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Loving the wrong person can interrupt your entire life. Please be aware of who you invest your time, energy and soul into, because before you know it, your dreams and aspirations have taken a back seat and you’ve become fixated on fixing them. Don’t put your life on pause for anybody. People rarely change anyway and plus that is not your responsibility. Ignore the guilt trips and invest in something with a better return, you. Plus, people who have your best interest at heart will never allow you to lose focus/ let opportunities slip through your fingers. Stay woke and be careful of energy vampires. There are people out there who purposely seek those with pure souls and plot to drain them of everything they have. Emotional labour is the most unrewarding time-consuming unpaid occupation known to man. Be careful and remember if the positive energy isn’t reciprocal, fucking leave. This is a regret you don’t want to be burdened with.

New Moon in Gemini

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 19:44 UT
Chart erected for Washington, DC

We have something of a situation this “month:” the lunation is sesquiquad Juno and Pluto in Capricorn, and semi-square Venus and Pallas in Aries. The lunation is also sextile Vesta in Leo.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the squares between the Capricorn and Aries planets indicate difficulties in partnerships - we want to go it alone (and therefore, we think, we can exercise maximum control over the results), we want to be the boss one, we do not want to take a back seat. The Gemini lunation wants us to communicate better with each other, and learn to appreciate how much more effective and successful heeding different perspectives can make us. We might also work on understanding when to lead, and when to let someone more qualified lead. Everyone has to inhale and exhale.

That sextile to Vesta will give us plenty of fun (Leo!) opportunities to discover who we truly are, and to achieve a high degree of personal integration. There’s some hint of group activity - perhaps we identify as a specific social classification, or we go contrary-wise and insist, “That ain’t me!” Whatever it takes to get there….

In other news, there’s a mutable t-square (badly handled energy just beginning to come to light and manifest) between Mars/Gemini opposite Saturn-Pholus/Sagittarius, all square Chiron/Pisces. The opposition will manifest as some kind of culmination of a situation dating from last August 2016 (when Mars and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius). That conjunction was not only closely square Neptune/Pisces, but the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces. A karmic situation dealing with jingoism, escapism, and despair….

Las Vegas

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She hoped the city only looked grimy and dirty from inside the car. The car sputtering down the road caused people in rags with dirt on their faces out of the way. The houses hung low and were dark, depressing colors, a vast contrast to the colors rising back in Las Vegas, which she called home.  

“Tell me why I was forced to come here again?” She muttered to herself in the back seat, digging out her compact mirror from her bag and reapplying her pink lipstick. She meant for it to me a rhetorical question, or not really a question at all, but her driver thought otherwise.

“Your father was worried about your safety Miss.”

She scoffed, taking one last look at herself and flicking it shut, stuffing it back in her purse. “This city looks anything but safe.” She noted, watching a whore pleasure a man on the side of the road accompanied by barely audible yet distinct gunshots in the distance. Finally the car halted to a stop. Her driver got out and raced to open her door, helping her out of the car.

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Okay, the last two days I have splurged with food because sometimes consistency takes a back seat because hello human! 😂

Anyways back on track today—

I am dressed and ready to leave my friends house and sadly the only thing they own for a breakfast related item is a box of cliff bars. But a chocolate chip bar is not really want I’m craving this morning. Lol

Luckily I have grits or some fruit at the office so I just need to make the commute first.

Hopefully I don’t have hungry road rage 😂😂

Meanwhile at a Burger King somewhere in the galaxy
  • Zarkon, slamming his fists on the counter: Give me the Black Lion!
  • Manager, dead inside: I'm sorry sir we're all out of black lion toys, please stop before we have to call the cops
  • Shiro, rolling by in a mini-van full of Black Lion toys, yelling out the window: You can't command the Burger King, you have to earn his trust!
Descendant Signs 101

What? Your Descendant is ruled by Libra and Venus. It mainly represents relationships, partners, romance and who are attracted and why. Your Descendant is exactly opposite to your ascendant/rising sign and is held on the cusp of the 7th house. 

Aries: You will attract and are attracted to people who possess Mars like qualities. People who are obvious, loud, aggressive (not like punch aggressive), blunt, and bright. You will have a libra Rising, and this indecisive, fair ‘attitude’ directly contradicts with the bright, aggressive, in your face people they attract. You are attracted to very kind and generous people too though.

Taurus: People who can provide for you are attractive in your opinion, in a relationship you crave someone who can be co-dependant with you and you can equally (heavily) rely on each other. You will have a Scorpio Rising sign, and this means you love to help people become the best version of themselves, so you may be attracted to people who are not similar to you so you can help them build on qualities they lack. 

Gemini: You have a Sagittarius Rising to go with your Descendant. In relationships you like to be with someone you can feel free with, you like adventurous, constant change, and not too heavy commitment (at least at first). It will take the right kind of person to persuade you into marriage but you fall in love with the people you think are the most true and kind hearted (that’s your weakness). 

Cancer: With a Capricorn rising , the people around you are the ones you hold the most dear and near to your heart. You are attracted to people who have similar family backgrounds to you, because this is a part of your life you find important to relate on. You attract people who want to take control of a relationship, you love to have an equal involvement, but like to be treated and be the one in a back seat. 

Leo: Love can become an obsession to you, you are likely to be undoubtedly in love with love, This means you are attracted to people who are romantic, and pick out the smallest of  details. You are incredibly attracted to people who make you feel like you can do more than what you already do, people who are inspiring and kind. You attract eccentric people who don’t know how to fit in because you show them they do. (Aquarius Rising).

Virgo: You are someone who changes yourself for you partner without even realising. You fall in love and are attracted to people who point out things about you that are permanent and you don’t change. For example “I love your natural curly hair”; it makes you feel actually wanted. You attract (luckily) very kind hearted people because they know they can give you a lot of love and affection. Pisces Rising. 

Libra: You are someone who might overuse the term “it’s not you, it’s me”, but really mean it. You are attracted to people who tell you to sort your head out, and tell you not only when you are in the wrong, but when actually you aren’t. You are also attracted to people who really considers your feelings and needs. You attract lively and tenacious people, people who are fun loving and natural smooth talkers. Rising is Aries.

Scorpio: You partner will choose you because they want to really feel love. Your rising is Taurus. You are attracted to passionate people, who never do anything to make you feel jealous and concerned (unstable) in your relationship. You attract strong minded individuals. You fall in love very hard and crave the same in return. 

Sagittarius: You are attracted to people you can talk on another level with; whether this is a deep talk or an intelligent conversation, In fact, you value the conversations over anything else. You attract people with hell of a will power. You attract people you are blunt and not co-dependant. Your Rising is Gemini, so you also think a physical connection is important, and will attract partners who feel the same. 

Capricorn: You have a very emotional and sensitive rising sign; Cancer. You are attracted to people who value family and get along with yours (no matter what your relationship with them is). You tend to really fall for people who don’t make you feel like you have to do anything, as you often will feel like you need to be perfect and do everything perfectly for them. You attract people who have a huge sense of humour and love to be safe and feel secure.

Aquarius: You are attracted to people who challenge and attract people who are full on and intense. You fall in love with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and love very openly and publicly. You attract people who want a 24/7 relationship and someone to really rely on. The people who want you tend to be wanted and are fairly dependant on you to make them feel good. You also attract very understanding people. Rising in Leo. 

Pisces: Your ascendant/rising is Virgo (the virgin). You attract people who are sensual, and love the physical parts of relationships. You also attract very intelligent people, who like balanced and honest relationships, too (just pick them apart wisely). You like people to be romantic for you, especially when they aren’t naturally romantic people. You are attracted to people who are unapoligetically themselves, people you just couldn’t change even if you wanted to. 

I will always love One Direction. But, I wish media would let it rest for now. I remember everywhere Niall went after “This Town” came out, it seemed like the song, and embarking on a solo career, took a back burner to questions about the band returning. 

Today, asking if they’ve spoken to each other is one thing, but playing a lengthy 1D montage while one is on a program to promote a solo album is just…unnecessary.

They’re not going on shows and giving interviews to talk about 1D. Leave the past in the past for a bit. Give them all time and the opportunity they deserve, to establish themselves as solo artists, without harping on about what was. Start the 1D talk again when the ten year reunion is imminent.

inspired by this video (sfw, but a sex toy is being used as car repair, so take that as you will)

“Laura’s gonna flip,” Derek says in dismay, looking at the huge dent in the driver’s side door of the Camaro. Her most precious possession, the car she’d been saving up for forever, the car she waxes and washes every weekend, the car that she let Derek borrow to go to the Mathletes competition in San Francisco because Derek had a basketball game on Friday and couldn’t make the official school bus, the car that Laura made him swear his life on, is now forever ruined.

“Damn, if there ever was a good place to curse, that would have been it,” Stiles says, crossing his arms and looking far more attractive than he had the right to. “C’mon, Derek. Just say it. Fuck.”

Derek blushes, watching the word tumble out of Stiles’ pink mouth. “No, I… there’s gotta be a way to fix it. But if I call her insurance people she’s gonna know…”

“It’s totally my fault,” Stiles says. “I was the one who wanted to go to Tastee Freeze on the way back, and let some dingbat hit you in the parking lot. Actually, it’s their fault, whoever can’t drive.”

Derek shakes his head. It’s his fault. He’d been having too much fun this weekend; he’d spent practically all of it with Stiles. He’d had a crush on him forever— in fact, joined Mathletes at his request, and the whole year of practice, of spending afternoons with Stiles poring over math problems, watching Stiles lick Cheeto dust off his fingers— it’s been too much. Coupled with the fact that Stiles actually just plain forgot to catch the bus on Friday, and then caught a ride with Derek, meant hours in the car listening to him sing along to Hamilton and muddle through the rap bits, and sleeping next to him in the four-to-a-room motel Saturday night, and waking up with Stiles’ face smashed into his shoulder.

Derek had been too overwhelmed by it all, too overwhelmed by Stiles. Getting the chance to spend time with his friend this weekend had just intensified his feelings, and he knows there’s no chance that Stiles will ever feel the same, so he’s just drinking it all in, savoring these moments when he can.

It had been a terrible parking job, the Camaro was at a weird angle, that’s why the person rounding the turn had hit him. Derek sighs. He guesses it’s for the best. He’ll just have to pay Laura back. For forever.

Stiles is studying the door, eyes narrowed in concentration. “Actually, it’s not that bad. They didn’t even scratch it. It’s just a dent. With the right amount of leverage…”

“I’m sorry, do you happen to have a magical car-door fixer in your overnight bag?”

Somehow, this causes Stiles to turn bright red. “Okay. I have an idea. But you have to promise not to laugh.”


Derek watches, perplexed, as Stiles pulls his duffle bag out of the back seat, and then rummages around in it.

“Promise not to laugh,” Stiles repeats.

“I promise.” Derek is confused, but sincere.

Stiles pulls a bright blue dildo out of the bag. It’s springy, and jiggles a little with the movement. There’s a thick vein running along the side, and the base even has… balls.

Derek’s brain short circuits, an image of Stiles, naked, working himself on the girth of the toy, his mouth open, panting, as he tries to get the right angle, skin flushed pink from pleasure…

“Fuck,” Derek says.

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Something Soon // Car Seat Headrest

Biting my clothes to keep from screaming
taking pills to keep from dreaming
I want to break something important
I want to kick my dad in the shins

I was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that I could survive it
I want to close my head in the car door
I want to sing this song like I’m dying

Expecting a child just changes your entire perspective on life, assertiveness and procrastination. You’re filled with an unlimited amount of energy and inspiration and for the first time ever, self sabotaging takes a back seat, because you’re now in preparation to becoming someone’s entire world. What a blessing and a beautiful responsibility.

BTS as shit my 21-month-old nephew has said/done
  • Jin: *stumbles and falls on his bag of chips* oh chip
  • Yoongi: *sleeps for an hour* *wakes up when my brother comes home from school* *moves to my lap* *curls up* *sleeps for another 2 hours*
  • Hoseok: *gives the best facial expression to any situation*
  • Namjoon: *sees magazine in back of seat in front of him* *realizes he can't reach it* *uses his foot to push it up far enough for him to reach*
  • Jimin: *sees Yoongi as my icon on laptop* Baby!!
  • Taehyung: *watches any BTS video with me* *Jimin shows up* CHIM CHIM!!!!!
  • Jungkook: *sees other toddler building a stack of blocks* *attempts to stack a higher stack of blocks*

For real though Sam needs to be dating this guy (12x11)

Simp Masturbation Monday!! Dark haired beauty playing with her pretty pussy in the back seat!! Getting her perfectly smooth innie pussy all wet!! Was hoping for a squirt…