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I often feel like photographers don’t take enough advantage of the spectacular face of Benedict and it annoys me

that’s why I always seek for pictures like this one, where the lightening is so subtile that it literally sculpts his features

You can feel that the guy (or women of course, sorry I don’t know who took these promo Pics for Season 3 in the cafe at night)  aimed for absolute perfection

The result is, it also conveys  all of the complexity of  Sherlock’s feelings here, looking both so soft and hard, so focus and thoughtful…

that’s why I wanted to paint it

Thanks for watching !

And this is a call for help, because it’ll save me the search, ah ah  :

 if you got a particular picture of anyone in ‘Sherlock’ that you’d like me to paint, just let me know ( it has to be High Res if possible, no blurr !)

 Please  tell me why you like it (it’s a boost that I  know of people’s feelings when I’m working !)

Bye and Hugs  


anonymous asked:

could i request just a small au for youngmin?? any kind would be okay!!

thanks for requesting!!

- barista youngmin who always loves making lattes

- makes that cute foam art and always makes little hearts or flowers hehe

- even though it’s not the best paying job around, he works really hard at what he does and for that, the manager can’t help but love him lol

- ‘’theres no way manager jonghyun favors me’’

- ‘’hyung,,,he gave you a week off,,,he didn’t even give me that when i asked’’

- ‘’oops??”

- and especially when he’s running off orders and his satoori gets in the way

- ‘’…did you just say paca?”

- ‘’huh?? no they ordered an iced caramel macchiato??’’

- ‘’…okay’’

- does his best to wish everyone a nice day, even if the people are rude back to him, he just bites his tongue and continues to smile

- works with fellow barista daehwi who is new to 101 cafe and protects him from angry customers when they are rude to him

- you’re a regular at the cafe because your roommate likes to get it on all the time so you hang out at the cafe to do work until whenever your roommate lets you back in

- youngmin knows your order by heart because he sees you often

- always gives you the biggest smile and makes small talk as he’s taking your order

- personally delivers the coffee to you and always gives you a small cookies for free (even though his co-workers daehwi and donghyun like to tease him about that hehe)

- daehwi likes to tease him about you and youngmin is flustered because,,,he’s not denying what daehwi is saying,,and that,,he really likes you,,

- takes him a while to muster up the courage to get your number and they have to hype him up behind the counter before he does

- so one day you walk in and order your regular

- and youngmin is unusually quiet, normally he’s so talkative and smiley towards you but now, he’s avoiding your gaze and giving you a small smile

- you’re like ??? but brush it off and go wait at a table for your order

- from the bar, daehwi is like ‘’fighting!!” and youngmin just gulps because he’s finally doing it?? confessing ???

- he serves you your drink and he sees the way you light up when you see the foam art

- and tbh he’s kinda blunt (in my opinion) so he just blurts it out because he might chicken out and if he wasn’t going to say it now, when would he?

- ‘’i really like you,,,and i was wondering if you would like to go out to eat for lunch sometime,,if that’s okay?’’

- and you’re like

- ‘’are you asking me out on a date?”

- and youngmin just flushes red but he manages to nod and behind him, he can hear the distinct sounds of daehwi squealing

- ‘’okay!”

- at that his head just shoots up and looks at you with surprise and you just,,,laugh because he honestly looked like he expected you to reject him lol

- and finally mustering up the courage, he manages to maintain eye contact before

- ‘’we could go today or whenever you’re free,,but could i have your number before you leave?”

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hi!! I really liked your brother!daniel au and um may I request an au of Daniel as a cat café owner please~ :))

yes, of course! 

Originally posted by predebutdaniel

thanks for requesting!!

- the best cat cafe on the block

- takes really really good care of the cafe and the cats too

- treats the cats as if they are his own children (which they are hehe) until they get adopted but even then, he will still wish them luck

- his cafe isn’t that big honestly?? but it’s really homey!!

- little polaroids of the cats or pictures of his co-worker jisung, minki and the cats are plastered on the wall

- and he would have fairy lights stringing around and always have soft music playing in the background

- at first the barista minki was in control of the music, but he always ended up playing lady gaga or gfriend’s me gustas tu for 3 days straight  (listen,,,3 days doesn’t sound a lot but it is oK)

- to the point where customers wouldn’t even come to the store and obviously business slowed, so daniel had to kick off minki and it ended up that daniel was in charge of it hehe

- not that he minded,,i mean he played some good bOPS like orange caramel, oh my girl or iu mhmmm

- ok anyways!! daniel has made a separate play area for cats to play in after you were done eating because he knows it isn’t pleasant to have cat hair in your food or drink (and also to keep the cafe sanitary because he knows cat hair gets evERYWHERE)

- the separate room has a door connecting to the cafe and its filled with toys and little chairs or couches

- he buys the little toys with the feather you know that you pull and the cat chases it hehe and a bunch of others

- but also has the little houses or posts that they can rub or scratch on. he also has the little platforms or trees that they can climb on because their comfort means the most to daniel and he isn’t afraid to tell customers off if they disrespect the cats

- but requires customers to purchase something and all funds go to the cats because he ain’t rich

- makes little latte art with designs of cats!! him and minki are the best that because jisung tried once,,,and it ended up looking like a glob than a cat LMFAO

- you’re a regular at the cafe, to the point where the workers and daniel knows who you are because you go there that much hehe

- you would always purchase a drink and do your work before playing with the cats

- and unbeknownst to you, daniel has basically liked you ever since he saw you

- he didn’t know you that well?? he knew your name, your favorite drink, and that you loved cats because why else would you come here??

- but when he would see you, the butterflies in his stomach would intensify and his palms would sweat so much that he would almost drop the marker he used to write down your order

- but lowkey you thought daniel was cute so you kept coming here in hopes of seeing him

- and obviously, his co-workers knew about this little crush because you were all daniel talked about, especially when he would see you play with the cats hehe

- ‘’ i saw [name] today and she looked so beautiful,,im in love’’

- ‘’have you ever saw someone so beautiful??’’

- ‘’dO YOU SEE THIS!! The cats love her, it must be a sign’’

- ‘’ohmygOD daniel stfu go ask them out or something!!”

- ‘’ !! do you want me to die of embarrassment!!?!’’

- ‘’if it makes you stop talking about them, then yes’’

- and behold, daniel actually does it

- it takes days of convincing from jisung and minki before he manages to do it

- this time, instead of a cat design, he makes a heart out of the foam and wrote a message on paper before sticking it on your plate

- and you’re like ?? why are you here no offense

- but daniel just flushes as he gestures to your plate and you look and you’re like

- ‘’theres a note?? is this from you?”

- and daniel could only nod before you read the note and you’re like

- oh

- o h

- OH

- ‘’yes, i would love to get to know you better!”

- dating cafe!owner daniel would include: staying in the cafe when you’re done with work or classes to play with the cats and destress

- and daniel is like ‘’you know,,you don’t have to pay to play with the cats you know,,, you’re my significant other-’’

- and you just cut him off because?? how can you not pay??

- ‘’listen, i know im your s/o but i still want to pay so you can feed the cats and buy them cute things!! you deserve it because you work so hard,,,and also because this place is where i met you :))’’

- and daniel just melts,,,because how did he deserve someone like you?

- you helping him deal with paperwork or buying things that the cafe needs at times

- and daniel insisting that you didn’t have to do it but is secretly grateful that you did

- going out on dates,,,only to go to other cat cafes to see what ideas you guys can incorporate into daniel’s hehe

- the cafe and daniel’s apartment has become your second home 

- like you would go visit daniel everyday that minki and jisung would naturally become close to you

- but also staying in daniel’s apartment because his was closest to where you worked, and sometimes you would crash at his place 

- and eventually moving in one day once you guys got really serious hehe 

- but also taking you out on expensive dates because you deserve the best!!

- or watching movies in his apartment together after a long day and snuggling with peter and rooney (is that his cats names?? i don’t remember im sorry jndksnf sd)

- having your first kiss in his apartment and the two of you blushing furiously when you pulled away

- ‘’can i do that again?”

- lots and lots of skinship like his hand would be holding yours when you both are out, head laying on your lap when you’re at his apartment, or cuddling closely when the two of you became tired

- shy laughter and hiding faces into the pillow in the morning after because wow you couldn’t believe this just happened??

- a sweet and happy relationship with the occasional cuddles from cats!!


AU where WANNA-ONE runs a cafe and all the other PD101 trainees are their customers.

The members fighting over who DOESN’T the shift during rush hour.

Having the visuals working cashier means $$$

People questioning if Daehwi is old enough to work there, but not Guanlin.

Open mic all day, all night for anyone who wants to perform.

Bboying has been banned though. For reasons.


The Windy Beach Bar Cafe was a seasonal cafe/restaurant that opened in the spring and summer to cater to the influx of wealthy tourists that arrived like migrant birds to the island as soon as the weather got warm. 

Maxine enjoys her job as a waitress at the cafe and is usually very friendly and efficient. But this afternoon Maxine is so distracted she messes up orders, spills food on customers and works as if it were her first day on the job. Her manager puts her on “candle duty” ,  an easy job selling overpriced beach candles and knick knacks to customers. 

But Maxine can’t even do candle duty right…a long line of angry grumbling customers begins to form, as Maxine tries to get her thoughts together.

***Thank you to @joannebernice  for the awesome Waiting in line poses!***