softrobertsugden  asked:

1, 3, 5 :)

1. number of fics you have favorited/bookmarked?
I have sixty-five bookmarks :]

3. name 3 underrated fic authors in your fandom:
(in no particular order)

  • rosaecae - has written some wonderful stuff that doesn’t have enough kudos! I’m eager to read their new work but I’m waiting until it’s a little further along!
  • lilbatfacedgirl - they only have three works for the fandom but they are all SO.FUCKING.GOOD. they are the author of two amazing post season seven fix-its (the captain of my soul and my current fave our freedom in my sight). Such a wonderful writer, beautiful beautiful stuff and they don’t have nearly as many hits and kudos as they should.
  • devovitsuasartes - they write extremely unique fics that may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are so, so fucking good. The author is very quick in regards to updating their wip’s which is wonderful because you instantly become hooked and want the whole story right now, immediately.

5. what’s a fic that changed the way you see a certain character?
I know I preach about this fic all the time, but Our Stubborn Love really impacted me in a lot of ways. It for sure changed the way I thought about Fiona (at least from a fic standpoint, still hate her in canon lmao) and made me a little more sympathetic towards her. The way the author wrote Fiona (and fucking everything) was really wonderful and brought us into her thoughts and feelings more than any other fic has done before. I lost a lot of my respect and appreciation for Fiona due to canon and this fic brought some of it back, enough where I can stomach to read her POV.