Supernatural Reimagined Posters for Seasons 1 - 9

Probably the hardest, yet the most enjoyable set I created so far.

Available here

PS: The S5 one turned out to look like the Vertigo poster (without me intending it to be). My mind is subconsciously  worshipping Saul Bass and his works. 


Requested by Anon….

These are all the key promotional art for the series by season.  As would be expected there were more posters for season 1 when the show was being introduced.  In the case of both 3A, 4A, and 4B there were additional character posters but these were what were used for primary promotion.

hey remember that time CS became the dark ones and had a whole other entity in them but overcame it cause of their love for each other? while your gross fav can’t even accept that the evil queen is something she chose to name herself? but instead pretends the EQ is controlling her. thank god I don’t stan her as a character. one of the worst character developments in this show and in any show tbh.