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Everything, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Prom night with your best friend is the perfect night for Lin to get something off his chest.

Words: 2,725

Author’s Note: Prom season is upon us (at least, for any high schoolers out there!) and this is inspired by that (and by my own prom a bit, although none of this happened to me and my group saw Civil War after)! Hope you enjoy this 2.7k fluff fest.

Warnings: Nothing? If there’s anything please tell me.

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“Good God, Lin.” You mutter as he strutted into the living room, coat tails flapping behind him.

Your parents laughed and clapped at his entrance, snapping as many pictures as they could at the event. It wasn’t the exact image you had had of your prom as a kid, but you certainly weren’t putting up a fight.

Watching your best friend strike a few poses in his rented tux, hair gelled halfway to hell, holding a delicate flower in a plastic container in his hand was so much more than what you had pictured.

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Daddy Lessons

In which Bitty comes out to his Daddy. (The mom version)

Read on Ao3

It sounded like the beginning of a joke. Two Bittles walk into a den.

Eric stood awkwardly in front of his dad’s gigantic trophy case, his body slouched and his fingers intertwined in front of him. His adrenaline was still soaring from the conversation he’d just had with his mother and he could still catch a faint hint of smoke clinging to his button-down.

The elder Bittle was sitting in his favorite navy blue recliner, the hideous and torn one that had been banned from the living room after one (or ten) too many years of service. He held his ipad aloft in front of him as he scrolled through a sports news feed with a scowl. His body language was open, but intimidating, just like always. Richard had a habit of completely filling up every room he was in without meaning to.

The easy commanding presence was great for coaching, not so much for parenting. He knew that his son found it intimidating. The boy was far too soft-hearted for his own good, never wanting to bother or upset anyone. Afraid to speak up for himself for fear of being considered a burden.

Polite to a fault that kid. Just like his mama.

It wasn’t that Eric was afraid of his father. Of course not. He was afraid of disappointing him. Of not living up to his expectations and legacy.

It was the worst kind of fear. Self-imposed and corrosive. Everpresent. A lens that had colored every interaction between the two of them for more than half of Eric’s life, starting with the disaster that was his very first football game.

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❤️The Valentine’s Day Fic ❤️

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day, and things go a little differently for Dan

Word Count: 2,057

Warnings: Is extreme fluffiness one? 

Authors Note: I haven’t seen any cute Valentine’s Day fics yet, so here is my take on one! It’s still Valentine’s Day where I live so this counts! I hope this is extremely fluffy and cute and makes everyone day! Happy reading! 

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Helping Hand (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: Smuuut
A/N:  I can’t seem to write anything but an adorable, but also totally amazing at sex, Kenny. I know, I’m the worst.
     Tagged; @livingthestrongstyle @wwe-smutfics @celestialsami @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1600 words

Kenny has been playing Street Fighter all day and you’re going to fix that.

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First Date

Daddy!Derek and your teenage daughter going out on her first date and he makes the date really nervous. Requested by anon

“Derek would you please stop pacing?”
You ask your husband for what feels like the fifteenth time tonight.
“How are you not stressed out?”
“Because Laurence Daniels is a good kid.”
“Well with a name like Laurence I doubt he has a choice. Either be perfect or be a punk.”
“If I recall you were a bit of a punk when you were a kid.” You remind him as he paces back past you on the couch. You catch his hand and tug him gently down next to you. He drops down causing the seat to bounce, you wrap your arms around his waist and snuggle into him. He never could just relax when it came to your little girl.
“Mmm. We’re going to have the house to ourselves tonight. Hank is going to be out with Sarah and now Grace is going to be out with Laurence. I’m thinking some red wine and a bath sounds nice.” You tell him before kissing his jaw.
“Baby I think he’s here.” Sure enough you can see lights in the driveway so you let go of your husband and as he makes his way to the front door you make yours to your daughter’s room.
“Grace. Laurence is here.”
“You left him out there alone with dad?” She asks looking horrified.
“He’s not in the house yet.”
“Mom go! He’s going to embarrass me!” She cries as she throws some things into her purse.
“Alright alright.” You chuckle before heading out of her room. Sure enough when you get back to the front room Derek is staring the poor boy down. “Hi Laurence, Grace’ll be down in just a minute. You want something to drink?”
“No thank you ma'am.” You wrap your hands around Derek’s arm and squeeze gently.
“I want her home by 10:30. No later.”
“Yes sir.” Laurence swallows.
“If you lay a finger on her-”
“Derek stop it.” You say weaving your fingers through his.
“This is my baby girl we’re talking about.” You roll your eyes but Laurence looks like he’s going to be sick.
“Okay bye mom bye dad!” Grace cries as she comes bolting down the stairs. “I’ll be home by curfew! Aunt Penny already promised she wouldn’t track my phone. Love you!” She blurts as she drags a surprised looking Laurence out of the door with her.
“He’s a nice boy Derek.”
“Like hell Penelope isn’t gonna track her phone.” He says pulling his phone from his pocket.
“She already is.” You tell him passing him your phone. He grins down at you and kisses you soundly.
“I love you woman.”
“I know. I know.” You laugh as he kisses your neck. “I love you too.”
“Now, you said something about a bath?” He asks and you laugh as he pulls you up the stairs behind him.

your-zipper-is-down  asked:

Listen, I've just looked since the origins of your art blog (btw you have 78 pages) And all your pieces (art, backgrounds, fanart) are so awesome? Also, sorry for the spam, I kinda carry on a little, but your art is so great? You're so talented! Have a nice day, and please never stop your work, please ♥♥♥

You’re a trooper for going in so deep! I should probably remove some stuff, there’s just too many stuff everywhere ahhaha

You are so sweet, just saw the notifications and got so so excited and happy!
Words can not describe just how happy it is knowing you like my original work ;u;

Thank you so so so much! For your support, nice words, and being a complete champion and braving all those  pages ahaha :’D ♡

HONESTLY, thank you so so much, you’ve made my entire week! ♡ ♡ ♡

Kiss Cam

“Our seats are right here,” Joe points towards the row and I nod, following behind him as we squeeze between the other people sat there.

“Not bad, Sugg.” I comment settling into my seat beside him, gazing across the pitch below us.

“Oi, I could have chosen to take one of the boys you know.”

“But you chose me,” I grin over at him.

“For some reason, yeah,” He scoffs.

“That reason being I’m your best friend and you wouldn’t want to come here with anyone else,” I reply smoothly, slipping my one arm through his.

“I suppose that’s a fair point,” Joe slouches slightly in his seat, his one knee bouncing up and down, “That and you complain a whole lot less than the others. And we both like the same team.”

“Who wouldn’t support England?” I ask, my nose wrinkling.

“Probably half of the people here, Y/N,” He laughs, to which I roll my eyes.

“That’s not the point.”

“Oh be quiet, the players are coming out.” He nods towards the pitch, and our attention shifts, cheering loudly as our favourite rugby players names are announced.

It was the perfect day to come to a rugby match. The sun was shining, the temperature was rising, and it was just Joe and I.

I felt like I hadn’t seen my best friend in weeks, and had been missing some quality time with him, so when he mentioned having two tickets for the match today, I had jumped at the opportunity.

Days like this were great too, because I got to have Joe to myself. I had grown used to sharing my best friend with our other mates, and of course the world, but once in a while it was nice to have just him, and with no stress hanging over his head.

Studying his profile, I could see that he was truly relaxed, a smile gracing his lips, his blue eyes following the players along the field.

“Can I help you?” He turns his gaze onto me, an amused look shining brightly in his eyes.

“Nope.” I shake my head, turning my head back to the pitch, my lips curving up into my own smile.

“Then watch the game, not me.” Joe teases, elbowing me lightly.

“You’re right, the game is much more fascinating.”

“Don’t be rude, now.”

“I’m not, just being honest.”


“Oh be quiet and watch the game.”

The first half passes, and we chat casually, swapping comments about the game and our lives, along with the various people in the crowd.

The mood was happy and carefree, an enjoyable feeling settling over at us.

“Oh look,” Joe points towards the screen hanging against the stadium wall, “They’re doing the kiss cam today.”

I laugh as I watch a flustered couple kiss quickly, waving their hands at the cheering onlookers.

“What would you do if you brought a date to a game and you two were caught?” I ask, wrinkling my nose as a couple displayed on the screen starts making out heavily.

“That’ll never happen,” He snorts, and I turn my attention onto him, a questioning look on my face. “Besides you, what girl would want to come to a rugby match? And for a date?”

“I’m sure there’s someone.” I shrug, my eyes drifting back to the screen, just in time to see our faces blown up on it. “Oh gods…”

“Oh.” I see his cheeks grow red, and his eyes dart over to me then back to the screen.

“KISS HER!” Someone from a few rows above us calls out, while Joe and I turn to face each other.

“Just a kiss, right?” I ask weakly.

“Yup. Just a kiss.” He nods, licking his lips quickly.

“BE A MAN AND KISS HER!” Someone else calls out, and I let out a small laugh before suddenly Joe’s lips are on mine.

I feel my eyes slide close as I lean into the kiss, noticing how soft and warm his lips are.

We pull apart when the crowd around us starts hollering and cheering, but our eyes are locked on each other still.

“Uhm,” I say intelligently.

“That was not just a kiss…” He replies, and I nod slowly, because he’s right.

That was not just a kiss.

I had always thought I possibly had feelings for my best friend, but never dwelled on them too much. Except that kiss made me realize just how real those feelings actually were.


“Hmm?” I drag my eyes up from his lips and meet his stare.

But instead of responding, Joe simply leans in and kisses me again, this one lasting longer than the previous one, his hand moving up to my cheek.

“There was no kiss cam…” I whisper when he pulls back a little.

“I know. I didn’t want to wait and see if it came back on to us.”

“Oh, well in that case…” I trail off, pressing my lips against his once again, the game starting up again below us, but our attention is elsewhere.


Get one of those for me? I didn’t and you can’t take mine like you usually do. Easy, tiger.

Sentence prompts (VOLTRON) Prompt #4 (Klance)

Prompt from Anon

This was so much fun to write! Thank you for the prompt! 

“When did you fall in love with him?” wide green eyes and a toothy smile, their daughter looked up at Lance and he melted a little.

“Your dad?” he asked.

“Yeah. When did you fall in love with Papa?” she inquired sweetly. Like all children, she had eventually grown a little more curious about her parents and often asked them about what they were like as kids- funny stories of their youths- how they met.

Leaning back into his chair, Lance scratched the back of his neck, “When did I fall in love with him?” he repeats the question, unsure of the answer himself. Honestly, it felt like it had just happened. Now that he was in love it was hard to recall a time when he wasn’t. It felt impossible to even imagine not being in love with Keith. “That is a good question, baby girl,” he brings her into his arms, smiling, “Let me think about that,” and think he did, but he couldn’t figure out an answer.  

“Don’t you know?” she asks.

“Well, that is the funny thing about love- sometimes you don’t realize it is there, so it is hard to tell when it got there in the first place,” he says slowly.

“I know when,” arms, strong and familiar, wrapped around Lance’s shoulders, pulling him back a little. Feeling his husband nuzzled into his shoulder, Lance blinked wildly. “It was when aliens crashed down,”

“What?” Lance snorts. “When did that happen?”

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Life and Death

It must have been six hours already. You had been staring at a black wall, huddled up in the middle of a room, pulling at the sleeves of your sweater every so often to try and keep warm. It didn’t help, really. You had been freezing ever since you got here.  

Wherever here was.  

i don’t. really know what this is but… enjoy i guess?

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could write a smut where Jimin is a cute very shy nerd friend but that has always turned you on. One day you meet up with him at a library, when you get there, a couple of guys are teasing him and you decide to walk up to Jimin and kiss him so the guys will stop and leave. He started your one on one tutoring session but you couldn't concentrate so you get up drag him to the restroom and that's when you realize he's not so shy after all ;) -p.s. I love your work

Tutor Session: 

“Y/N? Pay attention.” Jimin chuckled ruffling the girl’s hair as he brought her from a daze.

“Mmm sorry Jimin I didn’t mean to.” She smiled sheepishly leaning forward to kiss his nose. 

“Are we still on to study in a minute?” He asked her standing up to put his stuff into his backpack.

“Of course cutie, just let me get my stuff from my locker and I’ll meet you there ok?” She replied calmly getting her stuff ready and they both said goodbye to each other that sweet smile lingering on Jimn’s lips.

The girl walked towards her locker in a daze, sighing softly to herself she played with the knob putting the combo into the locker and opening it she switched out her books and grabbed a notepad sighing as she rested her head against the locker. She had been day dreaming about Jimin the whole time she was with him. Trying to work on math problem because she was struggling with that subject the most. But god, to her Jimin was so cute, with his adorable puckered cheeks whenever he concentrated or how his eyebrows furrowed together and he bit on his lips and he worked out problems. But the problem was he was her best friend and she couldn’t just jump on him. He was shy and he didn’t really react much to her teasing before hand even though it was subtle. 

Shaking herself off, she shut her locker with a loud groan stomping her way towards the library still in a daze. Thinking about sitting on his lap and kissing his lips, playing in his smooth brown hair. Her steps carried her slowly one foot in front of the other. Thoughts still running wild in her head, how his college uniform clung to his body  He was such a sinful being to watch and she didn’t know if he even knew what he was doing to her or if she just couldn’t keep hiding her hormones for too long. 

“Hey! You hear us talking to you Jimin-ah~” Snapping out of her thoughts, the girl looked around the library walking in deeper to find the male. She walked behind a row of books to see Jimin surrounded by a group of men taunting him and teasing him. “Where is your girlfriend? Oh that’s right you don’t have one because you’re a pussy.” One man called out pushing at Jimin’s chest. And poor Jimin he just sat there letting them do it, balling his fist up and staring straight ahead trying to avoid them. 

She sat there and watched for a bit as Jimin got teased and fucked with by those assholes before it pissed her off. She couldn’t let her best friend get picked with, because that wouldn’t make her a good friend at all. So doing what she could only think about she walked forward with her head held high, her heels pressing down against the floor. 

“Yah, there you are Jimin-ah.” She smiled sweetly walking around the group of guys towards the male who went from looking red in the face and very pissed off to a bit relieved and happy. 

“Y/N-” He spoke her name but before he could utter out anything else she pressed her lips harshly against his softly nipping on his bottom lip she sat her back down letting a hand travel up into his hair pulling on the soft brown locks, she kissed him until she released a soft moan feeling his tongue poke out against her bottom lip. Pulling back she braced her forehead against his, cheeks lighting up the color of scarlet, the room seemed to be getting smaller and much hotter. 

“Hope I didn’t keep you long jagi.” She muttered out pulling back letting her body stand up straight. Turning towards the three boys looking at her in shock one of them avoiding her gaze as they shifted. 

“If you don’t mind, my boyfriend and I need to study now, and since I am a pet of the librarian lady, I doubt you’d want me to call her right?” She asked with a hard tight smile across her lips that didn’t reach her eyes. 

“She won’t believe you. It’s not like you have proof so run along little girl and let grown men talk.” One redheaded male spoke to her, but before the girl could respond back to him a woman with soft gray and black hair, big round glasses and soft brown oval eyes stepped beside her. She had on a long black floral dress to her ankles and black high heels on her feet.

“Gentlemen, I will have to remind you that this is a library not some circus act. So please leave right now, or I will have to call campus police.” The woman stated softly as she looked at each of the men. “Now run along.” She sent them off flicking her hands forward until they were going out of the library.

“Thank  you so much Mrs. Choi.” The girl smiled softly bowing her head before she went to sent down on the other side of Jimin. The librarian walked off after making sure they were ok moving towards the front and turning to Jimin the girl smiled widely at her friend. 

“Are you ready to study?” She asked softly.

“Are we not going to talk about how you pressed your lips against mine?” Jimin asked tapping his pen against his notebook letting his gaze flicker onto the girl, but something in his eyes made her heart clench. She didn’t know what to call it and she didn’t want to talk about it so she shook her head. 

“No let’s not address it until after we are done with our homework, I really need help with this problem but yes Jimin we will address it when we are done.” Smiling at him, she reached down for her backpack opening it up she placed her book out on the table opening it up wide. She gripped at her pencil tapping it against her notebook like Jimin had just done a second ago.

“Okay.. Let’s start with this one..” Jimin muttered out reaching over her shoulder to point at a math problem. 

She sighed softly to herself, starting to do the hard ass math problem. She chewed on her bottom lips, trying to think of the steps that Jimin had taught her how to do on the previous problem and she tried to focus on the problem at hand. She wanted to do good. She found herself not focusing however, because she just couldn’t shake off the feel of kissing his lips. How he tasted. Jimin was a good kisser, and she did not know that. She didn’t know that her best guy friend knew how to make her heart flutter. 

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked softly leaning over to press a hand against her shoulder. 

“Y-yeah?” She said softly looking at him. 

“It’s just you just stopped working and you didn’t even start the problem just doodling.” He pointed out at a problem as her eyes shifted back and forward. 

“I can’t concentrate.” She admitted to herself and him both, her legs crossing as the wetness started to seep into her panties. 

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Jimin asked softly gripping at her shoulder. 

“You.. And you are going to help me fix it.” The girl said slowly letting her eyes linger on him. She couldn’t fight it anymore- no she needed Jimin and she needed him now. Standing up she gripped at his wrist walking towards the back of the library and through a exit towards a set of bathrooms into the hallway. 

She opened the door up to the girl’s bathroom and pushed him inside towards the wall. Lips crashing against his she kissed him harshly, wanting to feel those plump lips back against her own. To her shock Jimin started to kiss her back, hands moving up to grip at her hips, he let one hand slip up between the valley of her breast, up her neck to grip at her hair tugging it back harshly while his mouth devoured hers. 

He moved his legs to place on leg in between her two, his thigh pressing against her crotch. The hand on her hip started to move her up and down his thigh, making her grind against it. A smirk on his lips because she was already wet and soaking through her panties. His tongue slithered into her mouth, sucking on the wet pink muscle he fought her for dominance, his hand slipping down towards her ass cheek to grip the plump flesh tightly smacking his ass repeatedly. 

He flicked his tongue against the roof of her mouth, letting his spit mix with hers until they were both breathless and he had to pull back to stare down at the girl. Full lips that were bruising, flushed out cheeks and hair that was becoming disheveled. How hot she looked grinding against his thigh rolling her hips and softly begging for more.

“I’m going to fuck you like a little slut. I hope you know that. But this is just a quickie for now. I’ll ruin you later.” He picked her up moving you towards a bathroom stall. He shut the door slowly, moving back he only unzipped his pants slowly eyeing her with a wink as the zipper slowly moved down his pants. He pulled his member from his pants letting it spring free slapping the bottom of his stomach. 

He grabbed at her hips and pulling her close he slipped her panties to the side. Lifting her up he wrapped her legs around his waist, letting his tip brush against the wet pussy waiting to be taken. He ground his hips back and forth letting his dick get wet and covered with her juices before slowly slipping into her. He sat down on the toilet seat starting to slowly bounce her up and down on his shaft, watching how he slipped into her. 

“Hold your skirt baby girl.” He rasped out watching as the girl gripped the hems of her skirt holding it up so that he could see it better. His hips snapping against hers harder and harder both of them gasping and relishing in the pleasure. His dick throbbed as he felt the warm walls squeezing around his dick. She was so fucking wet and the noises she was making didn’t help him either. How her breast bounced even in her bra made him fuck her harder, knowing he could only do so much because people were bound to come in. And as if on cue the door opened and it sounded like a group of girls walked in. 

He stopped moving only to pick her up and press her against the stall. A hand covering over her mouth because he knew she would be loud, he started to grind his dick in and out of her dripping slick walls, winding his hips up against her. His eyes bore into hers, his glasses fogging up from the heat that was going on between them. His thighs spread her legs wide as he continued to push his dick deep inside of her, switching angles until he found out where her spot was. Deep and slow he fucked her, trying to keep a steady pace but she felt so good and he was so close. He leaned in to press his mouth against her neck sucking harshly on the skin to create a hickey as he got closer and closer. 

Her walls convulsed around him and she knew she was close, grinding her hips down to press against his she meet his thrusts more so when he was pushing against her spot. She felt the pit of her stomach start to clench and tighten and that was when she released giving Jimin everything she had. She sucked on one of his fingers, letting her hands fist his shirt as she came. She was so spent thighs trembling around his waist. It took mere seconds for Jimin to follow suit groaning he pulled back lifting her up in the air as he turned towards the toilet and let his cum shoot out into the toilet. Kissing on her lips slowly to bring them both down from their high and let them relax he held her close letting his hands work and massage on her thighs as the girls left out the room. 

“If you act like a good girl, and do your work with me then I’ll fuck you nice and hard when we get back to my place.” Jimin muttered against her lips. 

“Is that a promise?” She asked him softly, nuzzling their noses.

“Oh baby, I think I need this more than you.” He chuckled sitting her down and helping them dress up.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I need one thing, just one... #4(the driving one right?) head canon, for mileven :) I love you and your writing so much!

Hi, noni! Thanks so much for the compliment 💜💜 Here goes!

Mike is sixteen, the standard age for most, when he gets his license. It’s an easy process; he does the training, goes in for his test and aces it on the first try (he’s always been good under pressure — ever since that November), and flashes it to his friends the following night.

El is happy for him. Really, truly happy. But she knows it’ll be ages before she can hold a similar plastic card. And that fills her with dread. She can’t stand the feeling of falling behind the others, after all of the catching up she did in junior high.

One night, the boys are leaving Mike’s place, but El holds onto Mike’s wrist in an effort to stay him. And so they linger behind while Lucas, Dustin, Will, and Max race one another up the stairs — arguing, as per usual, over stupid pointless things.

Will catches on, breaking off from the others and waiting behind. They barely notice.

“You want me to…?”

“Just go,” says El. “I’ll get a ride.”

Her brother — always concerned and thoughtful — nods. Then he’s bounding up the ascent.

Mike leans up against the stairwell post, arms folded over his chest but patience obvious in his eyes. “Yeah?”

El swallows. “I… This is a bit… difficult to say. I don’t — I don’t quite know how…”

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Take Care Of You: Part 1

Xiumin x OC

Word count: 8600ish

A/N: Was going to make this smut but I couldn’t get it right so for now this is just rated like 12, cannot guarantee the next chapter will be the same!

Summary: Eunsoo was just looking for a new job when she meets a man who seems to be more than a pretty face. This man offers her something she hasn’t had in a long time. But can this flighty girl let herself fall for a man who makes no promises to ever let her go.

Minseok doesn’t know what it is about the little goddess that stumbled into his life that drives him insane he just knows he can’t let her little had slip through his fingers. He doesn’t care what he has to do he, he isn’t letting her go anywhere. Lucky for him, he has the means to do that.

I take a breath to stop my hands from trembling, I roll my shoulders a few times to get the nerves out, I can do this. I pull the heavy doors open and peek into the beautiful waiting area of the upscale restaurant. A pretty young woman is standing at a podium staring down at something, too distracted to notice I’m there until I’m standing in front of her.

“Excuse me,” I mumble softly to get her attention.

She jumps, dropping her pen and placing her hand over her racing heart, “Oh my goodness!”

“I’m so sorry!” I quickly apologize.

Her eyes scan me, taking in my tight fit dress pants, matching jacket and white button up, “You must be the girl for the interview.”

I nod, “Yes but how did you know it was me?”

“Our manager said you were a foreigner.”

“Ah, I guess I do stand out a bit,” I chuckle looking down at my tanned skin.

“I’ll go get the manager if you would like to take a seat right here,” She gestures to one of the tall fancy chairs.

I thank her before going to rest in one of the seats. My feet bounce anxiously though I know I’m more than qualified for the position as a bartender there is always the chance they don’t want me here. I let my eyes scan around the room, the high ceilings, crown molding, magnificent chandeliers; the one through the large archway draws my eyes into the dining room. I peek curiously, noting how expensive all the tables, chairs and dining sets look, making a mental note not to spill or trip or drop anything, ever. Someone staring in my direction catches my attention, finding a handsome young face lit up by the candle on the table and the soft light from the chandeliers.

Cat like eyes narrow on me, suddenly we are having a staring contest. Pink lips are pressed into a firm line, his soft jaw line sharpens as he sets his jaw, making him appear more mature than he did a moment before. He rests back in his chair, completely ignoring the woman in front of him, his fingers tap against the wooden table’s edge, far away from where the woman’s hand is obviously reaching for him. In a pinstriped suit he looks like a gangster sitting there, confidence and power pouring out of him. I bite my lip, my eyes run back up his body to find his eyes, noting the small smirk now gracing his handsome face.

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Dancing Around

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader

* Modern rpf

* 331: Why can’t they see that they’re meant for each other?

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: he and the reader used to be dancers together but then she goes more onto her school studies and they’re still best friends. Now she’s at NYU getting a masters in History and Thayne takes her to the theater and everyone can just see how much they really actually like each other more than friends?

A/N: Here’s another Thayne one for my legacy. I’m pretty sure my time frame is horribly off but just roll with it kay? Thanks. And I’ll answer my messages later tonight. But enjoy!

Word Count: 2,917


“No it’s really easy Thayne!” You urged your friend.

“I just don’t think I’d be a good dancer OK?” He said nervously. The two of you were only freshmen in high school but you were trying to get your friend to join a dance class you found.

“You’d be great.” You tried again. “Please?” You finally asked. He gave you a curious look. “I don’t know anyone in the class and everyone is already all paired up so I’m always awkwardly the third person of a group.” You explained.

You watched as Thayne debated his options. He sighed. “OK, I’ll go with you next time.”

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Fluffy Concoction

Word count: 2122 

Pairings: Chocobros/reader 

Rating: General Audience

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Prompt: The chocobros turn into chocobo chicks one night and you’re stuck taking care of them.

I’m not the type to constantly update on tumblr on my latest fanfics, but since this one is a headcanon-type fic, I wanted to share this onto the FFXV headcanon community even though I should’ve done this sooner

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Fill Me and Feel Better

((Based on a really really pretty photo by @sinfulsabertooth found here:

Warren is having a rather bad, grumpy day, so his precious Kurt cheers him up again with a bit of love.
(Rated R)


Warren looked up to the clock in Hank’s classroom as he sat slumped and exhausted in his seat; bouncing his foot and resting his cheek heavily in his palm as he leaned his elbow over on the desk. He inwardly groaned at seeing five full minutes of class remaining, and let a long sigh from his nose as he turned his eyes back to the board. He wasn’t sure why, but today had him tense and oddly tired, ready to snap more easily than usual and getting annoyed with the slightest things. He assumed it had something to do with his lack of sleep in the past week, but still couldn’t bring himself to seek help as to why he remained wide awake night after night, no matter how exhausted his brain was or how much he fucked and cuddled and held Kurt close in bed.
Finally, after what felt like an endless hour later of Warren’s brain spinning and clawing at itself, they were all dismissed for the day and able to go out as they pleased; done with class until tomorrow.

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Just Another Night (Matt Murdock smut)

Author: Rae
Word Count: 6K
Warnings: Mentions human trafficking, hints at sexual assault, cursing, and unprotected sex.

I was walking down a cool New York street. The smell and taste of the air was that of metal and gas. The pavement was uneven so the melting snow on the sidewalks created puddles to avoid each and every step. Then it was easy to tell whenever I was getting close to a street lamp due to the reflection of light in the water.

As I trekked on the air grew colder and the breeze picked up. With a shaking hand I pulled my cellphone out of my jacket and unlocked it to get a glimpse at the temperature. 26°. It also sank in that it was 2:45 in the morning. With a long drawn out sigh, I shoved my hand back into my coat pocket and continued forward, thoughts of the night swirling through my mind.

I sat at a barstool looking at the red neon sign that said, “Josie’s,” while my finger spun around the rim of my glass of scotch. I was waiting for the usual trio to show up: Matt, Foggy, and Karen. It was nearly eleven and they were usually there by that point. I turned to my favorite bartender.

“Hey Josie, can you turn on the news?”

She just gave a quick nod before turning on the TV. I began to take in the information on screen and hearing something about Nelson and Murdock taking on a case. So that explained it. I tore my eyes from the screen to down my scotch. During the last swallow I heard the doors open up and already heard Foggy.

“I don’t know about you, but anything with a high alcohol percentage sounds pretty good right about now.”

With a chuckle I swiveled my stool and smiled when I saw Foggy and Karen, but the smile slightly faded at the sight of no Matt. “Hey, guys. You’ve had a busy day. So where’s Matt?”

Foggy waved his hand. “He said he was feeling a bit sore, I don’t know what he could even be sore from, but he said he wanted some rest.”

I looked down a bit. “Oh.”

After silence swelled for a minute, Karen spoke up. “Well we can have fun without Matt. Now let’s all get some drinks.”

My head perked back up. “Yeah, you’re right. Josie, let’s get a round of beers over here on me!”

A few moments later a bottle was in each of our hands and we were all laughing together. Before we knew it, three, almost four hours had passed and we all had a few beers. Foggy leaned against the bar counter.

“Hey Y/N, do you remember that time in college where you and Matt almost did the deed?”

I could feel the light heat on my face and the floating feeling of my mind. My hands covered my face out of embarrassment. “Oh my God Foggy, of course I remember, but don’t remind me.”

Karen joined Foggy’s side and asked what we were talking about. Foggy gestured to me and said, “Y/N, I will honor you with telling Karen what happened that fateful evening.”

I sighed and groaned before I agreed.

“Okay, so it was Valentines Day in our junior year of college. I threw this little party on campus and I went as far as making little games and stuff for it. One of the things was everyone had to vote for two people that they thought would make a great couple. I didn’t expect me to be picked for any couple choice really, but like seventeen of the votes were for me and Matt, which won. When that was announced everyone, including Foggy, began to chant for Matt and I to kiss. So we did. Then the party continued on. We were separated by the partiers and I found myself standing by the door to my dorm building. Moments later Matt was by my side, just leaning up against the brick. He said something like, ‘you’re a really good kisser.’ I remember laughing and saying, ‘right back at ya, Murdock.’ I don’t even remember the rest. We just found ourselves in my dorm asking out and my roommate walked in before things could go too far. The next day it was like nothing had ever happened.”

Foggy smirked, “that story never gets old.”

I chuckled, “well it’s not much of a story.”

“Fair enough. Anyways, I should probably get going; if not I’ll have to power through a hangover until Sunday.”

Karen spoke up. “I should get going too. I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

With short goodbyes the two were gone and I was left alone. “Then there was one,” I breathed out. With that I stood up, paid Josie, and left her a good tip before leaving.

My mind left the flashback as I looked at my options. I was at a street corner and freezing my ass off and it was too late for comfort. I could either take a shortcut through the alley way to get home or just go the normal route which would take an extra ten minutes.

I was desperate to get home, throw on fuzzy pajamas, lay down in bed with many fuzzy blankets and look over a few case files before I went to bed. A case had really been stumping me lately so I figured I should take another look. I got sidetracked.

With a deep breath I turned down the alley and began to walk. Any light I had before was gone so my eyes fought to adjust. That’s when I heard the sound of a trashcan falling over. I quickly turned and my hand went into my pocket, preparing to call 911 if needed. After a few moments of silence I turned back around and continued strolling along, my hand still ready to dial in case of emergency.

After what seemed like forever I managed to make it to my street and I ran to my building’s steps. As I pulled out my keys, I felt a hand grab my hair and yank me back. I fell on my back and groaned from pain as a wipe went over my mouth. All sense of reality had slipped away and my eyes fell shut.

I woke up to quite a bit of muttering.

“Hey mate, is that really the best you could do on 'er?”

“Afraid so, but it is a mighty fine deal. Most would pay two or three times that, so whaddya say? Will you take her?”

“I’ll take 'er outta your hands. Good doing business with ya.”

I forced my eyes to stay shut as I was suddenly picked up. I also tried my hardest to not have any muscles tense. I just wanted to seem as if I was unconscious.

I heard the creak of a rusted door and cold air blew at me. My body curled up a bit but whoever was carrying me clearly had no idea that I was awake because moments later I was carried to a car and laid in the back seat. I bounced each time the car hit a bump or took a turn; I may as well been a rag doll.

After a possibly ten minute drive, the car’s purr stopped and I heard the slam of a car door. As that happened, my mind began to race. That would be my chance to escape. I was a detective, critical thinking was literally my job. I also knew how to fight. It should’ve been easy. Once the car door at my feet opened and I was carried out, I opened my eyes and jumped out of the man’s arms.

Without even getting a good look at him I had kicked the back of his knees, making him go down and I sat on his back, holding his arms behind him. I smirked, “too easy.”

That was until he raised one of his legs and his foot made contact with my back. Yet, there was something else unexpected. Sticking out of the heel of his boot was a blade that he dragged across half of my back.

I screamed and jumped off of him, feeling pain scorch through my back. He then ran to me and banged my head on the outside of the building. I could feel the sickly scarlet warmth on my temple and I was dragged inside.

“Feisty one, eh? Well I like 'em that way.” With that I was slung onto a bed and my wrists were pinned above my head. I fought and yelled.

“Get off of me! Help! Help me please!”

I continued to thrash as his free hand slid under my shirt and I tried to pull away but all of his weight was holding me in place. “Girl, if you don’t shut your pretty little mouth, then you’ll be begging for mercy.”

I continued and he then unzipped my jacket before just ripping my blouse open, causing buttons to go flying. Then his free hand tore away to pull something out of his jacket. A piece of metal glinted in his hand. A knife. He brought it towards my stomach, lightly dragging across my stomach. I winced and whimpered in pain. Suddenly, the lights in the room were gone. The man above me muttered something and then a voice rang out and it seemed, well, familiar.

“Let the girl go and I’ll take you to the station right now. Let’s just do this the easy way.”

Something about it clicked in my head. The voice calmed me somewhat. Then the man above me stood up but my brain didn’t come to the conclusion to run. “I paid one grand for this girl, I’m not letting 'er go that easy.”

One grand? For me? Did that guy realize what a rip off he got? Or at least that’s what I was thinking.

I didn’t hear any more speaking after that. All I heard was a grunt, a thud, and then footsteps. I sat up against the wooden headboard and the footsteps actually seemed to be walking away from me. I was confused until lights flickered on and my eyes slightly burned while trying to adjust.

After they did I noticed the figure standing only a mere few feet away from me. My jaw dropped at the sight; a sight I never thought I’d be lucky, or more like unlucky, enough to see in person. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I took in every detail. He wore a mask that covered half of his face on top were horns. The eyes were blood red as his suit was red and black. His suit looked war ready it seemed.

“You’re him. You’re Daredevil.”

His mouth was slightly open too and it looked as if he was using his all not to say something. Then he awkwardly cleared his throat before looking away. “Miss, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” I bluntly responded.

“Y/N,” he took a deep breath, “you may want to zip up your jacket.”

I looked down to see that my blouse no longer had buttons and my torso was exposed. My face heated up and I quickly zipped my coat up. I turned back to Daredevil and he quickly spoke up.

“Here, let me take you a friend of mine so she can look over your injuries.” He held his hand out to me but I just stood up.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. I have to go to work tomorrow and it must be well past three in the morning and I just want sleep right now. Thank you for the help though. Really, it’s been an honor to meet you.”

I was about to walk off until his hand wrapped around my wrist lightly. I turned back to face him and he had a begging tone in his voice. “I want to get you help, please come with me. That’s all I’m asking for. Then afterwards you can go home.”

It sunk in that a superhero was begging me to get medical help. With a sigh I said, “fine. Take me to this friend of yours.”

With that he carefully led me out of the building which turned out to be an abandoned apartment complex. Sitting right by the street was a shitty car. It looked like it had ten years of rust on it, but the man in the mask ushered me into the passenger seat.

“I can’t believe I’m actually riding in a car with a vigilante,” I sighed while shaking my head in disbelief.

Daredevil chuckled and quickly floored the car, sending us off to a somewhat more familiar place. I slightly raised my voice to be heard over the sound of the speeding engine. “So where are you taking me?”

“A friend; she works at Metro-General, and she’s done a few favors for me before. We can trust her.”

The drive was becoming suffocating with silence and I reached over to turn the radio on. After a moment of static, Can’t Help Falling in Love, the Twenty-one Pilots cover, came on. I froze for a second but quietly pulled my hand away.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you

As the song played on, I could only think of a single person. Matt.

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

After the song ended and Matt was floating through my mind. The man next to me said, “I like the sound of that. Do you know who sang it?”

“Oh, that was a cover of it by a band that a lot of teens like called Twenty-one Pilots. The original is by Elvis.”

He smiled, “it made me think of someone I care about.”

His warm smile spread to me. “Me too.”

Within moments we pulled up to an apartment complex and he looked over to me. In a hushed tone he said, “I’m going to go to the window and let her know that I’m here with a guest. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Before I could say anything to argue, he was out of the car and making his way to the fire escape. I let out a deep sigh and leaned back into my seat. A lot had already had too many events for my taste, too many sour ones at that. Yet, good ones still managed to exist. I had a fun night with two of my closest friends, I met Daredevil, and that song played.

The sound of metal rattling had pulled me out of my thoughts. I peered out out of the car window to see Daredevil walking back towards the car. He gently pulled my car door open and he just barely whispered, “go inside with this key up to the top floor, she’ll be there with the door open.”

With that he made his way back to the fire escape while I took the keys out of the ignition and locked the car. Then I ran up the steps to the building before letting myself inside.

The building was considerably nice. Old wood flooring with rugs and carpets covering it and the walls were a neutral greenish color. I had to hunt down the stairs and go up about six levels to get to her hall. Just as the man in the mask had said, there was a woman standing in an open doorway.

“Are you Y/N?”

I just silently nodded my head. She seemed a little intimidating. Her skin was a light, chocolatey shade with dark hair to compliment it. Her jawline was sharp, but it made her attractive. Her lips were full and her eyes were dark.

“Well come on in,” she said with a sigh.

I quietly walked in and she shut the door behind me. Daredevil was leaning against the wall by the window and the woman told me to sit down.

“So what exactly happened to you?”

“I was walking home, the next thing I knew I was knocked out right outside of my apartment building. I woke up to a conversation about people buying me. I was taken somewhere else and they tried to strip me but I stopped playing unconscious and pinned them down. Then they cut my back along with my stomach. Somewhere in there this guy came along.”

“So M-” she began but was quickly cut off.

“Mike, my name is Mike.”

The woman threw a glare at, I guess Mike, and then looked back to me. “So Mike saved you?” I nodded and she sighed. “I’m Claire by the way. Anyways, Mike, can you please go back outside? I need to check over this girl’s injuries and I don’t want you to see her any more indecent than you already have.”

“But-” he struggled.

“Go.” There was no room for question, so he sighed and went back outside onto the fire escape.

“Y/N, can you please remove your shirt and jacket so I can get a better look?”

“Um, yeah.” With that I shrugged the two off of me and she gestured for me to turn my back to her.

“So Y/N, I’ve heard about you before. A young solo detective. You’ve made a name for yourself here in Hell’s Kitchen.”

“I guess I have. It’s been a lot of long work for it.”

“Must have. On another note, have you ever met this guy before, Daredevil?”

“Oh no. I’ve heard a lot about him and he seems familiar, like I’ve known him for years, but I don’t recall ever meeting him.”

She let out a long sigh and then said, “you’re gonna feel a slight burn.” An alcohol soaked cotton ball began making its way down the gash across my back. She returned to our conversation while I was wincing.

“Y/N, I’m gonna sound crazy while saying this,” she interrupted herself, “now turn around.” I did as she told me and she said to lay on the couch. Immediately she began to clean my stomach sound.

“You know what, just forget it.” I raised my head up from a pillow bracing it.


“I was gonna try to explain something to you but I want to talk to the friend of ours first.”

With that she got up and grabbed gauze before telling me to stand up. She wrapped it around me and left the room without saying a word. Moments later she returned with a large sweater and threw it to me. I barely caught it and she said, “throw that on. You’re gonna be here for a while.”

I nodded and pulled the warm sweater over my head. It was a light gray and was some high quality material, but it drooped off of my shoulders a bit. “Y/N, you stay in here, I’m gonna go talk to the friend of ours.”

With that she crawled out if the window and for the most part, closed it behind her. Moments later I heard murmurs, but something in me needed to know what they were saying. I crouched down and slowly crept to the window, sitting down next to it.

“Does she know it’s you?”

The voice belonged to Claire.

“No, and I intend to keep it that way. It was a mistake for you to get involved with this anyways, I don’t want the same to happen to her.”

“If I didn’t know about this, you’d be dead in a dumpster somewhere. If she doesn’t know soon, you’ll be dead for some other reason.”

“I’m not telling her.”

“Fine. You stay out here because I want to talk to her a bit more. I won’t say anything about you.”

I knew I had to move so I ran over to the couch and laid down before I heard the window open. Claire climbed back in and this time shut the window all the way. She sighed and I sat up.

“What is it, Claire?”

“I want to have a long, nice talk with you, but it’s five AM and I need coffee. Do you want any?”

“Coffee sounds amazing right now.”

She nodded and walked over to her coffee pot, with a few clicks of buttons, the coffee began to brew. She leaned against the counter, bracing her palms against the edge.

“You heard mine and his conversation, didn’t you?”

I froze up for a second but ended up meekly nodding my head.

“Good, I wanted you to. Y/N, you know the man who’s standing out there on my fire escape. I don’t know how long you’ve known him and I don’t care. All I care about is telling you a few things.”

“What are they?”

“Don’t fall for him.”


“I mean exactly what I just said. Don’t fall for him. This guy caused me a lump of heartbreak. Don’t let him drag you into all of the shit he does. Don’t let yourself get close enough to the point of letting yourself get too attached. It all comes with consequences, some of pain and others of life. Just take my advice, for your sake.”

“But-” the ding of the coffee maker interrupted me and she poured herself a glass.

“Do you like milk and sugar in your coffee?”

I nodded and she opened her fridge to top the spare glass with milk and then she gave me two sugar packets. I stirred my coffee and continued my previous attempt at a statement. “But how did you get that close to him in the first place? He’s a vigilante, aren’t those guys kind of supposed to be solo?”

“Well one night a guy I know had been walking in the alley. He found our masked friend in the dumpster. So the guy came and got me, together we carried him here and I treated him on that very couch.”

I was, well, intrigued by what I was hearing. “Well what happened after that?”

“Somewhere in there, I became his go-to, the person he went to anytime he was injured. Then I got involved in stuff and him and I just couldn’t go on together. So whatever we had going, is all gone.”

I looked down into the warm, caffeine filled drink. “Claire, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with a thank you. Thanks for looking over me and patching me up. Also, I can’t promise you anything, because more likely than not, any promise that find a way out of my mouth will be managed to be broken. I will at least give you my word that I will try not to do the same as you.”

She smiled and after a few more minutes I finished my coffee. “Y/N, you should probably head home.” I nodded.

“Thanks. I guess I’ll see you around?”

She silently nodded as I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. Just like the way I came, I exited the building and the masked vigilante was back in the car, only it wasn’t turned on yet.

“Y/N, would you like me to take you back to your place?”

I nodded my head and hurried into the car. 4:26 and 27°. With a quick flick of the wrist, the keys in the ignition turned and the shitty car came to life. The engine choked and stuttered as the man began to drive. It wasn’t until mere moments later that he drove up to my building. I quickly got out and ran up to the steps, noticing my shattered phone from hours before laying on the cold cement. “God dammit,” I muttered. I threw it into my jacket and looked in the pocket that held my keys, but they weren’t there. I frantically searched the front steps of my building and no keys could be found. “Holy hell.”

I sighed and turned back around, thinking that the vigilante was long gone but there he sat, parked. “Can’t get in?”

“Keys are missing.”

“Oh.” He paused before awkwardly speaking up again. “Well, um, you could come and stay at my place.”

“I would but I usually don’t room with strangers.”

“You had to in college.”

“Fair point, but that was a girl.”

“Fair point, but I saved your life and you can trust me.”

With that I sighed and got back in the car. We drove back a few blocks and into an alley way since there was no room for parking on the street.

We went up the fire escape anyways since he didn’t want to be seen walking through the building. Something about the place felt comfortable, like I had been there before. I shook my head at myself, knowing that couldn’t be true. Then we entered through his window. I found myself surrounded by an apartment I knew all too well.

“What the hell?”

The man in the mask walked over to his bar counter and pulled off his mask. His dark brown hair stuck down until he ran his fingers through it. The cool light of New York City billboards lit up his face. His chocolate eyes looked over at me with anticipation as his lips quirks up at the corners.


“Hey Y/N.”

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t let any other words escape my mouth.

“I know I have a lot to explain.”

My mouth seemed to grow a mind of its own because I slightly raised my voice. “Hell yeah, you have a lot to explain! I mean what the hell? I thought you were blind! I thought you were just plain Matthew Murdock, not some guy in a mask that takes out criminals in their free time!”

I stopped myself from continuing and Matt quietly walked over, stopping a near foot in front of me.

“Y/N, please, just sit down so I can tell you everything.”

After a moment of considering whether or not I should listen, I decided I should and sat down.

In that moment my life was changed forever. I remember my eyes looking into his as each little thing he told me connected together to show how he became Daredevil. To show who Matt really was. In that same moment I found myself hopelessly staring into the eyes of a man I had only fallen even more in love with.

“Y/N, do you understand why I made all of my choices?”

I nodded and reached out for one of his hands. It was still gloved but I held it between my own hands and just stared at it.

“Y/N, I have something el-” Matt was unable to finish his sentence due to me. I found myself leaning closer to him and our lips making contact. His lips were so full and soft. His hand pulled out of mine and lightly touched the side of my face. We seemed to move in some unspoken rhythm; he knew what I was going to do and I knew what he was going to do.

He gently began to nibble my lower lip, my mouth slightly opening for him. His tongue slid inside, not being rushed or harsh. His hand went from my face to my waist, as if he were holding me in place. Seconds later we pulled apart, resting our foreheads together and trying to catch our breath while weakly laughing together.

“Well Y/N, what I was trying to say is that I’ve grown to like you.”

I felt a cheeky grin spread across my lips and I said, “do you like like me?”

He chuckled and his voice had sincerity laced within it. “Yes Y/N, I like like you.”

With that I pulled him in for another kiss and that time he gently made it so I laid back on his couch as he remained above me. As our mouths connected he had started removing things from himself, not his pants or shirt, or should I say suit, but he began to take off his arm braces. I heard them fall to the floor. Along with them went his belt, a weapon holster, and his gloves. Each one of them landed with a different thud and his free hands began to explore.

His warm, calloused hand found itself drifting under the hem of the sweater Claire gave me. He traced my curves, slowly absorbing each detail with his hand.

When we pulled apart for breath, he sat up and began to undo his suit. He had it off quicker than I expected and he was above me wearing just boxers. I was feeling utterly blessed. Then I mentally apologized for all of the times I would be using God’s name in vain that night since Matt was Catholic.

Matt had a look in his eyes that I had never seen before. It was a mix of things I had seen before. There was a gentle tenderness, a look he only gave to those close to him when he felt happy. Another look was the look of adrenaline. That was a look I had seen him with many times, in the midst of am investigation or even dealing with cases in court. The last look could only be described as lust. His eyes seemed to be even darker than usual with such a mix of emotions and his irises were almost hard to see with his pupils being so dilated.

His hands proceeded to the hem of my sweater and he pulled it over my head before tossing it to a random spot on the floor. Since he was sitting up I took an opportunity I had been waiting for. I pulled my legs back towards me so Matt was no longer straddling them and I gently laid my hand in the center of his chest, pushing him onto the back of the couch.

I slowly crawled onto him, a smirk gracing his lips. “Maybe I should be in control, Matt.”

“Take the lead then.”

With that I slowly peeled my boots and jeans off before bringing my lips down to his collar bone. I nibbled there and lightly sucked; when I pulled back I saw a ring or red begin to appear. He already looked relaxed in a way. I took his head in my hands and began to kiss him once again but I positioned myself perfectly over him and began to move my hips back and forth. A moment later I heard a low groan, almost a growl.

That only encouraged me. I began to move at a slightly quicker pace, earning more groans from Matt and a strangled breath from me. Our lips were pulling apart and reconnecting continuously the more it went on.

Matt reached up behind me and within one swift movement my bra was around my wrists and against his chest.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

I put a finger against his lips to quiet him. “Come on Matty, you can’t use your Lord and saviour’s name for this.”

He deeply chuckled and said, “good thing you’re not Catholic then.”

I pulled my wrists out of my bra straps and threw the delicate fabric onto the floor.

My hand made its way down, not towards me, but towards him. I could feel the stiffness through the black boxers he wore and I wrapped my hand around it. He let out his quietest groan yet just by feeling some sort of contact. After a moment of thinking, my hand pulled back. Matt looked needy and confused but my hand was joined by my other to pull his boxers off. It was easy to say that Matt was excited for whatever was to come.

Just as I had done to him, I pulled the only piece of fabric that separated us away. I slowly positioned myself onto Matt. I was already feeling the stretch of getting him inside and as I lowered myself a steady moan came out.

I let myself sit there for just a moment to get used to the feeling. Then slowly but surely I began to move up and down, causing noises of pleasure to come from the both of us. A thirst for friction was growing so I began to go faster; letting out hot breaths,mixed with gasps and moans. I gripped onto Matt’s shoulders, my nails digging into his skin almost hard enough to draw blood.

“Oh God, Matt!”

“Y/N,” he exhaled his voice becoming more strangled and higher the longer the note stretched out.

The only thing that could be heard throughout the room was the sound of our harmonized moans.

In the barely visible light of the room, I could see the sweat gathering at his forehead and on his chest. His hair wasn’t it’s usually nicely combed style, it was fluffy and wildly sticking out. It was all so surreal, I could only imagine what I looked like to him.

My head and heart were pounding as I felt myself drawing close. I felt dizzy and it felt as if a coil in my stomach was slowly turning and tightening. At the same time I felt the dick inside of me begin to swell.



With our final moans, both of us released, warmth inside of me and surrounding him. I placed both of my hands on his chest and my head fell forward, trying desperately trying to catch our breath.

Matt was laying back, heaving while one of his arms was slung over the side of the couch. As his dark eyes stared up at the ceiling he said, “wow, that was just… wow.”

I breathlessly laughed. “Heh, yeah. Wow Matt, that was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

He didn’t have enough breath to really respond so he laughed and I pulled myself off of him. Only I found myself collapsing on top of him instead. I could hear his heartbeat as I set my head on top of his chest. “Matt?”


“So you can hear heartbeats?”

He pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and said, “yes, I can hear a lot of things. Heartbeats is mist definitely one of them.”

“Then couldn’t you tell I loved you?”

“Y/N, I can taste blood in the air and I can’t listen to a heartbeat, but I can’t read minds. Sure, I could figure out that your heart was racing but it’s not like I’d know why without asking you.”

“I see.”

After I was answered, drowsiness seemed to hit me like a brick. With the gentle rhythm of his breathing becoming slower and quieter, I was lulled asleep.

I woke up to sunlight managing to slide through my eyelids as the smell of coffee filled the air. I began to sit up, propping myself up on one elbow as I used my free hand to rub at my eyes.

“Good morning Y/N.”

After a moment I turned my head towards the counter where Matt was standing. In front of him on the counter was coffee but he hadn’t even touched it.

“G'morning Matt.” A short yawn escaped my lips as I stood up and discovered a robe was on me.

“I figured I should put something on you,” he said with a grin. He also added, “coffee?” His head nodded in the direction of the red mug. I quickly made my way over and took a long sip of the sweetened hot drink.

“So what time is it?”

“Around two. We were both exhausted.” I chuckled.

“Apparently. Wait, so are you going to work?”

“Only if you agree to come with me. Y/N, I want to talk with Karen and Foggy about something involving you.”

A sudden anxious knot in my stomach welcomed itself. “And that is?”

“I want you to become an official member of Nelson and Murdock.”

A gasp made its way out of my mouth and I began to cheer. “Yes! Yes, of course! I’d be honored to!”

“Well, we have to ask Foggy first.”

“Well come on, let’s go get dressed!” I grabbed Matt’s wrist and led us to his room where I threw a suit at him and looked through his closet to find a dress I accidentally left there once. It was a case he had been helping me with so I stayed with him for a few nights and I accidentally left my dress there.

I found it. “Bingo. I’m kind of surprised you kept it here, Matt.”

He awkwardly laughed. “Well I was thinking about if you ever had an occasion where you stayed the night here. I guess it’s good that I planned that.”

“Of course. Now hurry up so we can go!”

After both of us were dressed, Matt and I walked over to the office, Foggy and Karen were hunched over some file. When they heard footsteps they looked up. Foggy was the first to speak.

“Bad hangover, huh Y/N?”

“Actually no, no hangover at all you lightweight.” I laughed and he sighed.

“Well anyways-” Matt interrupted him.

“Actually Foggy, Karen, I have something to propose to you two.”

“What is it?”

“I want Y/N to become an official member of Nelson and Murdock.”

Karen got a big grin and Foggy had his own face light up. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Of course Y/N can join.”

Matt smirked and said, “good because Y/N and I are dating now.”

After being bombarded with questions, Matt went to his part of the office and got to work. I put my head on his shoulder and said, “I love you Matthew Murdock.”

“I love you too Y/N L/N.”

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