There totally needed to be a time jump at some point because 5 or 6 years of this living situation would have gotten boring, but I was hoping it would happen mid-season 5. Now I’m just praying that we get copious amounts of flashbacks. Because there is so much stemming from this setup that I want to see play out.

I want to see Clarke finding Maddie and taking her under her wing. I want to see them relying on each other for company and finding a way to survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland. I want to see Clarke develop into an adopted mother.

I want to see Gaia and Octavia spending more time together and becoming friends rather than rivals, so Indra can be a mother to them both without conflict. I want to see Gaia and Indra growing back together, more emotional hugs plz. I want to see Octavia flourish into a confident leader under Indra’s tutelage. I want to see this Miller/Jackson dynamic play out and find out if it is indeed as gay as it looks. I want to see Niylah banging caring for Octavia and being a touchstone of emotional support.

I want to see Echo and Emori adjusting to life in space and bonding over their shared experience of feeling like outsiders this season yet being brought into the fold. I want to see Emori and Raven become the disabled WoC besties they should be. I want to see Murphy and Raven continue to mend their relationship - it was one of the most interesting dynamics this season. And I want to see Bellamy and Murphy finally bury the hatchet. 

I want to see Raven and Bellamy working together as the new head/heart combo, leading the space squad like he and Clarke led the delinquents. I want to see Echo win back Bellamy’s trust. I want to see her open up to characters other than him, and I want to see her embrace her own humanity instead of suppressing it. I want to see Echo allowing herself to love and be loved. I want Becho. But more importantly, I want to see Becho develop.

I want Monty and Murphy to become buddies. I want Harper to develop relationships with people other than Monty and Bellamy. She has such a big heart and I want to see her share it with others who have suffered. Raven was also drilled at Mount Weather. Echo was hung from her ankles and drained of her blood in the harvest chamber, stuffed in a cage for god knows how long. Harper can relate to both of them. And I want to see her and Emori become friends, because Emori is a smol puppy who deserves all the love in her life she can get. I want Marper and Memori to be like the neighborhood couples that barbecue together and shit.

I want more and more and more development for Harper and Echo and Emori. They are three female characters who were introduced as potential love interests and could have been one offs, but were brought back. And I am so glad they were, because each of those characters had her most prominent season yet and they were, in my opinion, three of the most interesting characters in season 4. They all had these self-reflective arcs where they had to deal (to some extent) with the trauma they have suffered and grow from it. But there is so much more growing to do, so much more pain to be addressed and worked through. I want the three of them to finally be happy and feel safe and loved. I want Chelsey and Tasya and Luisa to become regulars (credited ones, in the opener) in season 5, moving beyond love interest guest star status. They were all fucking fantastic this season and they deserve it.

And I want space babies.

I want the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 to open on a beach, maybe at one of those outdoor bars.  I want the Legends to trickle in one-by-one - it’s obvious they’ve come separately, but they’re all here for the same purpose.  They’re awkwardly congregated at the bar when Mick walks up, in swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, and maybe a straw hat.  Compared to the frazzled legends, he’s extremely well-rested.  He takes one look at them, and turns around to leave.

Mick:  No.

Sara:  Mick–

Mick:  What did I tell you when I took care of your broken time problem?

Nate:  That if we wanted you to save our necks, you wanted to be left alone on Aruba for a month.

Mick:  Exactly, Pretty.  It’s only been three days.  What kind of trouble have you losers gotten into in three days?!

Space Ranger Stein:  You’d be surprised, Mr. Rory.

Mick:  I really wouldn’t, Professor.

Ray:  Would it help if we told you you’re our only hope?

Mick:  I’m always your only hope, Haircut.

Eventually Amaya talks him into coming back, and then it’s wild and wacky adventures as usual.  No explanation for the dinosaur cliffhanger at all.  It’s never resolved, we never get to see what happens.  But every time the team needs to pull a dangerous and highly improbable stunt, they’ll reference dinosaurs.

For example:

Jax *sneaking into an enemy base*:  This is like that time we got cornered by raptors in Big Belly Burger.

Nate:  We agreed never to speak of that again!  I had Jurassic Park nightmares for a month!

Mick:  Yeah.  It was hilarious.


Sara:  We need a plan!

Ray:  I’ve got an idea, but you’re not going to like it.

Sara:  What is it?

Ray:  Remember when we got chased by pterodactyls from Griffith Observatory to Dodger Stadium?

Sara:  You’re right, that’s a terrible idea.  Go for it.

And finally:

Mick:  I’m gonna pull a stegosaurus!

Amaya:  Are you crazy?  You’re going to get yourself killed!

I don’t think it’ll happen, but I can dream, right?

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CP wanted to wear a speedsuit for an episode. The fact that the camera panned to Iris in the very last shot makes me think she'll​ go in to get Barry out of the SF. I'm thinking she'll have temporarily powers in the season premiere and she'll pull him out.

Hmm, I’m here for that. That last shot of her was beautifully tragic. I love that the season opened with WA and closed with WA, even if I still hate how it ended on GP. 


WestLondonWorld - The Made in Chelsea: End of Season 12 Party Opening Sequence

@gryffindorable713 Sam adjacent may be my new favorite phrase. I need to find a way to incorporate that into my everyday vernacular. 

I suppose I could go for any Sam fic, but season 12 kind of opened my eyes so I’ve been on the hunt. I just need some sort of distraction. My mom is having a procedure done that my mom and sister are making me nervous about even though it’s fairly run of the mill. So anything to not think about it.