Requested by anon: “Insta edit for stargazing with the YJ team? And maybe one for Halloween with the team?”

So I did three pics for stargazing and three for Halloween! For stargazing I did the Season 2 team and Halloween the Season 1 team for some variation. Hope you like it love!! ❤️❤️

I’ve always been obsessed with Alec’s goofy, uninhibited smile in this scene when he meets Magnus but I just noticed this expression just before that smile.

This expression is of a man just mesmerized by who’s in front of him, like he almost forgets how to breathe for a moment, as Magnus approaches him with his eyes shining with affection.

Matt did such a good job with not smiling or showing any happy expression the first few episodes so that this emotion on his face was so genuinely given. Think about how hard that is, to not smile at all for days, especially when you’re with your cast mates and having down time. It’s a serious commitment that resulted in this absolutely perfect first look.

Alec “Heart eyes for Magnus Bane and only Magnus Bane” Lightwood, everyone.

tragedyboycentral  asked:

Mabel would sooo run away with Dipper tho omg, like I can imagine even before they get fully fed up, once Mabel see's signs Dipper might not be safe or loved here she's gone. She packed their bags, got bus tickets with what money she has, and drags Dipper with her where a really surprised Grunkle is behind the door, and hes realyl confused and worried but once he finds out he refuses to let them go home until he knows dipper'd be safe. omg yes, like they still slip up but they always fix it

Maybe their parents come knocking at the door when they realize the twins booked it (though the twins are probably 17/18 at this point and are close to adults), and Grunkle Stan uses his superb lying skills to throw them off the track as the kids hide up in the attic.