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“You are safe, that is all that matters,”

“A great serpent of the North, they had said, a creature that brought fear and death to all in its wake. Dragon fire is unlike most fires we are well accustomed to, it is like a potent poison– it burns and corrodes with every intention of turning all that it touches into ash.

I first heard the news when I was visiting my mother and father in Lothlorien, that the company of elves coming out of Greenwood had been decimated by a great serpent of the North.

Our healers worked feverishly to heal his wounds before my arrival, but in the end, even I could not save his eye entirely. We traveled swiftly to Imladris shortly after, for there is no greater healer in Arda than Lord Elrond, but ultimately, Lord Elrond could only confirm our greatest fears— that his eyesight could not be salvaged.”


“Meleth Nîn, like the moon and sun that orbit Arda, we will always revolve around him– our own little world.” - Iestil to Thranduil

“I remember when I first told him that I was with child, and how his expression changed from an initial shock to an elated joy. It was a day full of smiles and laughter– we were to be parents, and Mirkwood was to have an heir.

If I recall correctly, he threw a grand feast the following day to commemorate the conception of our little leaf, a celebration that lasted for days on end. The entire Woodland realms celebrated alongside us, singing songs of good fortune and of blessing while feasting under the star-painted sky.

Initially, Thranduil and I both felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation, knowing that we both were about to enter a new chapter in our lives,” the Elvenqueen pauses, warmly smiling at the memory, “But I think he was more worried than I, constantly asking how I was feeling and often chiding me in the most loving manner possible about how I should take it easy and rest. (Mind you, I wasn’t doing anything remarkably strenuous) He was quite the doting husband and worrywart, and turned into a doting father once Legolas entered the world. But I am truly blessed to be able to call him my most treasured friend and loving husband, and I am truly honored to be able to call myself his wife and queen. For I know that no matter what fate may bring, there is nothing in all of Arda that can sever the bond that we possess, and that through even the darkest times, that he will always be with me even if we are parted– and I, always with him.”