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My first anon hate. I thought it would never come~! 😂😂

i remember when i used to laugh at the old anon hate i got

i feel like a seasoned veteran who just chugs his whiskey and stares 



Photography: Aris Jerome / Styling: Kelly Brown / Hair: Crystal Liz / MUA: Tami Shirey

Brenda Song’s witty comebacks and ready smile summon a surge of nostalgia for anyone who had a television or a healthy Disney Channel habit growing up. In fact, it seems like the actress has matured right before our eyes.  


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Essays in Existentialism: Royalty

Two princesses who can’t be together but secretly love each other.

Inside the palace, the evening roared. The ballroom filled and ebbed as the doors were thrust open and the inhabitants flowed out into the garden. Like a chamber of the heart, it pulsated, keeping beat with the band that played while the platelet-like people in gowns and tuxedos all swirled about, dizzy on wine and champagne and the evening. 

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The Simple Joys of Running

1. a new (unexpected) PR

2. pasta, and lots of it

3. the first run in new trainers

4. water after a hot day’s run

5. beating someone you never thought you would

6. CRUSHING a workout

7. the last mile of a long run where you are utterly euphoric and exhausted at the same time

8. have i mentioned pasta?

9. telling people your times/how many miles you run and seeing their priceless  reactions

10. discovering a new trail

11. having an entire community/team of runners that supports you no matter what

12. rest days

13. the first practice of a new season where you just have the feeling in the pit of your stomach that it’s going to be a good season

14. long bus rides and overnight meets with your best friends

15. knowing that no matter how fast or how slow, a beginner or a seasoned veteran, returning from injury or in the best shape of your life, there is always ALWAYS room for improvement 

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Rachel, how is your fic going? (and by that i mean TALK MORE ABOUT YOUR FIC, SO I CAN YELL AND BE EXCITED!! it doesn't even have to always be snippets - although they certainly are nice - i'm just happy if i see you talking in the tags about how you've written 5k today and i'm always like: she's!! writing!! that!! right now!!)

Anonymous said: Wanna share a snippet from your next fic?????

hahaha did you guys tag team this? very coordinated 👀 the fic is going well! at about 42k right now, and i’m about halfway through part 2 of 3. my next big research bit i have to tackle is zayn’s backstory (and speaking of, just asking for a friend, anyone got a solid amount of knowledge on british-controlled pakistan in the 1800s? no?) but that’s a while off, so for now it’s all smooth sailing! 😊 it’s actually easier at this point to post snippets as opposed to what i’m actually writing since it jumps around in time a lot, but here’s a scene i like quite a bit: 

Liam arrives with a pop and a concussive press on Louis and Niall’s ears, appearing out of thin air rather gracelessly but straightening his posture quickly, adjusting his halo so it sits perfectly at regulation level above his head.

“H’lo,” he says, smiling. “Need any help?”

“Wine in the fridge needs to be taken out to the table,” Niall says, pointing over his shoulder. “Thanks, Payno.”

Liam beams, happy to help, and lugs out all the wine and then all the silverware and then all the plates, too. Louis shares an amused look with Niall, and follows Liam out to the dining area.

“How’s your week been, then?” Louis asks, arranging forks and knives on Niall’s forest green cloth napkins.

“Oh, it was good, sir!” Liam says. “Nothing major to report.”

“Dammit, Liam, I’m not asking for a status check, I’m asking because I’m interested,” Louis says, poking him with a fork. “And it’s been thirty years. Give it up with the sir nonsense.”

“You’re my superior,” Liam says stubbornly, “and deference is in the rules.”

“Deference makes me itchy,” Louis says, tapping Liam hard on the back of the head. Liam frowns and adjusts his halo again. “And if you call me sir one more time, I’m stationing you in Antartica until you stop.”

Liam sighs, world-weary, but he’s grinning a little as Louis snaps a cloth napkin at him.

“Alright, now,” Louis chuckles. “Asking as your friend, not your boss — how was your week?”

“It really was good,” Liam says, laying plates all along Niall’s massively long table. Straight from Mullingar’s finest mead hall, he always boasts when a newcomer inevitably asks about the ancient slab of wood in the middle of his otherwise posh and minimalistic Dublin flat. “Archie got over his flu, and Sarah got the promotion she was wanting.”

“Good to hear,” Louis says, “but I was asking about you, not your charges. What’d you do for fun this week?”

“Oh,” Liam says, then frowns. “I didn’t really do anything, I guess. I took a nap on Tuesday.” He clears his throat a little. “For five minutes.”

“You work too hard, Payno,” Louis sighs.

Liam shrugs. “I’ve heard that before. Don’t really know how to stop.”

The front door opens as Louis is clapping Liam on the shoulder and Harry steps in, shaking his hair out like a dog out of the bath. He sees Louis and Liam and smiles widely, bouncing over.

“H’lo,” he says, kissing Louis quickly and hugging Liam. “Freezing outside, isn’t it?”

“Dunno, haven’t been out in a while,” Louis shrugs. Liam just smiles politely — he’s still a little cautious around Harry, despite knowing him for decades now and Harry doing a heroic job of not smacking him even once, even when he really deserved it — and excuses himself.

“I’m gonna make him love me one day,” Harry mutters, watching Liam walk away with narrowed eyes.

“He loves you,” Louis reassures him, tugging him close by the belt loops. Thinks about it, grins. “He has to love you, you’re an Earthly creation and angels have to love those. It’s in the rules, and he loves those.”

Harry snorts. “Not what I meant.”

“Yeah, well,” Louis laughs quietly. “I think meeting him for the first time drenched in blood didn’t help.”

“I was delivering a baby!” Harry protests. “It’s not my fault that lady went into labor on the bus.”

Louis presses his smile into Harry’s hair, at least until Niall pokes his head around the corner and says, “Thought I heard your voice there, Hazza. Could you lend us a hand?”

“What did you do?” Harry says, putting a hand on his hip. “You look guilty.”

“I’m not guilty,” Niall demurs guiltily. “I was just trying a spell to make the food cook faster and it went a bit… wonky.”

“That’s because food and magic don’t mix,” Harry says primly, but he still extracts himself from Louis and follows Niall into the kitchen, Louis trailing along too. The pan is out of the oven and resting in the middle of the kitchen island, the poor chicken blackened, still smoking slightly. Harry admonishes, “Niall.”

“What?” he cries. “Cooking is just ingredients mixed with herbs and cursing, right? That’s what I did too!”

“Most chefs don’t get their herbs from apothecaries,” Harry says mildly, “and they don’t get their curses from Lebor Gabála Érenn.” Niall just grins winningly until Harry laughs, covering his eyes with his hand. “Alright, you ridiculous ancient creature. Go on, entertain your guests, I’ll sort it.”

“Get in,” Niall says, fist pumping. “C’mon Lou, let’s go quiz Liam on made up angel rules to see if we can get him to cry again.”

Super Junior Heechul Reveals The Hardest Part Of Being An Idol

Super Junior‘s Heechul might be a seasoned veteran now, but even he’s suffered the tough days of being a rookie.

On an episode of JTBC‘s variety show Knowing Brothers, fixed cast member Heechul revealed the hardships he had to face during his days as a rookie. While Heechul’s mischievous and quirky personality has earned him the nickname “Psycho” and “TV Mania” on the show, he explained that he was not always like this.

Following the comments from guest members G-Friend about how they hate waking up, Heechul shared his own experience as a rookie. He discussed having to juggle between doing photo shoots, variety shows such as X-Man and Love Letter, as well as hosting radio program as a DJ and attending music performances. According to Heechul, his day woud end at 4:00 AM and he would only get 30 minutes of sleep in the car before starting the next day. While he hated his busy schedules as a rookie, he revealed that words of encouragement and positive energy from his seniors and peers, such as Kang Ho-dong were what kept him going.

Watch the clip below as Heechul shared his touching story:

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wait whats surface blur??

Hey, there! Surface blur is a filter on Photoshop that can help smooth out your GIFs so that they look better! It’s easier for me to show you!

GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial - by

This is a quick and easy GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial made with both the fresh faced beginner and seasoned veteran in mind.

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Each of the women of the Palmetto State Foxes handle sexism in a different way.

Dan smiles serenely, allowing whichever asshole to finish his spiel before snatching him by the front of his shirt and spelling out, in no uncertain terms, the error in his entire existence.

Allison examines her fingernails before launching her attack, directly at their face. Sometimes it’s a punch. When she’s in a particular mood, she scratches. She never says anything afterwards, and no one asks her to.

Renee hums and forgives them. They are even more forgiven when an angry group of little old ladies shows up at their door later. They’re from Renee’s Bible study group, and as little and old as they are, the ladies are seasoned veterans.

Is there a chance Daisy is going to become the new director on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Bonnie
Yes, she could fulfill her comic book destiny, but first, she’ll need to get comfortable being in the limelight after accidentally outing herself as a hero to the public. “We’ve hinted at it a bit, that Coulson thinks she can play more of a leadership role,” EP Jed Whedon says. “We’ll see how it goes, and where the story takes her. She’s been through a lot so that usually turns someone from a rookie into a seasoned veteran, which is what you need to lead. We’ll see if she steps up to the plate.”
—  EW Spoiler Room
  1. you start game and you make your character and your sibling and your dad just changes skin color and hair color to match kind of like fallout 3 dad
  2. for “reasons,” your sibling is going to be a plot device for at least half of the game (probably stuck in the cryosleep or w/e the crew gets put in)
  3. the dad is going to die. i mean, come on. either that or he gets injured or kidnapped or taken out of the picture altogether. his last words are all “BE THE PATHFINDER”
  4. the first party member you get is “good man guy™”
  5. the second member you get is “chick with balls of steel™”
  6. then you’re stuck with those two until you have some sort of REALLY IMPORTANT THING that causes you to run into the rest of your party along the way: quirky manic pixie dream girl™, seasoned veteran hardass guy™, maverick with a heart of gold™, and the outsider™
  7. THE BIG QUEST that sets everything in motion is gonna require FOUR THINGS™ all inconveniently located on separate planets
  8. the second to last thing is gonna trigger a bad event that causes your team to get kidnapped/trapped and you must find a way to get back on track
  9. you know you’re at the end of the game because your LOVE INTEREST finally decides to let you ride the booty
  10. SHIT GOES DOWN without any time to smoke a cig after playing the fiddle that is sweet sweet sexual magic
  11. like at least 3 fights in succession and then the last fight is sort of lame but the ending is bombastic
  13. to be continued… also buy the dlc!