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These last few days I've seen you mention multiple times Bobby's knowledge of Dean's feelings in season 7 and how he must've been aware of what Cas meant to Dean, and I was thinking about it and I realized an obvious thing - Bobby is the one who basically directs Dean to Cas in 7x17, and I don't remember if it's said or implied that he knew that 'Emmanuel' was Cas all along but either way it's symbolically very relevant that Bobby allows their reunion...

Heyya :)

Yeah I love it, there are so many times where Bobby looks like he knows, it’s too many to ignore even if he never came out and said it, which of course he couldn’t because that is part of Dean’s subtextual story which isn’t supposed to be divulged before endgame, so we just get snippets here and there.  

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Bobby treating Dean like his son, caring for him, telling him to toughen up when he needs to, Sam and Bobby not even batting an eyelid when Dean’s siren is a guy, them both talking about how depressed Dean is due to Sam’s head being broken (which he immediately says is not that bad, so, its clearly not the main issue), and Dean losing CAS… with Sam’s facial expression as he says his name… literally the scene right after the first thing Dean says the thing he’s glad to be not caring about right now (ie. that he cares about DEEPLY when he’s not drugged up), is about Cas and the black goo…

Sam asks Bobby if he also feels like Dean is just going through the motions, that he’s not the same Dean and Bobby is like “how could he be?”…

Which just is a total reminder of:

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and Bobby when his wife is resurrected even though he knows its wrong:

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Which has now made me watch that episode, with Karen telling Dean he’s never been in love if he doesn’t understand omission of truth to bring peace not pain, which only a few episodes later is exactly what Dean does for Cas, which Cas even says textually to bring our attention to it *sigh*.

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Anyway, yes, I don’t know how I feel about Bobby leading them to Emmanuel knowing it was Cas, it feels a bit ghost ex machina tbh, how could Bobby have possibly known before he died, and why wouldn’t he have mentioned it before, I feel like he probably just thought it was worth a shot that they tried Emmanuel and was lucky that it turned out to be Cas… but heck, I’ll go for it :)


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could you please make cs icons from 6x20?

They’re all from A Happy Beginning, and they are all blue/purple/pink because I apparently don’t know about other colours, sorry.

Please, like/reblog if you save/use them, and don’t claim as your own.


“Na-ah. Nobody knows me.”

   Lars Barriga aesthetic

We’ll Figure It Out (Pt 1)

gif art by @travellerintime thank you so much!

Summary: After recent events, Sam has been fighting insomnia. Dean wants to help him in any way possible. He need’s Sam to talk about his experience, and needs him to relax, and will do anything to get him there.

Pairing: Sam Wincester / Dean Winchester
Warnings: None
Tags: WIncest, First Time, Season 12 Divergance, Bunker Sex, Depressed!Sam, Caring!Dean, Comfort, Slow Burn, not too smutty


Dean’s eyes burn after what felt like 24 hours straight of reading articles on the internet about crazy events that might be in their wheelhouse. Nothing particularly jumped off the screen to him, so he took the last 2 swallows from his beer and decided to call it a night. Sam had gone to bed hours ago. A little earlier than normal, but he had been looking more tired than usual, and it’s probably just caught up to him.

As he approached his bedroom door, Dean paused and listened to voices coming from Sam’s room. It sounded like the TV, but Sam doesn’t usually fall asleep with the TV on, so he decides to check on his brother.

“It’s open.” Sam says as he hears Dean’s signature “shave and a haircut” knock on his door. Dean opens the door to find Sam watching TV in the dark, sitting up on his bed, in his T-shirt and lounge pants, sipping from a tumbler of whiskey, also not normal Sam behavior. Dean is sure something is out of whack.

“Hey, you okay?” Dean asks as he gives Sam a once over look to see if there is anything visibly wrong.

“Yeah,” Sam says with a half smile, “just can’t sleep. Trying to take the edge off,” as he gestures with the tumbler. Dean glances over at the whiskey bottle on the night stand. Still ¾ of the way full. Sam could probably still drive if he had to at this point, so Dean lets himself relax a little…his little brother isn’t sitting in the dark, brooding and getting drunk.

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