OK. People want my thoughts on the new poster that just came out. I gotta say I am very flattered by the amount of people who want to know my thoughts. So, what are they?

Well first of all, let’s actually put the poster here:

I agree that it’s interesting that Stefan is looking downward to the casket which is presumably where Elena is lying and not toward Damon who he’s been searching for. However, before the SErs freak out about this, y’all need to remember that in season 6, this was the poster:

Stefan and Elena were holding hands and what did that mean in the context of the series? That’s right diddly-fucking squat. Like if you guys want to hold out hope then it’s cool, do so, but just temper it, OK?

Bonnie staring at the casket is interesting too, she and Stefan are the only ones looking downward, which could possibly signify a sense of unity now that they’re working together to find Damon and Enzo but it also makes me wonder if they’re going to make Bonnie suicidal yet again, if she’s thinking about sacrificing herself so Elena can wake up to bring Damon from the edge — especially if Enzo is the one who dies this season and he dies before Damon is pulled back and Bonnie is all “I have nothing left to live for” commits suicide and Elena awakens. I hope that’s not what happens, but let’s be real, it’s TVD and Bonnie so I definitely think it’s a possibility.

Matt … why are you even here? And who was responsible for your hair?

Alaric appears to be looking at Caroline who is looking at Stefan so I wonder if an odd and awkward triangle between the three of them is going to be a prominent theme in season 8. When I saw Paul’s interview about season 8, he literally only spoke about how Stefan is just there for Caroline but when I saw a clip of Caroline freaking out over how Alaric might not be eating properly, which is just, so stereotypical but anyway, Stefan makes a wisecrack about how Alaric is probably eating the twins’ sandwich crusts, which is actually more of a Damon thing to say than Stefan but I forgot that we’ve switched their roles for the past three seasons. I mean even the fact that Damon has “reverted” back to pre-Elena Damon but has no free will is exactly like Stefan reverting back to ripper Stefan but has no free will. But I digress.

Damon being a prominent figure in the poster bothers me because since the show tried to make Damon the glue, the show has failed.

Those are my thoughts!

From the National Museum of Health and Medicine: “Take a look: NMHM is hosting a unique art show from artist J.J. Lendl: “The X-Files Poster Project.” Lendl’s posters capture the show’s unique tone, blending art, entertainment and science. The posters first debuted on 20th Century Fox’s official social media channels as part of the “201 Days of The X-Files” campaign celebrating the first nine X-Files seasons and promoting last winter’s 2016 season. Posters will be on display at NMHM through October. And “The X-Files” will be featured in this month’s #SciCafe with the show’s science advisor Prof. Anne Simon.”

anonymous asked:

Omg did you see the new season 8 poster for TVD?

So I just looked it up, nonny. It’s about as stupid as expected. And the tag line: “The End Awakens” 

How original.



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PS: The S5 one turned out to look like the Vertigo poster (without me intending it to be). My mind is subconsciously  worshipping Saul Bass and his works. 


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