do you?

CAROL glances at her. THERESE holds her gaze. CAROL turns her attention back to the road.

It’s the wrong question.

But you’d tell me. If something scared you. And I could help.

CAROL shakes her head, smiles.

I’m not frightened, Therese.

THERESE considers this, then glances back at CAROL, who peers out at the open road, the cool winter sun skating across her face.

It is the end of Teen Wolf. 

Peter Hale is finally dead. Scott McCall is finally happy. Stiles Stilinski is being an asshole in college, and Lydia Martin is winning awards already. Roscoe has been fixed. Mamma McCall and the Sheriff are living together. Everybody is content and at peace with their world. The camera pulls back from the pack, all seated around the jeep, watching the full moon rapidly rising as the McCall pack basks in the light of their togetherness for one last night. 

The camera pans left, sliding down the cliff and to a small cave. Inside of the cave, Coach Finstock is embracing a fetal Greenberg as his own son. 

It is the end of an era. 

All was well.


Now that I’ve gotten a chance to calm down and process. Here’s my experience last night.

The venue was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I would go there to see the shittiest band ever just as long as I could be there.

But it’s all general admission and my friend and I got there kind of late, didn’t want to wait in line at all. But we found some seats and watched The Japanese House. She was awesome.

So then we went to wander and look for the merch tent. We hiked up and down and around all these damn rocks and shit and couldn’t find it. Finally we did and it was freezing so I splurged and got the white embroidered sweater. Best idea ever. Kept me warm.

Then when we went back, seats were packed. So we found this little rock step ledge thing and was told we could sit on there. So we did. And we could see perfectly. Matty gave a speech about how they dreamed of this and it was incredible (I recorded it, will post soon). And. When Matty told us to “dance more than you’ve ever danced in your life” we had more room than anyone else!

But the highlight was She Lays Down. It was the encore, and a bunch of people had left before they came back out. Matty walked out with an acoustic guitar and said they were doing something they’ve never done and they hadn’t even soundchecked it. He said he it was a special night and he wanted to do it.

He got through a couple lines and got choked up, said “I’m sorry” and turned away. I’ve never heard an audience scream and clap like we all did then and he turned around, started over and did the song.

I cried watching just knowing that song means so much to Matty and is so personal and he felt the amazingness of it all to share it with us. Even my friend who doesn’t really care for them was speechless and amazed.

It was the best night of my life. Once again, The 1975 have made me happier than I can even explain. 💕

Numb Legs // D H

Request: could you write an imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and the pack have a meeting at Derek’ loft about the new supernatural creature that’s threatening Beacon Hills and they all gather in his living room and sit on the sofa but there’s no room for Liam so the reader lets him sit/lay in her lap and she holds him and after a while throughout the meeting she finds out that he’s gone to sleep in her lap and so she kisses his head and rocks him making sure to not startle him pls xoxo

Being Derek’s girlfriend means you’re at his loft quite a lot. You were used to his lack of furniture, but it became quite a problem during pack meetings. Seating was really limited considering he had one couch. He literally had one couch in the entire downstairs part. Before every meeting you had to drag chairs from upstairs down to the bottom floor so there was more seats. Derek just watched you try and carry three chairs down the spiral stairs because he “didn’t see why everyone couldn’t just sit on the floor”.

The meeting was well underway, and every inch of the couch was taken up as well as every chair. Stiles ended up sitting on the floor, and he did not go down lightly. He complained the entire time until Derek gave him a death glare, which shut him up pretty quickly.

Derek and Scott were briefing everyone on the recent threat they discovered when Derek broke off midsentence to look at you.

“Babe, can you go get the door?” He asked. You nodded and stood up.

“I call fives on my seat and I swear to god Stilinski, if you steal my seat, I’ll murder you myself.” You said and looked at Stiles who was halfway off the ground. He looked at you for a second before taking his seat on the floor again.

You made your way to the door and slid it open before Liam had a chance to knock.

“Hey Y/N,” He said. His voice was hoarse and he had a coughing fit as he walked through the door.

“You sick?” You asked. He just rolled his eyes at that. “Come on, Derek and Scott are telling us about what they found yesterday.” You led him to where the pack was sitting. You took your seat, which was empty thank god, and waited for Liam to sit.

“Uh, should I sit on the floor?” Liam asked. Stiles patted the floor next to him but you tugged Liam over to the couch.

“You can sit on my lap.” You said. Liam looked at you skeptically before sitting down on your legs. You wrapped your arms around him

“Oh so he can sit there but I can’t?” Stiles asked sarcastically. You grabbed the pillow from behind you and threw it at him.

“Shut up Stiles. He’s sick, and I like him better than you.” You said and stuck your tongue out at him.

“Are we all good then? Can I continue?” Derek asked. You nodded, and let him continue.

As he was talking, you tried your hardest to listen, but it was a little difficult. You weren’t as up to speed on the whole supernatural thing as everyone else so you had some hard time following.  Plus all of Liam’s weight was resting on one leg that was now numb. You were going to ask him to shift his weight, but he was asleep. You let out a chuckle and decided to just suck it up for the rest of the meeting.

Once the meeting was finally over, everyone started to leave. A spot next to you on the couch cleared up so you carefully shifted Liam off of your legs and onto the couch. You stood up and stretched quickly before grabbing a blanket. You wrapped it around Liam, kissed his forehead, and went to stand with Derek over by the window.

“What’s up with him?” Derek asked, nodding towards the sleeping boy on his couch.

“I don’t think he’s been sleeping well, and he’s sick.” You said and wrapped your arms around Derek. He pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of your head.

“Well, he can sleep there until he wakes up. Werewolves don’t normally get sick, so when they do, it’s bad.” Derek said. You nodded and looked over at Liam. He looked so much younger when he was asleep.

“I feel so bad for him. He just got thrown into all of this.” You sighed and shook your head. Derek smiled at you.

“You really like him huh?” Derek asked. You smiled and nodded.

“He’s like my little brother.” You shrugged. You had spent a lot of time with him, teaching him everything about supernatural creatures. You were the only one who was patient enough to deal with his constant questions.

“You’re going to make a good mom one day.” Derek said. A blush spread across your cheeks so you buried your head into Derek’s neck. Secretly you hoped that Derek would be a great dad to your children some day.

A/N: I kind of changed it up a little bit because Ive seen a ton of imagines similar to this lately. :) Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the wait. I’ve barely had any free time.