seasoned fries


“It is calamity
says calculation
It is nothing but pain
says fear
It is hopeless
says insight
It is what it is
says love” - Was es ist (Erich Fried)

Victor and Oswald bonding over their lost loves, even if they’re “lost” in very different ways.

Victor going on and on about Nora. Oswald listening intently, nodding at the things that make him think of Ed.

Oswald asking how he knew she was his one true love. Victor saying “I found someone I couldn’t exist without. There was no me without her.”


I live in a constant state of fear and misery
Do you miss me anymore?
And I don’t even notice when it hurts anymore
Anymore, anymore, anymore

170224 BTS Myungdong - Bundang Fansign - Jungkook

2017 🌟 Kkukie’s Choice 🌟
(Must choose more than one)

• Seasoned fried chicken vs. Fried chicken
Lamb skewers vs. Chicken skewers
• Pig’s trotters vs. Boiled pork belly
• Summer vs. Winter
• Jungkook-oppa vs. Jungkook-oppa

(P.S: I’m not gonna give up. Jungkook-oppa…) ㅠㅠ

(OP said Jungkook went “Oho~” at the last row but still picked one anyway.)

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