Outfit 95: “#Tragic”

Breaking Bad S03x09 “Kafkaesque”

Yellow, biege, black and blue: what a great colour combo, NOT. #Dislike. It’s all a bit too wizarding world of Ed Hardy for me. Also, I get dude doesn’t want to pay tax, but what’s with not listening to your lawyer?

Special shoutout to the pink nail varnish Saul picks to represent Bae! It’s hot pink, of course.

‘Anyone that wears a hat as stupid as this isn’t in the habit of hanging around other people, is he?’

Sherlock fanart; ‘The Empty Hearse.’

Needed brushes. Lots of brushes, older brushes, all the brushes.

(fyi; empty hearse best thing i’ve ever seen help me i can’t get up. painting french waiter tomorrow, honhonhon ;))