i still can’t believe that movie Fever Pitch was a real thing and that it made $20 million at the box office. a man is so obsessed with baseball that he decides to break up with the love of his life because she asked him to miss one (1) game. he feels bad and decides to sell his season tickets in a grand gesture to win her back. she feels bad about him feeling bad, runs across a field, and begs him not to sell. she decides to become a baseball fan as well and they get married and have kids. is that not the most heterosexual thing you have ever heard


We’re all in agreement that we want Moana to be successful! Part of that entails buying the Merch that comes out for her!

This HAS to include merch aimed at children. But many of us don’t have kids of our own and/or don’t want the toys they will inevitably put out.

This movie comes out in November, so it is a perfect time to buy a bunch of kids merch and donate it to a reputable charity during Christmas time! And keep the receipt of the items you plan on donating and it becomes a tax write off in the spring!

Triple win! You support Disney’s new Princess, kids who other wise couldn’t afford it gets to as well, and you get some of the money back during tax season!

So buy tickets to the film, buy merch, and spread the word. Let’s work together to help Moana shine!