Play Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 12 Girl Meets Bear

Riley wakes to find her childhood teddy bear, Barry the Bear, missing and enlists the help of her family and friends to find him.

Loss is a huge motivator for many characters in the beginning of the season, including Boyd, who is reeling from the loss of Erica when he comes back to town a changed kid. “He’s a man scorned, and he’s out for blood,” Sinqua Walls said. “He’s massively in touch with his wolf-like tendencies and still trying to control them and still learning, and now he’s kind of breaking out, not sure of who to trust. He has a tendency now to want to lash out, and there’s no one there to guide him in how to become a good wolf.”
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Why we need a Scream Season Three

Okay so I am really scared and sad to think that Scream is likely to be cancelled but we seriously need a third season.  There is so much we need to see!

  1. We need to see Emma and Audrey repair their friendship 
  2. We deserve to see Stavo as a character and a person and not just as red herring
  3. We deserve to see the not creepy side of stavo
  4. We need to see Noah and Stavo becoming friends and bonding over horror 
  5. We need to see if Emma also has romantic feelings for Audrey
  6. We need to see where Brooke will live 
  7. We need to see if Brooke’s mom will finally come back and take care of her in her time of need
  8. We need to see Brooke missing and mourning her father
  9. We need to see Maggie and Emma bond
  10. We need to know who called Kieran
  11. We need to know who left the note on the Duval’s tree and why
  12. We need to know if Brandon James is back
  13. We need to see how Tina will deal with her son’s death
  14. We need to know what will happen to Kieran in prison
  15. We need to see more flashbacks of young Maggie/Miguel/Kevin
  16. We need to know if Kevin will return to Lakewood
  17. We need to see Lange writing her book 
  18. We need to see more of Stavo and Miguel’s relationship 
  19. We need to see Stavo and Brooke’s relationship grow
  20. We need more cute moments between Brooke and Noah
  21. We need more Audrey and Noah scenes and them fixing their friendship
  22. We need more cute scenes of the Lakewood six all bonding and being happy and cute
  23. We need a good happy no cliffhanger ending!
  24. We need to see more Maggie and Miguel scenes
  25. We need to meet the rest of the Lakewood sixs parents 

There is still so much to happen! (ps feel free to add on more things) 

some things about francis dolarhyde from the book

just a few things that are interesting/ cool/ central if u wanna get a handle on his character before you see him in the showwwww (this is all prior to his meeting reba)

  • born with a cleft palate so severe that he couldn’t be fed normally and would have died except for a cleaning lady saying enough was enough and making him a specialised bottle nozzle
  • given a shoddy palate reconstruction so that he could swallow and breathe
  • abandoned by mother and raised in an orphanage until the age of five
  • believed his name was cunt face and was proud that he could pronounce it – the older boys had been helping him practice it
  • grandmother adopts him at five and takes him to live in the old persons home she runs
  • grandmother uses him as a weapon against her estranged daughter and her politician husband (and physically/ mentally abuses him)
  • at the age of nine francis begins killing chickens and other small animals
  • he sublimates his rage against his grandmother into a ‘great Love’ which eventually becomes the red dragon
  • later in his ninth year grandmother has a breakdown and his mother collects him to live with her family
  • after a month he is sent to live at a boarding house after killing his stepsister’s pet cat
  • (as an adult he has repressed the memories of living at his mother’s house almost entirely)
  • at 17 francis is caught breaking into a woman’s house for a ‘purpose never established’ and is given the option of joining the army rather than being charged
  • in the army after basic training he goes to a special school in dark-room operating and makes medical corps training films
  • army surgeons ‘take an interest’ in him and perform cutting edge surgeries to correct his cleft and reconstruct his mouth/ nose (in front of a large audience of interested surgeons)
  • he re-enlists and is deployed to korea to work on developing film from reconnoissance planes
  • spends his leave in hong kong
  • leaves the army two months early on compassionate grounds and takes grandmother out of the sanatorium and cares for her at home (she dies between two and ten years later… sorry i gotta figure out timeline stuff here)
  • wears ‘a neat moustache’ to hide his scars
  • believes that everyone but especially women is laughing at him behind his back about his disfigurement
  • always wears a mask when he works out – the only mirror in the house is the one in his workout room
  • he sits down to pee
  • at forty ‘could have competed successfully in a regional body building competition’ but was not satisfied
  • discovers the william blake painting of the great red dragon this same year
  • ‘watches medical films to aid him in sexual relief’
  • takes three months off work at the film developing company to go back to hong kong, has his great red dragon tattoo done and has a set of dentures made to fit him which are exactly like grandmother’s* dentures
  • ‘finds’ the jacobis five months after returning to the US

and that’s what ive got so far, it’s a bit long but im really glossing already.

* the dragon is heavily associated with grandmother in voice/ tone/ sensory details, when it first begins appearing it is accompanied by a smell memory of grandmother’s cooking and the threats it makes to him are the threats that grandmother made to him as a child

The Flash Season Three Looking So Promising

1. Flashpoint won’t be as long as we anticipated

2. Barry and Iris have a Flashpoint dynamic that is “so so cute” according to Candice



5. WestAllen kisses and dates (PLURAL MIND YOU) only three episodes in

6. Iris kicking ass as a journalist

7. “A LOT of Barry and Iris.” *laughs* -Helbing brothers


9. A storyline for Caitlin that doesn’t revolve around a man


parentlock headcanon: john, sherlock, and mary are together and they have baby hamish and they all raise him together and he goes to school and he’s like ‘yeah i have a mum and two dads’ and the other kids are like 'what????’ and he’s just like 'is that weird????’ and yeah. but like they would be the perfect parents all together like john would be the stereotypical dad and play football and rugby with misha and sherlock would take him on cases and mary would be pta president and at every school function and i’m crying like fuck

Imagine taking care of Arya after she’s alone

requested by anonymous

The chatter and clamor of the tavern has faded into the background as you go around to each table, taking empty glasses and making sure everyone was happy. You made your way to the corner table where a young girl was sitting alone. You could have sworn that seat was empty, but she easily could have slipped through the crowd without you noticing.

You approached the young girl, who only seemed a couple years younger than you. She had stringy hair and her fingernails were caked with dirt. She was rather pretty, even if she was covered in grime. “Need anything?” you asked politely. The girl continued to stare straight ahead, seemingly lost in thought. After a pause she said, “Strongest ale you got.” You laughed, “You seem to be a little young for that, aye?” The girl grunted but otherwise remained silent. You sighed, “I’ve found that I can tell when someone’s havin’ a bad time. But I’ve also found that talkin’ is a better aid than ale.” You said, smiling.

The girl looked at you, her eyes surveying you up and down. She opened her mouth, then swung it shut, seemingly trying to figure out what to say. Finally she spoke, “My friend isn’t… with me anymore.” she ran a hand through her short hair, “He just… left.” 

You twisted your mouth, thinking about how to help this girl. “What’s you’re name?” you asked The girl hesitated, “Nymeria,” she said after a pause. You smiled, “Well, Nymeria. I’ll get you some drink and you can tell me anything you want, aye?”

And although you didn’t expect it, the young, dirty little girl sitting in the corner gave you a smile so bright it lit up the entire tavern.



you have been warned…..

I’m assuming if you are still reading this that you have either finished season three, or you don’t care about spoilers.

Okay….who else is pissed? Like really…we need to wait a whole year after THAT finale? This season left so many unanswered questions. Too many. Did Alex get shot? Is she dead? Where the fuck is Bennet? Will he come back? WILL NICKY GET OUT OF MAX!?! WILL SOPHIA GET OUT OF SHU!?! What will happen to Daya’s baby now!?! They spent almost ten full minutes on everyone splashing around in the lake when they could have at least tied SOME of these ends together for us. And seriously….going to the lake was a dumb fucking idea because when they eventually get caught they will all have SO MUCH TIME added to their sentences…was it really worth it just for a few moments of freedom?

I did like some things this season. I feel like a lot of the character development was really great. I love the friendship between Boo and Tucky and also between Taystee and Suzanne (crazy eyes). I really liked all the back stories for everyone. I feel like this season made me love everyone ten times more than I already did…

Except fucking Piper.

I hated Piper this season. What a pain in the ass. Fuck Piper. And Alex too. They were my least favorite.

*sigh* okay. I’m done venting….

Also Red and Heeley creep me out.

Is it June 2016 yet?