Yuzuru Hanyu’s Interview from Ice Jewels vol. 6

“I think the best thing about this season is that I was able to persevere until the end.”

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Reflecting on this season

Q: Reflecting back on this season, what kind of season did you think it was?

Y: Let’s see… It was a season that started with injury, and I couldn’t do anything for two months. I competed many times, and World Team Trophy - the last competition of the season - didn’t go well, but I think I was able to complete the free skate in the end. Even after everything, I do feel that I did my best.

Q: Regarding the short program, are there any parts that you want to perfect?

Y: There are. This applies last year’s Ballade no. 1 as well, but when I’m not able to skate a clean program, the “image of perfection” just doesn’t appear in competitions even though I’m doing it in practice.

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[TRANS] SHINee for Cancam August Issue

Q: Favorite SHINee’s japanese song?
O: Keeping love again
J: 321
K: Moon river waltz
M: Moon river waltz
T: Colors of the season

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?
O: Strawberry
J: Strawberry
K: chocolate n green tea
M: cookies n crem
T: walnut? Creamy?

Q: Favorite scent?
O: wood scent
J: musk scent
K: oriental scent
M: sweet scent
T: cupcake scent

Q: What would u eat after concert?
O: ofc meat
J: water
K: bacon
M: rice
T: meat

Q: Thing that should always include in the refrigerator?
O: Gochujanh sauce
J: water
K: water
M: Sport drink
T: milk

Q. Thing you collected?
O: airplane tickets
J: candle
K: phone case
M: soccer shoes
T: nothing

Q: Song that could raise the mood(?) during concert?
O: Everybody
J: Everybody
K: Everybody
M: Everybody
T: Picasso

Q: What do you do before going to bed?
O: prepare for tomorrow’s schedule
J: listen to music
K: take a bath
M: listen to music
T: eat a lot

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