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Your handle says "Dedicated to the shameless shipping of My favorite DWTS couples plus a little bit of randomness" so, who are these couples?

Here’s a story all about how, my life got flip turned upside down… and I discovered my secret obsession with shipping couples from dwts. Buckle in, boys and girls. So, by my nature I tend to get obsessed with something for a while and then move on, so my blog has changed several times with my whims. I have been a casual watcher of dwts since about season 14 or 15 I guess, but I wasn’t a super fan. I just watched it and enjoyed it and didn’t think much of it. I first discovered Tumblr during season 19 after coming across a video on Twitter of “all Maksyl dances” and I loved their dynamic and went googling to find out what a Maksyl was and found Tumblr. Back then I was just a lurking anon in @trocoloca ’s inbox. My ship was sailing, posting adorable snuggle reunion pics and such all of the time, so, I started to get bored because I’m like that. I came across a gifset comparing Val and Zendaya with Maks and Meryl. Now, this gifset threw me for a loop because up until this point I was sipping the Janelskiy tea. I enjoyed their dances and bought into the showmance… but when I saw these gifs it made Janelskiy seem like fake news because I hadn’t seen Val look so enamored with anyone else like he was looking at her. I had watched season 16 and enjoyed Val and Z but never really noticed a romantic connection between the two of them. So I went diving in the Valdaya tag and found gifs, interviews, social media interactions, etc that made me think there was something there. The age difference was bugging me at first but when I looked at it objectively and thought about some of the individual factors in their relationship it didn’t bother me as much. So I think that’s around the time I started my blog and one of my first posts was about that age difference. And it turns out I am a huge sucker for the forbidden romance trope so I was hooked. So I was shipping along, it was going great, my dash was filled with Maksyl in the morning and Valdaya at night, don’t ask me why but that’s how it was, when Maksyl all of the sudden went to hell and the tag became a disaster zone. When it after a while it became pretty obvious that ship was sunk, I went to mostly a Valdaya blog. I even wrote a fic for each of those ships, which when I first found Tumblr I thought was the weirdest thing ever. I was so creeped out by fics about real people. But over time I realized the characters were only inspired by real people, and they were fictional versions, and then I was cool with it. Well so then Season 20 came along and about week 9 or so, Mark and Sadie had their trio dance with Emma and started getting real emotional, and I started seeing a little something there. Again, forbidden love and opposites attract and all of that. And they reminded me so much of some of what I’d seen with Valdaya and seemed to have such an intense soulmate type connection, and were acting like boyfriend/girlfriend to me in a lot of ways, and I fell right down that rabbit hole. I shipped it so hard. I knew it was a crack ship and I did not care. I obsessed like crazy and wrote a ton of fic and I still think they have one of the most beautiful intense connections they came out of the show and had the circumstances been different, it could have gone in a different direction. But now I think they have fully turned it into an amazing friendship and I have warmed up a lot to Mark and BC and their relationship and think they are really sweet. So I’m just chilling along and watching season 23, enjoying several of the couples, and I’m watching the group dance rehearsal and notice James staring and Sharna while she’s choreographing, and then doing things to intentionally make her laugh, and guys I am not kidding you I fell so hard for them. I don’t pick my ships, my ships pick me, and this one lit something up in my brain and I again went ship crazy, rewatching all of their dances and packages and posting all of my feels, and people started sending me anons, and I met all of you lovely people, and that’s how my blog came to be in it’s present day state. I said it one of my tags a while back, and I do believe it to be true, that I don’t always pick the ships that go romantic, but I do pick the ones that have a special connection. Maybe that is just what I personally want in a romantic relationship, so I see it that way. Anyway, there you go. The couples that I shamelessly ship. My dwtsotps.
My babies. 😍😍😍

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Forward/Winger


Manchester United

  • Premier League: 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09
  • FA Cup: 2003–04
  • Football League Cup: 2005–06, 2008–09
  • FA Community Shield: 2007
  • UEFA Champions League: 2007–08
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2008

Real Madrid

  • La Liga: 2011–12
  • Copa del Rey: 2010–11, 2013–14
  • Supercopa de España: 2012
  • UEFA Champions League: 2013–14, 2015–16
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2014
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2014, 2016



  • UEFA European Championship: 2016


  • Ballon d'Or: 2008, 2016
  • FIFA Ballon d'Or: 2013, 2014
  • FIFA World Player of the Year: 2008
  • FIFPro World Player of the Year: 2008
  • The Best FIFA Men’s Player: 2016
  • UEFA Best Player in Europe Award: 2014, 2016
  • World Soccer Player of the Year: 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016 
  • GSA Best Player of the Year: 2011, 2014, 2016
  • Onze d'Or: 2008
  • Bravo Award: 2004
  • FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year: 2003–04, 2004–05
  • CNID Best Portuguese Athlete Abroad: 2007,2008, 2009,2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • PFA Portuguese player of the year: 2016
  • European Golden Shoe: 2007–08, 2010–11, 2013–14, 2014–15
  • IFFHS World’s Best Top Goal Scorer: 2013, 2014, 2016
  • IFFHS World’s Best Top Division Scorer: 2014,] 2015
  • FIFA Puskás Award: 2009
  • FIFA FIFPro World XI: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • UEFA Ultimate Team of the Year
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2006–07, 2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15
  • FIFA Club World Cup Golden Boot: 2016
  • FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball: 2016
  • UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 2007–08
  • UEFA Club Forward of the Year: 2007–08
  • UEFA Champions League Team of the Season: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16
  • UEFA Champions League Team of the Group Stage: 2015–16
  • UEFA Champions League top scorer: 2007–08, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16
  • UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament: 2004, 2012, 2016
  • UEFA European Championship Silver Boot: 2016
  • UEFA Euro All Time XI
  • UEFA European Championship Co-top scorer: 2012
  • Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year: 2003–04, 2006–07, 2007–08
  • Manchester United Players’ Player of the Year: 2006–07, 2007–08
  • Manchester United Goal of the Season: 2008–09
  • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2006–07
  • PFA Fans’ Player of the Year: 2006–07, 2007–08
  • PFA Players’ Player of the Year: 2006–07, 2007–08
  • FWA Footballer of the Year: 2006–07, 2007–08
  • Barclays Player of the Year 2006–07,] 2007–08
  • Premier League Player of the Month: November 2006, December 2006, January 2008, March 2008
  • PFA Premier League Team of the Year: 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09
  • Premier League Golden Boot: 2007–08
  • Premier League 20 Seasons Awards Fantasy Team – Public
  • Premier League 20 Seasons Awards Fantasy Team – Experts
  • La Liga Most Valuable Player: 2012–13
  • La Liga Best Player: 2013–14
  • La Liga Best Forward: 2013–14
  • La Liga Best Goal: 2013–14
  • La Liga Fans 5 Star Player: 2014–15
  • Trofeo EFE Best Ibero-American Soccer Player of the Spanish League: 2012–13
  • Trofeo Alfredo Di Stéfano: 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2015–16
  • La Liga Player of the Month: November 2013, May 2015
  • La Liga Team of the Season: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16
  • La Liga top scorer: 2010–11, 2013–14, 2014–15
  • Copa del Rey top goalscorer: 2010–11
  • BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year: 2014
  • ESPY Awards Best International Athlete: 2014, 2016
  • GSA Best Media Attraction: 2011
  • GSA Greatest Media Attraction: 2011
  • GSA Fans Favorite Player: 2013
  • GSA Goodwill Award: 2016
  • Onze d'Argent: 2007, 2009, 2011–12
  • Onze de Bronze: 2010–11
  • FIFA Club World Cup Silver Ball: 2008, 2014

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Hey, I'm a new fan (your blog is very helpful to me!) and I'm trying to figure out why 14/15 season is considered such a bad season for Yuzu. I know about CoC but that was just one comp in the beginning of the season... and he did not upgrade his layout that season?... why? Could you enlighten me a bit?

Oh anon, oh anon, where to start?

Just say, if you are a new fan and you missed 14/15 season live you should count yourself lucky.

Season started with a withdrawal from Finlandia Trophy. Nothing too much worrying, just back pain probably due to a too full off-season.

Then we had Cup of Disaster and the crash with Han Yan. Let’s go through it in his own words:

“My stomach hit the ice (when I fell) and so it felt like I received a body blow. My stomach was so painful, I could not breathe and I could not get up. Then, when I tried standing up, my chin was hurting and bleeding. My head was panicking and I didn’t know exactly where all the pain was coming from.”


“When the 6-min warm-up started again, above my left knee, the sartorius muscle was really painful. I tried jumping the loop and I could somehow do it. But when I did the lutz, it was so painful, I thought ‘yabai’ (t/n. here it can mean ‘dangerous’ or ‘terrible’ or 'crap’). The axel was painful and really hard but I was standing. Quad toeloop I had a hand down and step-out, the quad salchow I rotated and fell. So I thought 'it’s alright, even though it’s painful, if I think JUMP, I can jump!’
But 'the quad toe in the 2nd half would be impossible, what should I do (to replace it)’ and immediately I thought, 'Lutz, I will jump the lutz twice.’ 'I can just go back to the same layout as last season.’
With the remaining time, I tried out that path. When the 6-min warm-up ended, I immediately told Brian, 'I will do the lutz today.’ And he responded with something like, 'Yes, I know.’
Maybe my adrenaline was fully gushing out. Even though it was very painful, just skate to the end somehow, I thought.”


“After my performance, the American doctors had prepared the things needed to do stitches for me in the massage room of the venue. With anaesthetics, my chin received 7 stitches. There was also a cut on my head, and that part received 3 staples without anaesthesia. The staples were really painful! That night, my chin and my head and my leg and my stomach were hurting so much; the next day, I took the plane back to Japan for a medical examination, it was hell. (wry smile)
The plan to return to Toronto was changed and he returned to Japan. In the hospital in Japan, the results of the medical examination was 'head contusion (or bruise), chin contusion, abdominal contusion, left thigh contusion, right ankle sprain’, 2 to 3 weeks needed for full recovery.

(Translation thanks to @yuzusorbet)

3 weeks after Cup of Disaster, and just few days after he started again to practice, NHK came up.

After Cup of China, a week later, the pain was still there; I could not walk for about 10 days. When I was able walk a little, I tried going onto the ice. It was too painful and I thought, NHK Trophy is surely impossible.”
In the end, the final decision was made after entering the venue for NHK Trophy


Without having been on the ice the way he had wanted, facing the competition, he had no choice but to change the layout that he was aiming for this season.
After somehow qualifying for GPF, he started to train again 100%, but his conditions and the little time didn’t allow for any layout change.

In Barcelona, somewhen after SP he started feeling pain again, this time to his abdomen:

But after the short programme, my stomach started to have some pain. When I press or stretch, it’s heavy, painful, a muscle ache kind of pain. So I thought, 'Is there some damage to the muscle tissue?’ But when I finished the free skate, there was lump below my navel, like a pingpong ball, 'how strange’ I thought. After I boarded the plane, my navel swelled up.   During the flight, it was so painful that I could not sleep.  I went straight to the hospital for a check and was told it could be ‘Urachal Remnant’.  Because the symptoms were not that bad yet, I was given antibiotics. With that, I returned home to Sendai. Then, before I had a bath, I saw that my navel had become a bulging lump. And after about 5 minutes, it burst!  A lot of blood and pus gushed out.


That’s why, the period going towards Japan Championships was the same as the period before NHK Trophy, I didn’t know if I could skate. I went to the hospital and was told it’s Urachal Remnant Disorder and surgery is needed. But because I have Japan Championships, I could not have the surgery anytime soon. 'If I can bear with it, I will go for nationals,’ I thought. It was not necessary to tell people about the urachal remnant, and also it was not relevant, I wanted to go for nationals. But it was painful to bend forward and backward.


The wound was covered by gauze but blood kept oozing out and it got onto my clothes every time. To prevent it from staining my costume, on top of the gauze, the tape used was not normal tape but the kind that’s for taping. The gauze also chafed. It was painful.”
The urachus connects the navel and the bladder in the fetal period;  the urachal remnant started to fester and the disorder worsened but only a few people around him knew about this.

As you see, once again to change layout to the original one was impossible.
He won Nationals. The next day he withdrew from Gala and was admitted in hospital instead.

“Pus was oozing out continuously.  I thought, 'after nationals, I will have the surgery immediately. If not, I won’t be in time for World Championships.’  I was told that I can’t move for 2 months after the surgery.”

(Just because I feel the need of you to read a bit of horror story more):

“For the epidural anaesthesia, a catheter was inserted in my back; the alcohol used for disinfection was strong and I reacted to it/ developed a rash. After surgery, my back was itching and itching. In the stomach area, there was also a tube to drain the blood so that it does not accumulate. This was pierced through my navel and it was extremely painful. Ah~, it hurts now when I think of it. I also could not turn over. It was hard. Then later, I was injected with antibiotics and I had an allergic reaction; my whole body broke out in hives (urticaria). Really, all sorts of things happened. But thankfully, now half a year has passed and I am fine.”

(Translation again thanks to @yuzusorbet)

He spent New Year in hospital. Some weeks later he was back in Sendai.

He wasn’t supposed to train for quite a while, but by the end of January it was reported he was back on ice.

Too soon, not ready, he twisted his ankle soon after. He had to take other weeks off and his recovery was delayed once again.

Up till Worlds there were contradicting news about his partecipation. He didn’t return to Toronto, he remained in Japan training alone in Sendai. To upgrade his layouts to the supposed versions (3A // 4T 3Lz3T and 4S 4T 3F // 4T3T 3A2T 3Alo3S 3Lo 3Lz) was impossible.

During Worlds time, it was reported he was still suffering from an infection to his abdomen (reports were not clear, tho) and for sure he did worsen his recovery by trying alternative methods (like trying to cut off his stitches with scissors, because they… itched. Itched.). He skated at that WC on a very tentative condition, he had some issue still at “contracting” his abdominal muscles to push rotation. And it’s not by chance that after such a season, with so many troubles, he decided to skate to Parisienne Walkaways during WTT Gala

In short, that’s what happened in 2014/15 season. That’s the reason he didn’t upgrade his layout from the previous one and that’s the reason 2014/15 is considered a nightmare season by many fans.

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can you give me a reason to live, please? anything.

1. A hug.
2. An “I love you”.
3. A funny tumblr post.
4. A message, “I miss you”.
5. A pat on the shoulder.
6. Proving that you could do it to others who didn’t believe in you.
7. The funny doodles.
8. New songs from your favorite artists and bands.
9. Inside jokes.
10. Playing your friend until you’ve laughed so hard you’ve stopped breathing.
11. Eating a cupcake that taste like heaven.
12. Graduating.
13. Watching the seasons change.
14. Quick kisses.
15. Big smiles.
16. Making someone happy.
17. Drawing something beautiful.
18. Walking past your ex and being fine. .
19. That feels moment when your ship becomes canon.
20. Amazing ships becoming canon.
21. Having a dog tug at their collar to come near you.
22. Matchmaking.
23. The moment of relief when you pass an really important test.
24. Catching the person you like looking at you.
26. The feel of their heart against mine.
27. Standing up for a friend.
28. Seeing two people hold hands in the street.
29. A happy old couple.
30. Seeing your friends smile.
31. Sitting on the edge, away from the crowd, and having someone grab your hand to pull you in.
32. Your first times.
33. Pigs flying.
34. Walking a happy dog.
35. Skype calls with internet friends.
36. Going to museums.
37. People being protective.
38. Learning a different language and trying to talk to someone in that language and watching their face of confusion.
39. Dictionaries.
40. Poetry in the rain.
41. Walks in the dark.
42. Running about on the beach in the pitch black.
43. Wanting time to freeze moments forever.
44. Buffets.
45. Chocolate.
46. Shooting stars
47. Looking at art.
48. Crying from the emotions in a memoir.
49. Reading in a cosy bed while rain lashes outside.
50. a shopkeeper that gives you a discount.
51. Music.
52. Nerd references that not everyone in the group understands and you immediately know them.
53. Laughing until your sides feel like they’re burst.
54. That moment in a song when tears fill my eyes.
55. Sunset.
56. Sunrise.
57. Lists like this one.
58. Compliments.
59. That moment when all of your plans go wrong but what you do instead is much better anyway.
60. Introducing your friend to a fandom and seeing them get as obsessed as you.
61. Long phone calls about random stuff.
62. A kiss on the cheek as they wipe away your tears.
63. Knowing your not alone.
64. Concerts.
65. Performing.
66. Atlases.
67. Encyclopaedias.
68. Memes.
69. Random acts of kindness.
70. Waking up early and realizing you don’t have school.
71. Talking to someone and realising they feel the same way as you about something.
72. Meeting that person you can tell everything to.
73. Telling a massive secret and feeling the weight lift off your chest.
74. Baby animals.
75. Flowers in summer.
76. Those crappy family holidays where it rains but we watch cosy movies and play board games.
77. Redecorating just the way you want it.
78. Parties for no other reason than to have a party.
79. Innocent children.
80. Re-watching kids’ movies and seeing a million hidden messages you’d never noticed before.
81. Adventures in the night.
82. A good bowl of cereal.
83. Holding someone protectively and telling them that the bad stuff will pass and that your here.
84. Publishing a piece and getting a favourite or a meaningful comment.
85. Suggestion blogs.
86. Re-blogging the post and saving another life.
87. Sending love to random internet people.
88. Regretting nothing.
89. Love songs and mushy chick flicks while eating chocolate during a period.
90. Something finally making sense.
91. Love.
92. Hope.
93. Mistakes.
84. Lessons.
95. New Music.
96. Good movies.
97. Memories.
98. Plans
99. Hopes.
100. Dreams


It’s the post about a russian baby girl who stands out in a world where team Tutberidze tanos every jumps in the second half of the programs. This girl actually skates, performs, has lovely expression. Has been doing it since she was at least 8 years old. She’s almost 11 now and her name is Kamila Valieva.

When I first saw her, she landed doubles and single axels and was the loveliest swan EVER. On her final poses she counted till five before breaking the character - so cute <3 She’s always been a good spinner and her upright positions are pretty impressive. Kamila started learning triples last year, it wasn’t an easy process but now by some miracle she has pretty solid 2a & 3s, 3lo and goddamn rippon lutz. Just a couple of days ago she won Russian National competition for the smallest age group (this fact actually promted me to make this post). There’re three parts there: elements, SP & FS. Kamila slayed elements where she showed +goe 3lz & 2a-3t, placed 3rd in the short and 1st in the free.

Kamila’s coaches are not big names at all in Russian singles - Natalia Dubinskaya and Stanislav Kovalev. And here’re Kamila’s programs avaliable online.  

  • 14-15 season: Russian Folk SP, The Swan FS (ICONIC)
  • 15-16 season: Cirque SP, Indian theme FS
  • 16-17 season: Hallelujah SP, The Witch FS 
rvb viewing order??? idk

i’m only including canon material so PSAs and non-canon S14 eps aren’t included. anyways, here’s my attempt at a viewing order for rvb. i might do a syp stream over the weekend on togethertube in this order. i made a playlist for it here. gotta prepare for season 15 lmao.


  • Season 14 (Episodes 2-4)
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Out of Mind
  • Season 5
  • Season 14 (Episodes 16, 19, then 12)
  • Recovery One
  • Season 6 Trailer (Acts as a prologue to the season)
  • Season 6: Reconstruction
  • Relocated
  • Season 7 Trailer (Acts as a prologue to the season)
  • Season 7: Recreation
  • Season 8: Revelation
  • Season 14 (Episode 1) (establishes how there were many Epsilon iterations he went through before settling)
  • MIA (if you place this as one of the various iterations Epsilon goes through after the Season 8 finale)
  • WTaWTaW (same as MIA, you can place this as either the same iteration as MIA or another iteration)
  • Season 14 (Episodes 21-22) (establishes Wash, Connie, and South’s friendship prior to Season 9, helps establish that we’ll be viewing flashbacks throughout the next season)
  • Season 9
  • Season 10
  • Season 14 (Episodes 9-11) (establishes Locus and Felix as a bit of a precursor to their characters when we meet them in Season 11; adds more weight to their relationship and makes you feel like they really became enemies before the big reveal in Season 12)
  • Season 11
  • Season 12
  • Season 13 Trailer (sets up the tone and what to expect with Season 13)
  • Season 13
  • Season 14 (Episode 15) (a good epilogue to Season 13)
let's play get to know the blogger!
  • favorites:
  • 1. color
  • 2. food
  • 3. family member
  • 4. actor/actress
  • 5. beverage
  • 6. country
  • 7. book
  • 8. movie
  • 9. app
  • 10. scent
  • 11. grade
  • 12. number
  • 13. holiday
  • 14. season
  • 15. dog breed
  • vs:
  • 1. strawberry vs blueberry
  • 2. coke vs pepsi
  • 3. mac vs pc
  • 4. iphone vs samsung
  • 5. grape vs cherry
  • 6. day vs night
  • 7. cats vs dogs
  • 8. batman vs superman
  • 9. movies vs tv shows
  • 10. hockey vs football
  • 11. cash vs credit card
  • 12. fries vs onion rings
  • 13. me vs you
  • 14. trump vs sanders
  • have you ever:
  • 1. traveled to a different country
  • 2. peed your pants
  • 3. met a celebrity
  • 4. been lost
  • 5. broken a bone
  • 6. had surgery
  • 7. owned a trampoline
  • 8. been to the ocean
  • 9. cheated on someone
  • 10. been cheated on
  • 11. eaten grass
  • 12. failed a class
  • 13. damaged something that wasn't yours
  • 14. been to a funeral
  • 15. called the wrong number
Noragami Omake!

Hello, everyone! @madeleinedunne  asked if I could post more Noragami omake so I created a side blog ( @norgami-omake ) where I organized each one by volume. Please enjoy some of Adachitoka’s wonderful humor as they recover from illness~

Volume One - An Introduction

Volume Two: Getting Acquainted // Yato Helpline // Rebellious Phase // The Mayu Formally Known As Tomone // Skank! // Any Problem Solved Instantly! (parts 1 & 2)

Volume Three: They’re Watching // Trying It On // I Am A Lion // Blemishes // Ma(nster)yu // I Am A Lion (part 2) // Makeover

Volume Four: Marketing 101 // Hiyorin Works Part Time // Marketing 102 // The Guide’s Ultimate Goal // Drunkard // Kofuku’s Thank-You Visit

Volume Five: Pain In The Neck // Not Long-Dead For Nothing // ??? // Kinki In A Pinch // Kinki Part Two // The Work of A Guide // Master’s Training Plan 

Volume 6: Race Against Time // Raising Simulation Game, Part 1 // Raising Simulation Game, Part 2 // Reigniting Old Flames // Gifts // If We Could Meet In Our Dreams.

Volume 7: Transformation // LOL // Popular Phase // Exchange Diary // Holy Union // Booze Over Flowers

Volume 8: Get Well Soon, Okay? // Our Bone // Yato’s // Hate It With Every Fiber Of My Being!! // Even Ebisu Is Out Of Ideas // Preventing Lawsuits

Volume 9: Little Ebi // Middle-Aged Ebi // Lively Ebi // Dark Ebi // Vindictive // Yato and Ebi

Volume 10: Learning How To Read // Yup, That Happens With Lions // Yup, That Happens With Cats // Big Daddy // Learning Grownup Words // Mysterious Object // Come To Think Of It…

Volume 11: JK Walking // Bird Control Spikes // Same Old Waka // Kazuma Rises To Greater Heights // Same Old Waka (part 2) // The Benefactor

Volume 12: It’s Sakura’s Fault // Cute Makes Right // True Feelings // Dogs Would Be Pav and Lov // Practically A Go // Escalating

Volume 13: Pro Wrestling // A or B // XXXX Hunter // Hey, Papa // School Love // Second Anime Season Announcement

Volume 14: The Godfathers

Volume 15: Yato’s Parenting Book // Catastrophe // No Mercy From Kiun // Matchmaking // Kunimi!!!! // Oops // No Mercy For Kiun

Volume 16: Costume // Prayer Of A Blessed Vessel // Kiun Could Use Some Odor Eliminator // The Food Chain // Bribery // Sometimes You Need To Say It Out Loud

Volume 17: No Mercy From Kiun (part 2) // No Mercy From Kiun (part 3) // No Mercy From Kiun (part 4) // No Mercy From Kiun (part 5 ) // No Malice from Take

Volume 18: coming in June

okay guys so i think i figured out the brownie/willy situation and why one of them was exempt and the other wasnt

so for a player to be exempt from the draft they need to have two or less years playing professionally (NHL or AHL only, international play doesnt count)

connor brown played 76 games (a full season) in the ahl in the 14-15 season. he then played 34 games in the ahl and 7 games in the nhl in the 15-16 season which adds up to more than half a season and therefore counts as a season of professional play

william nylander played 37 games in the ahl in the 14-15 season which is one game shy of half a season in the ahl and therefore does not count as a year of professional hockey. he then played 38 games in the ahl and 22 games in the nhl in the 15-16 season which is more than half a season and therefore counts as a season of professional play. 

tldr; both were nhl rookies this season but technically brownie already had two years of professional hockey under his belt and willy only had one. after this past season brownie has 3 years pro and willy has 2 so willy was exempt from the draft and brownie was not and therefore needed to be protected

Part 2/?: Amateur Music Analysis of Hanyu Yuzuru's Programs - Hope and Legacy

In response to the first music analysis on Yuzuru’s programs, PomeloPooh replied:

Wow that’s some amazing analysis! The analogy to literature narrative structure makes a lot of sense. For something to grab your attention and keep it for 4.5 minutes the first time you hear it, these patterns are needed. Might be why music like h&l are considered risky - when I listen to it later I recognize clear climax and low points, but the first time I heard it with the program the impression was a bit undifferentiated (tho for me it’s undifferentiated beauty!).

Thank you!  :grin:

I agree with you for Hope and Legacy, the structure is complicated.

Hope and Legacy

( and On Dashboard the RISE, PLATEAU and FALL will be bolded but on the blog it is colour-coded.

1) PLATEAU to RISE. Music begins. Gentle running along 3 notes with its various variations. There is a slight increase in volume as he lands the 4Lo at 0:57 (he probably timed it as such).

2) PLATEAU. Music continues running as such, like a neverending stream, as if the 4Lo, the pebble which caused a ripple, never existed and never disturbed the ebb and flow at all.

3) RISE to FALL.1:09 Heavier piano notes (chords I think) begin. dun-dun-Dun-DUn-DUN as he sets up for the 4S, outright chords at 1:18 immediately before the 4S, before giving way as he leaves the ice to rotate, as if the 4S released the pressure building up, then he poses right before spin.

4) PLATEAU (the music is separable into layers with each spin).
Higher notes play as he enters camel spin
Strings enter midspin and he goes into donut spin
Piano re-enters and he does sit spin
As piano and string interweave he shifts and does biellman spin.
(aka any change of instruments = position/variation change)

5) PLATEAU to RISE. 1:44 Strings, he begins step sequence. First phase of step sequence.

6) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 1:56 A peak in the step sequence that attracts attention and during which he paused slightly. Interesting cos he tends to rest during the lower emotional arcs of music but in H&L he does it at peaks where its more emotional and his body (he puts his two palms facing him before opening them up and at point 10 where he grasps something) is narrating an enjoyment of music. It being a break also means those one or two seconds are drawn to his upper body, which he uses to narrate that and conduct the audience’s emotions to feel whatever he is conveying.

7) FALL to PLATEAU. (whatever goes up comes down) 1:57 Lighter strings. Second phase of step sequence.

8) RISE. 2:06 Strings pause, piano melody re-enters. Third phase of step sequence. Another short pose, very very short but this serves more as a border to mark out the boundaries between the 2nd phase and 3rd phase. Heavier piano, chords introduced. Music builds. Strings re-enter.

9) RISE to FALL (during 3F). Music builds and builds and builds, minute pause in music before shifting to piano and he does 3F during this. Lands 3F, strings play once more.

10) RISE (HIGH PEAK) to RISE. Strings, music is emotional, he pauses. Longest pause ever in the program 2:49 - 2:52, also please look back at 6) for more explanation. He just feels the music.

11) RISE. Heavy strings, music rises and suspense builds and heavy strings go heavier and heavier with each note before giving way into strings melody (ironically as effect as climax despite being more subtle than the buildup) as the 4S3T is unleashed. This is a huge climax and even the rotations match the notes.

12) RISE to FALL.3:20 Strings become heavier again + heavier piano chords, music rises and suspense builds rinse repeat 11), then music ceases suddenly and bam! 4T.

13) PLATEAU. 3:37 Quiet music, 3A2T.

14) RISE. 3:50 - 4:04. Strings, music becomes more emotional, music builds up quickly, 3A1Lo3S.

15) FALL. Music quietens and he does his spin.

16) RISE, RISE, RISE. 4:21 Intense music for the choreographic sequence.

17) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:33 - 4:35, in true Yuzu style, hydroblade at important point.

18) RISE (or you can say PLATEAU but at a higher emotional level than previous ones). 4:36 - 4:44. Continuation of choreographic sequence. Music builds.

19) RISE to RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:45 - 4:50, in true Yuzu style, ina bauer at important point.

20) RISE. Setup of 3Lz, the landing of the 3Lz is a highlight, 4:55 emotional music and at the same time he does camel spin.

21) FALL. 5:04, simple piano, he changes position while matching the drop in music.

22) CLOSURE. Final note gives a sense of finality and closure that exudes a dignified air befitting the theme of Legacy.

Tbh the ending is pretty warhorsey cos it’s !intense! !dramatic! !RISE! and the old-fashioned happy ending ‘I’ll quiet down’ closure. It’s the front half that messes some people up, especially those who want things like RJ1.0 where the FALL is in the middle while H&L is rise-fall-rise-fall-rise-fall etc in the first half.

But we forget that this is about Hanyu Yuzuru, who’s life was exactly as such. He rose up quickly through novice, had a terrible first junior year, rose up to win everything in second junior year and debuted as senior at the ripe old age of 15, had a mediocre first senior season (cos mens field was deep in JP in those times) whereas he watched Kana shine in her debut season, had a huge FALL for 311, rose up to win bronze at first Worlds. This is the first half of the program. Then he rose to break SP WRs, rose to win Olys, fell non-stop for 14-15 season, rose for 15-16 season, fell for 16 Worlds FS, rose for 16-17 season, but whatever falls he had during his dominant years, those were, in the end, growing points for him so they were not counted as FALLs but as RISEs. Each one has served him well, like how his popping has actually made him more flexible in layout and resulted in a couple of firsts. With each season, his legend and legacy grows and evolves just like the RISEs in the second half of the program that just keep increasing with intensity without bounds. For this is a skater who knows no limits.

He actually has many breaks, but the breaks are very very short each time. It is interesting, because this program requires one to be the wind through the forest, the calm river and the dappled sunlight through the trees, and such small pauses make the breaks less noticeable and create the feeling of continuity. The structure of Hope and Legacy is complicated and has many highs and lows, just like that of Hanyu Yuzuru’s life, and just like how it is a worthy representation of it in spirit.

A great person will endure great tribulations. (Someone please translate, my translation abilities have not reached such a level yet.) 故天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为,所以动心忍性,曾益其所不能. Something along the lines of ‘When God wants to bestow a huge mission/responsibility/ etc upon someone, He will first temper your will and spirit, put you into physical trials, cause you to experience hunger, make you experience poverty, allow you to taste the bitterness of not having everything go smoothly, such that you may strengthen your heart and determination, and have renewed conviction and benefit and grow.’


That program needs more love! As I was doing the analysis, I was amazed at how artistically avant-garde it was in terms of narrative structure. The first half, I suspect, was probably what threw people off and made it “less appreciated”, and second half was (as mentioned in the post) much more similar to a typical ‘warhorse’ with the drama, yet the program never deviated from its purpose of representing Yuzu’s journey. It was about growth and taking flight and feeling hope, and then repeatedly seemingly losing hope but regaining it despite all odds, and then it was finally about his dominance and his legacy. Overall, it is a RISE, evident from the post. The overall big picture structure is still within the 6 traditional emotional arcs (see: , but because Yuzu chose to embellish the growth part very much, it is so rich in content that people can’t see the forest for the trees (AHAH forest imagery) and get so hung up about ‘how hard to grasp’/‘how seemingly unstructured’ the first part was.

Tbh, I think he is actually doing a very intimate act by sharing his life and journey and all the bitterness and joys accompanying it. It may sound presumptuous and prolly I am overthinking it and assuming something that doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t only fans be able to appreciate it fully since we know deeply about his history? That might also be another reason why judges only see the surface and do not have the contextual knowledge for true enjoyment.

Good grief I can’t seem to shut up, can I? 


The only thing I can add further right now would be that he still sees himself as still growing (also because he is humble and self-critical), and I wonder if it might also have influenced the program and cause a heavy focus on the growth part? But idk how much his input and influence was in relation to Shae’s, though I know he has always been more involved in his FS. (he is one of the painters in FS, but he seems to also want to attempt to be the painted by Buttle for SP)

For any Steven Universe fans:

Season 4 episodes 11 to 15 were leaked,
so here’s some links to watch them if you can’t wait.

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Episode 11 - Steven’s Dream

Episode 12 - Adventures in Light Distortion

Episode 13 - Gem Heist

Episode 14 - The Zoo

Episode 15 - That Will Be All

Sorry if any of them don’t work by the time they get to you.

VIOLENT SCREAMING (warning slight hints at Season 15 as well as Season 11-13)


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