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Mine | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: ass grabbing idk

prompt: “grab her ass in front of guys that want her, and grab her ass in front of girls that want you.”

a/n: i’m a sucker for over-protective theo.

Dating wasn’t easy, Dating Theo Raeken was a full on suicide mission. But no matter how hard it seemed, It would always be worth it; For the both of you.

You and Theo started dating a couple months after he came to Beacon Hills, Even though you were a beta in Scotts pack and surprisingly even after all the terrible things he did to your pack you saw the man in the monster, You accepted him and his flaws; And that’s exactly what made Theo fall oh-so deep in love with you. But when you started dating, Even though Theo is a big fan of PDA and not to mention one hell of a jealous wolfie, You two kept your relationship low-key.

This may have caused a couple of problems, Considering your boyfriend basically has a group of fangirls constantly by his side you may have been caught jealous a few times. But I mean, Who could blame them? Your boyfriend has one hell of a body; But then again, It’s your boyfriend.

And let’s be honest here, Theo was basically always jealous and not to mention over protective over you when it comes to other guys. Any time he saw a guy coming up to you, And especially if he was flirting with you, He would always walk up next to you and pull you into a passionate kiss showing everyone who you belong too.

Today was not exceptional for you two.

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Coming Out

 Eddie had known there was something that was different about him ever since the day that Beverly had sunbathed in front of them, clad in her underwear. And what popped into his mind, as he stared was ‘I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight?’ As he looked around at his friends, it occurred to him that they we’rent thinking the same thing. No, their batting eyes, sharp intakes of breath, and parted mouths told otherwise. So Eddie tried to keep staring, just to make sure he hadn’t missed something. But Beverly started to turn her head and his time was up. He was immediately flustered and snapped his head back around like he was burned. 

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up in the air - part 4

read part one / part two / part three here!

pairing: tom holland x reader, featuring harrison osterfield

requested?: no

word count: 2832

summary: tom’s travelling back home to london with harrison, and he just so happens to be on the same flight as you. sometimes, you find love when you’re least expecting it.

author’s note: thanks for the feedback! sorry it’s taken me a while to send this part out but my uni exams begin soon so updates might come slowly for the next month. hope you like this new part :-)


the plane had only been in the air for a few minutes when tom decided it was safe for him to talk to you again. at the sound of his sweet british voice next to your ear, you felt something inside of you loosening, and your breathing slowly returned to normal.

“once,” he ducked his head to glance out the window at the disappearing skyline, “harrison and i were flying back to montreal from london on new year’s eve. we were close to landing at midnight.”

you turned your head slightly to watch him as he talked.

“it was a really clear night and we could see all the little firework displays along the way. these tiny flares, shooting up and going off below us. one after another.”

the view outside the window went white as the plane pushed through the clouds. you felt your heart pounding and closed your eyes, trying to picture tom’s fireworks instead.

“if you didn’t know what they were, it probably would’ve looked really scary or something – but from the plane, it was sorta nice. they looked pretty, plus we couldn’t hear them so they were just silent, small lights way down below. it was hard for me to believe that they were the same huge explosions of noise from the ground, you know? a matter of perspective.”

you opened one eye.

“is this supposed to help me get over my fear of flying?”

“no,” tom grinned sheepishly, “i was just trying to distract you again.”

you smiled.

“thanks. got anything else?”

“yup,” he sat back, dragging a hand through his curls and leaving it resting in his hair. “a whole plane trip’s worth, actually.”


you tugged on the window cover and pulled it down so the sky was gone from view, ignoring tom’s raised eyebrows. luckily, the seatbelt light above your heads flickered off and the screen embedded into the seat in front of you switched on. tom’s did the same and he reached out, tapping on the touch display.

“huh. they have these in first-class too.”

“i wonder what movies they’re showing.”

tom drew his hand back.

“uhh – don’t bother checking. probably that lame cartoon one that just came out. the emoji movie, i think?” he leant over and switched off your screen. “don’t you prefer my company anyway?”

you shot him an indignant look.

“hey! i happen to enjoy movies about emojis, thanks very much.”

tom rolled his eyes.

“talking emojis? hollywood’s running out of ideas.”

“some of the emojis sing too,” you grinned, enjoying the look on tom’s face.

“please, please don’t tell me that you’ve watched it.”

you held up two fingers.


“you do know it’s meant for under twelves, right?”

“good movies have no age limit.”

tom laughed.

“okay, okay. i won’t argue with you on that one.”

you nodded, satisfied with his answer, and turned back to the screen.

“are you sure you don’t wanna watch a movie? i think they’ve got the spider-man remake on here too,” you paused and glanced at tom with a grin, “or is that too childish for you as well?”

tom grabbed your hand, moving it away from the tv.

“okay, for the record, the new spider-man is awesome. but let’s just chat instead.”

suddenly, one of the flight attendants appeared next to your row with an armful of headsets. she carefully leant over the sleeping pregnant woman at the end and smiled at you and tom.

“would either of you like one?”

tom looked at you, and you shook your head. he turned around and gave the lady a charming smile.

“thank you but we’re alright.”

you lifted your backpack up from underneath the seat and unzipped it, rifling around for your earphones.

“just in case we decide to watch spider-man,” you joked, but tom wasn’t paying attention. he was inspecting the small pile of books and magazines you’d pulled out onto your lap with interest.

“you must read a lot!”

“kinda,” you smiled, brushing off a piece of lint from the front cover of your chaos walking book. “i can’t really resist a good story.”

tom reached out, picking up the worn copy from under your fingers. he leafed through the pages carefully, as if they might fall out with the slightest touch.

“have you read this one?”

you nodded sheepishly.

“maybe more than once.”

tom raised an eyebrow and pointed at the dog-eared pages and ripped back cover.

“oka-a-a-y, maybe a lot more than once. it’s probably my favourite novel ever! have you read the series?”

tom looked amused.

“uh, nope. what’s it about?”

“oh, wow – tom, it’s such an amazing story. the main character, todd – he lives in this weird, dystopic world, right? and he meets this girl, viola, and together they go on this freaky adventure and there’s this thing, called ‘the noise’, and it’s always in their ears, and the series goes for three books but the first is the best probably, todd’s the most real in that one, i’m kinda in love with his character, and - ”

tom held up a hand, laughing.

“woah, slow down! you’re really keen on this, huh?”

“yeah, sorry. i get carried away when i talk about things i’m passionate about.”

you blushed and tom shook his head.

“don’t apologise. i totally get it.” he paused and then smiled. “you’re extra cute when you’re excited.”

you flashed tom a small smile and turned away, unable to meet his eyes after the compliment. he exhaled quietly and settled back into the seat while you packed away the books and put your backpack away. pressing your ear to the window cover, you could hear the wind roaring outside as it rushed past the plane. technically, you were afloat – up in the air, thousands of feet above the ground – but you felt steady and secure when you were beside tom.


you opened your eyes, awake all at once. tom’s face was just inches from your own, watchful and quiet with an unreadable expression on his face. startled, you brought a hand to your chest before you registered that your head was resting on his shoulder.

“sorry,” you coughed, pulling away.

the plane was completely dark now, and it was almost silent except for the rumbling of the air all around you. it seemed like everyone had fallen asleep – even the screens set into the back of the chairs had been shut off. you tugged out your arm from where it was wedged between the window and seat, massaging it before glancing at your watch to check the time before realising you had no idea which timezone you were in. running a hand over your head, you snuck a sideways glance at tom. luckily, it didn’t look like there was any drool on his shirt from where you’d lay.

he met your eyes and stuck out a hand, offering you a napkin.

“what’s this for?”

“turn it over.”

you flipped the paper and grinned. tom had drawn a series of largescale emojis in scratchy blue pen.

“so you gave in and watched the movie, then?”

he shrugged.

“hard to resist the temptation of animated facial expressions,  you know?” tom watched as you tucked the napkin into the top of your bag. “how’d you sleep?”

“okay,” you cut yourself off with a yawn and tilted your head to one side. “don’t you sleep on planes?”

“normally, i do.”

“not tonight?”

he shook his head and gave you a small smile.

“apparently not.”

“sorry. i didn’t mean to use you as a pillow.”

tom waved you off and laughed.

“it’s okay. harrison claims i make a very comfortable head-rest, so i’m glad i could help. plus, you looked peaceful.”

“i don’t feel peaceful,” you sighed, twisting in your chair to face him. “is london nice?”

tom looked taken aback for a second but then smiled.

“it is. it’s a beautiful city.” he paused. “you never actually told me why you were going there. may i ask?”

out of all the topics of conversation, this was the one you’d been hoping to avoid. but there was something about tom - something you’d noticed from the moment he’d leant down to help you in the terminal earlier - and it made you trust him.

“i’m actually moving there. to london. to live.”

tom blinked a few times in surprise.

“wow! i – i just sorta assumed you were going on holidays!”

“i wish,” you muttered, and then shook your head. “no, that’s not true either. i’m happy, honestly. i’m just really nervous about the move, i’ve never really been away from my family for more than two weeks and i’ve left everyone i know behind.”

you bit your lip.

“i don’t know how i’m going to survive. the further we get from home, the more nervous i feel.”

tom reached out and took your hand quickly, giving it a squeeze.

“y/n.” you looked up at him and found his brown eyes carefully searching your own. “it’s okay, i’m here. i understand – trust me, i’ve had to face it all before.”

he let out a deep sigh and smiled sadly.

“the best piece of advice i’ve ever gotten was to turn nerves into excitement. you know? it’s really hard at first, leaving the people you love behind. but believe me - going out into the world on your own, while nerve-wracking, is truly awesome. it’s been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, just taking the opportunity and running with it. if you can find a way to be excited about it, you’ll gain the most! and hey, you’ll be independent and have the chance to be whoever you want, because the only person pressuring you is yourself.”

you looked down at your lap.

“i don’t know… i want to leave, and part of me does feel excited… but the other part is just plain scared of what’s to come.”

there was a silence from tom before he replied.

“being scared is only human. sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to find the things that make us the most happy in life.”

“tom, i’m going to be all by myself for the first time ever.”

“hey,” he touched your cheek lightly, “you won’t be alone, i promise. i’m going to be there, and so will harrison, and we’re your friends.”

“thank you,” you smiled weakly and tom nodded. “sorry for turning this into a sook-fest.”

“it’s okay,” he shrugged and tugged on a curl of hair that had fallen over his forehead, “like i said – i understand.”

despite tom’s comforting words, you were ready to get off the subject and move on. maybe he was right and london was going to be a great change for you, but it was making you nervous again. both of you lapsed into silence for a while. tom rubbed his eyes, gently letting go of your hand to do so. you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding as he started to talk.

“so, that was my big question for you. got any burning ones for me?”

“okay,” you cringed before you’d even formed the words, but your interest had been blooming inside for hours now – since the airport phone call – and you couldn’t help but ask.

“do you have a girlfriend?”

tom’s cheeks reddened, and the smile you caught right before he ducked his head was cryptic – one of two meanings. the bigger part of you is worried that it must be sympathetic and charitable, designed to make you feel less awkward about the question and coming answer, but something else kept you wondering all the same – maybe, just maybe, tom’s expression was something even kinder. something full of understanding, a seal on the unspoken agreement that something was happening right there between the two of you, that it just might be a kind of beginning.

after a long moment, tom shook his head.

“no girlfriend.”

you weren’t really sure how to proceed after his answer. it felt like something had changed, but you weren’t sure what.

“how come?”

tom shrugged with a grin.

“haven’t met anyone i want to spend thirty years with, i guess.”

“there must be millions of girls who work on your movies.”

“probably more like a few girls, actually.”

tom shot you a look and you laughed.

“bet none of them are british though. that’s your type, right?”

“don’t really have a type, if i’m honest. unless you count girls with tomatophobia – that’s my one weakness,” tom smiled and leant sideways, bumping you with his shoulder.

“right,” you grinned. “did you have a girlfriend in high school?”

“at my acting school, yeah. she was nice.”

“so what happened?”

tom tilted his head back against the seat.

“i guess what always happens. we graduated, i left for america, she didn’t. we moved on. what about you? ever had a boyfriend? or girlfriend?”

boyfriend,” you rolled your eyes and tom held up his hands in defence.

“i didn’t know! just making sure.”

“well mr-politically-correct, i had a boyfriend. but he broke up with me, actually.”

“oh. what happened?”

you sighed and mimicked tom.

“i guess what always happens. he got jealous of me being friends with one of his mates, and broke up with me over text.”

“wow,” tom muttered and thumped his fist on the arm wrist. “that’s millenial love at its most tragic.”

“something like that,” you agreed, looking over to find tom watching you closely.

“he’s an idiot, you know that right?”

“that’s true. i guess he was always sort of an idiot, in hindsight.”

“still,” tom replied and you smiled at him gratefully.

your ex had broken up with you right before you’d set the details of your move to london in concrete. you’d never thought about the possibility of what you might have done if you were still in a relationship when making the decision to leave home for another country. would you have reconsidered? or asked your boyfriend to go with you and move in together? probably not. but now, looking at tom, you wondered if you had it all wrong. you wondered if that was because there had been no one in the world you’d liked enough, nobody you felt comfortable with that you’d ask them to come with you to start a new life. you had a sudden fleeting image of tom, appearing on the doorstep of your apartment in a crisp white polo and jeans, holding a bunch of flowers in his hands. the idea made your stomach flutter. you swallowed hard, blinking away the thought.

beside you, tom glanced over at the pregnant lady, still sleeping soundly by the aisle.

“i’ve actually got to use the bathroom,” he admitted, and you nodded.

“me too. i bet we can squeeze past her.”

tom quietly unbuckled his seat belt and half-stood in a jerky motion, accidentally bumping into the seat in front of him. when its occupant didn’t stir, he let out a small breath and manoeuvred past the lady on the end without waking her up. when you’d both managed to make it out of your row, you followed tom as he shuffled down the aisle and towards the back of the economy section. a bored-looking flight attendant in a jump seat looked up from her magazine as you passed but didn’t pay you any more attention.

the ‘occupied’ lights were on above the bathroom doors, so you and tom stood in the small square of space outside. you were close enough to smell that same boy scent on tom’s shirt from before, but not so close that you were touching, exactly. his arm brushed against your own and you were seized by a sudden longing to reach for his hand.

you lifted your chin to find tom looking down at you with the same expression you’d noticed earlier, when you woke up with your head on his shoulder. neither of you moved and neither of you spoke – you just stood there watching each other in the darkness with the engines whirring beneath your feet. it occurred to you that tom might be about to kiss you, and you inched just the tiniest bit closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. tom’s hand skimmed yours lightly and you felt it like a bolt of electricity. to your surprise, he didn’t pull away – instead, he fit your hand into his own as if he was anchoring you there, and then tugged gently, moving you closer.

it almost felt as if you were completely alone – no captain or crew, no rows of snoozing passengers, no one – and you took a deep breath, tipping your head up to look at him.

suddenly, one of the bathroom doors flew open and bathed you and tom in sharp, bright light. a little toddler waddled out, wiping his hands of his overalls as he moved back down the dark aisle.

and just like that, the moment was over.


thanks for reading! feedback is most welcome :-)

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By Chance

Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is for @bucky-plums-barnes 8K follower writing challenge. Congrats, love!

Thanks to @sanjariti for looking this over so I didn’t embarrass myself.

Words: 1124

Prompt: “Who are you?”

Warnings:  fluff still isn’t my strong suit, there is actually 1 dialogue in this i am the worst


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the eyes are the window to the soul (and to the heart)

pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin; jikook

rated: T

word count: 7,780

tags: fluff & humour, attempted crack, college!au, emotionally constipated!jungkook, awkward!jungkook, sweet and kinda scary!jimin, eye colour changes, f l u f f 

summary: In which Jungkook’s eye colour changes according to his mood, but when Jimin wants to know what the colour ‘pink’ means, Jungkook hesitates. Jungkook doesn’t want to tell him that his eyes turn pink whenever he’s around Jimin because it means love.
(based on this prompt)

a/n: DEDICATED TO YOU, JAY-Z. (not the rapper) @gracefulweather ILY!! HAPPY RLY LATE BIRTHDAY??? i’m so sorry omg rip but enjoy my poor humour!!!!

crossposted on ao3

Sometimes, Jungkook really hates his eyes.

Jimin knows that when his irises turn a deep red, resembling that of burnt umber, it means all variants of anger– arising when Jungkook loses a round of Mario Kart that strikes a low and petty blow to his ego as a proponent of competition, becomes frustrated when he’s unable to make that absolutely perfect stroke of detail he’s trying to recreate in a painting, and mostly definitely when Jimin keeps borrowing his shampoo without asking for permission and keeps on leaving his belongings all over his living room floor when he comes over to freeload (but of course, Jungkook can never stay mad at him and his angelic character for too long).

There’s aquamarine blue for when he’s feeling all doom and gloom and blue; a dark indigo with a lingering grey shadow when he’s feeling mercurial like the rainy skies; a golden orange with flecks of warm yellow when he’s happy and carefree; a murky green for when he’s feeling sick and tired and a rich brown for when he’s feeling neutral and generally placid about life.

There were many colours that came with different kinds of moods, each to their own individuality that was certainly distinctable. And, well– Jungkook felt relief and joy to know that Jimin was more fascinated with such a phenomenon than skeptical as he eagerly pursued him with questions concerning the malleable colours of his eyes and wanting to know what each meant to the point where Jungkook felt comfortable enough to forgo his sunglasses around him, until one day–

“Hey, Jungkook,” Jimin sits his chin on top of his palms quite endearingly with elbows over his pile of notes, pink cheeks squished while he leans forward with soft blonde locks falling above rounded eyes that blink curiously as he stares right into Jungkook’s soul, “I’ve been wondering about your eyes.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook hums nonchalantly, “About?”

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Behind Closed Door Pt. 1|  Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by hannah-db

Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney love the username btw haha, this will have a part 2 but it is yet to be written, sorry for not posting for the past 2 days, my depression struck and I lost myself, but I’m back, thanks everyone who had been reading my other posts and following me! You are all angels and I hope to keep pleasing you with more, so without further ado I hope you enjoy and as always thank you for reading ♡ 

A beep sounded outside my house so I quickly grabbed my backpack running outside to Zach who was waiting for me in his car, I jump in and he smiled at me before driving off to school. Usually Jeff would pick me up but he had gone to school way earlier to practice for the baseball game after school today, and although I wanted to be there for him for encouragement, I just couldn’t force myself to wake up that early.

Zach and I arrived at school, I kissed his cheek thanking him and got out smiling when I saw my boyfriend waiting for me in front of the school with open arms, I instantly ran into them, latching myself onto him as I kissed his face whispering I love yous to him. He chuckled and securely held me in his strong arms as I showered him with love, I finally stopped kissing his face and softly cupped his face to kiss him deeply, Jeff kissed back and I gasped as his hand clenched my ass, I quickly pulled away and brought my legs down remembering we were in school.

However, Jeff wasn’t very happy with the loss of contact, “Baby” he whined but I just intertwined our fingers and pull him inside school to our lockers.

Jessica stood next to mine and gave me a quick hug before asking me how was my weekend while Jeff went to greet Justin and Alex, I opened my locker to get out the books I needed for first period and smiled at the pictures covering the inside of my locker, many of them were Jeff and I but there was a few with our group.

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Summary: Ok so can you do a tw where reader has dealt with small kids before and then when the pack has no idea how to deal with the little kid they found but needed to keep and protect, they call upon the reader? Idk if it makes sense or not. And maybe make it derek x reader and its momma hale?

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 839

Request: Anon

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sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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Panic Attacks || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by nnochu

Word Count: 2.0k

Genre: Fluff

It was almost six in the afternoon when you got the phone call. The other person on the line sounded harried, as if there was something bad happening and they couldn’t control it. At the sound of Jungkook’s worried voice you couldn’t hold back the anxiety that wanted to flow underneath your skin. You took a deep breath, your eyes flicking to the clock in your office.

“Noona, it’s Hobi-hyung. He started freaking out, and nobody knows what to do, and they won’t let me see him, and it’s just– the other’s told me to call you and tell you to get here as soon as possible.” The words flowed out of Jungkook, some of the words being stuttered. You could tell how freaked out Jungkook was, as it was something the boys had never had to deal with before.

After having been with Hoseok for almost two and a half years you knew the ins and outs of his personality and who he was. Never had he ever had a panic attack in front of the others but there had been countless times where you had to talk him through it and calm him down. It was one of the reasons he loved you so much, and being able to be the one to help him made you feel better.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~ I love your all of your HC SOOO MUCH! So if you could make me one I'd be so happy~ RFA+Saeran react to MC who is still in school and one of her smexy teachers is flirting with her and has her pinned and the RFA member or Saeran sees this. Ty sm!

Hi there Anon! Thank you for loving my work and when I saw your request I got SO EXCITED! I got a bit carried away and this is pretty long so get ready.

May be a slight trigger warning (Sexual Harrassment) so it’ll be under the cut :)

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Baby, You’re a Knockout (for @queerevak ♥) (3.6k)
Even has been crushing on the cute boy who comes into the university cafe for weeks, but he never expected a minor head injury to be how their relationship got started

Even had never been as glad to work in the university cafe as he was right then, because there was an honest to god angel sat a few tables away from his till.  He had gone on his break not particularly a religious man and he’d come back only to have his life totally turned inside out and upside down by a beautiful blonde angel.

The boy had the fluffiest looking hair, possibly made fluffier by the red beanie he had discarded onto the table, and his cheeks were flushed adorably pink from the warmth of the café contrasting the brutally cold air outside.  Even had had a quick smoke on his 15 minute break and was still trying to regain the feeling in his fingers, although looking at that breathtaking boy had warmth spreading through his frozen body.

Even wished he could have been out front when the boy came in, and he was surprised by the pang of resentment he felt towards whoever had been blessed enough to take the boy’s order.  Even was sure that the boy was going to have the most beautiful voice, that his words would captivate Even in a way that nothing had in a long time, and he knew that whoever had taken his order hadn’t appreciated his voice like Even would have.

All Even could do was hope the boy was in for the long haul and would order something else so that Even got the chance to actually talk to him rather than stare open-mouthed in awe at him from the door to the break room.

Unfortunately, luck was not on Even’s side that day. Hell, he considered himself lucky enough to have seen that boy; maybe he was being too greedy wanting to talk to him as well.

He watched with  a heavy heart as the boy packed up his spread of books and bundled back up to endure the Norwegian winter barely an hour after Even got back from his break.

Even definitely did not spend the rest of his shift that day moping about not getting to talk to the prettiest boy he ever did see.


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“I’ll Let You Know”

Summary: You have feelings for your English teacher

Pairing: Kim Namjoon/ Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 1.9k

A/N: This one is a little raunchy

Masterlist | Part 2

It was your freshman year of college, and you never been more stoked. You were so ready for fresh college boys, mature boys, not dumb high school boys who were inexperienced.

As soon as you graduated, you decided to break things off with your boyfriend. You didn’t want any commitment, you wanted to have fun in college. That is what college is about right?

You walked in your first class of the day, English & Literature. You didn’t mind the class but it was a pain.

As soon as you entered, the classroom was packed with seats that could fit 100 students.

The only available seats were the ones in the front, typical.

Lucky enough you got into the same college as your three best friends and was even rooming with one. You felt like everything was working out just the way you want it.

“Okay class settle down.” He said in English.

“I’m Professor Kim.” He bowed as he put his stuff on his desk.

Holy shit! You thought.

“Hot stuff.” You whispered to your friend and she winked. Your other friend just rolled her eyes. She was your black sheep friend, more quiet then the rest of you.

You stared at your teacher biting your lip. He was gorgeous, tall, handsome, the cutest dimples you have ever seen.

“Stop drooling.” Your quiet friend Sam whispered to you.

“I’m just wondering how young he goes for.”

“Are you seriously thinking about screwing your teacher?”

“Maybe.” You winked at your friend.

“It’s not like he’s old Sam.” Your other friend Joy leaned over you to speak. “He doesn’t look older then twenty-five.”

“It’s still forbidden.” She argued back.

“It’s not like we will get caught.” You spoke.

“Your acting like you’ve already slept together.” Sam rolled her eyes.

“Trust me we will.” When there is a guy you want, you never seem to fail in succeeding. You always get what you want.

“Ladies.” The hot professor smiled at you and put his finger over his lips to signal you to be quiet.

You smiled back when you saw his dimples. The site already making you feel weak.


It’s been two weeks since your first day and things have escalated quickly. The party’s for one, almost every night there was a party at some frat house. They were always fun and the boys would constantly hit on you but none of them were good enough. You couldn’t get Prof. Namjoon out of your head.

The bell was ready to go off any minute and you figured now would be a good time to make your move.

As soon as the bell rang, you took your time gathering your stuff.

“You coming?” Jenny said.

“I’ll catch up.” You winked causing your other friends except Sam to laugh.

As soon as the classroom was empty you followed through walking up to your teacher. “Professor?” You sweetly asked.

“Miss (Y/L/N), is it?” He knew your name. He knew your name out of hundreds of students.

You nodded. “What can I do for you?”

He smiled. Those dimples.

“I’m struggling sir….I think I need a tutor.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Sir may I request that you will be my tutor?” He looked at you surprised.

“You are the only person I feel who can actually teach correctly.” You bit your lip.

“I see.” He bit the inside of his cheek. “I have another class around 3, but I’ll be in my office around 4.” He pointed to his office. It was just a small room off the classroom.

“Thank you sir.” You walked out excited, almost like you were skipping.


You got ready for your tutor session. You wore a short skirt and flowy crop top.

As soon as you got there, his late class was just leaving.

“Hey Miss (Y/L/N).” You smiled as you walked into the classroom.

“You can just call me (Y/N).”

When you got closer you saw his eyes widen at your outfit. “Okay have a seat.” You sat down in the first row and he took the seat next to you.

It was pretty obvious you didn’t need the tutoring, your grades were always above average but you also felt like you learned a lot from him.

You were studying with him for a half hour now and you only got as far as little hints of sexual action, like flipping your hair, biting your lip, touching up your leg but nothing seemed to crack. He wasn’t interested. You weren’t sure in general or because of the student-teacher rule.

As you were packing your stuff, you were actually curious about him in general. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” He put his stuff in his bag.

“Just curious of how old you are because you look too young to be a teacher, yet a college professor.” You smirked. He looked at you, then down blushing.

“I’m 24.” He got up from the desk. “I graduated school pretty early.”

“So are you like a genius.” You bit your lip again.

He laughed. “I don’t know, I guess you can say that.”

“Thank you for helping me, tomorrow same time?”



“How did it go?” Joy asked.

“He’s a tough one to crack.” You thought.

“Is there finally a guy that you can’t get?” Sam said sarcastically.

“Oh no, just need a few more sessions.” You smirked.

“Your nuts.”


And it did, it’s been a week since you started studying with Professor Kim. You felt like he was slowly getting more distracted by your teasing. You were also getting impatient, you were holding yourself for him, it’s been a month since you last had sex.

“How do you say this?” You pointed to some random word you saw in the English book.

“Otorhinolaryngologist.” He said perfectly in English.

“How about this word.” As you leaned over, you purposely dropped your phone in front of your desk.

You got up retrieving your phone and bent over away from him to pick it up. Risky move, you thought. You made sure to wear an extremely short skirt so when you bent over, he could clearly see your lace panties.

When you made your way over to your desk he look flushed. He looked at his watch getting up.

“I think that’s all we have time for today.” He walked over to his desk inside his office part of the classroom.

You made it to the door frame leaning on the door. “What’s wrong, it’s only been 20 minutes?”

“I realized I forgot to take my dog out this morning.” You laughed from his failed attempt to lie. He clearly said the first thing to pop into his head.

“I thought you were a genius and you come up with that.” You smirked.

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

You walked up to his desk closer. “You don’t want to admit that there is something here.” You were only millimeters away.

You put your hand on his shoulder to push him down in his chair. “No one will know.”

As you straddled his lap, you immediately started kissing his neck. You can tell he was nervous, but he wasn’t stopping you.

You rocked your hips to create some friction. You can feel his length getting harder underneath you. “Have you ever done it with a student before?”

Just then he pushed you off, causing you to sit on his desk that was behind you. He placed himself in between your legs and brought his lips to yours aggressively. You wrapped your legs around his waist to bring him closer.

You could feel the thin layer between your legs already soaked. You moaned when he slide his hand up your shirt.

He stopped out of the blue, keeping his forehead aligned with yours. You were both breathing heavy from the quick sexual tension. “This is wrong.” He closed his eyes.

“No it’s not…your not that much older then me.” You laughed. “Who cares about title’s.”

You started to tug on his belt to unbuckle it. “Fuck it.” He kissed you hard and desperately. He was the best kiss you ever had. Experienced, like you wanted.

You finished unbuckling his belt, pulling his zipper down. You reach your hand through the opening of his slacks, rubbing him outside of his boxer briefs. He tugged on the bottom of your shirt and stopped kissing you for a second to pull it up.

You started to rub your hand quicker causing him to moan as he kissed your neck. You needed him.

You went ahead and pulled your panties down to signal you needed him right now. You grabbed a condom from your bag and ripped the wrap open. You watched him get himself ready for you. You rolled on the condom making him squirm a bit.

As he lined himself up with you, you wrapped your legs around his waist bringing him closer.

“Fuck.” You quietly moaned as soon as he pushed inside of you. His size was not what you were expecting, but the pain was tolerable. He started thrusting into you before you were ready. You leaned your back on his desk as he pounded into you. You never felt more alive. You watched as the rocking of the desk kept knocking off pictures, books, etc.

You grabbed on to the edge of the desk, to hold on from his rapid pace. You grabbed the end of his tie bringing him closer so you can embrace him with a kiss. You kissed him immensely, feeling the butterflies in your stomach. A few more thrust and you could feel the ecstasy flooding through your head to your toes. You were going to release any second.

You can tell he was close from his sloppy movements. He stood up from kissing you and held your hips down on the desk. He slowed down his pace but instead pulled out slowly and then jerked himself back in quickly. The pleasure sent you over the edge immediately, feeling your toes go numb. This was the best orgasm you ever had.

You were a moaning mess as your orgasms was passing through. Your sweet sounds had him finally reaching his climax, you felt his warm liquid release into the condom. You tried to steady your breathing as you laid on his desk. When you looked up at the Professor he was tired as well. You watched him as he pulled out of you and tossing the condom in the trash.

As he pulled his pants back up, you also got your underwear back on and started to place his things back on his desk. “Hide the evidence.” You smirked.

“This doesn’t leave this room.” He looked at you.

“What if I wanted to go to your house.” You bit your lip.

“I’ll let you know.” He surprised you by pulling you into a kiss. It was slow and tender. It was beautiful.

You knew you didn’t want this to end here once like you usually do. You wanted to keep seeing him. You had fallen for your teacher and it was forbidden.


The next day you went to class with your friends like usual. “So how did it go?” Jenny asked just as you saw Professor Kim enter the classroom. You blushed as you watched him walk up to you.

“You left this here yesterday.” He smiled. He handed you your notebook, when you opened it you noticed a sticky note attached to the first page.

-’Meet me here tonight at 7’-

Followed by an address. You could tell it was a nearby location. You looked up at him, he smirked at you as he turned around towards the board.

“You guys really did it?” Joy interrupted your thoughts.

You blushed looking at the note again. “It was amazing.”


Masterlist | Part 2

True Romance - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen​ & @ninja-stiles

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 10,310

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Slightly Rough Sex, Protected Sex, Mentions of Drug Use, Mentions of Death, Talk and Eating of Pie! 

Notes: Hey look at that, we finish finished! A nice new collab from two of your favorite people in honor of belated Dave Week! The title is a play off of the fact that the beginning of this is inspired by the opening scenes of the movie True Romance. This is my fault, I’m sorry. Let us know your thoughts!

Keep reading

Music To My Ears - REDDIE (Part 1)

soulmate au - symphonies. where no one is able to hear music until they meet their soulmate. (This is not an original idea I found it on a prompt list!!)

Eddie Kaspbrak has yet to find his soulmate but when he bumps into Richie Tozier, the school punk, will he finally hear the melodies he’s been missing?

Hi guys! This is going to be in Eddie’s POV & they’re about 17 in this aka old enough to drive okok.

Word Count -  1.4k

“Come on, Eddie! You have to come!” Ben pleaded, surprisingly not on his knees. He’d been bothering Eddie to go to the dance for the past month and no matter how many times Eddie denied the offer, Ben continued.

“No, Ben!” Eddie replied, shutting his locker and walking to his next class, Ben quickly catching up to him.

“Why not?” Ben pouted, walking quickly to keep up with Eddie. He didn’t want to have this conversation again.

“Ben, I’ve told you a hundred times,” Eddie said, stopping in his tracks to look at Ben, “A dance isn’t going to be any fun if I can’t even hear the music that’s playing.”

Ben sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “We all want you there. I know you won’t be able to hear the music but at least you’ll have your friends.”

Eddie just shook his head and continued walking. Almost everyone in his friend group had found their soul mates. Mike hadn’t either but he never seemed to care and he’d be working when the dance was anyways.

Eddie wanted nothing less than to go to that dance but he knew Ben wouldn’t leave him alone until he agreed. Maybe he could just ignore him.

The day continued to drone on and Eddie didn’t really pay attention to anything other than the soulmates around him. This whole dance thing was really bugging him. He hadn’t really cared about not finding his soulmate yet as he knew it would happen when the timing was right but of course all of his friends wanted to go to this dance. As said before, what fun was a dance without music?

An hour later, the final bell rang. Eddie shoved his books into his backpack and left the classroom, trying to make it to the entrance of the school before any of his friends, especially Ben, did. Of course, he failed.

“Eddie!” He sighed at the sound of Beverly’s voice behind him, “Eddie wait up!”

He stopped and cursed himself for it before turning around and seeing Beverly and Ben walking up to him. Great.

“What do you-“

“You’re coming to the dance, Eddie” Beverly spoke, cutting him off instantly.

He rolled his eyes and Beverly groaned. “Come on! I’ll just sing all the lyrics to you.” She smirked, nudging Eddie’s arm. Ben laughed.

Eddie was jealous of the way Ben looked at Beverly. He wanted someone to look at him like that though he would never really admit it.

“You guys really aren’t going to leave me alone about this, are you?” Eddie sighed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Nope!” Beverly smiled, looking at Ben, who continued the conversation.

“Even Stanley and Bill are going.”

Stanley rolled his eyes for what felt like the millionth time. He rarely gave into anything as stupid as this but he knew that if he didn’t, they’d continue talking about it even after the dance happened.

Eddie sighed, uncrossing his arms. “Fine!”

Beverly squealed, clapping her hands and Ben gave her that look that Eddie secretly envied once again.

Friday came faster than Eddie expected and before he knew it, Bill was waiting in his car outside of Eddie’s house.

Thankfully the dance wasn’t anything formal as Eddie already dreaded going and he really didn’t want to have to dress up.

He walked outside, waving to Bill before climbing into the back seat next to Beverly and Ben.

The ride was pretty silent other than the occasional giggle from both couples and Eddie couldn’t help but wish Mike was here so he wouldn’t be alone. He just wanted to be home, in his bed, reading comic books but apparently, that was too much to ask.

After 15 minutes of sitting in a packed back seat, they arrived at their school. The other four looked so excited and happy to be there with the people they loved and a part of Stanley felt happy for them. He mostly just felt jealousy though. Eddie stayed behind them as they walked inside.

The dance looked loud if that was even possible. Of course, he could hear the laughter and the conversations going on around him but he could also see everyone dancing. Dancing to a song he assumed was loud but not loud enough for him to hear. He wanted to hear. He wanted to learn the words and sing along. He wanted to be happy.

Before he knew it, Eddie was left alone. He saw this coming. He ended up against the wall, hands in his front pants pockets and his foot scraping back and forth against the gym floor.

The lights were blue against the faces of his friends and strangers, all holding smiles.

He didn’t know how long he’d been standing there but he was bored and the fall weather outside seemed much more appealing than this. Eddie could see his friends and they definitely weren’t looking at him so he made his way to the gym doors and stepped outside, the cool air instantly hitting his face. He let out a breath and walked, his hands still in his pockets.

He didn’t know where he was going and he didn’t plan to go far, he just felt the need to be alone.

Eddie wanted to feel what his friends felt; what almost everyone he knew felt. He didn’t know what love felt like. Of course he loved his friends and his family but that love was different.

He wanted to be in love. He wanted to hold somebody’s hand anywhere and everywhere. He wanted to feel the ache in his cheeks from smiling so hard. He wanted to know what heartbreak felt like, not serious heartbreak of course, but the aching for someone that you love when something goes wrong. He just wanted to know what it was like to-

Eddie was cut off by a loud thud followed by his body hitting the ground. He shook his head before looking up, noticing another boy on the ground opposite of him.

“Shit, I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going,” Eddie mumbled, pushing himself off the ground with his hands and brushing off his jeans.

“Too busy thinking about getting a blowjob to pay attention?” The other boy asked, a crooked smirk on his face.

Eddie instantly knew who the other boy was. Richie Tozier.


“Uh, yeah,” Richie furrowed his eyebrows, obviously confused, “Have we met?”

Eddie shook his head, shoving his hand into his pocket awkwardly. “Uh, no. I just know about the dick jokes,” Stanley chuckled, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand, “I’m Eddie.”

“Oh, okay.” Richie nodded, “ Cool to meet you.”

Eddie nodded, looking around before looking back to Richie. “What are you doing out here?”

“Oh, uh,” Now it was Richie’s turn to scratch the back of his neck, “I was at the dance. Wasn’t very fun. I was heading back to my car now, actually.”

Eddie nodded. “Wasn’t very fun for me either.”

They stood there, an awkward silence between them. Eddie had never met Richie Tozier before he’d only heard things about him. Mostly just about his sexual innuendos but there was something about him that made an awkward silence completely alright with Stanley.

“You want a ride home?” Eddie was pulled out of his own silence as Richie spoke. He looked at the other boy, noticing his large rimmed glasses resting on his nose that magnified his eyes. Eyes that for some reason, Eddie didn’t want to stop looking at.

“Are you sure? You don’t have-“

“It’s okay,” Richie cut Eddie off, “Driving alone is boring. Come on”

Eddie nodded, turning around as Richie passed him and following the lanky boy back to his truck. He liked Richie’s outfit. A grey sweatshirt, black jeans, and canvas sneakers never looked so good on somebody.

Eddie shook his head as he climbed into the passenger’s seat of Richie’s truck. He’d never really even talked to this boy, why was he having these thoughts?

Eddie pulled the seatbelt over his body, clicking it shut and freezing, his hands still on the clicker when a sound he’d never heard before hit his eardrums. He blinked, not sure what was happening but when he looked at Richie, he saw an expression he assumed was on his own face as well.

Richie looked at him, his eyes just as wide.

“You?” They spoke simultaneously.


unrequited pt. 2

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 2135

part one

a/n: here is the highly requested second part of unrequited! i hope you guys enjoy it (and let me know if you want part 3!) also, don’t be shy with requests or suggestions! i love doing them.


You couldn’t help but feel as though things had changed between you and Peter since he had asked your opinion on taking Liz Allan to homecoming.

Lunch was mostly silent, the only words exchanged being the progress of your chemistry homework and the quality of today’s meatloaf. It was torture for you, as you had spent almost every single day of your life for the past 5 years talking to Peter about whatever your minds could muster.

It felt as though you had let your feelings for him get the best of your friendship.

Half of you wondered if he knew. The tension between you was mutual, the lack of conversation a result of the both of you being reserved. Did he know, and did it make him uncomfortable?

Keep reading

Day 3: Hunger

Day 3: Hunger
Hello reader! It’s 3:03A.M so…Anyway here is my day 3 one shot.

*A long time after all canon events. Aged up, late high school years. Some “activity”. I wrote the full thing then thought ‘that’ part was shitty so I cut it out…*

He Tian had become infatuated. Completely, utterly infatuated. He had tried nodding it off as fondness in middle school. An admiration. A simple, playful game of cat and mouse you could say. It was never meant to drag him this far away from the sidelines. Never supposed to keep him up this late. Never meant to keep him under cold water for that long.

He couldn’t even figure when he had let himself be carried away. When he had developed difficulties pulling his eyes away from the small by subtle hip sway made when he walked. Or the shallow dips of his collar bone. The thinness of his wrists. His entirety practically screamed at his eyes, just begging for attention. Attention he was willing it give as long as it was silent. He had made the choice years ago to praise the body without touching. Or at least meaningfully touching. He was a flirt after all and Mo was such an easy tease. Somethings had to stay.

First year he had started to ponder the meaning of the heat he was left with after Guan Shan had touched his shoulder. Second year he skimmed over the several names for the same subject. Mulling over the slight differences between all of the names he still couldn’t pinpoint. Now was his third years. He had found the word defining his doubled sided bliss. Infatuation. He was infatuated with him. It was the only explanation.

It had to be that, otherwise He Tian wouldn’t have noticed all the little things in his behavior, his appearance, his speech. Normally, if it would’ve been an admirer he would have shrugged it off. He would’ve paid no mind, leaving the other to, he admitted cruelly, realize the lack of interest on their own. He would have never acknowledged every small quirk. Never study their behavior as intently. He Tian was an observer naturally but he was rarely this involved in a topic.

He’d never even take the time to list all the pleasing aspects of an individual. But, Guan Shan had been the one to change that, unknowingly. He Tian had the list memorized so well it was as if he had it plastered to his wall, pledging to it everyday.

One of those many reason was the fact that he had perfect skin. He Tian couldn’t call it anything other than that. It had no little marks anywhere. It was smooth and had a milky creme color to it. It was curved delicately to its owners bones.

How he craved to touch that skin. To taste it. To bruise it. He desired to feel it burn up underneath his finger tips. To see it flush red. He wished to see it form sweat droplets.

If only he could truly study the skin’s texture. Memorize every dip of the hip bone. Every bump of the spine. Ever corner of the jaw.

If he could he feel that skin against his. Have it rub desperately against him.

If only he could have Mo Guan Shan.


It was Friday. Lunch had been let out and all the students and teachers had left the class to enjoy their meals and socialize. Everyone has flunk the classrooms, opting to enjoy the sunny weather. All except the two of them, of course. He Tian and Mo had made an agreement a year ago to eat together during lunch, alternating between each of their classrooms. Today they were in He Tian’s classroom.

He Tian had stayed seated, packing up his supplies in the meantime. Mo had gotten rather comfortable with him over the years. This had its benefits and downsides. He was more mellowed out around him. He wasn’t as quick to jump down his throat after being teased. He was still mouthy every now and then. Still He Tian’s Sass and Ass department, or soon to be ass…in the future hopefully.

Also, surprisingly, he had also started to join the flirting. Mo’s flirting was always secondary and gentle. More playful. And as cute as it was, it was just another thing ripping up He Tian’s mind.

“Yo.” He Tian glanced up from his book bag. In the doorway was a familiar ginger, two sandwichs in his hands.

“Catch,” He quipped chucking the sandwich towards He Tian. The latter received and glanced back at the other. Mo walked the rest of the distance as He Tian scooted his chair back some. Mo slide in the small space between the desk and He Tian. Backing up a step, sitting atop the desk. He Tian gave a small grin before opening the wrap around the sandwich. “So, how has your day been, Darling?” He purred glancing up at the other.

Mo glared dully down at him before unwrapping his own sandwich, taking a bite. “My fucking legs are killing me.”

“Oh?” He Tian took a bite himself. “Why’s that?”

“First off, I had insomnia last night and then they expected me to do all these laps within 10 minutes.”

“Poor baby,” He Tian drawled sarcastically. Taking another bite.

Rolling his eyes, Mo continued, “I am. I should have just asked to go sleep in the nurses office.”

“Or you should have just stayed home and slept.”

“You know very well of the promise  I made to my mother.” Mo replied sternly nibbling at his sandwich.

“Indeed, but still, if it was so bad you could of acted sick.”

“And do that to her, I don’t think so."  "Plus, I’m exaggerating a little. My legs do hurt though.”

“Would you like a massage my dear?”

“Yeah-no, I’m going to have to pass fucktard.”

Mo nudges He Tian’s leg, so he can slide off the desk. He Tian finished his own sandwich just as Mo was about to sit back up in the desk. “Take mine too?” He Tian asked sweetly.

Rolling his eyes, again, Mo took the plastic wrap. “You lazy fucker.” He says half-heartedly.

“I’m your lazy fucker though.” He Tian teases as he watches Mo throw the trash in the bin.

“Hardly, dickhead.” Mo replies dully. Once in arm range He Tian grips one of Mo’s thighs. Pulling him into his lap and fastening him there with a grip to his hips. “Don’t be that way,” He Tian purrs making a small blush creep onto Mo’s face. “C'mon, stop that.”

“What, you against straddling~”

“No the bell rings in 5. Lemme up,”
He Tian can’t but think, 'smart-ass.’

He Tian loosens his grip, not letting Mo go. “Goodbye kiss?” He asks puckering slightly.

Mo rolls his eyes, for the third time. Blushing a shade darker he places a finger to He Tian’s lips. “Nope, just a goodbye.” Mo mewls back.

Alright. You win this round. He Tian thinks feeling a fond smirk cross his lips. He releases his grip on Mo’s hips. Guan Shan hopping up shortly afterwards. Heading towards the doorway.

Stopping in front of the trim around the door he asked, “I’m coming to you’re place to make dinner, correct?”

He Tian crosses his arm over his chest and nods. Mo nods also before giving a sassy, “Alrighty, bye fucker,”

He Tian can’t help but smile to himself. “Later, Red.” And then he pops out of the classroom. Leaving He Tian smiling fondly towards the doorway. Utterly, helplessly gone. He truly had him wrapped around his pinkie. God forbid he realized it one of these days.


“He Tian,”


“Food.” Aw yes, one of the best thins to hear in life. Or so He Tian had decided. He entered his kitchen seeing the usual. A meal along the stove, plates, silverware, and a ginger. Moving towards the stove He Tian began to make his own plate. Glancing to his side he saw Mo yawn, stretching his arms over his head.

Mo began to leave the kitchen before He Tian caught his attention. “Where you going?” He asked grabbing a cup from one of the over head cabinets.

“I’m going to go lay on your couch. My legs hurt remember.”

He did remember actually. “Just go lay on the bed. The cushion will be better for your muscles.”

“Alright but if you make me wash the sheets when I wake up for some reason like; I drooled, or You got your germs on my sheets, I’m going to be pissed.”

“Go sleep.” He Tian replied giving a shooing motion. In response he received a grunt. Then he was left to eat in silence.

He finished a good minute after, placing his dish in the sink for later. He returned to the main room. Glancing to his left he saw Mo laying along his stomach on the bed. He Tian walks towards the bed, crouching near Mo’s face. He’s out. That was quick.

He Tian shakes his head before standing upright. His eyes trace out the outline of Mo on his bed absent minded. Coming to rest at the sliver of skin showing on his lower back.

He Tian stared at the light colored patch of skin. It looked awfully soft. He was oddly curious. 'Fuck…’

He Tian looked away contemplating whether or not to act. Logically, it was risky and impulsive. He had worked hard to keep this friendship stable. Tip-toeing around boundaries. But lustfully…When would he ever get a chance again. Actually never. He’d never get another chance to touch the pureness of Guan Shan. He admitted it was a pervy move but…

Easing into the bed softly, He Tian placed his knees on each side of Mo’s thighs. Lowering himself slightly He Tian let his hands glide over the exposed skin. It was soft as he had expected. He Tian thumbed around the dip of the hip. Drawing circles around the indention.

Gently, he raises the t-shirt further up Guan Shan’s back. He Tian lowers himself further, kissing the small of Guan Shan’s back. Trailing up along the spine, He Tian placed delicate kisses.

“He Tian,"  Mo croaks quietly.

"Yes,” 'He’s awake?’

Shifting Mo glances behind him. “What you doing…” 'Half awake at least.’

“Guan Shan.” 'Might as well wake the rest of him up’, He Tian declares to himself. He Tian rolls Mo over onto his back gently. Blinking slowly, he awakes. Mo stares up at He Tian realizing the situation. Slowly He Tian can see a blush arising.

“Guan Shan,”

“Y-yes?” Mo flops out quickly, eyes wide.

“Are you opposed to me continuing?” He Tian stared down at Mo seriously. Mo tilts his head away face now showing a clearer blush. “Uh, I mean…”

He Tian leaned in towards Mo’s face. “You mean..”

Mo Guan Shan stared at He Tian. He speaks in a chopped, flustered tone. “I am…not opposed..”

He Tian breaks the stare, giving a small smirk. “I’m glad.” He Tian leans in further. Carefully placing He lips against Mo’s. He presses softly. Seconds later he heard a hum from Mo and feels the other move his lips against He Tian’s. He pulls back smiling, as he looks at Guan Shan’s expression.

“You’re not just going to leave with with that are you?” Mo asks raising a brow.

Alright fucker. He Tian leans in quicker this time. He presses his lips against Mo’s more fiercely. Mo returns with a small fierceness, awkwardly. He Tian slides his hands under Mo’s shirt. Tracing the lines along his stomach.

Mo hums as He Tian runs his hands gently along his sides. Thumbing around his hip bone.

He Tian pulls his lips back a few centimeters allowing Mo to inhale again before clasping over his mouth again. This time He Tian slides his tongue into Guan Shea’s mouth, making the other gasp in surprise. He Tian watched Mo’s face light fire.

He let his tongue search the other’s mouth. Glossing over Mo’s teeth He Tian tastes the other’s tongue. He tastes like peppermint oddly enough. Pulling away fir a gasp of air, He Tian breathes against Mo’s lips. “You have gum?”

Mo panted lowly as he rose a confused brow. “I had…a Peppermint,” He Tian nodded. Moving his hand from under the t-shirt He Tian tugged at the hems. Pulling it off of Mo, He Tian removed his own shirt.

Gliding his fingers across the sensitive skin He Tian lowered himself. Kissing at the end of the ribs he trailed upwards. His eyes flicked up to Guan Shan’s as he headed up his collarbone. “He Tian…”

He Tian stopped at his neck. “Yes?” He breathed. He watched Guan Shan swallow unsurely before being told to continue. He Tian gave a small kiss to Mo Guan Shan’s neck. He then begins to suck on the spot, causing Mo to squirm underneath him. “H..he Tian..” Mo croaks. He Tian detached and views his first mark on the other. It was a simple dark red.

Feeling pleased with himself He Tian goes in for a second time. Mo tilted his head allowing easier access. He Tian sucked the skin with a little more force. Leaving a large blotch than the first. He Tian quicken his pace. He began to leave a minefield of hickeys. All ranged from small and red to large and purple. He Tian could feel Mo trembling underneath him.

“Guan Shan, you going to even make it to the actual round?” He Tian teased. Mo glared at him before closing his eyes.

“You,” Mo huffed. “Better put a condom on you fucker,”

Smirking down He Tian mewled back, “Of course my love.”


“He Tian, I’m going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow, you fuck!” Mo wailed moving slowly onto his side to face the accused.

“Most definitely.” He Tian confirmed making Mo pull an annoyed expression. He Tian chucked to himself.

“But that’s tomorrow.” He Tian slung an arm around the other’s waist. He pulled Mo close to his chest as the other blushes. Not refusing the embrace though. “For now just sleep.” Using his other free hand to switch the lamp off.

Sighing into He Tian’s chest Mo inched closer into He Tian’s chest. His forehead resting against He Tian’s collarbone. He Tian placed his chin atop Mo’s head.

“About time, huh?” Mo spoke quietly.

“Hm?” He Tian grunted.

Mo chuckled quietly before replying. “You think I couldn’t feel your stare digging into my ass 24/7?”

He Tian pulled his chin from Mo’s head. Leaning back slightly He Tian tried to see some of Mo’s dimly light features. “You think you’re cute, you little shit.”

“No,” Mo mused softly. “But you do,”

He Tian smirked, “Oh? When did I say that?”

“Good night, He Tian.” Mo said shuffling into He Tian’s chest again.

'You think you’re slick.’ He Tian thought shaking his head. Sighing contently He Tian quietly replied. “Yeah, good night, carrot-top.”

Fortunate Clumsy Mistakes

 Class President Jinyoung was out to get you-for what reason? You didn’t know, but you were going to figure out but a sticky incident occurs: fluff w/a little angst??:

Part 1 of 2 (????)👀👀 Honestly lmk if I should make a part 2 or not, I’m already forming it in my mind lol

Word Count: 2,071

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not my gif

You could only laugh in disbelief at the situation the two of you were currently in.

Jinyoung looked at you as if you had grown three heads. “Is this funny? How could you laugh at a moment like this?” He hissed at you, barring his teeth, his expression quickly turning back into the one of a little boy who had lost his mommy at the carnival. His dark eyes were wide and his full bottom lip quivered slightly.

“I think we already established that the door is locked, I don’t think you pulling at the knob is going to make it magically open,” you intervened, putting a hand on his exposed wrist to stop his tiring acts of trying his best to open the locked closet door.

His skin was warm against your palm and it made both of you pause for a moment before he shook your hand off and continued with what he was doing, if not more desperate than before.

Rolling your eyes you looked at your surroundings, it was a decent sized closet, filled with a variety of cleaning products on metal shelves and mops, brooms, rags, etc. adorning the walls and about half of the floor. You just hoped that none of you experienced claustrophobia while you were stuck in here.

Remembering your phone in your back pocket, you hurriedly brought it out and tried using it to call someone, only to find out that there was no reception and that your phone was useless down here. Well figures, we are in the basement, what did I expect, you thought wryly looking back at Jinyoung’s struggling figure.

Guess you two were stuck down here for a while then.

Finding a good spot you slid down the wall and sat with your back against it and kept your bored eyes on Jinyoung. With a quiet sigh you tried to figure out the class president that hated your guts for some reason.

You watched the scene with a sneer, unable to figure out the “charms” that Jinyoung possessed to make literally every girl in the school bow down to him.

There he was, walking in the hallway like he owned the world, his head held high and confident steps, smiling at all the girls currently surrounding him. They were all giggling messes, jumping at his every word and corny jokes.

He was attractive, you’d give him that, but there were plenty some attractive guys other than him going to the school you went to. He always dressed in khaki pants and a button up or vest and all the girls ate it up, shooting eye hearts at him all day every day for a reason you couldn’t grasp.

Plus he was evil, you thought to yourself, narrowing your eyes at his approaching figure. He wasn’t the handsome angel that everyone thinks he is, you pouted.

He tripped over his own foot and you snorted, then turned around quickly to your locker so he wouldn’t see it.

Plus he was really clumsy. You still remember the time he had gotten up from his seat to answer a question on the chalkboard when all of a sudden he was on the floor, having gotten his foot caught on the leg of his desk. At first you thought he was doing it on purpose, seeing as how much attention from all the girls whenever he broke a nail but seeing him trip and get all embarrassed made you realize that it wasn’t the case.

“Do you really hate him?” Suzy asked you, startling you so much you hit your head on the open door to your locker, not realizing your sight was still on Jinyoung. Your best friend’s booming laugh caught Jinyoung’s attention and you shifted your gaze before he saw you looking at him.

Giving her a playful glare you responded, “What are you talking about?”

“I mean…” she trailed off, a smirk on her face as she watched you put the necessary books in your locker. “you were staring at him like you always do, you should’ve seen your face.” She laughed and make an awestruck expression that was supposed to look like me. You were sure that your expression was more in a sneer than one filled with love, though. 

You shook your head in an exaggerated motion, your dark hair moving with it. “I was not!” You responded with a smile on your face. “I just can’t understand why all the girl’s throw themselves at him like he’s some sort of God,” you muttered to her, closing your locker and leaning your shoulder against it.

“He basically is,” Suzy said, looking behind her to get a peek at him, standing at his locker organizing his books in his backpack that looked like it weighed more than he did. “His dad is running for governor, his GPA is like 4.5,” she continued, putting a finger up for every point she made about him. “he’s handsome, he’s got good manners-”

At this you interrupted her with a curt, fake laugh that was probably a lot louder than I wanted it to be. “What manners? He glares at me for no reason, and you know how mean he is to me and makes me look like an idiot in class.” You whined childishly. 

“You are an idiot,” Bambam’s voice said and a heavy history book hitting you on your head made you sneer at him and smack him on the shoulder. You glanced at his baggy hoodie and skinny jeans that showed his long legs that were skinnier than yours. 

His large eyes and young face gazed back at you with a teasing smile and you couldn’t help pinching his cheeks. You couldn’t help it, he was adorable. He was a year younger than you but he always insisted on being like your older brother.

His face flushed with the attention you gave him and you giggled at it, him suddenly pulling you close to his body for a half hug.

It was at that moment that Jinyoung happened to finally walk past the bunch of you, glancing between you and Bambam and glaring at you the entire way, his strong eyebrows almost touching his eyes, his hand in his back pocket cockily.

See?” You told your friends, disentangling yourself from Bambam’s embrace. They had faces of shock on their faces, this being the first time he’d shown his true self where it wasn’t just the two of us.

“You’re right…” Suzy muttered, eyes still locked on his path. “What’s up with him?”

If only you knew.

You remember when it all started.

It was the day that you got your final essays back from the homeroom teacher, you had worked on that essay for a long time, making sure it was perfect to get a perfect grade, seeing as it was a huge part of your final grade.

As she was calling student’s names you were nervous and listening attentively to hear your name being called and wondered if your hard work had paid off. But she never did call your name and soon enough the last essay she had in her hands was handed to another student and your heart rate skyrocketed. 

Where was your essay?

“The only person who never submitted her essay is Y/N, so she will be getting a zero for this assignment. An assignment that was worth 30% of your final grade.” Your homeroom teacher announced to the entire class, making every single student turn their heads to you and you felt your whole body flush with embarrassment and confusion.

But… You did do the assignment…

“I’m very disappointed in you Y/N,” she sighed, her eyes locked on yours and when you opened your mouth to speak she cut you off by saying, “That’s all for today class, see everyone tomorrow.”

Students got up from their seats and packed their things together and left, glancing your way with expressions that made you want to yell at them, that they didn’t know anything.

What had happened?

You remember giving the class president, Jinyoung, your essay along with all the other students on Friday. So why was it only your essay that was missing? Seeing the person you wanted to talk to you, you hurriedly called out to Jinyoung who was getting up from his seat at the front of the class.

“Excuse me, Jinyoung?” Your words were slightly louder than you wanted them to be but you couldn’t help it. You had never spoken to him, really, but he seemed nice enough, you thought to yourself as you made your way to him. “Hi, I’m Y/N,” you introduced with a small smile and fixed your blue jeans and loose top. “Um, I was just wondering if you knew what happened to my essay, by chance. I remember giving it to you on Friday with everyone else, but mine was the only one missing…”

His eyebrows shot up in recognition. “Oh, your essay…” he nodded along with your words and you smiled politely, waiting for an explanation. Oh, I’m so sorry I must’ve misplaced it, I’ll go tell the teacher and have it all sorted out, don’t worry. Or, I don’t think you did… She would have called your name if you had handed it to me. 

Those were the things that you had anticipated to hear.

Certainly not, “I tossed it.” Certainly not with a sweet smile that he showed you as he said those words. 

Of course, when you tried telling your teacher that, she got angry and told you to stop blaming other people for your mistakes. There was no proof that he tossed it, she said, there was no proof that you even handed in your essay in the first place, she said.

That sweet smile that he showed you when you were made out to be a liar made you want to punch his pretty little mouth and make that smile disappear.

Ever since then, he’s done nothing but make your school life miserable.

He had everyone wrapped around his finger that if you wanted to say anything, no one would believe you, not even your best friends.

You’ve made sure to hand in the big assignments directly to your teacher from then on, but he hasn’t tossed anything else since that one time which made you suspicious. 

Quiet comments were said to you when it was just the two of you, when no one else could hear. It wasn’t like you just stood there and took it, you defended yourself but somehow things never really worked in your favor when it came to him.

Though, even with all the stuff he’s done to you, you didn’t hate him. He was irritating as hell, sure, but you figured that it would pass if you continued to ignore him.

Until he said: “You’ll never do anything with your life, your poor parents.”

Only then, did you allow yourself to do what you’ve always wanted to.

And you welcomed the 3 day suspension that came with punching him in the face. Insulting your family was something that you would not let pass. Your mother wanted to have this big meeting about it but you begged her to just let you transfer schools and be done with it. 

You just didn’t want to deal with Jinyoung ever again after that.

Since then it’s been glares sent your way everyday but that was about it. With being halfway done with your final week at this school before you transferred you were certain that things would go smoothly from this point on.

Until Ms. Smith sent the both of you to the basement supply closet to grab cleaning supplies for the cleaning period seeing as they were out. Why they chose you to go with however, you didn’t know. Maybe because you were the closest to her, or maybe because she hated you and wanted to make sure you had an awful last week.

But of course, you should’ve been more careful as to predict that Jinyoung’s clumsy ass would’ve accidentally kicked the wood block that was keeping the door from locking and therefor trapping you inside the creepy closet in the basement of the school with no reception and no food and no toilet or water and ohmygod you were going to die in this closet with your enemy, just great.

Fair-(Peter Hale)

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Characters: OC, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Peter Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Peter Hale x Reader, Stiles Stilinski x Derek Hale, Allison Argent x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: none?

Word Count: 1865

Summary: The pack don’t believe that Peter could possibly have a girlfriend, let alone be engaged, until said girlfriend crashes the pack meeting.

(A/N) wooo there’s some Sterek throughout this too, couldn’t help myself :)))

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