seasonal food

Massa should get a little praise today.

Carrying Williams like a boss.

Not bad for a guy who had planned on sitting on the sofa and eating ALL the food, this season.

the signs' favorite foods
  • Aries: chicken soup
  • Taurus: bagels, or really any hot bread
  • Gemini: sour candy
  • Cancer: ice cream
  • Leo: steak
  • Virgo: pizza
  • Libra: chocolate chip cookies
  • Scorpio: fudge bars
  • Sagittarius: mint chocolate
  • Capricorn: caramel apples
  • Aquarius: double stuf oreos
  • Pisces: Nilla wafers
Things that I NEED in my Life
  • Coffee
  • To Marry Cisco Ramon
  • A Card with an Unlimited balance to go Shopping
  • The Beast’s Library 
  • A week-long nap
  • Bucky Banes to be my Friend
  • Pablo to sing to me
  • A hug by Brock O’hurn
  • Junk Food
  • Carlos Valdes to be my Boyfriend
  • A Marauders Book
  • NEW SEASONS! (Stranger Things, OITNB, Prison Break, HTGAWM…)
  • Francisco Ramon
  • For Ed Sheeran to write the soundtrack of my life and become my bestie
  • To Travel the world so I can take as many Pictures as I Can
  • Someone to Give me Flowers (just because)
  • A REALLY, Stupidly, Good Music Session
  • A New Tattoo

that’s it… that is all I need… thank you for your attention