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Sweet Caroline (The Losers Club)

Summary: The losers spending time with each other in a diner.

Words: 2,703


A/N: I got this from @grownups-are-the-real-monsters post about the losers in a diner listening to the juke box (x). Also, there aren’t any prevalent ships in this fic, a few are implied, but nothing outright. (It’s weird to post writing because I haven’t posted any writing in so long.)  

It was a small diner. It was a town over from Derry in a different small Maine town. It was one that the losers loved, because they weren’t losers there. They were the group of teenagers who went to the public places and were a little louder than the workers would like but not too bad because they tipped (unlike most teenagers) and were nice to the people they encountered.

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Today I was talking with someone who likes voltron but isn't really in the fandom at all and she told me "season three felt really catering, some of the l/k scenes felt really forced " and honestly for someone outside the fandom that says? A lot??? People are freaking damaging this show by screaming at the writers nonstop . Trust the writers to do something good with the show, not yell about how u want ur dumb ship to be canon

I have a few friends at uni who I got into voltron bc I introduced them to it and theyre not involved in the tumblr fandom and they honestly said very similar things. 

Characters done most wrong by S3

1. Bellamy (takes place in mass murder all so Clarke can confront him about how he ruined all the good she and L.exa had done)

2. Lincoln (killed in a needlessly brutal and dehumanizing way after being sidelined for most of S3 AND 2)

3. Clarke (written more passively than ever in the series, literally referred to as a cheerleader by the showrunner, allows herself to be used as a political symbol and it being shown as a romantic/reverential act, previous medical genius thinks a chip is a person)

4. Raven (love interest dropped, hugely sidelined for more than half the season)

5. Octavia (shown abusing her brother with no remorse, two of her key relationships most likely irretrievably ruined)

Not on this list? The guest star who had an entire season written around their redemption and love life. 



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Strangers in the Garden

Anonymous said: Omg I love your scenarios! Your writing style makes asdfghjkl :D but may I request a ravi prince!AU? He really looks like a prince in those uniforms they wear for this cb omg

okay so I’m terribly sorry for taking so long to get this finished up and posted for you … I do hope that you still enjoy it regardless … and as always - you’re all welcome to drop anything into our ask … *big hugs*

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Reader x Wonshik


1,511 Words

Staring at yourself in the mirror again, you mentally cursed your best friend for pulling you into this mess. When you had been having lunch between classes a few days ago, you had let slip that you were going to be stuck on campus for the holidays, as your parents had decided to go visit your sister’s family who were living abroad. And while you were happy for the invitation to stay with her family, you hadn’t realized what you were getting into.

What you had forgotten when agreeing to the invitation was the fact that your best friend had a part time job when she wasn’t at school. Apparently the holiday season was just as busy as the summer wedding season for the catering company that she worked for, and after a quick meeting with her manager and background check, you found yourself with a new job. While it wasn’t exactly how you had pictured how you would spend your break, you didn’t mind the extra money that you could add to your after graduation savings.

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Last season I NEVER even CONSIDERED the possibility I would ever have to say this but we’re four episodes in to the second season and THIS ISN’T GAY ENOUGH



what she says: I’m fine

what she means: I’m literally so nervous for Sherlock season 4 i mean I’m excited about the christmas special and ready to have some emotional debates over the return of John’s mustache but I’m also literally so nervous someone please tie me down. and benedict cut his hair and i can’t handle sherly without HIS PRECIOUS ANGEL CURLS I MEAN WTF. And will the christmas special somehow effect the outcome of the characters in season 4? Will it just be a giant paralleled hint? Will it have any effect on the current characters? Also, are you going to make johnlock basically nonexistent now that Mary’s here? Or is something going to happen with that character arc? Also, steven mofatt said “The first series was all about the beginning of their friendship. Second about the formative stages, the love and fear and loss and all that. The third was good days, me and my pal and my pal’s wife. Those are golden days. The missing element in a lot of Sherlock Holmes adaptations is allowing it to be funny. There’s a lot of humor in Sherlock Holmes, and it’s ignored in a lot of adaptations. [Season 4] is going to be… I suppose you’d say… consequences. It’s consequences. Chickens come to roost. It’s dark in some ways—obviously it’s great fun and a Sherlock Holmes romp and all that—but there’s a sense of… things… coming back to bite you.” Do you know what this means? i mean neither do I but i s2g that I’m not emotionally prepared for what it is somebody hold me. And I mean ffs could he be any more vague and broody, “dark consequences”. So if this is the “Darkest” season as he suggested then WTF were all the other seasons? Is it gonna be darker than season 1 and 2 because how much darker can you actually get I mean you’ve already hit the floor of hell (emotion-wise) and i did not wait 2 years for another season where everyone dies and comes back got life. I mean its cool that Moriartys back but i just wish that maybe you would stop playing with my emotions. I know that they said moriartys “definitely dead” but at this point if i trusted everything you said than i’d be stupid. And is that why you made the third season more catered towards the fans and lighthearted and altogether more like a giant fan fiction (not that I’m saying thats bad). Was that just a cheap trick to make people excited about getting back to fun stuff after the 3rd season? Im honestly so stressed right now and I need answers.



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After yet another week of watching teen wolf social media fuck up and completely misread their fans, I don't think I've ever seen a social media team for a show have such a complete and utter disconnect with their fan base before as bad as the teen wolf one seems to have. Do you think I'm being too harsh on them? Or do you think that how they market the show online and who's actually watching the show are two completely different fan bases?

I think the social media team for Teen Wolf is just at a cross roads of how to act and in being there makes some dumb mistakes. I mean if I were them and I saw how vocal the Sterek fans got around season 2 I’d prob cater stuff to them as well but when the show doesn’t follow through it looks shallow. And then they back off so those fans feel neglected…it’s just a cycle. 

Same thing with them reblogging all this fan art and hiring fans, they want to be like hey fandom we see you and appreciate you…but sometimes it feels incredibly disingenuous. 

My main issue now has just been how utterly incompetent Rachel seems to be running the twitter account and how she always tweets something offensive every week like clockwork.

Also, what most marketing teams suck at is understanding exactly what fandom is. They’re just on the sidelines looking for ways to get people to watch and continue watching, not realizing that fans take things to heart. Like them taking a 100% back peddle from Sterek pimping in polls surely felt like a slap to those fans, much the same way Scott fans felt marginalized that the main character on the show wasn’t celebrated on the tumblr until the actor threw a tantrum. 

However I will say that despite their many faults, they are attempting to do their best. The show’s fandom has sort of grown wildly and they have to figure out how to cater to them, which is not an easy task when there are so many takes on the show.

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I really appreciate that you occasionally criticize the writing on GMW, because often in this fandom the writers are treated like infallible geniuses & to me that's just not the case. I've found Maya's identity crisis arc to be especially clumsy and opaque-- casual viewers shouldn't have to turn to analysis blogs to translate the plot points. If you were writing for the show, how would you have treated this storyline? Which POV would you have given the most weight to?

First of all, thank you so much. Second of all, this may be the best ask I have ever gotten. 

I just think that the first two seasons catered to multiple audiences pretty flawlessly. Casual viewers could enjoy what is right in front of them, while those of us actually invested in the show could dive deeper into the context of episodes depicting what was going to happen based on character trajectories, hidden Boy Meets World parallels, costuming, set design, dialogue, etc. It was all extremely streamlined. There was always a clear “surface” message for an episode, while there was also a clear underlying subplot for us to follow along with as the season progressed. I think that the writers did an excellent job setting up where these characters were headed while managing to teach us something completely relatable with the “social” aspect the show. Then they had to re write GM New Year and things got way off course for S3.

I’m not saying S3 has been terrible, because episodes like Permanent Record (and even Jexica) have been pretty stellar. But now those once clear subplots have become extremely convoluted. I think if you really analyze the show, you still can see what they are trying to do with this identity crisis: Maya found hope from Riley, got a little too deep into her world (Rileytown, as they call it) and now has to rediscover her original voice , in order to round herself out as a balanced individual. Unfortunately, if you are  a casual viewer at this point, it looks a lot like Maya actually did “become Riley” and that all of the people who love her really just want her to fail out of school and date boys that are terrible for her. 

I think Triangle is where it particulary started to get clumsy. I think that by focusing so deeply on Riley’s point of view about Maya’s identity issues, it complete invalidates the feelings of the person who is actually struggling through the conflict.This makes things confusing. Riley is written as an unreliable narrator often, but she also is known to her friends as the “person who always fixes things”. So what is the audience supposed to think? Is Riley right or wrong here? Did Maya really become Riley, and only like Lucas because she did? If you haven’t watched every single episode of GMW and understand how misguided Riley can tend to be, you may actually believe your protagonist. Riley has this extreme resistance for listening to Maya “scream”and as a result, the story(as well as the point) gets very, very convoluted. 

The strange thing is, they writers do have Mr. Jackson and Shawn make comments where they diagnose the situation correctly, ultimately showing that Maya just needs to learn balance and she hasn’t lost any of her growth. But Mr. Jackson and Shawn are both secondary characters in this show. If you blink, you miss the point. So what does that leave us with? That leaves us with Riley’s unreliable narration, something that normal viewers are not going to grasp, especially over a multi episode arc. 

If I had written Triangle, I would have botched that entire bay window scene between the two of them. Riley sounds crazy and Maya sounds logical but then the rest of the episode plays out to Riley’s favor. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have written Triangle, period. Triangle made no sense to me at all until I watched Upstate and then went back and revisited it. You shouldn’t have to back track episodes in order of them to make sense. Upstate, in my opinion, gave a more clear and concise direction as to where the writers are trying to go with this.They really could have just started there. 

If NOTHING else, I definitely wouldn’t have Riley questioning how Maya feels about Lucas- “Do you like Lucas just because I do?”. And then Maya actually possibly agrees with that sentiment? What, writers?! We just spent an entire season building a relationship between Lucas and Maya, a very intricate and genuine one, one laced with Maya’s continuous attempts at suppressing her emotions just so we could bail out with “I just liked him because I became you”? If that’s really where we are going with this, you are using this plot as a copout. 

If that isn’t where we are going and they are leading us to a bigger lesson, I think they are dragging it out for too many episodes, where important story points are just getting lost in translation and signals are getting crossed. Regardless of whether Lucas picked Riley or not, this specific arc could have been figured out in a different way, and it should have been figured out probably by the end of last season. You can’t ignore everything you built so beautifully over the previous two seasons and then just destroy it to solve a conflict that’s been dragged out for too long. Well you can, but its frustrating. If we had solved this issue at the end of season 2, maybe by now we would be on to RILEY growing as a character. At this point, she’s almost a caricature of herself. I want to see her date Lucas and learn from the experience, I want to see her the way she was in Permanent Record, or even better the person she was in STEM. I want to get back to that GMW and I want them to stop trying so hard to tie things together in order to have everything “make sense”. 

Ultimately, I would have had that jelly bean scene happen sometime at the end of Season 2. I still would have had him pick Riley and then I would have used that to jumpstart Mayas identity crisis. A guy choosing your best friend over you, in any world no matter how much you love her, would be enough for anyone to go on a bit of a bender. This would then allow MAYA to question whether her feelings for Lucas were because she was in “Rileytown” for awhile, or if it was all genuine, rather than having Riley push that on her.  It just lends too much credibility to how Riley perceives things otherwise. I would also have Riley and Lucas finally try their relationship and ultimately fail, so that our protagonist(and Lucas for that matter) can continue to grow and move forward in other ways (Probably with the realization of Riarkle, possible reopening of the Lucaya chapter). Season 3 would still be dealing with feelings,but the characters wouldn’t be coasting, they would be growing, and their lessons in perception vs. reality would be ever evolving. 

What would YOU do, anon?

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Do you think we would be more accepting of Maya eating up so much of the storyline if we actually liked her character? I liked Shawn, and had no problem with him having his own storylines and getting a lot of screen time on BMW, but I still recognized Cory as the main character. I have never liked Maya and have always had a hard time watching her scenes(even before the triangle).

Yeah, I would definitely be less annoyed, but the thing is, it’s not really the amount of screen time dedicated to the character that’s pissing me off. It’s what the writers do with that screen time that bugs me. 

It’s the fact that she had a scene with Cory x Topanga in the opening credits, but Riley didn’t. It’s the fact that nothing is Riley’s and Riley’s alone - including her love interest. It’s the fact that Maya has a better relationship with Shawn, Topanga and Josh than Riley does. It’s the fact that Maya went from I would never go after Lucas and hurt you like that, to I know that going after Lucas would cause you pain, but that’s not going to stop me from making my feelings known. And it’s sure it just hit me that I went out with your ex while you still liked him and you stepped back for me, but I don’t care to acknowledge that or your pain.

It’s Topanga comforting Maya in front of Riley. College girls irrationally trying to set up Maya with Josh. Riley stepping back from her mutual thing with Lucas. And Shawn randomly falling for Katy in order to fulfill Maya’s wish of possessing a nuclear family. And Angela, an original bmw character coming back with the sole purpose of helping Maya with this.

It’s the fact that the season 2  narrative caters to Maya and treats her like more of a lead than Riley. Because the world revolves around her. 

That’s my issue. 

Okay so serious question…has anyone who is saying ‘It is not Daryl’s fault, this is is how Glenn died in the comics!’, I don’t know, actually read the comics? Like legit question. Cause I feel like the answer is no. Because Glenn did not get his comic death: ABRAHAM DID. Abraham fucking got Glenn’s comic death, and what did Glenn get? Glenn got to be the add on kill that is a result of Daryl being an impulsive fucking idiot. I will not advocate for the storyline that happens to Glenn in the comics, but there is a distinct difference between what happened in the comics and what happened in the show. When Glenn died in the comics, the scene was his. His death was his. He didn’t share it with another person. He didn’t die because another character threw a temper tantrum. The landscape of the story changed after Glenn’s death in the comics. It changed entirely. Characters changed. Glenn’s death in the comics sparked All Out War because it happened to him. Glenn was one of (if not THE) the purest characters in the comics. He was good and forgiving and loving and refreshing. There is absolutely no way that they can go the comics route (and give Glenn’s death the attention it deserves) because he has to share it with Abraham. 

People go on and on about how Glenn’s character has reached it’s arc and it’s time to let him go. But these are the same people who are obsessed with Daryl and will defend him to no end. Are you fucking kidding me? Daryl has gotten more fucking attention on this gd show than probably any other character. A character, who wasn’t in the comics, has single handedly stolen numerous storylines from major characters and co-opted them as his own. We have had to sit through this for seasons on end. If anyone on the show needs to go because their story has been told, it’s him. We’re honestly going in a circle over and over now. Let’s go over this, shall we: Daryl opens the show being an impulsive and emotionally closed off character. He then slowly learns to open up to those around him and form bonds. Sophia goes missing and is subsequently found as a walker. Daryl closes back up and turns cold. Daryl looking for/reaction to Sophia (and her subsequent death) steals screen time from Carol who is the girl’s own mother. After this, Daryl slowly begins to open up once more. It takes a while, but our boy does it! And how does he do it, you might ask? By being on screen every god damn second the television show is on air. Anyhow, Daryl opens up emotionally and doesn’t struggle as much with showing emotion. Beth goes missing and is then shot in the head in front of him. BLOOP. Daryl closes up again and we see more actual development related to him after Beth’s death than we do her own sister. Times passes again and Daryl hops back on the ‘Struggle to Show Emotion Train’ and eventually gets close with Denise. Denise is shot through the eye with an arrow and killed. Always dependable Daryl now goes on an emotional and impulsive bender. He decides, fuck it, I have to go after the guy who killed her because MAN PAIN. Glenn says: We shouldn’t be out here! Something is going to go wrong! Part of Team Family is then abducted. And then here comes the lineup. Negan plainly says that it anyone else moves or acts out, he’s gonna have to kill someone. Daryl, full of anger and man pain, decides it’s high time to teach Negan a lesson and punch him in the face. Glenn is then beat to death as a result. I’m no fucking fortune teller but I have an idea as to where Daryl’s plot is going to go after this.

It is a circle and I’m sOOO tired of it. And do you know why they have to continually kill off characters in order to thrust Daryl’s storyline forward? Because without those storylines, Daryl wouldn’t have one. There are characters that function outside of others being killed- Daryl is not one of them. If they stopped doing these sorts of things then Daryl would have no function and they’d have to kill him off.

And while we’re at it, I’m tired of female characters having to constantly be tortured in order to satisfy some weird fetish the writers seem to have. Maggie’s entire journey on the show has been one giant torture porn. They made her lose her family on the farm, get sexually assaulted by the governor, watch her dad get his head chopped off, be told that her sister was alive to find out she was shot in the head, think Glenn was dead once only to find out he was alive, and then watch him get beat to death. Like WHAT THE HELL?? That’s disgusting. Grief isn’t something voyeuristic and they often treat it as such. You have her go through all of those things and the storyline that results from it always goes to Rick and Daryl. Maggie and Sasha are two characters who have been through the most on the show and their pain is never treated with the same care that Daryl’s is. Never. Sasha has been given a baseline depression plot for like two seasons now. They never properly outright address these things. Maggie’s grief over losing her entire family (now including Glenn), has hardly even been touched. 

And guess what? The chances that it’s going to be Maggie/Sasha/Rosita’s pain that gets explored post-Lucille is about zero. I would put money on the fact that we’ll have to watch Daryl and Rick travel the leagues of man pain to deal with what happened that night. And the fact that people who are obsessed with Daryl can’t admit any of this (despite there being plenty of evidence) infuriates me. Daryl is the cause of Glenn’s death and his fans have to accept that. I literally saw a post saying it was Glenn’s fault because he had already reacted and if he hadn’t done that then Negan wouldn’t have picked him to kill after Daryl’s reaction. Like stop. Please accept that your favorite character has been catered to season after season and that plots have been tailored to him so that his character stays alive.

Glenn was the heart of the show and he deserved so much more than his death last night. Characters die- we get this. But when they do, they deserve for their death to be their own and not a plot device to push another character forward. I sincerely hope that after all of this the focus is put on Rosita, Maggie and Sasha- but I know it won’t be. I have been on the Sasha-Maggie train for a long time now. I’ve always thought their friendship was super interesting and an option to explore. Last night when Maggie was the first to stand and wanted to fight in the wake of her husband’s death, I loved seeing Sasha and her have a moment where they both understood each other’s pain. It was the briefest of moments, but it was there. I loved Sasha being protective over Maggie because she understood the pain that Maggie was going through. The moment between Sasha and Rosita over Abraham’s body- that is what these female characters deserve. They deserve to have their pain addressed, and that will likely be the most in depth we see it happen. That small scene with the three of them- that’s it. And I hope I’m wrong, but history has a tendency to repeat itself on TWD. And if history repeats itself then we will have a season full of Daryl splaying himself over the screen, completely torn up and destroyed.

He has a very red voice. Tucked deep back just above his heart, shaking in the darkness until it spills into the air. Rage in his eyes infects you, and suddenly his cause is yours. The world has been unfair to him and if you could, you’d change the axis of his luck and cater the seasons to his liking. Once you saw him smile and spring rain came down fresh as air in an ocean. 

He tore salt from the earth and rubbed it across his skin, cleansing himself in the word of God and in his own blood. More blood has been spilled for less, you know, but you’d rather make a river from the innocent than let him continue militant in his campaign of self-flagellation. 

Your hands shake to hold him when he cries. There is no tragedy written to compare with his bloodshot eyes slipping shut, exhaustion from emotion lulling him to nightmare-ridden sleep. Would that you could crack his skull open and chase all the demons away. He’d have to let you first. 

The sun shines from his skin, new powers of creation laden in his touch. You once knew only how to destroy. His pride in you has made a fail safe to give you freedom. 

There are mourners somewhere holding a wake for the person you used to be, but here and now is your birth. You don’t spare thought to death when life is just finally starting to feel like it’s worth living.