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Tao had a livestream today and 1. almost dropped his phone 2. "my english is not real" 3. nothing but the sound of wind 4. making the driver and the person in the passenger seat play his own songs 5. sang his own songs without abandon 6. was inconsiderate to the girl in the back seat who kept hiding her face bc the camera angle kept showing her and 7. "This was Swaggy T... *high pitched voice* BYE!!"




jungkook scenario | make me blush

I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please. >> Jungkook
requested by anon
drabble // fluff // 400 words

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

These are the words that Jungkook breathes against your lips - his follow up to your first kiss… which led on to nine more to make up for lost time.

A laugh slips from you, breathy, heady, unable to draw away from him, all you can do is murmur, “Only ten more?”

He scrunches his nose, bumping it against yours, as he tries to get closer, as if arms pressed to arms, your thighs curved around his, sandwiched together in the back seat of his car… as if that isn’t enough, like he wants to be closer still, all points of contact sparking curious new sensations. That’s what you hope he’s feeling, because it’s what’s happening to you. You want more, more, more. Having chosen to open… whatever this is, it’s now impossible to close it – you wouldn’t be satisfied with anything else.

You have to ask: why were you so hesitant before? Saying: “No, Jungkook, we can’t kiss now, not here. I want our first kiss to be special.”

And then when he leaned in, ready to chance his luck anyway, you’d push him away, giggling like a school girl, and he’d echo you, and you’d collapse against each other.

“Alright,” he’d say, “No kissing… not on the lips, at least.”

You’d nod.

“Well then, I guess you won’t mind this?” And he’d kiss your forehead, your nose, your chin… but he’d keep your lips free, because they were waiting for the right time and place.

Except, now, here - in the backseat of his car - is not the right time or place. It isn’t the romantic moment you’d imagined: enjoyed under the light of a million stars, out in the open - slow, sweet, steady.

But you couldn’t wait anymore. He had fallen against your lips, and you had responded the only way your body could – you’d reciprocated, searching, starving. And you realised, it didn’t need to be special, set up just right like a scene from a movie. If it was with Jungkook, that was enough… better than enough.

So you let him kiss you ten times more.

And then another ten.

A/N: A little short something in between the longer fics I’m working on <3

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Harry Styles

*request: he’s your best friend (that you have feelings for) but one day, he just stops talking to you and cuts off all ties; comes back a couple years later, engaged*

“Harry stop!” you laughed as he held more food to your mouth, pressing it to your lips while you were still chewing.

“But it tastes yummy!” he exclaimed, pulling the fork back slightly.

You rolled your eyes playfully and put your hand over your mouth until you swallowed. When you were done, Harry urged you to have more and you couldn’t say no.

When he dropped you off that evening, everything seemed completely fine.

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” he smiled as you pushed open the car door, grabbing your bag from the back seat.

“Sounds good,” you looked over at him for a moment, getting out of the car. He waved and waited for you to get into your home before driving off.

Taking a deep breath and walked up the stairs and unlocked the door to your apartment. Once you got in and locked the door, you took a moment. You thought tonight was going to be different, that you were going to tell him how you felt, but last minute you took a step back and just spent the night with your best friend.

There was no text the next day. There was no response to yours. There was no texts the day after that or after that. He stopped answering your calls, he didn’t call back, and eventually, your calls stopped going through.

You were left in complete confusion and fear. Your first thought was something had happened, a car accident, something bad. But as weeks past and with nothing publicly out there, you became defeated. Even on Facebook and Instagram, he seemed to disappear off of the face of the planets and you just hoped that he was okay wherever he was.

Two years went by, and day by day, you hoped you would hear something from him, anything. The person who you cared about, who you loved, and on more than a friendly basis, had just picked up and left. It wasn’t like you were locked up in your house, staring at your phone, but every time a notification went off, you hoped to see his name pop up on the screen.

It was July when he came back. Just as suddenly as he had left, he was back. You remembered seeing him at the grocery store, and you couldn’t stop yourself from going up to him.

“Harry,” you said bluntly, loud enough to capture his attention.

He turned around to see who was calling his name and he smiled when he saw you. “Oh my gosh!”

“Really?” you said unimpressed, putting your hands on your hips. “You just pick up and leave for a couple years and that’s all you have to say to me? Oh my gosh?”

“(Y/N)…” his smile faltered.

“What that actual fuck Harry?” You weren’t holding back. All the pent up confusion and sadness and anger was coming out uncontrollably. “You just fucking left! No calls, no texts?? Do you know how upsetting that was? To have my best friend abandon me? What the hell did you do? I thought you got hurt or worse! Did I do something to hurt you? Did I do something to make you mad?? I don’t understand!”

He stayed quiet and let you finish. “I had to go, I’m sorry.”

“That’s all you have to say,” you scoffed out. “Tell me why.”

Harry shook his head and glanced around, turning his attention to a woman who was coming down the aisle.

“I got it babe,” she smiled, putting her food in his cart. “Oh, sorry,” she bit her lip and looked at you.

“No, no, I was just catching up with an old friend,” Harry smiled softly at her. “(Y/N), this is Angela… my fiancé.”

Your heart fell and you tried not to express the sinking feeling on the outside. Fiancé? He was engaged.

“Nice to meet you,” you smiled slightly at her, looking back at him.

He was avoiding your question and your gaze. “We better get going babe, we have dinner with our friends tonight,” she rubbed his arm and looked at the list in her hand.

“Yeah for sure,” he nodded his head and looked back at you. “It was nice seeing you again.”

You didn’t reply and bit your tongue. Shaking your head, you turned around and headed away from them. You were done grocery shopping for the day. You couldn’t stand to be in that store with him anymore. It had been two years but the feeling of hurt wasn’t any less than it would if it had happened before the falling out. Now that he was back though, you weren’t going to forget about it. Not this time.

“Push me, Byers! Stop bein’ a wimp!” Steve urges from where he stands on the swing seat, Jonathan was hovering near the edge of the playground. Nobody was really around as it was getting late, but still, they were seventeen and eighteen years old.

“You’re a child, get down from there before you bust your head open.” He steps onto the sand and walks over to the swing set, Steve simply grins at him.

“Thattaboy, Jonny!” Steve crows as Jonathan moves around to the back and grabs onto the chains of the swing, pulling it back and releasing it. “Nothing better than swinging on a swing set, eh?” He tips his head back as he swings forward, but it’s proven to be a fatal move as the positioning causes his feet to slip off the seat. He falls back and his knees catch on the seat, it yanks his body forward and drags him on his back across the sand as the chain wraps around his ankle.

“You okay?” Jonathan’s already beginning to laugh as it becomes obvious that the young man isn’t seriously injured. Steve begins to untangle his legs from the swing so Jonathan hurries forward to help him. “I told you you’d get hurt,”  He smirks as he crouches down, and Steve pouts at him for a moment before glancing around. Jonathan joins him in the search for anyone nearby, nothing but a squirrel on a picnic bench a few feet away.

“Kiss it better,” Steve pleads, Jonathan chuckles quietly before pecking the young man on the lips quickly. He helps the teen to his feet, dusting him off a little.

“Now put your ass in the seat, it’s safer.” Jonathan steps to the swing next to him and sinks down onto the seat. Steve beams at him and sits down on his swing, using his legs to push himself gently back and forth. Jonathan uses his sneaker to draw a meaningless design in the sand, turning his head to watch Steve twist in circles to wind his swing chain up.

“C’mon, do it!” Steve tells him, and Jonathan gives a put upon sigh before joining him. “Let go in three, two, one!” They both pull their feet up and begin to spin wildly, the world a blur around them as they laugh and shout. Jonathan isn’t sure the last time he felt so carefree before Steve. As he slows to a stop, vision still spinning and stomach churning in protest, he grins at the sound of Steve’s laughter.

“I love you, Jonny.” Steve’s swing bumps into his and as Jonathan’s vision stops spinning, the young man pulls him close by the chain on his swing. Jonathan scrunches his nose up when Steve leans in close, the teen snickers in response before kissing him once more. Nobody could see them in the dark, just being careless kids in the night.

“Love you too,” Jonathan whispers as he’s released, swaying back and forth in his swing. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face if he tried.

Meanwhile at a Burger King somewhere in the galaxy
  • Zarkon, slamming his fists on the counter: Give me the Black Lion!
  • Manager, dead inside: I'm sorry sir we're all out of black lion toys, please stop before we have to call the cops
  • Shiro, rolling by in a mini-van full of Black Lion toys, yelling out the window: You can't command the Burger King, you have to earn his trust!

That “can you read that text” or “open that snapchat for me” kinda love. That wanting to hold hands even if you’re in the front seat and their in the back seat kinda love. That double, triple, multiple text because you keep thinking of things you’re obsessed with about them kinda love. That “I’ve been hurt before and really wanted to give up, but then I found you” kinda love. That taking more pictures of them than yourself because they are so fucking beautiful kinda love. That “I saw you in my dreams” kinda love. That saving their voicemails so you can always hear their voice kinda love. That “you make my heart beat so fast when I didn’t want it to beat at all” kinda love. Yeah, that kinda love.


… As long as the door on it’s removed.

It’s fine if it doesn’t feel, uh. Too cagey. You know?

Something Soon // Car Seat Headrest

Biting my clothes to keep from screaming
taking pills to keep from dreaming
I want to break something important
I want to kick my dad in the shins

I was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that I could survive it
I want to close my head in the car door
I want to sing this song like I’m dying

For real though Sam needs to be dating this guy (12x11)


he is the cutest!! 💞✨


Picnic Time! 

I plopped a nice little set up down in the middle of the Windenburg ruins, and invited all the kiddos out for some much needed fresh fresh air. We’ve got bff’s Dom and Trenton (Alix/Max son) to the left, nerding out. Hugo’s focused on his sketchbook, planning a new mural. Bridgette in the middle with her bestie Sativa (Julerose daughter) and her source of thirst Felix (Chloe and Nath’s son). Then on the end we have the older teens- Lionel (Kim/Alix son), Piper, Louis, and…

Oh! Looks like there’s a new face! :^)

Introducing Luna, who you may remember as the girl Louis clumsily hit on about a month ago. :^)

Turns out they’ve been really hitting it off these past few weeks, and Louis thinks it’s time she meet his friends and family :^)

Isnt that great guys? :^)