Okay so hear me out

So. Lord Hater. Space chimp. I know we’ve all kind of been joking about it since The Waste of Time, but I’d like to think I’m not the only one who’s pretty much adopted the theory as, well. The truth. In a wacky sort of way. Because man wouldn’t that be something? A Lord Hater origin story with that kind of connotation would be amazing. Because you know, earth actually existing in WOY, Hater being a monkey, what’s not to like? 

But. I’ve been thinking about it. Post ‘End of the Galaxy’. About how such a plot would work into a season 3 and how it would match up with the few easter eggs we’ve seen so far.

And well. I’ve realized it doesn’t match.

That space pod we see at the end of the ‘End of the Galaxy’ animatic? I don’t think Hater came from that crash; I think he caused it.

(Explanation complete with pictures under the read more so I don’t take up your dash!)

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I see all these illustration a little bit blurred they are starting to blur but to avoid this little problem, you can just click on them (hey, they are also all with transparent background!)

For @hannibalcreative event, aka #ItsStillBeautiful: after the Hannigram wedding and the Hannibal “Nakama” Lecter vs Molly “wife” Foster fight, we decided to do a series of little scenes that we can call “the cutest,  best scenario ever”, aka almost impossible events that we would like to see on the third season of Hannibal. One can always dream, right?

  1. And here we have Morgan Verger, Alana and Margot’s baby, trying to imitate his adoring uncle and temporary babysitter (the regular one is Chiyoh, of course ) Hannibal. Available as stickers, prints and other cool things on RedBubble, HERE
  2. We like to imagine that Hannibal will have long, very long hair, usually collected in a beautiful braid or a bun. Here we have our dear Doctor as he prepares to go to the opera with Will, brushing his hair before collecting them up meticulously. Yes, we like men with long hair XD. Also, Winston is ready too, and no one will say that dogs are not allowed to the opera, because this sir is too fancy with a bow tie, no no, they have to allow him the entrance. Enjoy the performance, Winston. Available on RedBubble HERE.
  3. Again, Hannibal and Morgan, this time building a lego castle! Because both legos and castles are cool. Available on RedBubble HERE.
  4. This idea came from a post by @damnslippyplanet (THIS ONE) . “Chiyoh being the world’s least impressed nanny, teaching Morgan  self-defense and sniping and god knows what else, all while having very  little interest in his tea parties or whatever. She’s just all “okay,  you’re five now, time to give you Baby’s First Fencing Lesson.””. Available on RedBubble HERE.
  5. Last, but not least, Hannibal and Will murdering together very rude people and enjoying every still of blood under the moonlight. Available on RedBubble HERE.

If you are a +$2 patron, you can download here the zip pack with all the files in full resolution, ready to be printed everywhere! (only for personal use. Of course).

Thank you for the support on Patreon, Patrons! and in particolar you, Fannibal patrons, @wendigoskitchen, @pussnhikingboots, @stonecolddesign and @alwaysalanab . Without you, I probably wouldn’t have participated to this event! You’re the best!


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don't want no soap

“Andy is over it,” says Peregrym. “It’s fine. It’s good. I’ve recovered from that whole thing and then I see him again and it’s like there is nothing I can do about it. There’s this chemistry. It sucks because I come back to the division and obviously things have changed. He’s moved on. I don’t think I really expected that, considering we broke up because he couldn’t do his job and be with me. I don’t think I took that as a personal thing. I thought it was, ‘I can’t be in a relationship and do my job.’ The fact that I come back and see that he’s moved on, I’m like, 'Wow. It was me you couldn’t be with.’ It’s a tough thing for Andy to process. She has to work with this new girl and Marlo is great. She’s really good at her job, and strong. As much as I would love to hate her, I can’t. I just have to be a grown-up and deal with it.

"I like the way they [the writers] are handling the relationship,” she continues. “It’s realistic. It hasn’t just been one of those dramatic things where we’re breaking up for no reason. It was a serious thing that happened and that’s real life. You kick important things out if you don’t know how to deal with them and I got kicked out. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, so I think there’s always going to be something there. I trust the creative team to be careful with it. I want this to be as organic and real as possible, not just soapy.”

- Missy Peregrym (source)

I think Missy described Andy’s POV perfectly. At this point, I’m just like, okay fine McSwarek. Be realistic, be messy, be ugly, be sad, be terrible, be incredibly stupid, but. ABOVE ALL. Do not be soapy. I’m not here to watch a soap opera.

I’m kinda getting the vibe that Sam and Andy won’t be together at all this season. I’m okay with it. (season 1 on crack, right??) But I also don’t need them dating everyone in 15.

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oh look, a blog I thought needed love. ooxxoo. what are your hopes for voltron season 2? Like ppl keep talking about shiro dying and I'm just like "plz guys no what is 80s voltron I dunno never heard of it Shiro lives bye" and like? I just love lance

i know we all blog about memes of shiro’s death but its honestly not gonna happen, I think?? As a character, he still has so much to give to the overall plot and so at most, all I can think of is him stepping aside and giving the leadership role to someone else.  Plus! They’ve changed quite a lot of stuff from the 80′s voltron, so really who says Shiro has to follow suit and die?? No one, really!  

(I love lance too anon…he’s too much fun of a character to work with)

My biggest hopes for season 2 are honestly just:

  • Keith and Shiro’s history like how….how did they know each other….
  • pLS tell me we’ll see Shay again…i love her…
  • Put Allura in the Black Lion and watch her r-r-r-IP those enemies to pieces. (”LET FEAR BE YOUR GUIDE” actual quote from this princess)
  • More info on the Blue Lion + Lance?? 

My biggest theory on season 2 is just that Pidge is going to be SUPER important in it if only because they’re the ones we know least based on the trailer?? Like that video gave a good amount of info on the rest of the group, but i feel like Pidge got at most 1 or 2 shots?? what. I can’t help but think thats intentional….hmMMMm

also bonus that might just be nothing bc im Bad at theorizing in general:

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not the same

“When Nick comes back, it’s not the same,” acknowledges Sullivan. “There’s definitely a massive amount of tension between the two of us. My relationship with Andy becomes incredibly strained. It’s an interesting thing to play. There are two new characters that come on board that have been amazing additions because it’s like they’ve been here the whole time. But, Gail also feels incredibly threatened by anyone who comes in and she feels her job might be compromised in some way.”

- Charlotte Sullivan (source)

No, no no. :( Sad. It makes it sound like Gail and Andy might break off their friendship because of the broken girl code. That makes me so sad. I don’t want change!


/overly dramatic