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You make Miss a racist Asian stereotype. From the sharp teeth to the shortness to the aggression, your prejudice is overwhelming.

Hello! Just as a general announcement, if I get more messages like these then I’m not going to be posting them if they’re on anon. I’m not turning my anon off (so many of you are lovely and helpful) but if you would like to discuss any problems you have with my work I would like to put a name or account to your messages.  

As for your actual message! I couldn’t find anything on sharp teeth being an asian stereotype, but feel free to point me in the right direction. 

The shortness I could possibly see. I personally love short characters(whether asian or not), and as a kid the fact that in season 2 Musa’s father barely reached her shoulder(which could be a racial thing as his height was adjusted to something more “average” for a dad character in season 5) weirdly impacted me?? like its a silly thing to remember, but it was an episode that actually had emotional depth so thats probably why it stuck. However I am aware that Asian people can have a lot of height variance! Which is why I designed Mitsy, Mulan(mythix fairy), Matlin, and Galatia(who is Asian in my au) as taller ladies!

I am aware of the “dragon lady” or “tiger mama” stereotypes dealing with aggression, on the other side of the racist coin though, you have the “submissive” and “sexy” stereotype for east Asians as well. And I have a feeling you would have a problem with whatever I chose to do with Musa. tbh tho Musa isn’t actually that aggressive in my au, she’s confident, high energy, doesn’t take shit, and can react emotionally, but she doesn’t try to pick fights (either relational or physical) so I’m not quite sure where this one is coming from. you’re welcome to your own opinion i guess? 


☕️☕️☕️ the tea is sorching!!!

Just a reminder that v*gan ≠ automatically sustainable. Sustainable is growing things where they’re suited to- goats and other hardy livestock in scrubby areas with poor soil, and definitely not growing avocados and other water-heavy crops in most of California. And also buying and eating local and in season (reduces the impact from shipping foods).


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Honeymoon’


A special illustration for Episode 24, “Letter”, has been created for the release of the new DVD & Blu-Ray Boxset for OsoSan’s Season 1, in which Osomatsu’s face that was hidden to us throughout the episode is finally revealed.

Outlander Moments of Impact: The First Law of Thermodynamics

(Full disclosure: SEASON FOUR IS HERE AND THIS SASSENACH IS OVER THE MOON WITH JOY. I canna wait to see what this season has in store. If you have not watched “America the Beautiful” yet, perhaps wait until you have and then come back and squeal about this scene with me!)


What squelches love? What is a force strong enough to take down real affection? Does true love honestly endure forever?

These are questions many of us have asked. Particularly, as we have watched the fire of love burn only to be reduced to ashes and dust in the wake of aftermath—there is a sting of reality encircling the remaining smoke of demise. 

Surely, love exists, and yes, it can last. It can be eternal. But what makes it to be so? What allows love to press beyond even the brink of death? 

This is a query that surrounds the atmosphere of a scene between Jamie and Claire in 4x1 “America the Beautiful.” After all they have been through, there is a yearning to hang on to every single second for they know it could vanish; and furthermore, there is a burning doubt: can this love survive anything


Let’s break down the scene for some context, shall we?

  • The stage is set in the forest. Night. There is something about even this detail that is telling. Jamie and Claire’s setting is both literal and metaphorical—they are currently in the space of the unknown with their future: a realm of both wilderness and darkness.  
  • And yet they sit before a fire. The light and warmth illuminating—providing all they need. It harkens back to a different time. A simpler time in this man and woman’s story. A time in their tale that almost seems like a whisper because if you did not listen, it’s gone as soon as you’ve heard it. (which if i am being honest gives me an explosion of emotion because this feels like a flashback to “Rent” or “The Devil’s Mark”—an intimacy is formed between Jamie and Claire among the fire & trees.)
  • They have absolutely nothing while simultaneously being completely content. Why is that? Because the one they yearn for sits beside them. 
  • Claire dips a cloth into water and begins cleansing her husband. Her eyes watch him because she notices the tilt of his head and the way his shoulders are set. She hears what he is not saying. She feels what he feels. She knows
  • To step inside his world with him, Claire whispers, “It’s been such a terrible day.” Leaning in, she gently kisses his shoulder. Such a subtle demonstration of her love for him. It is simple because it does not need to be grand
  • She rests her head upon him. Then in awe, she lifts her eyes to Jamie and breathes, “I feel so lucky to be here with you.” These words are coming from a woman who not only has stared death in the face, but has lost everything she holds dear. She knows the weight of her words.
  • It isn’t wrong to be alive, Sassenach” is Jamie’s reply. He also knows full well what it is to be alive and feel as if he should not be. He does not want for Claire to feel guilt over her life. 
  • Claire acknowledges the wisdom in her husband’s words and responds, “You’re right.” But sitting there in his presence, she cannot deny her overwhelming gratitude, “We have to treasure these moments” (”The Wedding” theme starts playing right about now and slays me dead. Bear: you know what you doing, baby boy, I will give you that).
  • Taking the cloth from his bride to now reciprocate the blessing, Jamie says, “Aye. You and I ken better than most how fleeting life can be.” As he is saying these words, his fingers graze her skin and his eyes dance around her collarbone. Even now, he cannot help but admire his wife. 
  • Clearly enraptured by one another, they simply sit and breathe in unison. But then, as if snapped back to the cruel reality of her life, Claire confesses, “Still I can’t help but feel sometimes that all of this could be ripped away at any moment.” Jamie knows he cannot contradict her because she speaks of their own story. But full of conviction he replies, “It doesn’t matter, Sassenach.” 
  • Showing her his assurance, he kisses Claire, and continues, “After you left me—after Culloden—I was dead. And all that time, I loved you.” Lovingly touching his face, Claire affirms, “I loved you too—I never stopped.” And then they steal another kiss; every kiss is stolen when you were never supposed to have another. 
  • Jamie continues, “And when my body dies, my soul will still be yours. Nothing is lost, Sassenach, only changed.” 
  • They both beam—their love never ceased. Taking her hand as he always has, Jamie kisses it. Claire then observes, “That’s the first law of thermodynamics.” Pausing for the briefest second, Jamie traces the lines of his beloved’s mouth, then adds, “No. That’s faith.”
  • When Jamie says the word faith, it’s two fold—it is an essence and a name. It not only encompasses Jamie’s belief in God, but beyond that, a symbol of their daughter who also is not lost
  • Overcome by each other, they embrace with a lover’s kiss. And then, in the most splendid and glorious way they make love with the one whom their soul loves

There has never been a breath taken where Jamie and Claire do not realize that they share the same oxygen again.

They are completely and utterly consumed with awe about the sheer fact that they are no longer separated. They are together. Every single second shared is a gift: a treasure that too long ago was taken from their very hands. 


With every single passing tick of the hour, there is an awareness of another moment shared and another imminent moment of separation. When a love such as this has been take away so quickly, how can Claire avoid a feeling of impending doom? 

How do you look at the other half of your soul and even fathom the thought of being torn in two?


And so she is sitting in that tension even while her husband’s skin is warm in her hands. But what if he turns cold while in my reach again?  Yet, despite this fear, this doubt, this agony, this question: the other half of her soul has an answer: it does not matter, Sassenach:

It. Does. Not. Matter. 

It does not matter if we are separated.

It does not matter if we die.

Nothing in all of creation can remove my love from you or your love from me. 

Time and space are merely a barrier to push through to make my way back to you. 


What can squelch true love? Nothing

Nothing now. Nothing in the future. Nothing past. Nothing will ever kill the love of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser and Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser. 

Their love is not circumstantial. It is not easy. It is not conditional. It is not knocked down. It does not take no for an answer. 

It is a love that extends beyond the realms of the natural. It looks hell in the face and says not today—not my beloved. 


Oh yes their love knows suffering, separation, and strife. But rest assured their love knows no boundaries. It knows no restrictions. It knows no death. It knows no end. 

If love can be stopped, it will be. However, if Love be true, nothing, not even death itself, can stand in the way


As it was and as it always would be…

It’s been a long, wonderful journey and Voltron Season 6 was everything I hoped for. My heart is still raw from bawling over the beautifully scripted, animated and voice acted work of art. Here’s my contribution to the massive outpouring of love and affection for our favourite boys and the amazing team behind it all.

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she-ra and the princesses of power; S02E02  » ties that bind


Felicity’s inspiring speeches to Oliver in season 5.


I’m so fucking happy wisecrack’s analyses are the best. I’ve been meaning to talk about the importance of why Rick’s fake origin story was central to the themes of meaninglessness and moral grey area and to Rick’s character (and the ultimate April fool’s on popular fanon) and this video sums it up nicely. 

(t for depression deathtalk, alcohol m etc.)

Though I do imagine Rick has a very deep and suppressed desire to seek conventional and meaningful connections with other humans like a normal person (exemplified by the fact that he did in fact get married, end up in even in some marginal way caring for his daughter and coming back to her), experience and his need to avoid vulnerability through superhuman genius always win out.

I don’t like the idea that a single catastrophe separated Rick’s conventional happy self and his current nihilistic apathy, no matter how potentially accurate, it’s just not wise writing nor is it congruent w the complexity of his character. I remember reading a comment Harmon made about not wanting to pinpoint Rick’s alcoholism to one specific event, which, he said, would trivialise Rick’s depression and deflect blame of his more destructive tendencies onto an external circumstance. This is something that was very comedically parodied by the creators who really do want to insist that Rick is and likely has been for a very long time a deeply apathetic human being. He looks past the details of individual interactions, doesn’t bother to appreciate a person’s unique idiosyncrasies because he’s come to know that all people are vulnerable in the same way and doomed for either ignorance or depression. He doesn’t bother with details like this that he sees as trivial, instead focusing beyond, imagining the far-off effects of every single action and how it fits into the overall meaning of life, the resigning himself to the fact that nothing matters, which of course always leaves everybody depressed.

Take the showdown between him and AU Rick who had Summer hostage. Repeatedly we’re revealed deeper layers of Rick’s nihilistic train of thought: if there are infinite grandkids he can portal to, then the death of one Summer doesn’t matter.  Summer’s subjective experience of any kind of pain or betrayal is, to him, minuscule in the grand scheme of it all.

And this is something else i want to touch on: Rick’s extreme cynicism and anger stem from optimism. His expectations for life, for everyone around him, and himself are too high. He’s smart enough to chart out all the plethora of possibilities (infinite realities) for his own life and humanity as a whole. Likely this presented as pure optimism when he was young, growing up around America’s early space exploration and its utopian visions of a future wth round TVs. But as he grew older, and the sunny sixties turned to the tongue in cheek hedonism of the seventies, that well of optimism shrank. Again and again he’s met with the realisation that nothing is perfect and everything is out of his control. He’s conflicted between a frustrated hope that he will find some kind of meaning, with Unity, Bird Person, Diane, Beth, Morty, Summer, etc

I think after all these years, he’s come to be a frequent flyer of the “get it over with” philosophy otherwise known as defensive  pessimism. If Diane and Beth will one day come to the same earth-shattering reality of an absurd universe, why not just leave them right now and get it over with? If we’re all going to die, why not blow up the planet? Rick has come to be so familiar with disappointment that all and any of his expectations are overridden by presumptuous dread. 

At this point, it seems Rick uses this as a pretext to deny that his actions have any lasting consequences, he’s too focused on avoiding potential (and sadly inevitable) pain. Coupled with a beautiful concoction of a superiority complex, self-hating alcoholism, depersonalisation, denial though video games and TV,  that friends, is how Rick’s psyche works. 

Sana s4 trailer thoughts.

There are so many fascinating and clever things about this trailer. And I want to talk about them at length when I have more time… for now just throwing some thoughts out there.

The reversal of the film, starting with Even, who was a big fan favorite for S4, as a type of bait-and-switch (the same one they employed with Wilhelm during Isak’s S3 trailer) was clever. And by working their way through all the other main players of season 4 and ultimately landing on SANA, the fact it’s HER season becomes so impactful.

The choice of Song “Don’t let me be misunderstood” performed by Yusuf Islam (prev. Cat Stevens) who adopted the name after converting to Islam definitely feels significant. The lyrics allude to the struggles and prejudice she experiences, but I also thought the song in reverse sounded vaguely arabic, which I’m sure was also intended.

Furthermore I liked how the entire video was, as you realized in the end, basically an elaborate domino effect created by Sana. The way she looks in the camera almost makes it feel like she was aware of what was happening before putting her foot out to trip Noora. (and it feels like a subtle callback to Sana’s ‘magic hijab’ in a sense too).

I’m really curious to see how s4 will show us Sana’s vulnerable side, but it feels like this trailer gave us a glimpse.. it’s not about needing to compromise Sana’s strength or bringing her down to show it, because she deals with the ‘shame’ and struggles (prejudice and racism) just by being herself. And even if she looks like she’s in control, there are aspects (other people) around her she simple can’t control.

These are just a couple of the things that stood out to me, I may add more later or write a better analysis. Feel free to reply or reblog with your own thoughts!

here’s an old headcanon i have about the origin of monthly dinner.

the first time we see mac and dennis at guigino’s together is in s5 in “the waitress is getting married,” and then we don’t see the restaurant at all again until 4 seasons later in “dines out.” in waitress is getting married, they’re there monitoring charlie’s own date - what if they were sat nearby, close enough to listen in on him, and ~not on a date the whole time? and they really liked it, secretly, getting kinda dressed up and sitting across from each other and just talking, eating good food, smiling and scheming together.

and after charlie stormed off, they figured they might as well eat the food they’d already paid for and they ended up not scheming and just talking and smiling at each other while they finished dinner…they both had fun and a month later, when mac had waited as long as he possibly could, he kinda shyly asked to go back just because he liked it so much. and dennis was like :) in his feelings and said yes (because he was obsessed with making mac happy at that point, let’s be real) so they started going regularly, not on a scheme, just getting drinks and talking over candles and expensive food and it was so romantic

and then after they broke up, they both wanted to keep doing it, and it was awkward bringing it up….but they just both silently reasoned that it had never been explicitly romantic so it was fine, and they kept doing it. but that’s when it started