seasoning pans

fun ways for the show to show that simon lewis isnt straight

(without upsetting canon)

  • a casual mention of a past boyfriend
  • a pun
  • clary mentioning a past boyfriend
  • simon saying “btw im pan”
  • a pun about pans
  • someone talking about being attracted to Jace and simon saying “same”
  • Congratulating alec on having such a good first boyfriend and continuing to tell him about his first boyfriend
  • casual mention of a boyfriend followed by “I’m pan i thought that was obvious” followed by a flashback to all of simons many gay moments
  • a gathering of the gang where simon says “oh btw i have a crush on every single one of you”
  • pointing at a pan saying “me”
  • Congratulating Alec on his epic coming out and continuing to tell him about his own coming out
  • kissing a random boy at a club
  • Sitting his sister down to tell her about being a vampire but she misunderstands and says “simon you already came out as pan remember?”
  • casual mention of a crush on a boy
  • saying “oh god remember when i thought was straight”
  •  “i cant believe i ever thought i was straight”
  •  “straight people are so weird”
  • “i dont understand the straights tbh”
  • going to a clave meeting and saying “wow i have never been in a room with so many straight people this is exhausting”
  • have him enter the room banging pans together shouting “DID YOU KNOW IM NOT STRAIGHT”
  • Chanting “any gender im a fan, did i mention im totally pan”

i’m kinda pissy bc of people who haven’t even watched skam reduce it to a show about “cute white gays”.

season 3 of skam is literally the most realistic, beautiful and good portrayal of a gay character and a gay relationship i’ve ever seen. it’s the only tv-show i’ve seen that has a canon bipolar character, that’s btw very realistically written and doesn’t romanticize the depressive episodes he has, and makes a big deal out of making sure everyone knows his mentall ilness doesn’t make him crazy and doesn’t define him as a person, and in the end his mentall illness doesn’t stop him from having good healthy relationships. he gets a happy ending. also the only show i’ve ever seen where they mention pansexuality and talk about the differences between pan/bi. 

season 2 is also so very important, especially the whole rape storyline about the importance of reporting the person who raped you. the reports of rapists went up 30% in norway after that season aired, that’s so increadibly important. when eva breaks up with jonas & says this 

that’s the only time ive ever heard a female character say this on a show even tho its so common irl. the storyline about Vilde’s and Noora’s eating disorder and them helping each other out was so realistic and important. Skam is also a female driven show, the first two seasons surround a girl group of friends and listen, these female characters, they’re so good. so so so good, so realistic. they look realistic, they don’t always wear makeup and have their hair done, they make mistakes and they grown and learn. they take care of, help and love each other. they’re SO real, so so so real, and i’m so thankful for that. 

there’s so much more but bascially. skam is a really really really important show and the absolute most realistic portrayal of teens i’ve ever seen in any tv-show and/or movie. i do wish and hope that they will include more non-white characters (there’s only 3 so far and people who tell u that that’s just how it looks in scandinavia are literally lying lol) and tackle subjects like racism (they did very lightly dab into islamophobia tho, but yeah very lightly).

besides the important topics this show deals with, it’s one of the most detailed well written tv-shows i’ve literally EVER seen, it’s almost impossible to find a single plot hole. there’s amazing subtle symbolism. it’s visually stunning, every single shot planned out perfectly to showcase exactly what they want to show case. it has an amazing soundtrack and amazing actors, it’s honestly one of the most well made shows i’ve ever ever seen.  skam is also very uniqe in the way they release their clips/episodes since it all takes place in real time and all characters have their own social media, we get to see texts between the characters between the clips etc. this have never been done before and it’s really cool. but yeah basically, this is why i get pissed and a bit petty. skam is actually such an important well made show, don’t reduce it to some boring attempt to being “gay inclusive”, because that’s not this show at all.


Wakfu ep 8 season 1

Someone comes out in episode 10 … a new [type of] sexuality is talked about in this season, which is going to be very interesting for some of the fans

Emeraude Toubia 



When your laptop case tells others everything they need to know about you and you don’t even have to speak to them ;)

so simon in 2a is going to constantly be like ‘’clary i need to tell you something’’ like how he was in 2x01 and imagine if instead of it being his feelings for clary (like we’re supposed to think) he’s just trying to come out as pan??? like this would be such a good solution to: avoid the unhealthy dynamic that climon was in the books and add more lgbt rep

no but like okay so emeraude has been talking about this new sexuality which im betting is pansexuality, but she has said that theyve had (presumably pan) people in to give the writers advice but does that mean?? theyre going to like explain it on the show?? and discuss it like im just sitting here imaging simon talking about loving guys and gals and nonbinary pals and i just like can you believe