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Deku headcannons

deck u,,, my son,, (part 2)

  • if he sees a box of 50 abandoned kittens in the rain he will take it and adopt all of them, no questions asked
    • inko: izuku honey we don’t have room in our apartment
    • izuku: but mooooom
  • has a notebook filled with all the embarrassing things bakugou has ever done in his entire life
    • is fully aware that if bkgo sees it they’ll be exploded and he himself will be next, so he keeps it v safe
    • includes gems like 
      • Age 4: “our preschool teacher wanted us to give her a valentine’s kiss on the cheek. kacchan did it, but he exploded her right after & got a time out” 
      • Age 9: “kacchan slipped from his own sweat on the monkey bars for a split second”
      • Age 13: “a girl asked him out, got rejected, then cried & ran off. kacchan awkwardly kicked a pebble”
      • Age 17: “kirishima whispered smth to kacchan on the bus & his ears turned really red??”
      • etc.
  • he likes things that taste minty!
    • it’s very refreshing and is good for helping his concentration
  • is good at gardening
    • it’s actually inko’s hobby, but he helps her out so much that he’s come to enjoy it as well
    • green thumb!
  • his favorite season is spring
    • summer is too hot, winter is too cold, autumn is gloomy to him
    • but spring is where stuff grows! his mom is happy too bc her garden is at peak strength
Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

Paris fashion week was surprisingly sunny and pleasant this season. The Miu Miu Spring Summer 2014 collection was presented on October 2, 2013 at Le Palais d’Iéna.

A building normally devoted to political administration was transformed into a teenager’s bedroom with colorful wallpaper and comfortable seating. The design was guided by Rem Koolhaaas’ OMA. The team combined a variety of textures and materials such as Milanese parquet and sound proofing foam, to create a tactile and retro-futuristic vibe.

The collection went straight to the heart of Miu Miu. The colors and forms progressed through the maturity of a young lady during iconic modern eras. Beginning with candy coated, naive pastels for vintage modern classics, the collection moved toward vibrant colors and more decorative post-modern flirty forms.

On the front row at Miu Miu were Rashida Jones, Gabrielle Union, Imogen Poots, Dianna Agron, Lupita Nyong'o and Michelle Dockery below.

Miu Miu is beauty that keeps us intrigued. This is a thinking woman’s aesthetics. Stay tuned for more to come from Girl In and follow at Instagram and Twitter