Sunday Morning Musings: If Memory Serves

Good morning!

Before we delve into another edition of, ‘Sunday Morning Musings’, how’s everyone doing after that season three finale?

I felt this was a great opportunity to reflect on Arrow season three and what ultimately lead to the season three finale.

One of the hot topics of discussion within my online social circle this week was the topic of “canon”.

Canon, in regards to comic books, is what is considered to be “real,” “what really happened” or “what that character is really like” as opposed to events, etc., that happened in comic books, but nobody “counts it” as being “real” or “actually happened.”

In fiction, canon is the material accepted as part of the story in an individual universe of that story.

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Any scoop on the Once Upon a Time finale? Please? –Paul
As AA was going to press, Matt Mitovich had juuuuuust cued up Sunday’s two-hour closer, which opens, he says, with perhaps the most Lost-like sequence in the show’s history, as we find out how Isaac came to be an Author. And lest you think the Snow Dark/Bandit Regina/Noble Rumple role-reversal twist is played just for fun, be assured that it’s all part of a rather dark mystery/puzzle that Henry must solve, in what is far and away the lad’s most “-centric”episode to date.

Question: I have a question concerning Once Upon a Time. Will we ever know what happened between Will Scarlett and Anastasia (The White Queen)? Any chance to see her in the future? —Marine
Ausiello: In the future, yes, there’s a chance. But during this season, which has only Sunday’s two-hour finale remaining, no. “Unfortunately, there was not room to bring Anastasia on this year,” says series co-creator Adam Horowitz. “But hopefully we will in the future, because we’d love to tell that story.”


Reminder: Rick and Morty/Simpsons Crossover This Sunday

Hey guys! Just a reminder that there will be a special Rick and Morty couch gag opening The Simpsons season finale this Sunday, May 17th at 8 PM on Fox

You won’t want to miss it!!

Injury update | 15.05.2015

Ramos suffered an injury during the Juventus match but went on to complete the full 90 minutes, and the medical report published by Real Madrid confirmed that Ramos “has been diagnosed with a grade 1 muscle injury in the soleus in his left leg”. According to AS, Ramos is expected to miss the last two matches of the season, against Espanyol (Sunday at 19:00 CEST) and Getafe (Saturday 23, 18:30 CEST).

Marcelo and Carvajal also finished the match with sore ankles and are doubts for Espanyol on Sunday. Kroos also finished with some discomfort in his right hip, and Illarra could replace him against Espanyol.

During today’s training session, Sergio Ramos was joined in the treatment room by Luka Modric and Kroos trained in the gym.

[via AS, Marca and Real Madrid]