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Let’s Get to Work

When you start working at Mnet Corporations, you make a lot of new friends. However, Hwang Minhyun, Mr. Cold Guy™, doesn’t seem all that interested in melting his ice for some new employee. 

  • kind of lengthy but whatever
  • office au
  • for anon:  “Minhyun is your new cold (but sweet) work colleague”

The boss of Mnet Corporation, Kwon Boa, gave you a reassuring smile as you did your best to straighten your clothing in the reflection of the elevator that sent you to your office. You were dressed in the most professional clothing you owned—an off-the-shoulder striped blue shirt, a pencil skirt and chunky heels. Boa had assured you that your attire was okay, given your slightly unconventional role. In your arms was your box of things you would be putting on your desk. So far, you had a brand new pack of pencils and a little bobblehead cat.

You were Mnet Corporation’s very first Social Media Manager, hired as an entirely new branch of the company’s corporate team.

“Are you nervous?” Boa asked, giving you a gentle smile. While she was the boss, she had also seemed very kind and polite towards you when you interviewed for the job a few months ago.

“Y-yes,” you stammered, trying to clear your throat in embarrassment, “I’ve never worked in this type of position before.”

“Well, just roll your shoulders back and keep your chin up,” she said, giving you a smile, “I’m confident that you’ll do well.” The elevator dinged, signaling that it was time to get off. Boa led you down the hall and opened the door to the office rooms.

“Good afternoon, president!” Everyone chorused, bowing to Boa. Boa smiled generously and bowed back, and you hurried to do the same.

“Everyone, this is (Y/L/N) (Y/N), she will be our first Social Media Manager,” Boa gestured towards you, and you took that as an invitation to introduce yourself.

After bowing again, you did your best to introduce yourself without stammering or mumbling. “Hello, my name is (Y/L/N) (Y/N)… uh… I’m fairly skilled with computers and such so if anyone runs into any such troubles, I may be able to help. I’m originally from Gwangju, but I moved to Seoul for university. I graduated from university a couple months ago, and now I’m here. I hope we all get along.”

“Wah, straight out of university?” you heard someone comment.

“An ace, just like our Minhyunnie~”

“Now, if everyone would go around and introduce yourselves?”

The name and faces all went by so quickly, it was hard for you to keep track. There was Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel and Kim Samuel of accounting, Jeon Somi, Kim Chungha, Ong Seungwoo and Bae Jinyoung in sales, and a couple other people whose names you missed.

“Greetings,” the last person bowed low, “Hwang Minhyun, marketing. I hope we get along well.” You smiled at Hwang Minhyun, instantly impressed by his good looks and charm. As Boa continued to talk, giving everyone a quick update about the company’s progress, Minhyun nodded, smiling this little half-grin that you couldn’t look away from.

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Frenemies  (part 4)

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Description: Archie begs the reader to join his and Jugheads road trip, and then ditches last minute.

Word Count: 3184

A/N: Sorry this is so long! I wanted to wrap it up so this could be the end of Frenemies (But I can also do a part 5 of when Jughead and the reader go back home idk). 

The beach. You had been driving for two and a half days with Jughead to arrive at the beach. After the first night, you two didn’t know where you were supposed to be going or what you were supposed to be doing. Archie had only told you a little bit of information, wanting the three of you to take it day by day.

With that being said, you had secretly hoped for something with a little bit more…pizzazz. Maybe a big city, or a cheezie tourist attraction. But here you two were, on a beach, in a quiet little town with the population just hitting one thousand.

Now, you can’t deny that the past few days with Jughead had been absolutely amazing. After the initial struggle of having the two of you around each other, you both realized that the other wasn’t so bad after all.

You had ended up holding hands almost the whole drive to the beach.

In this quaint little town, the two of you had pulled into the parking lot of a tiny motel. The vacancy light was on, glowing red. You walk in, and request the double room (although, both you and Jughead had a strong feeling that one bed would go unused tonight).

When you walk in and see the window, with the view of the ocean below, you smiled softly.

“Want to go for a walk?” Jughead asks. You nod.

And there you were, the both of you walking down the small, narrow path to the unoccupied beach below. Taking your shoes off, you let your toes sink into the sand, feeling relaxed. The wind picked up, and your sundress blew around at the force of it.

He grabs your hand, a gesture that feels almost normal now, and you both begin to make your way down to the waters edge. You let the water hit your toes, loving the coolness. The both of you trek down the beach, taking a seat on a cluster of large rocks. The waves crash against the rocks, misting the both of you.

“You know,” you start out “This place is extremely beautiful. I wonder how no one knew about it before.”

It was silent for a second, and you look over at Jughead. There was a sort of sadness in his eyes. Before you have time to ask what was wrong, he explains.

“I actually did know about it,” he says, looking out at the horizon. “This would be the prime vacation spot for my family when Jellybean and I were little,” at this, you grab his hand. “We stopped coming a few years before my mom left. We actually stayed in that motel, we’d come down to this beach.”

“What else would you do?” you ask, slightly happy that he was able to confide in you.

He smiles at this, giving you a grateful look. “This is where I’d learn to love writing. I was only ten at the time but a ten-year-old has an active imagination. We’d also stop in at a little restaurant up the road, once on the way into town and once on the way out,” at this, his smile falters “I don’t even know if it’s still around, it’s been 4 years since we’ve been here. But my parents, they’d always get a slice of peach pie. They’d say it’s the best in the country. Jellybean and I would share an ice cream sundae. She hated the cherries so I’d always eat them all.”

There’s a silence between the two of you, and you assume he’s done.  You take a glance over at him, noticing his eyes becoming glassy with tears. He furiously blinks them away.

“There’s also a really cool camera shop here, we found it during our last year. I’d spent almost the whole vacation in that shop, getting the best tips from the guy that worked there. And the sweets shop, that was Jellybeans favorite. She loved their handmade gummy bears. Always would get some for the road.” He says. You nod, waiting for him to continue. When he doesn’t, you speak up.

“We could go to those places, if you want. Grab some dinner and then go look around in the shops and stuff. We could recreate it, kind of. I know it would be so much better with your family here but – “

“I am really thankful that you’re here, actually. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else. Even Archie.” He interrupts, and you blush. “Sorry for laying this on you, and sorry for not telling you what I had planned. I just felt like you wouldn’t have wanted to come. It was selfish.”

You laugh a little, “Jughead, I don’t think it’s selfish at all. I am really happy that we did this. There’s no better way I would’ve wanted to spend my road trip.” You say.

He wraps his arm around you, pulling you in for a little side hug. The both of you sit like that for a second, before he pulls away.

“So, wanna go get dinner?”

“This place is so cute,” you gush, walking into the little restaurant. You both stand at the podium, waiting to be seated.

“Well, bless my heart, its Jughead Jones in the flesh!” you hear being called across the room, and you both turn to see a short, chubby woman fast walking toward you. She had jet black hair that was pulled back in a bun, and a kind face that was void of any makeup. You look up at Jughead, to see him smiling. It was the widest you’ve ever seen on him, and it made you insanely happy.

“Pam!” he says, holding his arms out and pulling her in for a hug.

“It’s been too long! How have you been?” she asks, and then her eyes move from his and find their way to you. You blush softly. “Is this your girlfriend?” Pam asks quietly, but you could still hear her.

Jughead doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “No, we’re just friends.” He says, and quickly changes the subject. “But I’m good, how are you?”

They get into a conversation, but you can’t help but overthink things. Just friends? You thought. Maybe you were misreading signs and signals. You thought that Jughead had thought of you more than just a friend. You shouldn’t even be complaining. Three days ago you hated one another. At least it’s not hate.

“(Y/N), Jughead, lets find you a table yeah?” you hear your name being called, and snapped out of your thoughts. You nod.

Pam starts walking away, towards the corner booth. Jughead gestures for you to walk ahead of him, and when you look up at him you see him smiling at you, eyes filled with pure happiness.

Once you two sit down, Pam hands you the menus and grabs your drinks. You quietly look over the menu, scanning the items. It seems like these are the type of dinners your grandma would make, nice and warm and made with love. You decide on the pot roast and potatoes, and set the menu down. When you look up at Jughead, he’s already staring at you.

“Thank you for this.” He says quietly, a hint of a smile on his face.

“Why are you thanking me?” you ask, and he shrugs, grabbing your hand and playing with your fingers. He wouldn’t meet your eyes.

“Just for coming with me, for being so understanding. For just being there. Not many people are there for me. And today just…shows that you care.”

“I’ll always care, Jug. I mean, we may have hated each other less than a week ago,” you joke “But I’m not that heartless. I care.”

“Why didn’t we like one another, anyways?” he asks, and you gasp.

“You can’t tell me you don’t remember. You got upset at me for finding your name slightly amusing and decided to throw mud on me!” you say, jokingly.

“I threw mud on you? That seems like a stupid reason to hate me.”

“Jughead it was my absolute favorite shirt at the time! And you stained it! And embarrassed me in front of Archie!” you say in defense, and he laughs.

“And look, Archie is still your friend.” He says, and his eyes soften. “Me too?” he asks quietly.

Before you even have time to answer, Pam comes back over to take your order. You tell her what you want, and she rushes off in the back to put the order in.

You were about to answer Jughead’s question (one that you didn’t know how to answer, because your head and heart were battling against the other over your feelings), but your phone started ringing. When you looked at it, you groaned.

“It’s Archie.” You say, about to hit the red ‘decline’ button. Jughead stops you though.

“Answer it, (Y/N). You should just emphasize how great of a time we’re having without him.” He snickers, and you roll your eyes.

“You’re such a child,” you say, but hit the accept button anyways “Hello?” you say, and you can almost hear the red headed boy smiling into the phone.

“(Y/N)!” he yells, and you had to pull your phone away from your ear. “How are you? I’m so sorry about this whole situation, what did you two end up doing?”

“You’re an ass,” you say, but continue “We’re good, actually. We honestly are just hanging out. Grabbing some dinner.”

“Wait, you two didn’t kill each other yet?”

You sigh. “No, Archie. We didn’t kill each other.” Before you can hear Archie’s response, Jughead pulls the phone away from your ear.

“Yeah, we’re actually like, best friends now. Sorry man, you’ve been replaced.” He says into the phone, but after a few seconds his face turns beet red. “N-no.” he stutters, “Here’s (Y/N).”

You take the phone from him, sending him a confused look. “Hey Arch, gotta go. Our foods coming. Bye!” you make an excuse, hanging up the phone. “What did he say to you?” you snicker, motioning towards his face which was getting lighter.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He says, and you stick your tongue out at him.

By now, your food has arrived, and you both dig in, savoring every bite. There was almost no interaction between the both of you, the food too good to wait. Once you were both finished, Pam comes over, clearing the plates.

“So, any dessert for the two of you?” she asks, and you were shocked when Jughead said no.

“Actually,” you interrupt “Can we get an ice cream sundae? With two spoons?”

Pam nods and scurries away, and you look over at Jughead. He’s giving you a look, one you’ve never seen before.

“What?” you asked shyly, and he shakes his head.

“You’re great.” He says, and it’s your turn to blush. You both sit in silence, then, him still playing with your fingers, both of you staring into each others eyes.

Pam comes back, setting two spoons down and then the sundae. She gives you both a knowing look, before leaving.

The first thing Jughead does is pull the three cherries off the sundae, popping them in his mouth one by one. You watch, a small smile on your face. When he turns to look at you, his eyes widen.

“Did you want some?” he asks after swallowing “I’m sorry that was so ignorant of me. I’m just used to doing that first.”

You giggle, making him blush. “No, no. It’s fine. I’m not the biggest fan of cherries anyways.”

You both dig into the sundae, keeping your silent composure. Once you were done, Pam comes back over, handing a separate receipt to both of you. Before anything, Jughead immediately grabs yours. You frown.

“Jug, I can pay for my own dinner.” You say, and he shrugs.

“Yeah, but just let me do something nice for you, for once.” He says, and you can’t protest that. You just nod, as he grabs his wallet and stands up, walking to the front counter.

Pam walks over to you when Jughead was away, sitting down in his empty seat.

“So, (Y/N),” she begins “How long have you known Jughead?”

“Since the summer after third grade,” you say shyly, wondering where she was going with this.

“Okay, and how long have you liked him?” she asks, and you almost choked on air at the accusation.

“Sorry, what?” you ask, and she laughs.

“I can see the way you two look at each other. And you were holding hands the whole time. You can’t tell me that you two don’t feel that way for one another.”

Your face blushes red, and you can’t even think of a reply before Jughead comes back.

“What’re you two talking about?” he asks, giving each of you a look. Pam smiles, standing up.

“Oh honey, wouldn’t you like to know.” She said, patting him on the shoulder. “It was so nice to see you, Jughead. Come back soon!” she says, giving him a tight squeeze, knowing that we were ready to leave. He nods.

“Will do, Pam.” He says, and she walks off to go serve other customers. “Ready, (Y/N)?” he asks you, and you nod. He holds his hand out to you, helping you stand, but not letting go after you’re on your feet.

You both walk out of the restaurant, still hand in hand.

“So, what was Pam saying to you? Your face is still red.” He snickers, walking back in the direction of the motel.

“Wait, don’t you want to see if that camera shop is still open? We can go!” you say, avoiding the subject. After a second, Jughead sighs and turns around, walking the other direction.

“That isn’t getting you out of answering my question, nice avoidance though.” He says. You roll your eyes.

“She just thought we were in a relationship, or liked each other, or something crazy like that.” You say, trying to play it off as nothing.

“But you blushed when she said that, which means you must have to feel that way about me!” he teases, and you scoff.

“Yeah, you wish.” You say. You could’ve sworn you heard a small ‘maybe’ muttered under his breath, but you couldn’t be certain.

You walk the rest of the way in silence, the sidewalk transforming to a small board walk. There were different shops there, with a Ferris Wheel and neon lights – just like the carnival. You smile, but when you look up at Jughead he’s frowning.

You can see his reflection in the abandoned storefront window, the outline of stick-on letters spelling “New and Used Cameras!” on the dirty glass.

“Oh, Jug. I’m sorry.” You say, and he sighs.

“It’s fine, (Y/N). I wasn’t banking on it being open anyways. Just a little sad seeing it all…empty.” He says, pulling you away from it. You don’t say anything else, knowing that Jughead wouldn’t want to talk about it.

You two walk down the boardwalk, Jughead pointing to different stores and reminiscing about his memories. You don’t say anything, letting him explain every detail for you.

Suddenly, he’s pulling you in a different direction. “We didn’t get to go on the Ferris Wheel at the carnival so…” he trails off, stopping at the end of the short line for the ride.

You both wait in line, and when you’re about to get on, he asks the guy that runs the ride if our car could be stopped at the top.

“It’s one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen.” He explains, and helps you into the ride car. You were the last two on, and once the seat is checked you are lifted into the air. The ride goes around twice, before slowing down and stopping, you two sitting at top.

Jughead was right. This view is breathtaking. The sun is setting, splaying pinks, purples, and oranges all over. The water is a deep shade of blue.

“You’re right, this is gorgeous,” you say, and sit for a few seconds more. Before the ride starts to go again, you turn to him “If this is one of the prettiest, what’s the absolute prettiest view you’ve ever seen?” you ask, and he looks away shyly, before answering.

“You.” He says, and your eyes widen. You definitely weren’t expecting that answer, and as the ride makes its descent, you try to think of something to say.

 Nothing was coming to mind, though, and as you both step off the ride, you awkwardly begin walking back towards the motel.

Your heart is beating fast, still in shock from the bluntness of his words. It can’t be true can it? Does Jughead really think I’m the prettiest view? Could that even be humanly possible? What’s even going through his mind right now?

You walked yourself through the past few days, the bickering in the beginning, followed by the fully intentional cuddle session last night and earlier this morning. All the sweet words, hand holding, truthfulness. Everything coming to mind bringing butterflies to your stomach.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t realize you were already back at the motel, the sun just finished setting behind the horizon. Jughead uses the keycard to unlock the door, and you both walk in. The door shuts behind you, and he turns around.

“I’m sorry.” He said. You must’ve looked very confused, because Jughead continued “I shouldn’t have said that. I was so wrapped up in the moment, and just thinking back to the past few days, I dunno. I just don’t want my stupid, impulsive words to ruin whatever we have… or had.”

Your mouth opens and closes, almost fish-like, as you try to find the words to say. The only thing you wanted to do to the boy was kiss him.

So you did.

It was a sweet kiss, just a little peck, three seconds at most. The second your lips touched his you felt a shock, and when you pulled away its almost like your breath was pulled away too.

You both stare at each other, not making any type of sound, shocked at your bravery. And then, suddenly, Jugheads hands were on your face. They pulled you closer, his lips teasingly hovering just above yours.

When this kiss happens, it’s full of passion. It’s harsher than before, but you welcome it. Your heart was about to beat right out of your chest and your stomach wouldn’t stop doing flips. It was so blissful, so peaceful. Your heart was on Cloud Nine and you never wanted to come down.

You both pull away at the same time, the need for air a more pressing matter. He rests his forehead against yours, breathing deeply. It’s almost like this was how things were meant to be. You two, here, now.

And the rest of the night went on like that. Laying in bed watching cheezy movies, cuddling closer to one another and the occasional kiss (or make-out session) here and there. And in that moment everything felt perfect.

A/N: OK SO I can finish it here or I could make part 5, where Jughead and the reader go home & its just nothing but fluff. Let me know!! 

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anonymous asked:

if you're still taking prompts, would you consider writing some victuuri (+ yurio) family dynamics? you have this wonderful, comfy way of writing families that I think would be perfect for them. :D if you'd rather not I understand, but thank you either way!!


Yuri is grumbling, and a dark scowl unfolds across his young face every time Viktor (or anyone else in the busy airport) so much as glances his way. He reminds Viktor of an angry pomeranian, and Viktor has to work to school his expression before he speaks. 

“Good thing Lilia isn’t here to scold you,” Viktor says. He’s standing, because there were only two free seats left in this cluster of uncomfortable chairs by the terminal window, and watching the crowd with feigned interest. “She’d have something to say about glaring away all these potential fans.”

“Get lost,” Yuri says waspishly, bristling. “You’re gonna wake him up, stupid.”

That is unlikely. Yuuri is dead to the world with Yuri’s noise-canceling headphones firmly in place over his ears, fast asleep on Yuri’s slim shoulder, stressed to the point of exhaustion. Nothing short of a plane crashing through the window would be enough to wake him now.

But Yuri looks as thought he’ll fight anyone who attempts to move his bitter rival regardless, bright eyes sharp and not in the least bit self-conscious. Viktor thinks it’s adorable. 

“But are you comfortable, Yurio?” Viktor asks innocently. “Our next flight isn’t for another hour. I can trade spots with you, if you – “

“Shut up, old man, I swear to god,” but even that is a quieter bite than usual. Viktor tucks a delighted grin out of sight behind his hand.

Yuuri wakes up on his own halfway through the layover, the snatched sleep doing little to rid his face of its anxious lines. And maybe a year ago, Yuri would have yanked his headphones away and complained endlessly about how inconvenient the older skater was to have around. 

But now, Yuri wordlessly tucks the headphones into the bag at his feet and offers Yuuri one of his earbuds instead. 

“Hurry up, katsudon,” he snaps, with more caring than he’s probably aware of or would ever admit to. “Watch this stupid movie with me.”

Yuuri takes the earbud agreeably. He looks so tired that Viktor wants to scoop him up and hold him and do what he can to push all that unhappy heaviness away – but a moment later, their eyes meet over Yuri’s blond head. The swift smile Yuuri spares him is full of waking warmth and fondness, and no small amount of amusement, and Viktor knows they’re in total agreement. 

For all his bark and bluster, Yuri really can be a cute kid. 

Jumped: Part 4

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The next morning I was picking up my apartment, grateful Niall hadn’t stayed to see the mess in the light of day. We ended up having a round 3…and a half (in my favor) before he had snuck out of here with a soft kiss on my forehead that I pretended to sleep through. It had been an amazing night and my body ached slightly from our enthusiasm. My dress and panties were still on the floor of the living room and I picked them up along with the discarded condom wrapper. Something white was peeking out from underneath the couch. Grabbing it up, I realized it was Niall’s underwear. He must not have been able to find them last night. He had had to go home commando, carefully tucking himself back into his jeans still smelling like me. The thought made my insides clench. I decided to text him, knowing he’d be awake for an early tee time this Monday morning.

E: is this what you do? Leave your underwear at girls’ apartments so they’ll call you back?

N: works doesn’t it

N: sorry bout that. Couldn’t find them

E: no worries. Do you want me to return them? I could mail them or something

N: no don’t worry about it. Just toss them.

N: unless maybe we see each other again

E: I’ll be around. Just give me a call

I didn’t expect this to happen. Knowing he was leaving Thursday for over a month with a busy schedule for both of us this week, it was unlikely I’d see him this week, or ever, again. And I was okay with it, truly. We hadn’t gotten to know each other well enough to form any sort of lasting bond or anything. My world would keep turning, same as it ever had, without the charming musician in my life. We had had fun and orgasms and laughs but that was all it would ever be.

He texted me again that afternoon, a selfie of him on the golf course with a thumbs up. His accompanying text said I had given him good luck, he was playing one of his best games ever. I smiled in my cubicle, going through the rest of my work day with a silly smile.

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cards-needles-pens-swords  asked:

Can you write a part 2 for the adultrio/trouble trio traveling headcanon? This time they are flying and have a long layover at the airport. On the plane, the dorks sit next to each other and disturb others. (Thank you, I'm traveling right now)



  • phinks getting stopped in the metal detector and has to go down to his underwear
  • hisoka and illumi both have huge luggages, hisoka says its “clothes, illu says its just “stuff”
  • someone gets lost (its chrollo)
  • they find chrollo a few minutes before they have to get to their gate
  • hisoka dressed really flashy and acts like its his casual clothes
  • shalnark mostly does the talking to the staff + employees
  • feitan needs help putting his bags in the compartment and phinks helps him but not by putting the bags up there, but by lifting him up and fei gets really pissed


  • atrio sitting together, trouble trio sitting behind, all in 3s
  • shalnark and chrollo have window seats, hisoka and feitan have middle seats, phinks and illumi take the aisle seats
  • hisoka keeps leaning back his hair and feitan kicks the chair and they keep doing that
  • phinks’ knee is jutting out into the aisle and he takes up so much room
  • shalnark busts out that Sweet Laptop, he should play some games or solitaire or something
  • hisoka trying to get really comforable and lean on illumi or chrollo or both and he gets pushed around
  • trios watching movies together
  • feitan’s creepy laughter strikes again
  • chrollo falls asleep again
  • hisoka smiling at that and illumi makes a comment on how thats creepy
  • hisoka keeps going to the bathroom to fix whatever, his make up or hair or something
  • it annoys illumi because he keeps brushing against his knees
  • phinks using both fei and shal’s pillows
  • phinks complaining about the airplane food
  • chrollo cant decide which set meal to get, it takes forever, illumi picks for
  • feitan stabbing his food and not really eating
  • illumi eating his and says its horrible but hes still eating it
  • shalnark brought snacks in his tiny bag, shares some with chrollo (hisoka also asks for some but shal says he has no more)
  • hisoka chewing gum really loudly and blowing bubbles
  • fei drawing and gets pissed when phinks accidentally bumps his elbow or hisoka is messing around in his chair
  • phinks’ loud snoring is so horrible
  • fei sticks some of those ear plugs in his nose
  • shalnark taking pics
  • illumi accidentally tripping phinks


  • when they get off hisoka’s hair is pretty messed up for some reason, illumi’s is in a high ponytail
  • maybe its like 3 am? or a more regular time is good too
  • layovers where u go out at the stop are pretty fun but at the airport it can be fun too
  • they get something to eat first of all, maybe first have to hang around the airport, running around doing parkour or something
  • everyone sitting down and eating noodles
  • phinks cant use chopsticks and chrollo says he can just use a fork but he is determined
  • chrollo and shalnark walking around watching the clean bright tvs play commercials and sports games over and over
  • hisoka stopping by perfume and makeup shops with illumi, they buy a lot of overpriced ones, and nice ones just bc they can
  • fei and phinks running around really fast laughing really loudly (phinks) and making bird noises occasionally (fei)
  • a few of them lounging around on a big cluster of seats bc of jetlag
  • PT members getting calls from other troupe members
  • hisoka asking if anyone wants a massage
  • illumi walking around without his shoes on
  • chrollo is asleep again
  • phinks posing in a really goofy manner next to a see-thru window and asking shal and fei to take pics
  • shalnark tweeting everything thats happening
Fear of Flight (Jumin x MC)

Jumin takes you along for his first business trip after you wed, only to find out you’re terrified of flying.

Word Count: 741

This is meant to branch off into another story I’ll be doing in the city where Jumin’s business trip is occurring. That’ll most likely be out tomorrow. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!


You climbed up the steps to the plane with your husband walking a bit ahead.

This would be the first business you’d be joining him on since you wed.

Apparently, this would be to Rome.

Despite this, you couldn’t ignore the way your heart beat a million miles a minute, or how your legs teetered unsteadily.

“Love, are you alright?” Jumin asked, turning around, smiling softly. “You seem a bit uneasy.”

“U-Um…I-I’m fine.” You called back, looking up at the enormous airplane.

Just a little bit terrified.

He sighed, climbing back to you. “What’s the matter?”

“N-Nothing!” You insisted.

“You’re not fooling anyone darling.”

You bit your lip, eventually giving up. “I-I’m afraid of flying…” You felt your shoulders tighten up with worry. “P-Please don’t laugh.”

He didn’t laugh.

He took your hand, gently running his thumb over your knuckles. “Okay, I don’t know if this will help much…but just hold onto my hand. I promise that you’re 100% safe with me MC, so just take deep breaths.”

You nodded, squeezing his hand tighter and tighter as you came closer to the top. “I-I’m sorry.” You continuously apologized, a faint grin growing on your face when he’d as well squeeze your hand in return.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for.” He assured you. “We all have fears, we’d rather not admit.”

“Do you have one?”

He held his breath, laughing weakly. “I don’t… like geese.”

You choked back laughter, instead giving him reassuring words. “I don’t think anyone does.”

“They are known to be angry things.” He said. “But planes aren’t love, you have nothing to fear.”

You nodded, the smallest giggle escaping you. “Thank you Jumin.”

Perhaps to lighten your mood was his intention, as his smile only widened at your response.

You finally entered the massive plane, your jaw nearly dropping.

It looked like a small parlor, with sofas and seats clustered together around a television. It even had patterned pillows resting along the sides with blankets strewn on top.

Why it even had a small dining area.

Yet of course in the very back was a small set of seats that you’d usually seen on planes.

Jumin guided you towards it. “We’ll be taking off in a few minutes, so I’m sure you’d rather be buckled in?”

“Probably.” You sat yourself down, hurriedly buckling up. “What happens if I don’t?”

“I’d rather not find out love.”

You began taking deep breaths, your mind of course only focusing on the worst case scenario.

Your husband during this time, still held onto your hand while speaking words of encouragement to you.

“It’ll be fine. Taking off is the hardest part but I know you’ll be okay.”

You knew that was true. If there was even a 0.0001% chance of you getting hurt he would’ve never even thought of you getting onto the plane.

But that wasn’t going to stop the worrying.

When the plane finally took off, you pressed yourself into the back of the seat, your lungs clamping shut with the sudden pressure.

“Oh my goodness.” You cried, scrunching up your nose. “Jumin!”

He frowned, pulling your face to look at him. “Look at me, don’t think about the plane. Just focus on me.”

You nodded, switching all of your attention onto him. You stared into his coal black eyes, your breathing progressively slowing.

Your steel tight grip on his hand loosened, and your body relaxed.

He leaned forward, tenderly placing a kiss on your forehead as it was now safe to move about.

“You did a fantastic job.”

“I feel like such a mess.” You dropped your head onto his shoulder, resting in the crook of his neck.

“It was your first time, of course you’d be frightened.” He stroked your hair, his voice twirled with warmth. “You handled it much better than others would.”

“Did you react ‘this well’ with your first encounter with geese?”

“No, I did not. I reacted horribly.” He shrugged. “Granted, I was a child.”

“How do you think you’d handle it now?”

He thought for a moment. “I don’t know…” He said. “I suppose you’ll just have to stay by my side to find out.”

“I would be more than happy to do that.”

Naruto Live Spectacle (Fukuoka, April 2015)

The Fukuoka leg of the show ran from April 10th to 12th  at the Canal City Theater. I wanted to go to the one in Osaka as it was nearer my place but tickets sold out *minutes* after they were released to the public. I got O40, an aisle seat on the 1st floor which is part of the right-most cluster of seats facing the theater. It wasn’t that near the stage and it would’ve done me a lot of good if I didn’t forget to bring my binoculars with me, but I was lucky enough to get an aisle seat since, as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I got to high five Koudai and Ryo Kato (Chouji).

 Inside the theater before the start of the show. The stage has a pretty simplistic set-up.

I will no longer go into detail of what happened in the play. They will be releasing a DVD of it soon, and I encourage everyone to buy their own copy if they can. It will definitely be worth it. If not, I’m pretty sure someone will make it available online, and then we can all fangirl/boy at the same time. However, here are some of things that you can look forward to:

 First, let me make it clear that Naruto Live Spectacle is a stage play and not a musical as some might think. While there was no one randomly bursting into songs (except perhaps for Orochimaru, but we all know he’s dramatic like that), there definitely was dancing involved. (and yes, that includes a dancing Sasuke.)

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klarolineforevermine  asked:

kc + "We’re hiking and we get stuck in a downpour and wow it is freezing and why didn’t we pack raincoats, and oh no, we need to share a sleeping bag now to regain some body warmth" AU

The Harry Potter AU I promised! I am a sucker for “Sharing a Bed Because Reasons.”

Stick The Landing

There’s no answer to her first knock but Caroline isn’t about to give up. She takes a deep breath (not exactly calming in her current agitated state but she was trying) and grasps the brass knocker once more. She puts a little more force into her pounding, the sound echoing throughout the clearing Klaus Mikaelsons house is situated in.

She would not be ignored.

She hadn’t been surprised to find out that Klaus lived on a remote piece of land. It was bordered by forests, no other houses anywhere in sight. She barely knows him, only vaguely remembers him from Hogwarts. They’d been in the same house but Klaus had been four years older and hadn’t ever even glanced at her as far as she recalls. And Caroline had garnered plenty of attention as a bubbly American half-blood surrounded by cool and calculating Slytherins. More than one person had whispered that the sorting hat was faulty but Caroline hadn’t minded. Being underestimated had worked to her advantage. Klaus had kept to himself even back then. When he’d deigned to be seen in the common room he’d staked out a prime cluster of seating near the fireplace and had glowered if anyone but a select few dared to approach him. Judging by his house his preference for solitude remained intact.

Still, she remembers seeing the occasional glimpse that suggested Klaus wasn’t as cold as he appeared. Caroline had shared a dorm room with his sister and she and Rebekah hadn’t really gotten along. Sniping, petty fights and frosty silences had often reigned supreme in their room and they’d only just begun to manage the occasional civil conversation now, six years post-graduation, when they ran into each other in Diagonally. The few times she can recall Klaus softening, actually smiling, had been when Rebekah had bounded over to show him an assignment she’d aced.

He clearly had a heart buried underneath all the gruffness. Somewhere. She’s hoping she can appeal to it and her requests will be heeded.

Caroline’s just about to go for the knocker again when she hears footsteps approaching the door.

Finally. Caroline straightens and smooths her royal blue work robes, wishing that her hair were neater. She always started the day with it pulled back but her curls often began to escape by the time afternoon tea rolled around. Something Klaus had noted, her hair always springing wildly from her head in his drawings.

She pastes a facsimile of a polite smile on her face – planning to state her business nicely, at least at first – but it quickly drops when she sees who opens the door. “What are you doing here?” she asks.

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Time Travelers and Colonial Courtship

Originally posted by forassgard

Based on Anonymous Prompt from Drabble Games: 63+24 seem like really cute ideas that would work well together! Maybe with Steve? Love your writing!

63 - i fell asleep on your shoulder and you were too polite to move or wake me up au

24 - Imagine your OTP as teachers at the same school who are always flirting and have their students shipping them without realizing it.

A/N: This is super duper long, but once I started, I couldn’t help myself.  Sorry it took me forever to write.  Hope you like it!


“Ms. (Y/L/N), do you have a boyfriend?”

You turn around in your seat at the front of the bus, looking out into the sea of unruly third graders.


One of your students stands up in the back of the bus.

“Ms. (Y/L/N),” Clint asks innocently, although you can’t help but notice the impish gleam in his eyes.  “I asked if you had a boyfriend.”  You’re so taken aback that you answer.

“No,” you say.

“Girlfriend?” Clint’s best friend Natasha stands up next to Clint.

“No,” you repeat again before remembering yourself.  “Though I don’t think that’s any of your business.  And please, both of you, sit down.”

The two disappear back into the seats as a a chorus of whispers sweeps through the bus.

“That’s funny.”  You turn in your seat to look at Steve, your fellow teacher and field-trip chaperone.

“What?” you ask and he smiles.

“Those two asked me the same question last week after school,” he says and you laugh.  “

“Maybe they’re world class spies and they’ve been sent to build comprehensive files on us,” you joke.  “Did they ask for your mother’s maiden name?  First pet?”  

You mentally cringe at how lame that sounds.  Steve doesn’t seem to notice, throwing his hand across his chest as he laughs.  As you watch him, you can’t help but smile yourself.  The way he laughs is just so adorable.


You blink at the sudden burst of light and find Steve’s student, Peter, kneeling on the seat in front of you, camera in hand.

Peter smirks and sprints back to his seat, students clustering around him.

“What is going on today?” you ask, shaking your head.  “I’ve never seen the kids like this.”

“I’m not sure,” Steve says.  “But I’d guess we’re in for an interesting day.”


The bus finally pulls up a the colonial reenactment site.  The kids pour outside, oohing and aching at the wooden houses and various animals.

A tall, muscular blonde man dressed in period attire strides toward you, a large smile on his face.

“Greetings, small travelers,” he booms.  “Welcome to our humble town!”

He starts on a spiel about the history of the town.  You smile as the kids laugh at his historical jokes and ‘funny accent,’ as you hear one student whisper.  He finishes and invites you all into his home.

You start after the kids, only to have someone run past and bump into you.  You lose your balance and start to fall, but before you can hit the ground, a pair of strong arms wraps around your waist.  

You look up and find yourself staring into a pair of bright blue eyes.

“(Y/N),” Steve says, concerned.  “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just tripped,” you stammer, staring over at the students, all of whom are giggling amongst themselves.  You notice one of your students, Pietro, smirking as his sister, Wanda, scolds him.  He couldn’t have pushed you, could he?

You shake the idea from your head and look back up at Steve.  You’re suddenly acutely aware of how close the two of you are.

“Um, Steve?” you ask.

“Yeah?” he says, not seeming to realize.  You raise your eyebrows and his face turns bright red.  He quickly removes his arms.

“You have amazingly fast reflexes,” you say, trying to break the awkward tension.

“I need it to catch all the women who fall into my arms just to get my attention,” he jokes and it’s your turn to blush.


You pass through the rest of the colonial village without much incident, finally making it to lunch.  The kids spread out across a grassy field, munching on some colonial snacks.

You’re passing out water bottles when you feel a tap on your arm.  You turn around to find Steve’s student, Bruce.

“Ms. (Y/L/N), this is for you,” he says bashfully, handing a folded piece of lined paper to you.  You unfold the paper and bite back a laugh.  

Written in childish scrawl that you are 100% sure does not belong to Steve: 


You glance over at Steve and realize he’s got the same amused look in his eyes.  He holds up a similar piece of paper and you notice your student, Tony, slinking away, smirking.

You shake your head and hold up your own note and you both laugh.  You slip the note into your pocket and finish passing out water bottles.

The tour guide walks over and starts talking to you about the rest of the visit.  You miss the smile that slips off of Steve’s face, the way his jaw clenches as he walks away.

Natasha certainly doesn’t miss it and it’s not long before she’s whispered her plan to the entire class, now buzzing with excitement.


“What can you tell us about colonial courtship?” Tony asks.  The rest of the class hoots with excitement as you shake your head in disbelief.  They’re relentless.

“Courtship?” the guide asks.  “What is it you wish to know?  Is there a special lady you wish to impress?”

“No,” Tony says stubbornly.  “Just curious.”

“I do not believe you for a second,” the tour guide smiles.  “But I will tell you about courtship rituals.  When a man wished to marry a woman, he would woo her.  This was done publicly, particularly at dances.”

“Can you teach us a dance?” Clint asks excitedly.  

“Of course!” the tour guide says.  “Everyone find a partner.”  The kids scramble to find partners, but Natasha quickly makes her way over to the guide and whispers something in his ear.  He looks at her and nods, and starts to make his way towards you.

“My lady,” he says when he reaches you.  “May I have the honor of dancing with you?”  You’re slightly taken aback and feel a small shove forwards.  A smiling Wanda stands behind you, hands behind her back innocently.

He takes your hand in his, leading you out into the center of the room.  He slowly instructs you, going through the steps as the class watches, taking you through the entire routine.  

The class watches you, though their eyes keep darting over to Steve, who stands with his arms crossed and an impeccable poker face.

“All right,” the guide finally says, a smile on his face.  “Do you think you are ready to demonstrate what you have learned?”  The kids cheer and he moves to another room to ‘tell the musicians to play.’

The music starts up.  You feel someone take your hand and look up to find Steve standing in front of you.

“May I have this dance?” he asks and you smile.  

“You may,” you reply and the two of you begin to lead the students in a dance. 


The bus ride home is quiet.  Half of the students are asleep and you’re quickly on your way to joining them.  Your head rests against the back of your seat, as your eyes flutter shut and you drift off to sleep.  You slide to your right, your head nestling on Steve’s shoulder.

He looks down, surprised, but his face quickly settles into a contented smile.


He blinks at the light and spots his student, James, leaning over the seat in front of them, Peter’s camera in his hands.

“James,” he whispers.  “Don’t wake her up.”  James nods and sits back down.  He’s back up in an instant, a lined sheet of paper and pen in his hand.  He hands them to Steve expectantly.

“What’s this for?” Steve asks.

“Well, we wrote the note last time,” James replies.  “It’s your turn now.”


You open the door of your house and throw yourself down on your bed.  You’re utterly exhausted from the day.  

You reach into your bag to find your phone and come up with a neatly folded piece of paper.  You unfold it carefully, unable to stop the smile that spreads across your face.

Written in familiar handwriting:


A New Love Story (D.O x You)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 6,088

Note: 3/12 of my first summer one shot series.

The third member is none other than Kyungsoo! I love writing tsundere Kyungsoo, and a lot of his character was based on the image from his Growl pictures (as shown above). Many of the events in this scenario are actually quite true. ^^


A stream of steady chatter and the low revving of an engine drifts over the crowd of students gathered around the towering buses. You rock back and forth, from the balls of your feet to your heels, occasionally craning your neck over the groups of giggling girls and rowdy boys to catch sight of Chanyeol.

You see girls flirting with the poor exchange student, Luhan, and some of the guys attempting to wrestle each other to the weathered concrete ground, but there’s no sight of your tall, spindly friend.

And it’s surprising, how easily the excitement of an overnight school trip and the thought that Chanyeol could be chasing after the bus if he doesn’t make it within a few minutes is flushed to sudden annoyance when a bitter voice asks, “Do you even have a bus partner?”

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fanficallergy-deactivated201601  asked:

Katniss and Peeta and "Introduction to Human Sexuality" as Taught by TAs Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair.

“Stupid general studies requirements making me take stupid Intro to Human Sexuality so I can get my stupid degree,” Katniss muttered, trudging into the social sciences building. It was stupid that she had to even take the class since her concentration in biology was focused on plant life, not human life. She wasn’t even all that interested in her own human sexuality, let alone paying to take a class about it. It would probably end up being some middle-aged man who would rehash everything they learned in Human Growth and Development in high school. Or worse, a middle-aged man talking about…sex. She shuddered at the thought.

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anonymous asked:

tell me a funny story please

Okay, so in high school I was on the debate team and on weekends we’d attend various tournaments around town at other schools. Usually, the hosting school would set up tables and chairs and concessions in their cafeteria or gym for the attending teams to use in between rounds. One school in particular decided to add a bit more entertainment value to their cafeteria, and brought in a clunky old TV with a VCR and a stack of Disney movies on VHS tapes.

Fast forward to Friday evening, and I’m sitting in the cafeteria, going over some of my notes before my next debate. Nearby, I hear one of my female teammates almost yelling at her partner.

“Nick!” She said, exasperated. “We were supposed to be in the round like 7 minutes ago.”

To my surprise, his reply was, “No, no way. We can’t leave until this is over.”

I look up, and her partner (along with about a dozen guys from other teams) are seated in a cluster around the TV, watching in rapt attention as Captain Shang belts out “Be A Man” from Mulan. I’m pretty sure a few of them sang along.