Wow. that list is just another thing for everyone on there to go through. It isn’t enough we’ve been called pedophiles, been sent anon hate, gore, have protected others from this kind of hate, but now we’re on a fucking list where everyone can see us and get harassed and it’s basically fucking open season. They say we’re on there for being triggering, to protect people from potentially seeing harmful content, but lmao who protected us when all this shit was being thrown at us? When multiple people have been sent into panic attacks over getting hate (i just had one myself seeing my name was on the list, so, thanks for that ig), mental health downgrading cause of the harmful atmosphere this fandom created (i couldn’t even come onto my own blog for weeks), and just people being shits to us bc they didn’t agree with us? And there’s this one fucking anon i remember that went ‘or god forbid pidge?’ when they called me a pedophile. When i have absolutely no shidge content on here. Never have. Like they don’t bother to see the content we reblog. the people who harass us just go on our blogs to flip their shit without even seeing what our blog is about. 

Thanks for giving us something else to worry about. As if there hasn’t been enough with what we’ve already been through. 


Happening NOW (12/24/14): ANOTHER black teenager has been gunned down in St Louis, just miles from Ferguson. 18-year old Antonio Martin was killed outside of a mobile gas station late Tuesday night. Details are still emerging, but the similarities to Mike Brown are stark. #staywoke



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