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I am soooo here for the balloon squad hanging out IRL. Best friendship to come out of Skam. Their IRL friendship is one of the best thing that happened in the whirl wind that was s4. I love these guttas. @skampoc

It’s about respect and choices. Sana can choose to drink, have sex and so on. I am muslim, I choose not to drink. I have a Norwegian girlfriend. It’s about choices. And one will experience the consequences of these choices, but one knows this. So stop judging! I respect everyone as long as they respect me.
—  Cengiz Al (on Sana being the main in s4)

So apparently Cengiz said that his girlfriend got jealous watching the Yousana scenes and honestly, if i were in her place i totally would too. i mean just look at the chemistry those two have together, and they barely even touch throughout the season. They show everything with just the looks they give each other and it seems so real it’s just freaking mind blowing. So yeah, i totally understand her jealousy.

Eskild said that it was obvious William was probably not coming back to Oslo for Noora.

One email was all it took for him to come back.

Eskild also said that gay guys in heterosexual relationships don’t usually ditch their girlfriends for the guys.

Even left Sonja for Isak.

Eskild also said that relationships with non religious people and religious people were very difficult.

I see a pattern :)