seasons catering


“I wanna talk to him.” “No, he’s a danger to anyone.” “Not to me.”

Characters done most wrong by S3

1. Bellamy (takes place in mass murder all so Clarke can confront him about how he ruined all the good she and L.exa had done)

2. Lincoln (killed in a needlessly brutal and dehumanizing way after being sidelined for most of S3 AND 2)

3. Clarke (written more passively than ever in the series, literally referred to as a cheerleader by the showrunner, allows herself to be used as a political symbol and it being shown as a romantic/reverential act, previous medical genius thinks a chip is a person)

4. Raven (love interest dropped, hugely sidelined for more than half the season)

5. Octavia (shown abusing her brother with no remorse, two of her key relationships most likely irretrievably ruined)

Not on this list? The guest star who had an entire season written around their redemption and love life. 

He has a very red voice. Tucked deep back just above his heart, shaking in the darkness until it spills into the air. Rage in his eyes infects you, and suddenly his cause is yours. The world has been unfair to him and if you could, you’d change the axis of his luck and cater the seasons to his liking. Once you saw him smile and spring rain came down fresh as air in an ocean. 

He tore salt from the earth and rubbed it across his skin, cleansing himself in the word of God and in his own blood. More blood has been spilled for less, you know, but you’d rather make a river from the innocent than let him continue militant in his campaign of self-flagellation. 

Your hands shake to hold him when he cries. There is no tragedy written to compare with his bloodshot eyes slipping shut, exhaustion from emotion lulling him to nightmare-ridden sleep. Would that you could crack his skull open and chase all the demons away. He’d have to let you first. 

The sun shines from his skin, new powers of creation laden in his touch. You once knew only how to destroy. His pride in you has made a fail safe to give you freedom. 

There are mourners somewhere holding a wake for the person you used to be, but here and now is your birth. You don’t spare thought to death when life is just finally starting to feel like it’s worth living. 

Last season I NEVER even CONSIDERED the possibility I would ever have to say this but we’re four episodes in to the second season and THIS ISN’T GAY ENOUGH