ways to combat seasonal depression!!
  • keep the windows open as much as you can
  • keep your curtains open & let all the sunlight in!!
  • try to get outside at least once a day
  • exercise (even if it’s just taking a walk or doing a yoga video)
  • drink lots and lots of water!!!! i carry around a 32oz nalgene every day!!!
  • make sure you have comfy socks/shoes/sweaters/clothes for the season!!
  • get scented candles
  • take up a hobby (like knitting! i make wreaths and i bake!)
  • accept that you’re going to have bad days and do things to try and make them less bad (like drinking water!)
  • don’t doubt yourself!!!! your depression is legitimate and just because it’s only during the cold months doesn’t mean you don’t need as much attention as people with year-round depression!!!!!


It’s been weeks since Dean’s relapse, and Cas has been in touch constantly ever since, he was there, he is here. Sam knows he isn’t alone in this. He knows that they are both going to get Dean out of it. That he has a friend, someone to rely on in the difficult times to come. Someone who really cares, someone who’ll help him save his brother. 


Bellamy Blake + symptoms of PTSD and depression [insp]