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Those who have been here for years and know me know that I may comment occasionally on others posts but rarely post myself. But I feel the need to right now. It’s been said on here many times jokingly that shipping isn’t for the faint of heart. And that’s actually true. When you get a group together, there are going to be difference of opinions. Sometimes that difference leads to debates that can get heated. It happens and will continue to. I like everyone else here, have a life outside of this fandom. Sometimes after juggling my real life job, family and friends I wonder how I even have time to check what’s going on with Val and Z or anyone else concerning them and their lives. But Id be afraid to even know how many hours I’ve spent on here over the years when in reality I didn’t have the time to. But since day one of season 16 Ive been here EVERY day and can’t even remember some of the memories without going back to my archives. Ive made some lifelong friends here and seen some of them come and go for whatever personal things in their lives required them to do so. Believe me, I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for my belief in the outcome of the couple this ship is named for. They are real people and of course other people will come and go in their lives. And how those people fit into their lives, only they know. As it should be. To think that a group this large will always agree on what that relationship is is unrealistic. But to me, if I’m only here to read fanfics (which I never have) or to give each other compliments or see how many followers I can accumulate or use this place as my ‘happy pill’, then to me that’s not real. I don’t ship fictional show characters, tho it’s fine if that’s your thing. I ship real people with real lives and the fact that they’re celebs doesn’t make them any different than us in my mind. They want what we all do. Happiness. I hate that people feel the need to take a step back but if we aren’t all free to have our own opinions without being belittled or called haters? If we can’t have a little banter back and forth sometimes without people getting so upset then by all means take a breather. When I log off here, I go back to dealing with my life away from here and leave the ppl we ship to lead their own lives without giving it any more thought. So since I’m sure that I am one of the 10% of oldies on here, and proud to say so, if my OP has offended anyone, it was not my intention just as I’m sure it wasn’t anyone on here. But I think or hope that none of us are children and are all grown women. And again, shipping isn’t for the faint of heart so everyone has to do what is right for them. Thanks for listening.

all the eyewitness posts on usa network’s facebook page have significantly more likes and shares than all their other posts. I hope they realize how well liked and amazing this show is because it deserves a second season more than anything Ive watched in a long time.

anyways remember in s3 when emma did the whole flirty “you couldnt handle it” line and then killian dumbass jones thought he was bein real clever by saying “maybe YOU couldnt handle it” (CleverTM & SuaveTM ComebacksTM) but then emma surprise made out with him and he stood there for ten mcfreaking minutes afterwards staring into space and contemplating the fact that he was certifiably the wrongest he’d ever been in his whole life and also Screwed