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Thom Yorke in Undercover

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Jun Takahashi’s creations, be it under his Undercover label or the unmatched technical-wear from the Gyakusou collaboration with Nike. His unique approach merges aesthetic and functionality as few others, often tweaking otherwise ordinary garments. For Undercover’s latest lookbook, named “Season #1″, Takahashi tapped none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to sport his pieces while cruising Japanese backgrounds.


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”

Hillary Clinton has not won this election yet.  GO VOTE!

Once again, I insist that you get out and vote.  The polls show Donald Trump is not doing well, but this campaign season has been unpredictable to say the least.  Many people thought there was no way Bernie Sanders would come close to beating Hillary Clinton, and yet he ran an incredibly effective and successful campaign that has had a huge influence on the Democratic party.  Everyone wrote off Donald Trump the day he announced his campaign, and we saw how that worked out. 

You must go vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats.  The alternative is literally a threat to our democracy. 

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be taking to the streets — some to celebrate, some to protest the inauguration and others to demonstrate for issues that the president-elect cares about.

If you happen to be one of those people, you might have this nagging question in the back of your mind: Will any of it make a difference?

That’s the topic that Duncan Green explores in his new book, How Change Happens. Published in December, it’s a field guide for those seeking to make real and lasting political and social change. And he’s got advice for everyone: first-time petition-signers, seasoned campaigners and full-time lobbyists.

Green, head of research at Oxfam Great Britain, an international aid organization, and the blogger behind From Poverty To Power, has worked in the advocacy world for 35 years. He’s found that no matter what issue you’re fighting for — U.S. politics, ending the Syrian civil war or bringing down a Ugandan warlord — reform has the best chance of happening when you have a deep understanding of the system you’re trying to change.

Thinking About Going To A Rally? Read This Activist’s Advice First

Photo: Ben de la Cruz/NPR 

To the Americans who follow me, particularly minors who could not speak up during this election:

I am so sorry.

I voted for Hillary, I have spoken up against Trump throughout the campaign season both online and in person, I have advocated for peace and love, and I know I have absolutely not been alone in these efforts. It simply was not enough.

There is still so much hatred running through the veins of this country. The task ahead of us now is cultural protest and advocacy. We must continue to fight during the next four years. We must make ourselves known and heard. And unfortunately, with a right-wing majority, we will have to grate our teeth and try to advocate peacefully, to educate with polarizing, and to demonstrate what it means to take the higher road. This will be exceptionally difficult with a straight-red government tearing us down. But now is not the time for emotions to overcome us in our dealings with Republicans. We must make them listen.

I will be posting a list of ideas on ways to protest in the coming days.

Stay strong. We will need to lean on one another to make it through the next four years.

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For families of color, the recent Presidential campaign season and election results may affect the tone of conversations at Thanksgiving and throughout this holiday season. 

Shereen and Gene are joined by Kat from NPR’s Code Switch Team to dissect dinner table politics. We also hear from people who answered our social media call-out, and later, journalist and professor Asra Nomani and her father Azar talk with Shereen about how they came to terms with political differences in the family. Asra Nomani, a Muslim woman and immigrant, revealed in an op-ed that she voted for Donald Trump.

Want Some Gravy With Those Grievances?

Illustration: Daniel Fishel for NPR

John Murphy Fandom’s Greatest Hits
  • The great John vs Jonathan Murphy debate
  • Alex Murphy being a confirmed memelord
  • Everyone deciding the ‘dye’ thing was just Murphy being dyslexic instead of making fun of him
  • John Murphy + John Mbege = John²
  • His edgy fingerless gloves both simultaneously loved and hated
  • John Murphy Nose Rub™
  • Memori aka Bonnie and Clyde except their crime skills are mediocre at best
  • “Give John Murphy A Hug” campaign after season 2
  • Farmer Murphy
  • The John Murphy sex scene that made all our eyeballs fall out (seriously, why)
  • Making polls and bets over what his crime would be
  • Nicknaming him “everyone’s favorite cockroach” bc his only skill is barely surviving
  • John Murphy Face Scars™
  • Murphamy…just Murphamy
  • Dropping both Johntari and Jroth at the drop of a hat when the rape scene got leaked
  • John Murphy’s goddamn sass mouth not having an off button…EVER
  • The Red Spiky Shoulder Pad™
  • John Murphy not learning Trigedasleng despite it literally being a necessity in his new job #SlackerLyfe
  • Embarrassing Virgin Murphy
  • Titus aka the ultimate Murphy hater killing himself to get out of helping Murphy
  • Both Murphy and his fandom being lowkey pissed no one is letting him back in the delinquent squad
  • Asexual Murphy
  • Being able to admit John Murphy is a Problematic Fave at best and an Irredeemable Scumbag at worst and loving him either way