Sochi 2014 | Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje of Canada | 42nd Street Short Dance

“It was an amazing experience,” said Weaver, of her first Olympics. “From the second I stepped on the ice I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.”


2014 | A Year in Review (aka Weaver & Poje marathon)

Canadian Nationals - Short Dance
Canadian Nationals - Interview post-SD
Canadian Nationals - Free Dance
Canadian Nationals - Interview post-FD
Canadian Nationals - Exhibition
Olympic Team announcement
Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje go home
Interview before Sochi
‘Loving every minute of it’
Sochi - Team Canada at the opening ceremony
Sochi - Short Dance
Sochi - Free Dance
Sochi - Hockey - Canada wins gold
Sochi - Team Canada at the closing ceremony
Worlds - Interview before the SD
Worlds - Short Dance
Worlds - Interview post-SD + Small medals
Worlds - CBC interview post-SD
Worlds - Free Dance
Worlds - Interview post-FD + Small medals
Worlds - Victory ceremony
Worlds - Exhibition
Stars on Ice - 'The Walker’ boys number
Stars on Ice - 'Creep’ girls number
Stars on Ice - 'Try’ ice dancers number
Stars on Ice - 'Maria de Buenos Aires’
Stars on Ice - Finale

Nebelhorn Trophy - Short Dance Warm up
Nebelhorn Trophy - Short Dance
Nebelhorn Trophy - Free Dance
Nebelhorn Trophy - Victory ceremony
Nebelhorn Trophy - Team victory ceremony
Nebelhorn Trophy - Exhibition
Nebelhorn Trophy - Finale
'My inspiration’
Skate Canada International - Virtue & Moir about Weaver & Poje and team Canada
Skate Canada International - Short Dance
Skate Canada International - Interview post-SD
Skate Canada International - SD Press conference
Skate Canada International - Free Dance
Skate Canada International - Interview post-FD
Skate Canada International - Virtue & Moir about Weaver & Poje’s free dance
Skate Canada International - FD Press conference
Skate Canada International - Victory ceremony
Skate Canada International - Exhibition
Skate Canada International - Gala finale
'Detroit Skating Club’ CBC fluff
CBC interview with Weaver & Poje during NHK recap broadcast
NHK Trophy - Short Dance
NHK Trophy - Free Dance
NHK Trophy - Interview post-FD
NHK Trophy - Victory ceremony
NHK Trophy - Exhibition
NHK Trophy - Gala finale
Grand Prix Final - Short Dance
Grand Prix Final - Free Dance
Grand Prix Final - Interview post-FD
Grand Prix Final - Interview post-FD with PJ Kwong
Grand Prix Final - Victory ceremony
Grand Prix Final - Exhibition
Grand Prix Final - Gala finale


I think amazing things can happen when people are reunited for a common goal. I think we are extraordinary lucky that we get along as well as we do. We are best friends, and that really helps to keep us happy. We have an advantage of happiness. But when we are driven to achieve those goals, then we’ll do anything to make that happen. So both of us, I think, we have been on the same page ever since day one. Year by year, we have got the same goals, the same thoughts in terms of that. So let’s hope this grows very fast, and also just keep us together and united. - Kaitlyn Weaver, ‘Heartbreak motivates ice dancers to excel in Sochi’ (x)


Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje FD (Maria de Buenos Aires) - 2014 Worlds


Official scores: TES 51.06 + PCS 55.15 = 106.21

Total score : SD 69.20 + FD 106.21 = 175.41

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Victory Ceremony (x)