seasona blog

Hi, everyone! I’ve seen a lot of people do blogs of the month, but I figured, why not let it go on for longer, so I came up with this idea of blogs of the season. Every new season I will pick a few blogs and showcase them on my blog along with on my awards page (/winners). If you are interested in potentially becoming one of my blogs of the season, then keep on reading!


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (Likes are considered bookmarks)
  • Do not self-promote or delete text (You will be disqualified if you do)
  • I will consider all blog types expect nsfw


  • A follow from me
  • Regular queues throughout the season
  • A spot on my blog for the whole season (I will message you the date range)
  • Two promos of any types, upon request

Higher Chances

  • Follow my advice/personal blog
  • Apply to my other awards here
  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Talk to me. I love meeting new people!


  • I will choose winners from this master post every season
  • There will be side posts made about who won for which season
  • The banner was made by myself
  • Please message me if you have any questions

Good luck everyone!
(please don’t let this flop)