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“Seems the kinda fellow you want to fight beside you, and not against you,” Susan rolls her eyes, tossing the fellow carelessly, “Whatever. Looks like any other gnarled, seasoned war veteran.”

Sipping at her cup she’d muse after swallowing, a smirk on her lips, “I bet he plays the flute and dances in the fuckin’ moonlight. Or some other kinda pansy shit.”

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homestuck fan tiers
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Photography: Aris Jerome / Styling: Kelly Brown / Hair: Crystal Liz / MUA: Tami Shirey

Brenda Song’s witty comebacks and ready smile summon a surge of nostalgia for anyone who had a television or a healthy Disney Channel habit growing up. In fact, it seems like the actress has matured right before our eyes.  


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wait whats surface blur??

Hey, there! Surface blur is a filter on Photoshop that can help smooth out your GIFs so that they look better! It’s easier for me to show you!

GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial - by

This is a quick and easy GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial made with both the fresh faced beginner and seasoned veteran in mind.

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Essays in Existentialism: Royalty

Two princesses who can’t be together but secretly love each other.

Inside the palace, the evening roared. The ballroom filled and ebbed as the doors were thrust open and the inhabitants flowed out into the garden. Like a chamber of the heart, it pulsated, keeping beat with the band that played while the platelet-like people in gowns and tuxedos all swirled about, dizzy on wine and champagne and the evening. 

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Autobots’ Military Structure


For Generation One, at least. The Autobots do seem to follow a strict military structure. With references to officers, special operations units, intelligence, as well as various specialist in their fields. 

I am going to attempt to explain how this structure works and how many of the top ranking Autobots fall into and their actual positions other than the generic “officer” title. 

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

Enlisted personnel: E1 - E6

These would be your more basic soldiers. You’re “frontliner” if you will. These are the ranks where most of the grunt work comes from. They often have no say in the command they are assigned and are strictly there to follow orders and do their job. Not to say there is no authority within these position, but they are the most common. 

E1s are the fresh from bootcamp soldiers. Which Grimlock and his team would be. Making them the lowest ranking Autobots right next to the Aerialbots. Though with their own unique cybertronian military structure, the Aerialbots’ gestalt leader would likely have been advanced to that of an E6, without the usual preamble of time in rank and qualification tests. Same with the Dinobots’ Grimlock. As an E6 is typically put in charge of small groups, squadrons or units. One step below and actual Chief/Gunnery Sargeant. Which we will get to next.

Enlisted personnel: E7 - E9

These are your Chiefs/First Sergeants/Master Gunnery Sergeant/Marines have too many names for the same rank. They are held in high regard and are positions of authority. They are often tasked with the real work of the . Making decisions and commanding the army on a more personal level than that of an officer. They take a direct role with the lower enlisted personnel. 

 It also explains why a seasoned veteran like Kup would take direction from someone as seemingly inexperienced as Hot Rod. As while a Master Chief/Master Gunnery Sergeant ( E9 ) is one of the most respected and revered of ranks. As they are titles earned by only the best of the best and only after putting in many, many years of service. Even a fresh to the service Ensign would outrank him. As all officers outranks all enlisted personnel regardless of time spent serving.

Also, yes Bumblebee is a Chief. 

Warrant Officers: W1 - W5

Warrant officers are rare, as it it more difficult to become a Warrant Officer than any other rank. Barring that of the highest officer ranks. They do not hold actual sway over the direction the army goes unless it pertains to their own specialization.  Within the army itself, Warrant Officers are highly respected and revered for their skill. 

They are subject experts in their chosen field. No one knows more than they do about their particular topic. With Ironhide, it would be weapons. Meaning he is the point of reference for all things involving weaponry within the Autobot army. The same would be for Wheeljack within the scientific side of the war effort. Blaster for communications, etc. This explains that while they obviously hold authority and their opinions are so highly regarded by the Prime. While they don’t hold an actual command over the army as a whole. Though this does vary for cybertronians. As Ironhide has been placed in charge due to the high death rate of the Autobot army officers and there being a lack of qualified officers to fill a command role.

Officers: O1 - O4

These would be the Junior Officers. Your Ensigns to your Lieutenant Commanders. Not much experience is needed for theses ranks and they joined by way of contract and specialized schooling. This is not to say those who have these ranks are to be disrespected. They hold authority over even the most senior of enlisted soldiers. They also can be appointed positions of higher authority than their rank would typically allow. Depending on skill set and how they present themselves as an asset to the command they are assigned.

Officers: O5 - O6

Your Captains and Commanders. Captain does not automatically mean they are in charge of a ship. They hold that capability, but do not always act as the XO (Executive Officer) of a vessel. These are the second rarest next to Warrant Officers. Usually, they are the highest ranking at a command. With the exception of a Flag Ship, which the Ark arguably is. The hold the utmost Authority over a command. With Ratchet this would be the medbay of the Ark. Though with within the medical field reaching such a high rank is rare, meaning he would be the point of contact and set standards as far as all medbays within the army are to uphold. 

Officers: O7 - O11

The leaders. Admirals. Though with cybertronian variants of the term. They take ultimate responsibility over the entire army. Their orders are not questioned and their authority absolute. With Fleet Admiral (O11) being the rank of Prime. Giving Optimus Prime a special kind of authority, though only during times of war. Where their call is the ultimate call, even over other Admiral’s. 

Elita-1 would be a Four Star Admiral. Giving her command over the war effort still ongoing on Cybertron. Then there is Prowl and Jazz, who fall in the middle. With Prowl being a three star and Jazz either two or one. This would make them report and be accountable to none other except Optimus Prime, as they are part of the Ark crew and the command on earth. However were they to be reassigned to Cybertron, it would still be Optimus Prime, but also Elita-1 right after him. 

Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen: S.W.C.C

The all-stars. Especially the Wreckers, which could be equated to that of a Navy Seal. So when they have the lower ranked bots excited for the Wreckers, treating them like celebrities. It’s actually a fairly accurate representation. These are the soldiers with the strongest wills and best skill sets to carry out a mission. They still have to adhere to rank, same as the enlisted soldiers, but they are given their own specific commander. And when an enlisted soldier meets one, even if it’s only for a few minutes, it’s all that soldier will talk about for the next several weeks. (Not an exaggeration)

Then you have the HUMINT agents, the ones who gather the intelligence and spy. Though the army wouldn’t actually call it spying. Though they cybertronian equivalent would likely be called CYBINT. As this stands for cybertronian intelligence gathering. Meaning they get up close and personal with the enemy. Their identities are often not known. Though even an agent with a blown cover can still be useful. Especially if they have the unique ability to become invisible or create holograms.


Now, if there are any questions regarding this, mun is free to answer them. This wasn’t overly detailed, as there are special nuances to each rank, within that rank. Such as rates. Which seem cybertronians seem to differentiate from conventional norms on that front. There is no “science” rate. Though the officer’s positions being mostly political outside times of war they got spot on.
Mike Zacharias Tribute - "See you again" [SNK season 2]
DISCLAIMER: I do not own either the song or any of the footage (obviously) All rights go to their respective creators. Song: See You Again by Wiz Khalifa Sce...



Here’s an AMV Tribute about him

Ft. All the veterans :3

TalesFromRetail: The Assorted Tales of a Tiles Salesman P.2

The Adhesive Hulk

This tale occurs about a year and a half into my tenure at the tile store! I am now a seasoned veteran - capable of taking abuse on the chin and coming back like Rocky in his prime! And old man enters the store (OM hereafter) I shall be Rocky ®.

R: Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?

OM: I want to return this bag of adhesive.

R: Aha, unfortunately adhesive is perishable and I can see by your receipt that it was purchased over thirty days ago - I’m afraid I can’t refund you for this item. I will however give you credit as I understand you likely have no use for adhesive.

OM: Sure, what the fuck would I do with a credit note?

R: Perhaps, buy something else, sir?

OM: (Angry now) I WANT MY MONEY!

R: I’m sorry sir, the best I can offer you is a credit note.

OM lets out a war cry - and even with a year and a half under my belt I am not ready for what comes next. The old man takes on a red hue - I’m sure he’s about to either turn into the red hulk or he’s burst a hemorrhoid, either option is unappealing to me.

The old man heaves the 20kg bag of adhesive over his head and launches it into the sky - I’d like to say I dived for cover - but I’d say I looked more like a ferret as I stood dumbfounded watching the adhesive fly. Thankfully it landed with an anticlimactic thud on the ground - The bag somehow held and I simply picked it up and watched as the old man casually walked from the store.

By: wezzer

Here’s a list of AUs for the military, since we always seem to have college and coffee shop and other random AUs but I’ve never seen military AUs.

  • There’s one phone in this training facility and I’ve been away from my family for three weeks and you’re not fucking cutting in line so you can chat with your bros AU.
  • It’s 0400 and I’ve been on all-night duty and you’ve come to the CQ (charge of quarters) desk to play a dumb prank don’t make me call the CO on your ass AU.
  • I’ve hurt my foot and I’m stuck in this waiting room at sick call, what are you here for? AU
  • I was getting my new rank sewn on my uniforms but they gave me yours by mistake because this is not the rank I was expecting to see on my lapels AU.
  • This is my first deployment and I’m really nervous and you’re a seasoned veteran and I’m trying to act like I’m not terrified but you notice anyway and talk to me to ease my worries AU.
  • Oh my fuck not again they put me on duty with that asshole and I have to spend the next 24 hours of my life in their vicinity why in fuck’s name do my section NCOs hate me? AU
  • We’ve been asked to conduct PMCS (preventive maintenance checks & services) on this vehicle not climb on it like we’re fucking tarzan can you PLEASE open up the hood and check the oil? AU
  • We’re playing soccer for PT this morning and you’re the opposing team’s goalie and I’m going to make it my mission to score on you so much that your mother cries AU.
  • Ahahaha you’re in the <insert branch here>? I’m in the vastly superior <insert branch here>, every time I see you we’re going to participate in this nonsense military branch pissing match AU.
  • This drill sergeant just told us we would be doing PT until dawn if we couldn’t get our shit straight and you just made a fart sound from the opposite side of the room I swear to god I will fucking kill you for this AU.
  • Well, the drill sergeant said you’re my new battle buddy so we may as well be friends AU.
  • You were the one who threw away that one piece of paper so how come you dragged me out here to dumpster dive with you? AU
  • You said you could control the floor buffer so why are you riding it down the hallway? AU
  • We have a surprise wall locker inspection today and they’re going to find the <insert embarrassing object> I put in yours yesterday I am SO SORRY AU.
  • When we met I thought you were a sorry son of a bitch but after three deployments there’s no one else I would willingly follow into battle AU.

Feel free to use these, I tried to explain the things that civilians might not understand but I remember the military having its fair share of ridiculous situations that make for good AUs so enjoy.