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Every day, Words With Friends shows me a “match of the day” person they say they hand-picked *just for me*, and want me to play against.

The suggestions are priceless.

First of all, roughly 50% are grandmas.

Another 20% are middleaged guys with sunglasses who reeeaaally like to take selfies in their cars.

#1 looks to be in a driver’s seat, whereas #2 is in a passenger sea– … wait, are they in the same car? 

Are they double-car-sunglasses-selfie buddies?!

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in this photo… which one’s Jolene? Is she the too-bright one in the foreground with no face?

…also, where on earth are they? Tile floor, some kind of seating, floor-mounted computer kiosk… I’m so confused.

At least this shot makes sense.

These nice people just wanted to take a selfie with the damp pavement outside their house. I mean, hey, we’ve all been there.

At first, I thought the app was just suggesting some guy named Steve, but then I looked at the photo, and – plot twist – it appears Steve might actually be his last name.

This also raises the question of what mother decided to name their kid Tyler Steve.

…and the same goes for the mother that named her son Zyngawf 34260864.

Poor, poor Pippifuzz. They’re just a ghostly outline, doomed forever to haunt the halls of Words With Friends suggestions.

Brandon doesn’t have it much better, seeing as he’s a cloud of mist next to a bridge. At least he has a semi-corporeal body, unlike poor Pippifuzz.

Fred… Fred’s seen some hard times.

…also, yes, the Bumble wants to play Words With Friends with me. I’m flattered.

As does this dog.

As does–…

…wait… Gandalf?




Realm of Eternity: Part 15

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The wind gusted through Manon’s hair as she soared over the edge of the Bordano Jungle on Abraxos’s back. The small Crochan Aellai was seated in her mount ahead of her, but she had been blissfully quiet since they’d found the rest of the Thirteen and set off. Manon was not in the mood for chit-chat, not when her mind was distracted with the thought of Dorian. Every bone in her body cried out for her to turn around, don’t leave him. But Aellai had been right–she couldn’t face down the other Crochans without making even more enemies, and she had enough of those to go around right now.

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Land Rover’s Project Hero combines a drone with the Discovery SUV to save lives

The drone is capable of landing on the Discovery, even when it’s in motion, thanks to a self-centering system with magnetic retention. A sliding floor in the cargo area can be used as a work surface. There’s a separate panel behind the rear seats for mounting equipment, and extra power supply points accept plugs from different parts of Europe.

Additional LED lighting will help drivers navigate in pitch black. It’ll also come equipped with a whole bunch of radio equipment, since communication is a vital component of disaster response.

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A day at home

Characters: Avengers x Reader

Prompt: Hey could i have an long(if possible) avengers imagine where they were having a day off from all of the saving the world stuff and have it that the reader has powers like wanda and is dating bucky please xx also could you have them all act like a family if it makes sense thanks love xx - anon

Author’s Notes: There’s not much of a plot here, just a butt-ton of fluff. Enjoy it!

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“That the last one?”  Clint’s gruff voice cut through your exhaustion. “Yup. Let’s get outta here.” Steve took his helmet off and sat down hard on the seat mounted on the wall of the quinjet. You dropped down beside him, groaning as you did. Three intense weeks of busting Hydra hideouts had kicked your ass in more ways than one. Bucky took the seat to your right, jarring you as he plopped down. You groaned again and leaned your head against the cool, metal wall behind you. “Lighten up, sweetheart. There’s no way we’ll be called in for a mission anytime soon.”  He patted your thigh, earning him a dirty side-eye.

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One Of My Friends Ranted To Me About How A Kids Game Does Not Have Enough Two-Seated Mounts.

Wizard101– A Game with low-quality textures so shitty you can play it on Windows XP. Maybe.

Even if you turn on High Quality Textures and Graphics, not much of a difference.

My friend plays this game, a game marketed for children and parents, but all I see are five year olds trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend (I was one of them once)

And she ranted to me about how there were not many two-player mounts.

So I am going to make a solution–

So, this game is filled with many mounts. Unicorns made from crystal and pegasi with an goth color palette, hell, even an Ostrich!


First of all, the broomsticks.

I don’t see any way the broomsticks could have two players on them without making the broomstick make them topple over because of non-existent gravity.

Second, the horses.

Plop player two behind player one and have player two holding onto player one. Same goes for the unicorns, pegasi, ram, tiger, lion, dragon, crokagator, warg, jaguar, and other mouths where you ride on the back of things (unless its a stag with a neck like a giraffe.)

Third, the carpets, whirlwinds, and that arcus cloud.

Have player two standing behind player one or something, lol idk I drew a blank, because those mounts are so smol.

Fourth, the wings.

Have it be like Sanic The Hedgehog. It wont take much to have player one flying a little higher, with player two dangling from their hands.

Fifth, the Mighty Steed.

Have player two on player one’s shoulders. If you dunno why, look it up. The shoulders also apply for the ice skates :3

Sixth, Tiki Waverider.

“Lets catch some sick waves bro?” “How? I don’t see a possible way the two of us will fit on that board..” “Gnarly point, dude!”

Seventh, Tanglewood Vine.

Lets have player two also riding perfectly fine on the vine as well.

And I don’t know any other mounts. This could apply to the sequel/spin off, Pirate101 as well, as it lacks many two-player mounts.


You: Why are you even ranting about a kids game anyway?

My friend wanted me to think up possible two player mounts. Also, I wanted to share it with all of Tumblr.

You: Also, there are hairstyles in the Crown Shop.

*puts on wig* *puts on hat and wig disappears into my inventory* I WANT A BARBER. NOT A WIG.

You: … Also, why do you even play a kids game?

Why do you obsess over sports? (If you do)

You: … Good point…


Received this from Brian last week and thought I’d share it with a greater audience. I don’t think I’d change much at all. Sweet looking Bobber Brian.

I race off-road hare scrambles in the San Francisco area, and when I was recovering from shoulder surgery after a crash, I decided I needed a bike project to keep busy. Was considering a café project, but at almost 6’3”, I decided I needed something a bit larger, and decided on an old school Harley bobber.  

This bike started as a very rough and rusted 96 Harley FatBoy I picked up really cheap. The total rebuild time took five months from tear down to rebuild (and countless Stella Artois), going through all the mechanicals (carb, brakes, hoses, bearings, wiring, etc.), and fabricating many pieces including the forward controls, brake pedal, fender mounts, seat mounts, etc., etc.    

I was going to paint the tank some custom design, but over the weeks and months, just fell in the love with the blue color and decided to keep the tank stock. I painted the rear fender to match the tank, and had it hand striped with a Von Dutch-style old school scroll design. There are other touches, including a Jaguar headlight guard, and lots of black powder coating to contrast the chrome.  I think the pin-up girl on the coil cover helps finish the look.  I have had it running now for a couple of weeks and it certainly turns heads wherever it goes.

Thanks for considering this for your site.  I look at it all the time for inspiration, and it would be very cool to see my bike.

Brian Wick


ALPINA at 50.

ALPINA is well known for their top quality leather work. Here we get a glimpse into the leather shop. Each steering wheel is hand wrapped by hand using the best leather and the signature ALPINA blue and green thread. ALPINA has the ability to do the complete leather interior in-house and must engineer and test the “breakaway” seams required for seat and dash mounted airbag systems. 


An unfamiliar face is seen, that of a large rounded, clownish looking Nightmaren. Surrounded by Both Goodles and Nightopians.

The large Nightmaren seemed to be asleep, laying down on his back, with a variety of Nightopians using him as a pillow, and even some were sleeping on top of him. Others just sat nearby and chatted quietly in their native language. The Goodles however sat on the opposite side, and seemed to not want to go anywhere else. They were simply just sitting there, chatting as well. Their bird mounts being seated nearby.

honestly if any sci-fi movie was to be remastered for the stage it could really be the fifth element?

it’s ridiculous enough for some songs and it doesn’t rely on a lot of impossible-to-duplicate cgi and there are a couple subplots enough to cut out simply for streamlining purposes

like if some of Zorg’s toadies were cut out, then it would be possible for some of Korben’s ptsd backstory to get woven in…

and both projection and individual seat-mounted radios could be worked in too with the President’s communiques and Ruby’s radio show

i mean ffs it even has a built-in intermission! right before there would be the scene where Korben and Leeloo get on the shuttle and then after intermission ushers would accept audiencemembers back into the theater as if they were welcoming them to Fhloston Paradise with the song and the leis and everything else

and then the Diva’s performance scene would be like the chandelier scene in Phantom… amazingly dramatic and climactic and beautiful and all-encompassing of the actual performance space of the theater itself

it would be chaotic and different and amazing and PERFECT