A New Companion.

The high-pitched sound of the kettle boiling woke John up with a start. He grunted, stretching his short yet muscular frame to it’s full stature. John managed to have done it again; falling asleep during the middle of a task in broad daylight. This wasn’t like a medical man to do, especially when he’d been trained likewise during his days in the service, but he just couldn’t help himself anymore. Ever since Sherlock had….left him, John wasn’t the man used to be.Granted he was more rested, and much more organized without someone to interfere with his peace and quite, but John knew in his heart that he would trade it all away for someone to just interfere once more. Today was the day Molly and Lestrade planned on taking him clubbing with them on their weekly night outs.  John sighed, thinking back to when he half-heartedly mumble his agreement to “tag along” as Molly so cheerfully put it. He knew it was just one of their schemes to get him shacked up with some one again and John didn’t like the idea of being forced to meet someone new. 

John half heartedly smiled as he saw Molly and Lestrade meet him at the entrance to their local Club Cameo.

“John!” Molly yelled over the crowd. “It’s so nice to see you! You look so much better. She said, smiling and giggling as always. John walked over to where the couple was standing and gave his old friend a warm hug.

"Molly, it’s been too long.” John said, pulling away from their embrace.

“Hey, you haven't forgotten about me yet, have you mate?” Lestrade nudged John teasingly, offering out his hand. John smirked, firmly shaking the Detective Inspector’s hand in his. 

“Greg. No, no of course not. We should grab a pint one day, just like old times.” John replied warmly, as he was ushered into the entrance of the club.

 Suppressing the urge to turn back now, the doctor followed his friends into the cramped club, watching for people still waiting in the queue. Blasting, rhythmic music met John as him and his group slowly made their way towards the dance floor. Instinctively, John scanned the room for any one who looked suspicious. Ever since he’d gotten involved with Sherlock, being aware of his surroundings came as a second nature to him. John sighed when he realized that he’d lost Molly and Greg in the crowd, and, not knowing what do with himself, pushed his way through towards the bar. Noticing an empty seat, John walked towards it and placed a hand the on the back, gently pulling in towards him. At the same time as he did though, the doctor felt a young, tender hand underneath his. John looked up to find it’s source and blushed when he realized a beautiful brunette woman was standing right next to him, grabbing the seat at the same time. 

“I-I…I’m so sorry, please, you have it.” John stammered, noticing the woman’s beautiful attire. He smiled, pulling a seat next to her. “I’m being rude, My name’s John Watson. It’s nice to meet you miss?”  John said, holding out his hand.