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Reactions to tonight's episode of Gotham:

Jerome Fans:

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Riddler Fans:

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For any Steven Universe fans:

Season 4 episodes 11 to 15 were leaked,
so here’s some links to watch them if you can’t wait.

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Episode 11 - Steven’s Dream

Episode 12 - Adventures in Light Distortion

Episode 13 - Gem Heist

Episode 14 - The Zoo

Episode 15 - That Will Be All

Sorry if any of them don’t work by the time they get to you.

The best thing about the Season 13 finale is that Miles talked about Season 14 being an anthology where they go back and look at different characters from the past, his example being Tucker back in the first few seasons in Blood Gulch.

So we probably won’t have any closure on this until Season 15.

Ain’t that a bitch?


Ruby and Sapphire 

Steven and Amethyst